Doting Billionaire Chapter 1460

It was now business hours, and Ning Yunchu thought that he was working at the company and was too busy to go to her shop, so she would show up so that he could catch her red-handed.

Second Young Master War hadn’t been dodged like this before.

In fact, Ning Yunchu had been in the shop the whole time, and when War Yichen went to her flower shop in the morning, she was letting the two shop assistants trick War Yichen, while her people hid in the washroom.

The mobile phone was switched off, that is, she changed a new mobile phone, the mobile phone number was also changed.

The war Yichen call her phone can not be reached.

After accompanying War Yichen to attend Su Nan’s engagement banquet last night, Ning Yunchu thought about it all night, she was not sure why Old Lady War would pick her, didn’t she mind that she was blind?

Or did the old madam already know that she was a pig in disguise?

But she had already arranged for someone to enter Ning’s enterprise and meddle in Ning’s business, something that even her little aunt didn’t know about.

It was impossible for the old madam to know.

She felt that she was not suitable for War Yichen, and while she had not fallen in love with War Yichen, she first withdrew and left, not wanting to have any more interactions with War Yichen.

Therefore, she changed her mobile phone and number, and the new number was only given to Mo Donghao.

Mo Donghao is now the deputy general manager of Ning’s enterprise, the status is second only to the general manager of Ning, deeply trusted and relied on by the general manager of Ning.

How Ning Yunchu and Mo Donghao met is another story, in short, Mo Donghao will not betray Ning Yunchu.

At the moment, there is only Ning Yunchu and a strange man in Spring Blossom, and that strange man is Mo Donghao.

However, Mo Donghao was in disguise, and Chief Ning couldn’t recognise him even in front of him.

“Brother Hao, you shouldn’t have come on this trip in person, if people see you, you’ll be exposed.”

Ning Yunchu took hold of the teapot and poured a cup of tea for Mo Donghao.

Mo Donghao’s dark and heavy eyes looked at her and said gently, “In this situation now, I’m not at ease if I don’t come to take a look at you.”

“Now they are already arrogant.”

Ning Yunchu originally had a plan as well, but because of Hai Tong’s appearance, which allowed her to get to know the people of the War family, things didn’t develop according to her plan to implement it, but fortunately, the final result was still good, and it was several times better than the result that was reaped from the implementation of her plan collection.

Her plan is only to get back everything that belongs to her, and to seek justice for her father.

Her father, who was loved by her grandparents and treated as their successor, was murdered by his own brother, and her mother, who wanted to be with her eldest uncle, went to the lengths of murdering her own husband, leaving her to lose her own father at the tender age of two.

She understands that her own dad would have been killed mainly because of Leigh.

If it was only a matter of feelings, her own mother could have filed for divorce, divorced and remarried to the current Mr Ning, unnecessarily killing her own husband.

What they wanted was all the family property of the Ning family.

That’s why they killed her own dad.

After her dad died, her grandparents soon passed away one after another, and Ning’s fell into the hands of Mr and Mrs General Ning.

Ning Yunchu admitted that after Ning’s fell into her eldest uncle’s hands, it had flourished, allowing Ning’s assets to break a billion, but her eldest uncle’s rise to the top had been by stepping on her own dad’s corpse, which she couldn’t tolerate or accept.

She arranged for Mo Donghao to enter Ning’s, borrowing Mo Donghao to understand Ning’s business, laying out little by little to take back Ning.

The plan was to let the Ning General Couple make a dowry for her.