Doting Billionaire Chapter 1637

With a love rival, Jun Ran was even more reluctant to leave Guancheng, for fear that if he left for a while and came back, Shang Xiaofei had become Tang Yongan’s girlfriend.

“There is also a need to go back and accompany the old man.”

Shang Xiaofei said with understanding.

“Xiaofei, are you willing to accompany me back?”

Jun Ran asked.

He was eager to take her back to show the elders of his family.

Even though the elders knew that he had a favorite in Guancheng and had seen photos of Shang Xiaofei, they had yet to see Shang Xiaofei in person.

Shang Xiaofei, who was such a big-hearted person, blushed because of Jun Ran’s words, and she said, “We’re not officially together yet, it’s still early to meet the parents.”

“My mom’s one off wait for you to pass that one off, I can always go back with you to meet the parents.”

Jun Ran eyes have a loss, soon rekindled fighting spirit, warm smile: “I hope that day will not have to wait too long, I will definitely break through auntie’s level.” First published website

If he still can’t get through the hurdle after all his efforts, he will have to let his parents, brother and sister-in-law step in.

The waiter knocked on the door at this time holding a bouquet of flowers.

Jun Ran saw the waiter come in, got up and took the bouquet of flowers from the waiter.

He then handed the bouquet of flowers to Shang Xiaofei and looked at her with affection, smiling like the spring breeze in March, “Xiaofei, I ordered this bouquet of flowers in advance, and just now when I went to Su’s house to pick you up, it was not good for me to bring the bouquet of flowers with me.”

Shang Xiaofei smiled and took the bouquet.

“I receive several bouquets of flowers from you every day.”

Jun Ran’s flower attack was fierce.

Several times a day, he sends flowers to Shang Xiaofei.

In addition to sending flowers, there were all kinds of gifts, in short, he was just trying to do everything he could to please her.

Let her taste what it’s like to be pursued and held in the palm of one’s hand. Let her taste what it’s like to be pursued and held in the palm of one’s hand.

Sweet, happy, can be intoxicating.

“As long as you like it and you’re happy, it’s fine.”

“I like it, and I’m happy, I get flowers from a handsome man every day, I’m in a good mood every day.”

Junran reached out his hand and shook her hand, “Xiaofei, my greatest wish is that I can be by your side every day, so that you are happy and joyful every day, your smile is bright and sweet, shining into my heart like the sunshine.”

“Being with you, I feel that I am the happiest man in the world.”

This guy is pretty good at saying sweet things, too.

She was so happy to hear it that she couldn’t wait to marry him right away.

“Ring, ring, ring.”

While both of them were imploring, Shang Xiaofei’s cell phone rang, just like a Cheng Biao Jin that came out halfway.

Shang Xiaofei put down the bouquet of flowers, picked up her bag, and pulled out her cell phone from the bag.

Looking at the caller ID, she busily made a shushing motion to Jun Ran and said, “It’s my old Buddha calling.”

She answered her mother’s lord’s call.


Shang Xiaofei sweetly called out to her mom.

Mrs. Shang on the other side of the phone asked her, “Xiaofei, have you and Tong Tong not returned yet?”

“I’m back, after I came back, knowing that Xiaojun returned from her honeymoon, Tongtong and I went to the Su family, mom, to tell you the good news, Xiaojun is pregnant.”

Hearing this, Jun Ran had envy in the bottom of her eyes.

However, he quickly thought of something, and that envy faded a bit.