Doting Billionaire Chapter 1456

“I won’t run, I’ll willingly be bound to you for the rest of my life, acting as your lifelong backer, a big tree, sheltering you from the wind and rain, and spending all the money I earn for you.”

“Mr Su, you two are still talking sweetly even after a toast, you have to consider the feelings of us single nobles.”

War Yichen heard the two people’s sweet talk and smiled as he joked about the young couple.

Su Nan clinked her wine glass with him fiercely and laughed, “You’re not far behind.”

He glanced at Ning Yunchu, who was sitting quietly beside War Yichen.

Ning Yunchu couldn’t see Su Nan, but she could feel Su Nan’s gaze, she faced towards Su Nan and Shen Xiaojun, then she touched and felt the glass of wine that was in her own, she lifted it up and raised her glass to Su Nan and Shen Xiaojun.

“Mr Su, Xiaojun, I wish you to grow old together.”

Shen Xiaojun smiled and clinked glasses with her, “Yunchu, thank you.”

Ning Yunchu smiled.

She hadn’t wanted to accompany Zhan Yichen and was convinced by him.

Having arrived at the scene, she could not only feel the strange stares of many people looking at her, but she could also occasionally hear some people whispering.

She was following the war Yichen came together, those who whispered about her righteousness, even more conspiratorial behind her back, no wonder she is righteousness, the original is to find a backer, climbed the high branch.

Ning Yunchu frankly face.

She doesn’t think she did wrong.

Her own mother and her own uncle had conspired to murder her own father, shouldn’t she sue them?

Did her own dad deserve to be killed?

They didn’t just kill her own dad, they tried to kill her.

Ning Yunchu didn’t have any half-hearted entanglements, probably because she had been hurt too deeply by her own mother and eldest uncle over the past twenty years, she didn’t have any half-hearted affection for them anymore, so she didn’t experience any entanglements in affection when she sued them for plotting to kill her own dad.

The hot and bustling engagement party didn’t end until late at night.

The guests who came from afar, Su Nan had arranged for them to stay at the Guancheng Hotel, so the consumption was counted as his.

After Su Nan sent Shen’s family home with his driver, Shen’s family all went upstairs to dream about the God of Zhou, only Shen Xiaojun accompanied Su Nan, and Mr Su said that he drank too much wine and was too thirsty to drink water.

Shen Xiaojun poured him warm boiled water, he drank one glass after another, not even mentioning the matter of leaving.

Shen Xiaojun dozed off frequently and urged him, “Su Nan, how many more cups of water do you need to drink? It’s early in the morning, hurry back to rest, and said that tomorrow to get a marriage certificate, rest early and get up early ah, tomorrow morning at nine ten, see you in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, if you are late, the matter of getting a certificate will be delayed indefinitely.”

“Xiaojun, we’re an unmarried couple now, the whole Guancheng knows we’re engaged.”

Su Nan’s eyes looked deeply at Shen Xiaojun, the deep meaning hidden in his eyes, Shen Xiaojun understood.

Shen Xiaojun helped him fill the cup with water again, then heavily placed the cup in front of him, she sat down beside him and reached out to gently pull his ear, “Don’t think about it, let’s talk about it on the wedding night.”

Su Nan wrapped his arms around her, “Xiaojun, Junjun, wife, I’ll just hug you to sleep, I won’t do anything out of the ordinary, I’m an old man, I’m still not used to having a woman by my side, so you let me practice and get used to it, and I won’t be shy on my wedding night.”

Shen Xiaojun said with amusement, “You won’t have stage fright whoever has stage fright, usually when you act as a love advisor to Mr War, you talk a good game and are very experienced.”

Su Nan fumed and let go of her with a hug, love her, respect her, don’t look at her usually cheeky, but she is a very traditional girl.

“Teasing you.”

He favoured her pretty face with a light pinch, the person followed and stood up, fondly saying, “I’m going back, you rest early, good night.”