Doting Billionaire Chapter 1626

“Tong Tong, we are worthy of being sisters, and I refuted Mrs. Lu that way. Why should I be allowed to go? Why should I be sacrificed?”

“I don’t think running away can solve the problem, sis, don’t move away from the street you’re on now, your store has been open there for a while, it’s not easy to accumulate a little bit of familiarity, you’ll have to start everything all over again if you move away.”

“As long as you keep your heart and are not taken captive by Mr. Lu, it’s useless to let Mr. Lu use all his tricks. If you comply with Mrs. Lu’s request and leave Guancheng with Yangyang, maybe Mr. Lu can’t forget you in this life, and for the rest of his life he’ll be searching for you mother and son.”

“He pursued for a period of time and got no response, plus his mom would block and persuade, after a long time, he would die and give up, and return you to peace and quiet.”

Hai Ling thought so too.

Her leaving doesn’t solve the problem.

Her sister thought the same way she did, so she wouldn’t move, much less leave Guancheng.

Her heart, she could definitely keep it.

After confiding in her sister and listening to her sister’s opinion, Hai Ling didn’t take Mrs. Lu’s appointment with her to heart.

If she wanted to toss it, Mrs. Lu could toss it herself.

Anyway, she also promised Mrs. Lu that as long as Mrs. Lu didn’t agree, she would never marry into the Lu family, and even if Mrs. Lu agreed, she wouldn’t necessarily enter the Lu family.

“I’ll go back first, I have to open the store tomorrow.”

Hai Ling got up to leave.

“Sister, it’s so late, stay at my place for the night.”

“This road, I’ve already run familiar with it, any later, I dare to drive back by myself. I have to get up in the early hours of the morning, I’m afraid I’ll disturb you and Zhanyin’s rest, especially Zhanyin, he’s so busy at work, if he doesn’t rest well, how can he work the next day.”

Hai Ling politely refused her sister’s good intentions.

She firmly disagreed to stay at her sister’s house for the night.

Hai Tong had no choice but to send her sister out.

“Sis, about Yangyang going to kindergarten, have you thought about which kindergarten to let Yangyang let?”

Hai Tong asked about her nephew going to kindergarten. Hai Tong asked about her nephew going to kindergarten.

Hai Ling said, “I want Yangyang to go to Golden Cradle Kindergarten, that kindergarten happens to be right in the middle of my place and the breakfast store, so it’s convenient for me to take Yangyang to and from school.”

It was about the same distance from both the residence and her breakfast store.

“I think the Guancheng Center Kindergarten is a bit better, War Yin said that the Center Kindergarten is the best kindergarten in Guancheng.”

It was just expensive.

But for them, that bit of tuition wasn’t a problem.

Hai Ling laughed, “Anyone in Guancheng, who doesn’t know that Guancheng Center Kindergarten is the best kindergarten in Guancheng, but the tuition there is also the most expensive ah, a year’s tuition needs to be more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, it’s not something an ordinary family can afford.”

“Moreover, the center kindergarten is also notoriously difficult to get into, even if the family has the money to afford the expensive tuition fees, they may not be able to squeeze in.”

Who doesn’t want their children to win at the starting line?

The problem is, you can’t just get into a central kindergarten if you have money.

“I still have savings, and I can earn money in the store now, so it’s still possible to pay for Yangyang to receive pre-school education in the center kindergarten, but can we get in?”

Hai Ling’s savings were enough to pay for her son’s kindergarten for three years.

“I’ve also learned about the Golden Cradle’s kindergarten, in that area, that kindergarten is also quite good, the environment is good, and the teachers are responsible, of course, it can’t be compared to the center kindergarten, and it’s very possible for our ordinary family’s children to go to Golden Cradle’s kindergarten.”

Hai Tong said: “War Yin asked about this matter and told me, if sister wants to let Yang Yang into Guancheng center kindergarten to receive pre-school education, he will help to let Yang Yang in. Tuition matter, sister also do not need to worry, there are me and war Yin.”

“I have enough money of my own, I don’t need the two of you to help pay for Yangyang’s tuition.” Hai Ling refused to let her sister and her husband and wife pay for their son’s tuition.

After she thought about it, she said, “If Zhaoyin can help get Yangyang into Guancheng Center Kindergarten for pre-school education, then let Zhaoyin help, how much does it need to cost, talk to me, I’ll pay out that money.”

“Yangyang is my son, his tuition deserves to be paid by me as a mom.”

The matter of her son’s education, Hai Ling didn’t insist on not letting her brother-in-law help like she did with other things.

Like all parents, she wanted her children to be educated in the best schools.