Doting Billionaire Chapter 1640

Shang Xiaofei was in love with him.

In her words, not rushing to agree to his advances was because she wanted to experience what it was like to be pursued and held in the palm of her hand.

Shang Xiaofei laughed, “Mr. Tang doesn’t necessarily look at me either, that’s my mother blindly tossing me around, if I don’t cooperate, it’s no use how my mother tosses me around, who I love, I can still make the call.”

Tang Yongan is the cousin of war Yin, although she and Tang Yongan have not crossed paths, the other party must know that she was once infatuated with war Yin.

Although now she is dead to the war Yin, has put down that affection for the war Yin, Tang Yongan can really do not mind?

Mother that toss is a waste of effort, she will not cooperate, Tang Yongan will not jump in.

Shang Xiaofei’s words are like pills of peace of mind, so that Junran’s heart is at ease.

Secretly, he was glad that he had targeted Shang Xiaofei early on, deliberately approaching her, taking the lead, occupying a favorable position, and cultivating feelings with Shang Xiaofei.

Otherwise, if he only started to act now, he might not be able to win over Tang Yongan.

Mrs. Shang soon arrived. Debut URL


Jun Ran sees Mrs. Shang come in and immediately rises to greet her, a smile on his handsome face.

Mrs. Shang used to think that this man was gentle and courteous and smiled every time she saw him, but now when she saw Jun Ran’s smile, she felt that Jun Ran was a cunning fox and smiled like a fox.

However, she never thought Jun Ran was a gentle and kind-hearted man.

To be able to be entrusted by Night Junbo to manage the Feng Chen Group’s branch in Guancheng on his own, and to run the branch bigger and bigger, so that the head office keeps on increasing its investment on this side, it shows that Junran is a powerful one.

Of course, it couldn’t be said that Junran was a bad person, it just meant that he wasn’t as homely as everyone thought.

In the business world, and mixed out of the people, how many do not have some ruthless means? In the business world, and mixed out of people, how many do not have some ruthless means?


Mrs. Shang does not like to see Jun Ran right now, politeness is still there, Jun Ran greets her and she gives a faint hmmm.

After she sat down, she said to her daughter who was just about to sit down, “Xiaofei, Mr. Tang will be here soon, you go to the hotel entrance and wait for him for a while, he rarely sets foot in our family’s hotel, mom is afraid that he won’t be able to find his way here.”

“I’ll go welcome Mr. Tang.”

Junran wanted to go.

Mrs. Shang faintly said, “Jun Fifth, you sit down, Mr. Tang is a guest I invited and should be received by my merchant people, how can I trouble you, Jun Fifth, to receive him.”

Meaning that this is their merchant’s business, Jun Ran is an outsider, don’t interfere.

Shang Xiaofei could only say, “Mom, I’ll go wait for Mr. Tang outside the hotel.”

The Tang family and the Battle family were in-laws, and usually when they spent money in the hotel, they went to the Guancheng Grand Hotel, and would not run to the Battle family’s business rival’s hotel to spend money.

Mrs. Shang used this as an excuse for Shang Xiaofei to go wait for Tang Yongan.

Shang Xiaofei winked at Jun Ran and honestly went to wait for Tang Yongan outside the hotel.

As soon as she left, Mrs. Shang said to Jun Ran, “Jun Fifth Young Master, I’m sure you’re clear about our family’s intentions, so it’s useless for you to insist on this, if I don’t agree, I don’t agree. The sky is the limit, why should Fifth Young Master fall in love with my family’s flower Xiaofei alone?”

“Whether it’s A City or Guancheng, there are still a lot of good girls, as long as Jun Fifth Shao takes a look at them, he’ll realize that they are more suitable for you than Xiaofei.”

“Our family Xiaofei was spoiled by me when she was young, she is capricious, bratty, explosive, and will lash out whenever she doesn’t get her way, I don’t think she is suitable for Jun Fifth Shao.”

In order to make Jun Ran die, Mrs. Shang went out of her way to bring up the outside world’s evaluation of Shang Xiaofei.

Jun Ran said good-naturedly, “Auntie, you won’t be able to listen to me even if I say more now, let time prove whether I am suitable for Xiaofei or not.”