Doting Billionaire Chapter 1636

An old married couple, Hai Tong understood what he meant.

She darted a glance at the driver, and the bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat, and saw that neither of them turned around, the driver concentrating on driving, and the bodyguard playing with his cell phone.

That was the bodyguard’s way of saving his life.

He played with his phone, swiping through videos, or reading novels, and was able to distract himself so he wouldn’t pay attention to what the youngest master and the youngest grandmother were saying about love.

Hai Tong flew in and gave War Yin a kiss.

Only then did War Yin let her go, emphasizing in a low voice, “I need to receive the love letter you wrote me before I go to work tomorrow.”

“Definitely, definitely.”

Hai Tong promised him with a smile.

“Junran also came here to pick up Xiaofei, the two of them actually get along very well.”

War Yin hmmmed, “Junran will probably leave Guancheng for a while.”

“For what? On a business trip?”

Junran liked Shang Xiaofei, so Hai Tong couldn’t help but ask more.

“You’ve forgotten that Young Grandma Jun is about to give birth, when she gives birth, Jun Ran as an uncle will definitely have to go back to see his nephew, when he’s in the hospital he can still take a look, when Young Grandma Jun is discharged from the hospital and goes home to sit on the moon, it won’t be convenient for Jun Ran as a young uncle to go into his room to see his nephew.”

“So, he will go back early and also stay for a few days, at least until his sister-in-law is discharged from the hospital and goes home to sit for the month before he comes to Guancheng and then goes back when the baby is full term.”

Hai Tong laughed, “That’s also true, I forgot about this.”

I wonder if Mu Qing gave birth to two sons or two daughters? Or is it a dragon and phoenix baby? I wonder if Mu Qing gave birth to two sons or two daughters? Or is it a dragon and phoenix child?

After a while, Mu Qing gave birth to a baby, full moon wine, her husband and wife should also go over to drink a cup of full moon wine.

She wanted to dip into Mu Qing’s joy.

On this side, the couple was talking about everyday things, Jun Ran over there was not able to communicate because he and Shang Xiaofei were each driving a car.

When they arrived at the hotel owned by the Shang Group, and sat down in the elegant room that Jun Ran had booked long ago, only then did Jun Ran say to Shang Xiaofei, “Xiaofei, I’m going back to A City tomorrow.”

Shang Xiaofei froze for a moment, then asked, “Is there something going on at home?”

She hadn’t been to Jun’s house yet, nor had she met his family.

“My sister-in-law is about to give birth and I want to go back to see.”

Shang Xiaofei drifted off and laughed, “Aren’t you waiting for the birth before going back to see?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been back, I always have to go back to accompany the old people, my grandparents are always nagging me, starting this year, I rarely go home.”

When he said this, his eyes gazed at Shang Xiaofei with affection.

In the past, he would go home twice a month, and then stay at home for a few days, sometimes staying until his big brother rushed him, then he would go back to Guancheng to work.

Ever since he fell in love with Shang Xiaofei, he rarely went home, especially now that there was an extra Tang Yongan, and even though nothing had happened between Tang Yongan and Shang Xiaofei yet, Jun Ran knew that Tang Yongan went to the merchant’s house twice afterward.

Each time, Mrs. Shang went out, had a little accident, and happened to meet Tang Yongan, and was sent home by Tang Yongan.

To say it was an accident, Jun Ran did not believe it.

Mrs. Shang clearly wanted to set up Tang Yongan and Shang Xiaofei.