Doting Billionaire Chapter 1002

Mrs. Ning was chatting with a few wives not far away, and she was aware of the movement of her two daughters, but she did not move and remained calmly chatting with the others.

Ning Yunchu was silent for a long time before accepting the glass of wine handed to her by her sister and asking, “You’ll pay for the flowers after you’ve drunk them?”

“So many people are present to testify, as long as you drink this glass of wine, I will give you all of this thousand dollars, not a single one.”


Ning Yunchu held the glass of wine close to his lips and was about to drink.

A hand reached out coldly and snatched away her cup of wine.

“This wine, don’t drink it.”

It was an unfamiliar voice.

Ning Yunchu identified the other party’s location through the sound of their speech, and she turned her head to face the other party with an uncomprehending expression.

The person who had snatched Ning Yunchu’s cup of wine was Hai Tong.

The main reason was that she knew that the cup of wine that Second Miss Ning handed to Ning Yunchu had powder added to it, so she knew that it was not good.

This is the wife that her grandmother has chosen for Zhan Yichen, so it’s good that Hai Tong doesn’t know about it, but when she does, she naturally has to step in to protect her.

“Miss Hai, this has nothing to do with you.”

Seeing that it was Hai Tong, Second Miss Ning pulled down her face, she was not willing to call Hai Tong the War Family’s youngest grandmother, that way, it made her feel that she was even inferior to Hai Tong, a country girl.

“Just now I saw Second Miss Ning put medicine into this cup of wine.”

The person who said this was not Hai Tong, but Shang Xiaofei.

Shang Xiaofei didn’t know why Hai Tong was meddling, but since Hai Tong had made a move, she didn’t lag behind and followed suit to intervene, a curry like Second Miss Ning, Shang Xiaofei didn’t put it in her eyes yet.

She went straight to poking at Second Miss Ning’s plot.

“Miss Shang, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, words cannot be spoken indiscriminately, which of your eyes saw that I added medicine to the drink?”

Shang Xiaofei lifted her chin high and said arrogantly, “I just have two eyes, and I saw it with both eyes.”


Shang Xiaofei took the cup of wine back from Hai Tong’s hand and handed it back to Second Miss Ning, “This is Second Miss Ning’s wine, it’s better for you to drink it yourself.”

“Miss Shang, this is a matter between her and me, I advise you and Miss Hai to stay out of it.”

Both spoiled by her family, Second Miss Ning was also quite stubborn and was not afraid of Shang Xiaofei at all, she even came up to Shang Xiaofei’s ear and whispered, “Miss Shang, others are afraid of you, but I, Ning Siqi, am not afraid of you.”

After saying that, Ning Siqi stood up straight and once again handed that cup of wine to Ning Yunchu, looking askance at Hai Tong’s Shang Xiaofei with provocative eyes, but speaking to Ning Yunchu: “Don’t even think about leaving until you drink this cup of wine! Even if someone helped you and let you leave without any problems, afterwards, I can make you drink this cup of wine just the same! Drink it now!”

Ning Yunchu bit her lower lip lightly.

She believed what Shang Xiaofei said, her sister must have put medicine in the glass of wine, yet she was forcing her to drink it, this was a deliberate attempt to make her look bad in front of everyone.

She had already tried to lower her presence in the Ning family, but Ning Siqi still targeted her.

She was born of the same mother, but even if Ning Siqi didn’t treat her as her sister, she was still always fixing her.

“Drink, if you don’t drink, I’ll make you drink!”

Ning Siqi was arrogant to the extreme.