Doting Billionaire Chapter 1001

Hai Tong kept an eye on Miss Ning and saw that she didn’t give the drugged drink to anyone else and she didn’t drink it herself, Hai Tong was a bit curious, what exactly did she do that for?

Soon, Hai Tong had the answer.

It wasn’t that the cup of wine wasn’t given to others, it was that the person who wanted to drink it had just arrived.

A women’s motorbike drove into the Dong family villa, and against the backdrop of the luxury cars that filled the courtyard, the motorbike stood out.

The person who rode in on the motorbike was a girl in her twenties, she was not the focus, the focus was on the woman sitting in the back of the car, she was holding a bouquet of flowers in her arms, and when she got off, she was still on crutches in one hand, using them to explore the road, and slowly walking forward.

She was blind!

Hai Tong put down her glass and sat upright, watching the blind girl slowly walk towards the big lawn with a bouquet in one hand and a blind crutch in the other.

A photograph came to mind.

It was given to Zhan Yichen by his grandmother, and it was also her old man’s choice of wife for Zhan Yichen, asking Zhan Yichen to chase the other party down and take her as his wife within a year, otherwise he would be responsible for the consequences.

Yes, the other party’s surname was Ning.

Ning Yunchu, the stepdaughter and niece of Mr. Ning, the head of Ning’s enterprise.

Hai Tong did not expect to meet Ning Yunchu in person at the Dong family’s banquet.

Ning Yunchu walked very slowly, mainly because she was invisible.

The parking place was not far from Second Miss Ning, a normal person would only need to walk for two minutes, but Ning Yunchu walked for ten minutes before he reached Second Miss Ning.

“I asked you to bring me a bouquet of flowers, and you delivered it so slowly, with such a delivery speed, it’s a miracle that your shop didn’t close down.”

Miss Ning was six years younger than Ning Yunchu, she had just turned twenty this year, she was the first child born to Mrs. Ning after she had remarried to her eldest brother, she was deeply loved by the couple, the Ning family was invisibly wealthy, the family had a billion dollars, Miss Ning was deeply loved by her parents and had developed a capricious and unruly temperament.

The one she disliked the most was Ning Yunchu, who she always felt had stolen the title of Missy that should have belonged to her.

Even though they are sisters born of the same mother, the two sisters get on like enemies.

When Ning Yunchu had finished her sister’s sarcasm, she handed the bouquet of flowers to her sister and said indifferently, “The flowers you want, I’ve brought them to you, please pay two hundred yuan.”

“You want two hundred yuan for just a bunch of broken flowers?”

Ning Yunchu faced towards her sister, she was wearing a pair of large sunglasses that hid some of her face, in the face of her sister’s query, she still looked bland and said, “The bouquet that was wrapped as you requested, no matter which shop you go to, it will cost two hundred flowers.”

“All right, two hundred dollars is two hundred dollars.”

Second Miss Ning took the bouquet with one hand, then handed the cup of wine to Ning Yunchu, who did not take it.

“Help me drink this cup of wine.”

With that, she shoved the glass of wine into Ning Yunchu’s hand.

Holding the glass, Ning Yunchu said after a silent moment, “I don’t know how to drink.”

“Do you want to receive money for your flowers? Do you want to keep your flower shop open? If you don’t drink this glass of wine for me, you won’t receive the flower money, and I’ll smash your flower shop.”

Ning Yunchu’s grip on the glass tightened and tightened before she didn’t impulsively spill the wine, her sister was deeply loved by her mother and stepfather, she couldn’t afford to mess with them!

Miss Ning took out a thousand dollars in cash and shook it in front of Ning Yunchu’s face, saying, “Smell the sound of money? I’ve prepared one thousand dollars, as long as you help me drink this cup of wine, this thousand dollars will be yours, two hundred dollars is the money for your flowers, and eight hundred dollars is for your errand fee.”

The people around were looking at the sister pair, and no one said a word for Ning Yunchu.

They seemed to be used to such a scenario.