Doting Billionaire Chapter 1628

Yangyang gave an oh-so-subtle cry.

Haitong put him down and led him back towards the house.

War Yin had just come down from upstairs, and when he saw his aunt and nephew, he laughed, “The little guy runs really fast, just after helping him put on his clothes, he slipped away faster than a rabbit. Sister went back.”

“Going back.”

Soon, the couple sat down on the sofa.

Yangyang was playing by himself right in front of the couple.

“Hubby, about Yangyang going to kindergarten, my sister said that if you can help out and get Yangyang into Guancheng Center Kindergarten to receive pre-school education, do me a favor. How much it needs to cost, tell my sister, my sister pays those expenses.”

“I wouldn’t ask you about this if I couldn’t help, I’ll wrap it around me and make sure that my War Yin’s nephew will be able to enter Guancheng Center Kindergarten. Also don’t need any expenses, even if there is a need, I help my sister out.”

“The matter of tuition.”

Not waiting for War Yin to finish, Hai Tong interrupted her husband, she said, “My sister said that Yang Yang is her son, the tuition fee should be paid by her, that’s her responsibility as a mom, my sister can pay that amount of money, that’s why she wants Yang Yang to attend the best kindergarten.”

“My sister won’t let Yangyang attend the best kindergarten if we compete with her. Hubby, I think it’s hard for me to fulfill the task you gave me ah.”

War Yin thought about his great-aunt’s temperament and said, “That’s fine, we don’t compete with sister, the villa that is given to my sister, it must be given to my sister, when we are free, we will go to look at the house, look at the kind of well-decorated, without my sister having to take the trouble and the time to decorate it.”


Hai Tong also told her husband that Mrs. Lu had an appointment to talk to her sister tonight.

At this, War Yin was not surprised at all.

If it was not for the fear of him and the businessmen, with Mrs. Lu’s temperament, she would have been strong enough to make Hai Ling unable to stay in Guancheng and leave Guancheng.

“Sis and Dongming’s matter, let them resolve it on their own, as long as Mrs. Lu doesn’t come on strong against Sis, we’ll stay out of it.” “Sis and Dongming’s affairs, let them work it out on their own, as long as Mrs. Lu doesn’t come on strong against Sis, we’ll stay out of it.”

Hai Tong nodded her head

Hai Ling returned to her rented room alone and unexpectedly saw her ex-husband Zhou Honglin waiting for her at the entrance of her rented room.

She frowned.

More or less guessing the reason why Zhou Honglin was looking for her again.

“You’re back.”

Zhou Honglin asked politely, “Where’s Yangyang?”

He was also carrying two bags of things in his hand, one bag of snacks and one bag of various small toys that he, as a father, had bought for his son.

“Yangyang is staying at Tongtong’s house, so it’s convenient for Ah Qi to send him to class.”

“Yangyang is also getting ready to go to kindergarten, have you thought about which kindergarten you want Yangyang to go to? If it’s inconvenient for you to pick him up and drop him off, I’ll ask my mom to help, my mom will definitely be happy to do so.”

Zhou Honglin thought that Yangyang was his own son, and he as a dad still had to help if he could do a favor.

“No need, Ah Qi will pick up and drop off Yang Yang. It’s not decided yet.”

Before her brother-in-law had given her a definite answer, Hai Ling wouldn’t even tell her ex-husband that she was sending her son to the best kindergarten in Guancheng.

Hai Ling opened the door to the house and pushed it in, Zhou Honglin followed him into the house, so Hai Ling left the door open.

“I bought some food and play for Yangyang to come over, I was supposed to play with him tonight I broke my promise.”

After Zhou Honglin left the mall with Ye Jiani, he insisted on taking his wife to the hospital for a checkup.

After the doctor’s examination and knowing that there was nothing wrong with Ye Jiani, Zhou Honglin realized that Ye Jiani had lied to him, he was a bit angry, but in the face of his pregnant wife, he eventually held back his temper.