Doting Billionaire Chapter 1633

“Well, it’s fine if you guys decide, if there’s anything I can do to help, just say so.” Shen Xiaojun felt that she hadn’t done much to help, but had only contributed money.

It was a bit too much.

Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei laughed in unison and said, “You just take care of your pregnancy now.”

Shen Xiaojun said, “You can work even when you’re pregnant, how many people still work after getting pregnant and go on maternity leave until they’re about to give birth.”

“That’s others, you’re different from others, you, just stay home and be a national treasure.” Hai Tong laughed, “Mr. Su is so nervous, if you want to go back to the store to take a look in the future, I guess Mr. Su won’t even agree.”

Shen Xiaojun:”

The three women chatted for a while before Su Nan came knocking on the door.

He pushed the door in, holding a tray with a bowl of soup on it, and without asking, he knew that it was tonic soup, for Shen Xiaojun to replenish her body.

“Sister-in-law, War Yin has come to pick you up, downstairs.”

Su Nan said to Hai Tong while walking over.

He put the bowl of soup on the bedside table and said to Shang Xiaofei again, “Ms. Shang, Jun Fifth is here to pick you up as well, saying he wants to treat you to dinner.”

The three women were then surprised to realize that the sun was already sinking in the west outside.

“Xiao Jun, rest well, we’ll leave first and come back to see you another day.”

Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei didn’t stay long when they heard that their sweethearts had come to pick them up.

When the two people left, Su Nan said to Shen Xiaojun, “Wife, this is the tonic soup that mom personally stewed for you, it’s no longer hot on your mouth, so you can drink a bowl of soup first, and then you can use dinner in another half hour.”

Shen Xiaojun said, “I’m not even hungry yet.”

“You also ate dim sum?” “You ate dim sum too?”

“Didn’t eat, I feel like I don’t like sweet things now.”

Shen Xiaojun said on her lips that she wasn’t hungry, but she still picked up the bowl of soup and drank it.

This was the soup that her mother-in-law had personally made for her, so she had to give her face to her mother-in-law anyways and finish the tonic soup.

“What do you like to eat, I’ll buy it back for you.” Su Nan also knew that after a woman was pregnant, her appetite usually changed.

“I want to eat raw mango, peeled and cut into chunks of raw mango with some chili powder and peel powder.”

Su Nan said, “I’ll have someone go out and buy it back for you later.”

As long as she ate and could eat, he would satisfy her.

Su Nan sat down on the edge of the bed, and when Shen Xiaojun finished the soup and put down the bowl, he reached out his hand to touch Shen Xiaojun’s belly.

There was an unstoppable smile on his handsome face as he said, “Baby, your mom drank the soup, you should follow suit and grow up quickly.”

“Just pregnant, the germs haven’t even grown yet, and you want to drink soup, you think it’s blowing up a balloon, once you blow it up, it’s big.”

Su Nan smiled cheekily, “Carrying a baby for ten months, it feels like a long time ah, it’s now June, counting time, the baby will have to be born next spring.”

He hugged Shen Xiaojun over and said happily, “Xiaojun, I feel very happy and blissful right now.”

“Haven’t you been foolishly happy enough?” Shen Xiaojun said to him in amusement.

From the time he knew she was pregnant, he had done nothing but bring her back in a frenzy to be giggly and happy, and if it wasn’t for the fact that she had told him not to talk about it everywhere when it was less than three months old, it was estimated that he would have hugged his cell phone and kept calling to tell his friends and relatives.