Doting Billionaire Chapter 1631

“Be very careful for the first three months, you want to travel, we’ll go back after the baby is born and promise to stay with you until you don’t want to.”

Su Nan made a promise to his wife.

Everything was now focused on the baby in his belly.

Even if Shen Xiaojun’s body was very good and she was newly pregnant, nothing would happen if she was careful, but Su Nan didn’t dare to be careless, so after realizing that Shen Xiaojun was pregnant, he immediately suspended his travels and flew back with Shen Xiaojun in a hurry.

He also borrowed their family’s private jet from his elder brother.

When Young Lord Su heard that his younger sibling was pregnant, he also took it very seriously, and as soon as Su Nan called him, he arranged a private jet for the couple and brought the young couple back.

Su Nan was the first person of this generation to get married, the baby in Shen Xiaojun’s belly was the first in the next generation of the Su family, the entire family was excited to know that she was pregnant, before the couple arrived home, the clan members sent a lot of supplements over.

Some of the older relatives, but even after the baby was born after the living supplies have bought a lot to send over.

Everyone attached so much importance to Shen Xiaojun’s pregnancy, could Su Nan not be nervous?

“When the baby is born and you can’t give up the baby, where can you go out and play? You quickly go open the door for Tongtong and Xiaofei.”

Shen Xiaojun wanted to get up, Su Nan hurriedly pressed her and said, “You lie down for me, I’ll go open the door for the two of them right away.”

As Su Nan said this, he hurriedly went to open the door for Hai Tong before his wife’s honor had to get out of bed.

“Mr. Su.”

Seeing Su Nan, Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei called out to him in unison.

“Sister-in-law, Miss Shang, you’re here, Xiaojun is resting in her room.”

Su Nan smiled and staggered his body to allow the two to enter, waiting until Hai Tong walked past his eyes, he called out to her in a small voice.

Hai Tong stopped to look at him.

“Sister-in-law, help me watch Xiaojun, don’t let her go down to the ground and move around, we just came back, after a few hours of flying, she must be tired, but she’s a person who can’t sit still, as soon as I walk away, she’s like a monkey, she can’t be still.”

Hai Tong laughed, “Okay, I’ll help you watch Xiao Jun and not let her get off the ground and walk around.”

Only then did Su Nan feel relieved and left the room, leaving space for the three women.

After he went downstairs, he arranged for two more servants to send tea, snacks, and fruits upstairs.

“Tong Tong, Xiaofei, you guys finally came to see me.”

Shen Xiaojun sat up and wanted to get out of bed, Hai Tong quickly said, “Xiaojun, just sit down and don’t get off the floor, Mr. Su explained to me that he asked me to keep an eye on you, and not to let you get off the floor and walk around.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Xiaojun had a black line on her face and said spitefully, “Simply treating me as a seriously ill patient.”

“Are you pregnant?”

Now Hai Tong and Xiaofei were basically certain that Shen Xiaojun was pregnant.

Shen Xiaojun had a smile on her face, it was a happy smile, she said, “It’s pregnant, I didn’t even think it was so fast, when I got married, I happened to be in the danger period, then went out on my honeymoon, and when my old friend’s due date didn’t come, I didn’t care at the time.”

“Waiting for half a month or did not come, I told Sunan, Sunan took me to the local hospital to check, and found that it was a real jackpot, then he was anxious, immediately called his big brother, and arranged for a private plane to go and pick up the two of us.”

“It was only today that we arrived home, after arriving home, he nonetheless said that I was exhausted after sitting on the airplane for a few hours and asked me to lie down on the bed to rest, I’m not tired at all, I’m so excited now that I wanted to share this good news with you guys.”