Doting Billionaire Chapter 1459

War Yichen curtly said, “Big brother, you are the smartest person amongst our brothers, you used to not understand love, but now that you and my sister-in-law have been married for half a year, and the relationship has always been good, you’ve more or less accumulated a bit of experience.”

“Brother, you’re already happy, you should also help your younger brothers reap happiness ah.”

“Brother, tell me, what should I do now? When Ning Yunchu refuses to see me and avoids me, what do I have to do to make it work?”

War Yin said without a trace of anger, “As long as your skin is thick enough, you can do whatever you want, me and your sister-in-law, you can’t replicate that.”

He and Hai Tong were attracted to each other, understood each other, and trusted each other.

“Thick skin?”

War Yin said, “You really want big brother to teach you a few tricks, big brother will tell the truth, chasing a wife should be thick-skinned enough, no matter how the woman rejects you, you have to persist, don’t let people ignore you, you beat the drum and ignore people too, that way she will become someone else’s petite wife.”

War Yichen thought about it and said, “That’s all that’s ok?”

“You understand the deep meaning of it properly before you go for it, Miss Ning’s eyes have not completely regained her sight, she has more or less an inferiority complex, what you have to do besides pursuing her is also to make her believe that you won’t mind that she can’t see.”

“At the same time, you should always inquire from Junran about the movements of the Divine Doctor’s master and disciples, and strive to hire the Divine Doctor to help Elder Miss Ning cure her eyes earlier, I heard from Junran that Dr Cheng is pregnant, and won’t be attending clinics in the short term.”

“The Divine Doctor may not be able to be invited, it’s usually Dr Cheng who attends the clinic, Dr Cheng is a great healer and poisoner, as long as she’s willing to attend the clinic, Eldest Miss Ning’s eyes will hopefully be restored.”

War Yichen said, “She said that her blindness is a drug-guided cure.”

“Then we have to wait for Dr Cheng, drug-induced, to put it bluntly, it was poisoned, Dr Cheng is an excellent doctor and poisoner, she will be able to cure Miss Ning’s eyes if she goes out. During these months of waiting, you properly cultivate your feelings with her and overcome all the difficulties between you.”

“Big brother can help you in other things, in the matter of feelings, big brother can’t help you, no one can help you, it’s up to you, in a word, sincerity for sincerity.”

After war Yin finished speaking, he started to rush his brother out, “Go back to your office, don’t delay my work, I have to hurry up to finish all the work in the next half month, when my great aunt is discharged from the hospital, I plan to take your sister-in-law to travel to a city.”

He promised Hai Tong.

Will definitely do it.

Even if it was a little late, it was better than saying empty words.

“I really envy big brother.”

War Yichen stood up, “Big brother, you also take it easy, don’t work too hard, if you don’t feel tired, we will be exhausted.”

Big brother’s efficiency was fast, but the people underneath might not be able to keep up.

If they couldn’t keep up, they would have to work overtime and exhaust themselves.

The thing that people who work in the War Group are most afraid of is that Big President War suddenly goes crazy like a madman and raises the already high work efficiency.

Whenever this time, everyone in addition to exhaustion, but also have to be afraid.

The reason is that if Mr War is working like this, he must be in conflict with the wife of the president.

“After having your sister-in-law, which day am I not commuting normally?”

After War Yin and Hai Tong became a real couple, their relationship has stabilised and working late into the night is a lot less frequent.

War Yichen was again fed a mouthful of dog food by his big brother.

After coming out of the president’s office, War Yichen returned to his own office and dealt with a few important work things before he slipped away.

He wanted to quietly make a trip to Spring Blossom.