Doting Billionaire Chapter 1458

War Yin couldn’t help but twist his head and ask him, “If you have something to say, just say it, don’t stick to me like a piece of kraft, and the person you should be sticking to isn’t me either.”

Not to stick to Ning Yunchu, stick to him for what.

War Yichen piled on a smile, “Brother, why aren’t you back in your office yet, I have something I want to say to you.”

“You can’t say it here?”

War Yichen laughed.

War Yin glared at him again, guessing that he wanted to talk about personal matters.

Ten minutes later.

War Yin sat down in front of his desk and asked War Yichen, “Speak, what is it?”

“I’m a little embarrassed, I always think I know more about love than big brother, but I’m also a little overwhelmed right now, the feeling of hitting my face.”

War Yin laughed twice, “Aren’t you guys using me as a forewarning? One does not hide the identity, two does not die, no, you have died, know that your family that can not see, you also named her to send you flowers, you do not worry about her on the road accident?”

“When something goes wrong, the one who is heartbroken is also you.”

War Yichen: “That’s not me being a death wish, I know that she can move freely in familiar surroundings, I want her to familiarise herself with the route, so that when she comes to me in the future, she will be able to move freely, I don’t know when I will be able to get a divine doctor to help her cure her eyes, before she regained her sight, I always need to let her get used to getting used to the things that have to do with me.”

“I told Yunchu that she is the candidate that grandma helped me pick for my wife, last night she was convinced by me to accompany me to attend Sunan’s engagement banquet, but today when I went to her flower shop, she was not in the flower shop, she moved to the flower shop where she lives, call her, the phone is switched off.”

“I always feel that she is avoiding me, it’s time to go to work again, time is tight, I just have to go back to the company first, and find big brother to ask for a few tricks of experience to use. Big brother, when you and your sister-in-law had a conflict, how did you coax your sister-in-law.”

War Yin’s face was a little dark.

“Your sister-in-law and I have a good relationship.”

“I know big brother and sister-in-law have a good relationship now, before, didn’t big brother and sister-in-law have a cold war, and had to have grandma stay at your house to mediate.”

War Yin was eager to fork out this cousin who revealed his past.

“Miss Ning must have escaped, you two are not in conflict, it’s that she can’t accept you, the problem is different, the solution is also different. You this, none of us can help you, you have to solve it yourself, after all, your wife chasing has just begun.”

War Yichen pursed his lips, “I thought she more or less liked me, I helped her, and also took care of her business, when she was with me, she was also very happy, and also trusted me, the first thing she said to me when she got the recorder.”

“Who knows that after I told her clearly understand, I can’t see her today, had I known that I might as well learnt from my elder brother to lie to his sister-in-law, and lied to her for a period of time first.”

War Yin: “”

“Big brother, what should I do?”

War Yichen asked a little annoyed.

Wanting to complete the task given to him by his grandmother, marrying a wife and going home turned out to be so troublesome ah.

The second young master of the war had always thought that as long as he wanted to marry a wife, no matter who he married, the other person would marry him on his arse.

Ning Yunchu has evaded him, and he realises that the girl doesn’t want to marry him.

It must be that he wasn’t handsome enough.

No, it was that she didn’t see how handsome he was.


“Big brother!”

War Yin said with a taut face, “You all said I’m the person who knows the least about love, what’s the point of you coming to ask me? When Sunan comes back from leave, you ask him, or ask your sister-in-law, your sister-in-law is a woman and understands a woman’s heart, she is also familiar with Miss Ning.”

He was not familiar with Ning Yunchu at all, his appearance was not even memorised.

He only needed to remember Hai Tong’s appearance.