Doting Billionaire Chapter 1632

Shang Xiaofei laughed, “You couple are so happy that you got pregnant on your honeymoon. Xiaojun, congratulations, if we knew you were pregnant, we should have bought you some supplements and brought them here.”

“Tong Tong learned from War Yin that you guys came back from your honeymoon trip early and were worried about you, so she brought me to rush over to see you and didn’t buy anything.”

Shen Xiaojun hurriedly said, “Don’t you guys send me supplements, I haven’t even returned home yet, the clan members in Sunan have already sent quite a lot of supplements over, I’m scared.”

Big clans, and united big clans, once they send gifts, they can really scare her.

“I’m just pregnant, and I don’t need a big tonic, just have three normal meals, you guys mustn’t send me tonic, just spare me.” Shen Xiaojun made a pleading gesture towards her two best friends, making everyone laugh.

The maid sent in fruits and snacks.

Shen Xiaojun greeted her two best friends and ate the snacks.

The two of them were not polite with her, the two had just come back from Hai Tong’s hometown and were also feeling hungry, the two of them ate a few snacks in a row to pad their stomachs.

“Xiaojun, do you get pregnancy sickness?”

Shang Xiaofei poured herself a cup of water, took a sip and asked Shen Xiaojun curiously.

“My sister-in-law is still vomiting even now, I guess she’s going to vomit until she gives birth.”

Every time Shang Xiaofei saw her sister-in-law vomiting in pregnancy, she felt that it was too hard to be a mother.

She privately reminded her big brother that he must be good to his sister-in-law, so he can’t let her down, and how hard it was for her to give birth to a child for her big brother.

If her brother dares to wrong her, she will be the first one to find him to settle the score.

When she said that, she was knocked a few times by her big brother.

Shang Wuchen felt that he was already a very spoiled man, and his sister was still threatening him like that, he couldn’t help but laugh and cry, so he couldn’t help but knock his sister twice.

“I’ve just gotten pregnant, I haven’t had any pregnancy reactions yet, I hope I don’t throw up too much.”

Shen Xiaojun also knew that Shang Da Young Grandma’s pregnancy vomiting was very strong, Shang Da Young Master’s heartache for his wife, there was a period of time when he was still being a jerk and wanted his wife to get rid of the child, Hai Tong and his wife even went to persuade Shang Da Young Master to keep the child.

“Everyone reacts differently, people usually vomit until three months and then they are fine.”

Hai Tong was not yet pregnant, but Yang Yang was brought up by her help, she was more or less experienced.

“There are also people who don’t have any reaction at all, that kind is the most comfortable, they can eat and sleep without throwing up.”

Shen Xiaojun laughed, “I hope I’m that kind.”

She wanted to ask her best friend if there was any movement, but the words came to her mouth but she didn’t dare to ask, if Hai Tong was pregnant, she would definitely tell her, if she didn’t tell her, then she wasn’t pregnant, and if she asked, Hai Tong wouldn’t feel good in her heart.


“How is our vegetable farm business?”

Shen Xiaojun asked about business.

It was to change the subject, lest Hai Tong think about the fact that she wasn’t pregnant yet.

Hai Tong replied, “The newly rented vegetable farm has been negotiated, ready to sign the contract, rented an additional 200 acres of land, also rented a house in town as a management point, and the company is in the urban area, but where the company is rented, for the time being, there is no good place to look at.”

Shang Xiaofei said: “The establishment of the company is a major event, we should not be in a hurry, slowly pick a prosperous place, so that our business can be bigger and bigger, more and more prosperous!