Doting Billionaire Chapter 1630

In the past, when Ye Jiani wasn’t pregnant, she didn’t even like her in-laws caring about Yang Yang, and now that she was pregnant, she disliked it even more.

Mentioning Ye Jiani, Zhou Honglin really couldn’t sit still.

He quickly got up and left.

After sending her ex-husband away, Hai Ling closed the door to the house and unlocked it, a bit of pleasure growing in her heart.

It was because of the sight of her ex-husband living in a mess after remarrying.

But her mother and son’s life is getting better and better, this is the best revenge on the ex-husband.

There were no more words in the night.

When the sun rose, it was the beginning of a new day.

The following days, both Hai Tong and Hai Ling were busy.

Lu Dongming still went to the Ren You Food Breakfast Store every day to eat breakfast, sent flowers and various gifts to Hai Ling, even if Hai Ling did not accept them, he insisted every day.

War Yin helped Yang Yang enroll in Guancheng Center Kindergarten, wait until September, Yang Yang will be able to enter Guancheng Center Kindergarten to receive pre-school education.

The weather is also getting hotter and hotter, and soon entered the month of June.

June in Guancheng, the weather is really hot.

Su Nan and Shen Xiaojun, who were on their honeymoon, came back in a hurry on a June day.

Su Nan in order to be able to accompany his new wife, specially with the war Yin asked for two months of marriage leave.

When they went out for their honeymoon, the couple also planned to play outside for two months before coming back, but the result was that after only one month, the couple came back.

Learned that the couple ended their honeymoon trip back early, Hai Tong intuition something, she received the news, coincidentally, and Shang Xiaofei from the old home back, and then the sisters simply go to a trip to the Su family.

When they arrived at Su’s house, knowing that Shen Xiaojun was lying in bed, the sisters were startled, thinking that something had happened to Shen Xiaojun.

“Auntie, I’ll go upstairs to see Xiaojun.” “Auntie, I’ll go upstairs to see Xiaojun.”

Hai Tong was anxious, wanting to know immediately what had happened to her best friend, she was not polite with Mrs. Su, and before the chair was even warmed up, she offered to go upstairs to see Shen Xiaojun.

Mrs. Su laughed, “Good, I’ll let you take the two of you up.”

Because Su Nan was also still upstairs.

Mrs. Su instructed a servant to lead Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei upstairs.

Shang Xiaofei shook Hai Tong’s hand and said softly, “Tong Tong, there’s no need to be too nervous and scared, I can see that Mrs. Su is in a happy mood and smiling so happily, so Xiaojun won’t have any problems. Even if something happens, it’s probably a good thing.”

The Su family was very satisfied with Shen Xiaojun as their daughter-in-law, when Su Nan was still pursuing Shen Xiaojun, Mrs. Su even handed over the heirloom of their house to Shen Xiaojun, that is, she recognized Shen Xiaojun as the eldest daughter-in-law.

If something happened to Shen Xiaojun, Mrs. Su would not be in such a good mood.

Hai Tong thought about it and felt that it made sense, she was concerned and didn’t think about this.

If it was a good thing

She whispered to Shang Xiaofei, “Xiaojun shouldn’t be pregnant, right?”

Getting pregnant during the honeymoon, that’s an entry joy ah.

If she was really pregnant, it was no wonder that Su Nan was in a hurry to bring Shen Xiaojun back.

The maid took the two people up to the second floor and arrived in front of Shen Xiaojun and Su Nan’s wedding room, knocking on the door for the two people.

“Eldest Young Master, Young Grandma War and Miss Shang have come to visit Eldest Young Grandma.”

Su Nan, who was in the room with his beloved wife and had to ask Shen Xiaojun to lie on the bed and rest, heard the servant’s words and said to Shen Xiaojun, “Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei are here, I’ll go and open the door for the two of them, so you guys can have a good chat, but you can’t get out of the bed, you have to have a good rest.”

Shen Xiaojun said to him, “I’m pregnant, not sick, I just got pregnant, I don’t even feel it, it shouldn’t be a problem to continue traveling, you have to end the traveling to send me back, and you don’t let me get off the ground.”

As if she was a patient.