Campus Master Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

Big chapters, two in one. ……

The secretary of the county party committee, Tong Kai De, personally supervised and the judiciary was incredibly efficient. In less than two days, all the evidence as well as the process of the case and so on were all formed into documents and reported to the court.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Mo’s case had a trial result three days later.

If he didn’t perform well in prison, I’m afraid his life would be ruined in prison.

Xu Fu’s days were equally bad, and in addition to the discipline within the system, there was also the punishment of the state law waiting for him, but these were no longer something that Ji Zhenhua and the others needed to be concerned about.

Of course, this is still because in Ji Zhenhua’s eyes, Xu Mo and his father and son are really not up to scratch and simply make it unnecessary for him to square up to them. Otherwise, I’m afraid that if Ji Zhenhua sent a word, Xu Fu and his son would not be able to turn over a new leaf in their lives.

It was Zhang Lei who was still chanting that the punishment for Xu Mo was not enough. In fact, it was no wonder he was angry all the time, knowing that if it wasn’t for Ji Feng’s superb skills, I’m afraid Zhang Lei would have either died in the casino or been beaten to death in the interrogation room, which was a life and death feud!

If you do the math like this, no matter how Zhang Lei treated Xu Fu’s father and son, it doesn’t seem excessive.

In fact, Zhang Lei had a bit of anger in his chest that he could not get out, but in reality, he really did not have the interest to kill Xu Fu and his son. In the face of a downward dog, perhaps you can beat it twice, but if you want to really and a downward dog in general, desperately fight, that is really degrading identity.

Fortunately, when it came time to check the results of the college entrance exam, it was a distraction for Zhang Lei, so he was no longer in the mood to fight with Xu Fu and his father.

The other thing that needs to be accounted for is that Xiao Sumei eventually followed Ji Zhenhua back, and although the two were never considered officially married, they were actually not far off. After all, it was the day before the wedding that Xiao Sumei had left in the first place, and had actually been approved by the Ji family’s old man and wife.

For his mother to finally have a home, Ji Feng felt happy from the bottom of his heart.

In his opinion, the woman before his father at the beginning had all pa*sed so many years ago, and that was still before he met his mother. In fact, if we count seriously, father Ji Zhenhua had at most deliberately concealed this matter, but it was definitely not considered sorry for his mother.

The first thing you need to do is to take your mother with you if you go to university, otherwise she will not only be inconvenienced by being alone in Mangsi County, but she will also not be protected in terms of safety.

Just to name a few, if in case Xiao Sumei were to fall ill, there would be no one to take her to the hospital.

Under such circumstances, how could Ji Feng feel at ease going to university?

So after dealing with Xu Fu’s matter, under Ji Feng’s encouragement and Ji Zhenhua’s persuasion, Xiao Sumei went to Yanjing. Of course, Ji Feng’s third uncle, Ji Zhenping, did not give up persuading Ji Feng to go back with him until the last minute, but was politely refused by Ji Feng.

Of course, Ji Feng had to go back, but definitely not now. At least, he had to go to Yanjing after he had created a career. Although his mother would not be aggrieved if she followed his father, Ji Feng was also clear that in such a big family, the most important thing was to have a bottom in order not to be looked down upon.

Xiao Su Mei’s bottom line is her husband and son. It is not necessary to say that the husband is in a high position in his middle age, so naturally, Ji Feng must work harder to achieve the mother’s pride, to make his mother proud of himself.

But this pride is under the premise of not using the family power!

So Ji Feng convinced Xiao Sumei to stay alone. Of course, in order to rea*sure Xiao Sumei, Ji Feng lied that he was staying at Zhang Lei’s house during this period of time, but in reality, he was still living in that small rundown house.

However, when Ji Zhenhua was leaving, he asked Ji Zhenping to give Ji Feng a mobile phone. For this, Ji Feng accepted it as a matter of course. He could not accept the family’s gift, but he would still accept his father’s kindness, otherwise it would be a bit insensitive.

However, Ji Feng did not know that the mobile phone given to him by Ji Zhenping was a special one for the military, which had a global positioning function, so no matter where he was, Ji Zhenhua would be able to find him.

When the day came that he could check his score, Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, the two siblings, came to Ji Feng’s residence early in the morning, while at this time, Ji Feng received a call from Ji Zhenhua.

“Dad!” Ji Feng didn’t talk much originally, so he just shouted and stopped talking.

Ji Zhenhua’s mood was good, however, and he smiled cheerfully, “Feng’er, you did well on the exam, don’t worry about filling in the volunteer.”

Ji Feng instantly understood that his father must have checked his gaokao score in advance, he smiled, “Dad, my score shouldn’t be low, right?”

In the college entrance examination, Ji Feng could play as well as he could, according to his estimation, his score would definitely not be lower than seven hundred, and this score should not be any worse in the whole Central Plains Province.

Sure enough, Ji Zhenhua’s majestic voice came out, “Seven hundred and thirty-two points, should be the top science student in Central Plains Province, not bad!”

Ji Feng grinned and suddenly remembered something and asked in a panic, “Dad, what about …… Tong Lei’s score? And her brother Zhang Lei. .com”

Ji Zhenhua immediately laughed brightly, he knew that his son would definitely ask about his little girlfriend’s grades after asking about his own, as for whether that Zhang Lei was asked incidentally, it was unknown.

“Don’t worry, your little girlfriend also did well in the exam, she also scored over seven hundred points, she should have no problem with any university in the country.” Ji Zhenhua laughed harshly, “As for that kid from Tong Lao San’s family …… his results are slightly worse, I guess these two schools in Yanjing shouldn’t have much hope, but since you are going to Jiangzhou, it should be no problem.”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Ji Feng smiled slightly, but he knew that Zhang Lei actually didn’t like going to Jiangzhou, he seemed to prefer Jiangsu and Zhejiang University, what with all the beautiful women that were said to be up in heaven and down in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Ji Zhenhua encouraged his son a few more times before hanging up the phone.

When the duo of Zhang Lei and Tong Lei arrived at Ji Feng’s house, Ji Feng was just about to go out.

“Hey, crazy.” Zhang Lei greeted him, “It’s said that you can call today to check the scores, have you checked yet?”

Ji Feng smiled, “Is it still necessary to check?”

“Yeah, too!” Zhang Lei immediately shook his head and smiled, “Such things can be trivial for you now, your family will definitely take care of it for you.”

Tong Lei, however, asked softly, “Ji Feng, you really didn’t check?”

“I did, and like you, they all exceeded seven hundred points, so there’s absolutely no problem going to university in Jiangzhou.” Ji Feng laughed, “As for Lei Zi, going to Jiangsu and Zhejiang should also be no problem, but Lei Zi, why do you have to run to Jiangsu and Zhejiang?”

“Didn’t I tell you, there are a lot of beautiful women there, you two are hitting it off now, but buddy is still single!” Zhang Lei rolled his eyes.

Ji Feng and Tong Lei couldn’t help but laugh dumbly at the same time, as long as Zhang Lei, the living treasure, was around, there would be less laughter.

“Ji Feng, don’t mind him, he’s just like that!” Tong Lei was wearing a pink T-shirt today, a light blue denim skirt underneath, and a pair of transparent crystal sandals on her call, looking very clear and beautiful, so that Ji Feng couldn’t help but look at her a few more times, and if Zhang Lei wasn’t here, I’m afraid he couldn’t help but pick up Tong Lei and kiss her hard.

Seemingly sensing the meaning of Ji Feng’s eyes, Tong Lei couldn’t help but recall the scene in the movie theater, her pretty face swished red, looking at Ji Feng shyly and avoiding her gaze, looking very shy.

“Alright, alright, I say you two should stop being allusive here, don’t you know I’m still alone?” Zhang Lei’s voice interrupted the two’s gaze, “Let’s hurry up and go to school, today is the day to fill in the volunteers. The hordes of beautiful women in Jiangzhe are still waiting for me.”

Ji Feng and Tong Lei were both speechless.

However, when Ji Feng arrived at the school, the three of them were stunned. In the huge school, there was no one to be seen, it seemed that all the people had disappeared.

“Where did all the people go? What’s going on?” Ji Feng was stunned.

“Who knows!” Zhang Lei rolled his eyes, “I guess they all did too poorly on the exams and are too embarra*sed to come?”

“What are you talking about?” Tong Lei slapped him and suddenly eeped, “Look guys, those people seem to be in the communication room!”

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei turned their heads to look at the same time and instantly found that in the conveying room under the teaching building, it seemed to be packed with people, and there seemed to be quite a few people inside.

“Go over and take a look!” Ji Feng said.

The three of them quickly arrived at the entrance of the conveying room and immediately found that it was almost packed with students, and there was no place to even insert their feet, let alone go in.

“Hey, brother, what’s going on? Is there someone in the conveying room handing out money?” Zhang Lei asked with a smile as he patted one of the students at the very outside.

“What money is being handed out, isn’t it possible to check marks today, everyone is in a hurry to check their marks!” That student impatiently replied, “Besides, the school gave the estimated score lines of all the key universities, this is the key to applying for the exam, ah, all right, I have to hurry up and squeeze inside, don’t bother me!”

“Alas, the college entrance exams ah ……” Zhang Lei shook his head slightly, “Test-based education kills people.”

“Forget it, it’s better to just use your phone to check!” Zhang Lei shook his head slightly, took out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed the college entrance examination score checking hotline, “Report the pa*s numbers of the two of you ……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ji Feng: “All right, didn’t I tell you, our scores have all been checked, it’s absolutely fine to apply for the school you want to go to.”

“Yeah, let’s go straight to the cla*s teacher and fill in the volunteer!” Tong Lei said softly.

Compared to checking the scores, filling out the volunteer cards was incredibly easy, because in the office, almost no one came to fill out the volunteer cards, thinking that those students should all be thinking about it and applying for a university and major that would be most suitable for them.

In the office, Ji Feng didn’t use to see Xiao Yuxuan and couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in his heart. But when he saw the clear and beautiful Tong Lei next to him, the slightest thought in Ji Feng’s heart was instantly suppressed and he stopped thinking about it.

“Ee? Zhang Lei, why did you fill in the university in Jiangzhou too?” Seeing Zhang Lei’s volunteer card, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be stunned.

“I thought about it, buddy or I can’t go to Hangzhou!” Zhang Lei laughed heatedly and said in a low voice, “Crazy, although you can chase girls even if you have money, the girls you get this way are all snobs and not much fun.”

“Then what do you mean?” Ji Feng didn’t know how this was related to chasing girls again.

“Your hand of divine billiard skills, buddy has not yet used to learn it!” Zhang Lei heatedly smiled, “Moreover, I feel that you should know other things, if I learn all these things, won’t it be easier to chase girls again?”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded, but he also knew that Zhang Lei must have had his reasons for deciding to apply for the school in Jiangzhou.

In fact, the reason why Zhang Lei had to switch to apply for the university in Jiangzhou was actually very simple. Although he liked to make friends, but Ji Feng, an old friend, had followed Tong Lei to Jiangzhou, so naturally he was not good enough to go to Hangzhou alone. Moreover, Tong Kai De had also explained that he should try to have a good relationship with Ji Feng, and the reason why Zhang Lei used to say that he wanted to apply to Jiangzhe University, that was actually one of his goals.

However, Zhang Lei knew that goals and reality were not the same.

What’s more, his relationship with Ji Feng was not like that of an ordinary friend, but the best of brothers, not to mention that going to Jiangzhou was actually not bad, after all, Jiangzhou was only a two to three hour drive from Hangzhou.

“That’s great, since we’re all in the same city, it will definitely be quite convenient in the future!” Ji Feng smiled faintly.

Although the next two months had been a holiday, Ji Feng did not spend his days idly.

Apart from going out shopping with Tong Lei on weekdays, Ji Feng spent the rest of his time hanging out at the lottery shops in the county to earn some pocket money.

As for the evenings, Ji Feng began to learn the latest knowledge, and one of the knowledge he was most interested in – computer technology!

In the Gamma system, computers have already been fully intelligent and technologically developed, although the current Ji Feng does not know much about computer technology, because until now, he has at most been in contact with computers in the computer room at school, usually not even used to go to the Internet cafe.

But Ji Feng knows one thing, that is, on the earth now, there is absolutely no use of all intelligent computers, the subject of artificial intelligence, it is said that it is still only in the research.

In fact, without saying much Ji Feng also knows that the technology of the Gamma Galaxy is definitely decades or more ahead of the Earth, in this case, Ji Feng naturally studied extremely seriously.

Ji Feng is interested in computers, in fact, there is another main reason, that is, in the computer industry has the most opportunities, want to start a business, it is best to start from the computer industry.

Ji Feng had now learned most of the knowledge of the Super Training System, all he lacked was the opportunity.

The two months pa*sed, the time finally came to September, Ji Feng’s study also came to an end, at this time, he and Tong Lei and Zhang Lei two, finally embarked on the train to Jiangzhou.


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Ji Feng and Tong Lei couldn’t help but smile at each other, leaning sweetly together and whispering.

“Ji Feng, when we go to university the two of us won’t be together anymore ……” Tong Lei’s tone was somewhat reluctant. The two of them are not in the same college, so there will not be much time to meet in the future.

As for Zhang Lei, he had heard that the foreign language department had the most beautiful women, so he applied directly to the foreign language college, but he never thought that this guy would actually get into the best United University in Jiangzhou with a score of more than 690 points, which is also one of the top ranked universities in China, which made both Ji Feng and Tong Lei stunned.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Don’t worry, from now on I promise to go to you at least once a week, so that’s always okay, right?”

“That’s what you said!”

When Tong Lei heard this, she smiled happily and a sweet smile flashed in her beautiful eyes, “If you don’t come to see me once a week, I’ll go on a date with another boy by then!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but chuckle: “If you dare to date other boys ……”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Tong Lei: “Then what will you do?”

“Me ah?” Ji Feng smiled heatedly, “I’ll just beat that guy up hard!”

“Giggle ……” Watching Ji Feng waving his fist a few times, Tong Lei giggled, that silver bell-like laughter attracted the attention of a few youths next to her.

“Hey, you guys are also going to Jiangzhou for college, right?” One of the youths, who looked a bit greasy, couldn’t help but ask.

Ji Feng had long noticed these few young people, especially the greasy-headed young man, and from the moment he and the others got into the car, that young man’s attention had been focused on Tong Lei’s body.

But after all, they were all young people, and when he saw them ask, Ji Feng just nodded, “Yes, you guys too?”

“That’s right!”

The greasy-headed guy showed a charming smile, but his eyes were fixed on Tong Lei and he said with a smile, “We’re all going to school in Jiangzhou, let me introduce myself, my name is Wu Junjie, I’m from Pengcheng, I don’t know how to address a few of you.”

From the moment Tong Lei first got into the car, Wu Junjie felt his heart being ruthlessly seized, Tong Lei’s kind of clear and matchless beauty made it almost impossible for him to move his gaze away. However, seeing Tong Lei happily nestled by Ji Feng’s side, Wu Junjie’s heart was filled with resentment and even more jealousy.

Now that he was able to interject, how could he possibly let go of this opportunity?

“Ji Feng!” Ji Feng said indifferently, since he could see what this young man was up to, Ji Feng naturally wouldn’t give them the chance to approach, if he watched men with bad intentions approach his girlfriend and did nothing about it, then he wouldn’t be considered a man.

“What should I call this beauty?” When Wu Junjie saw that Tong Lei did not speak, he could not help but continue to ask.

However, Tong Lei didn’t even use to look at Wu Junjie, just snuggled up to Ji Feng’s side, treating everything around her like nothing. In fact, Tong Lei was originally of a cool personality and was misunderstood by her cla*smates in high school to be of a clear and arrogant nature, but in reality, Tong Lei was like a holy and ethereal lily flower that had a nobility of its own that was high above the rest.

Seeing that he was being ignored, Wu Junjie’s face suddenly looked a bit unsightly, but it seemed that he wanted to maintain his poise in front of Tong Lei, and he only smiled faintly at her.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, this Wu Junjie seemed to be somewhat undying, and this was obviously a bit too much.

“Ji Feng, right? I don’t know which university you are at in Jiangzhou? United University, or Gongji University?” Jun Wu asked.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “And you?”

“I’m ashamed to say that I was guaranteed a place in the school, Union University.” Wu Junjie said ashamed, but there was not the slightest look of shame on his face, and he even had a vaguely self-satisfied look on his face, obviously proud of being guaranteed a place at Union University.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “It’s not bad.”

“What about you guys? It wouldn’t be Jiangzhou High School, would it?” Wu Junjie asked with a grin, somewhat condescendingly.

At this moment, not only did Tong Lei frown, but even Zhang Lei, who had been faking sleep, opened his eyes. The full name of this Jiangzhou Senior Vocational School was Jiangzhou Senior Vocational Technical School, which was actually a college and university, only because one of its majors was more famous, but this was far from the first-cla*s domestic schools like United University.

Obviously, when Wu Junjie said this, he was trolling Ji Feng.

Before Ji Feng could say anything, Zhang Lei smiled and said, “A guaranteed student? Well, not bad!”

Although he said not bad, it was unknown whether it was really not bad or not.

“Oh, it’s actually nothing, I’ve also benefited from my family’s light, my family has some power in both Pengcheng and Jiangzhou, so it’s easier to go to Jiangzhou. Originally the school wanted to guarantee me to go to Yanjing, but I chose Jiangzhou instead!” Wu Junjie said with a smug look on his face and spoke loudly.

“Oh? You have power even in Jiangzhou, so your family is still very influential!” Zhang Lei pretended to be surprised and admired, and couldn’t help but marvel.

“Actually, it’s only average!” Seeing Zhang Lei’s appearance, Wu Junjie became even more smug, glancing at the few students around him, and then at Ji Feng and Tong Lei, and said smugly, “You all know about Ji Zhenguo, the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Party Committee, right? That’s half a national leader, and he’s also a member of the Yanjing Ji family! My cousin and Ji Zhenguo’s youngest son, that’s an iron buddy, I’m saying this, you guys should understand, right?”

“Wowse, so awesome?!” Zhang Lei’s face was full of ‘awe’, but his gaze fell on Ji Feng’s body, and he could tell that he was forcing a laugh.

It was like an international joke, flaunting the power of the Ji family in front of the first grandson of the Ji family, wasn’t this playing with a big sword in front of Lord Guan?

Just this simple thing, Wu Junjie could not enter Zhang Lei’s eyes anymore, he shook his head slightly, closed his eyes and went back to sleep, talking to this kind of second generation ancestor who could not even be considered a dude, he felt a bit ashamed of his status.

But that Wu Junjie hadn’t noticed yet and still said smugly, “If you guys run into any trouble in Jiangzhou in the future, just come to me directly, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.”

Ji Feng finally couldn’t help but say, “That’s awesome!”

“Oh, average!” Wu Junjie shook his head smugly, “Let’s see, since meeting each other is fate, we are friends now. To make it easier to contact each other in the future, let’s exchange our contact information, how about that?”


Chapter 98

“Contact information won’t be necessary!”

Ji Feng’s face remained unchanged, but there was a firm implication in his words. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. In fact, it’s not just Ji Feng, if it were any other man, he would definitely not turn a blind eye to it.

“If there is a chance in the future, I would like to meet that iron buddy of your cousin, what is his name Ji?” Ji Feng asked indifferently.

Wu Junjie said proudly, “It’s called Ji Shaoyun, that’s the youngest son of the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Party Committee, if I don’t lead the way, it’s not something you can meet just because you want to!”

“Oh, let’s talk about it later then!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, then turned his head to go inside with Tong Lei is ear to ear, whispering quietly, leaving only Wu Junjie who had an embarra*sed look on his face.

Because he turned his head back, Ji Feng did not see a look of resentment flash across Wu Junjie’s eyes.

“Ji Feng, that person is not a good thing, it’s better not to talk to him!” Tong Lei leaned on Ji Feng’s body and said in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t come to hara*s us, I won’t talk to him again. However, since he’s also at Jiangzhou United University, I’m afraid there will be trouble in the future.” Ever since he knew that Wu Junjie was guaranteed to be at Jiangzhou United University, Ji Feng knew that he would definitely run into each other in the future, and with the way Wu Junjie looked at Tong Lei, it would be strange if he would give up in good grace!

However, remembering what Wu Junjie said about Ji Shaoyun, Ji Feng couldn’t help but want to laugh. He vaguely remembered that Third Uncle had once said that Ji Shaoyun was Second Uncle’s youngest son, who was only 14 or 15 years old this year and seemed to be in junior high school today.

Wu Junjie’s cousin and Ji Shaoyun were iron friends?

Ji Feng could not understand how, according to the age of Wu Junjie, his cousin must be at least a little older than him, that must be at least 18`9 or 20 years old, a 20 year old, but with a junior high school student is iron buddy, this is really …… Ji Feng can not help but shake his head.

In fact, as soon as he thought of it, he understood that it was completely two age groups, it was difficult to be any iron buddy at all. Thinking, Wu Junjie’s cousin should also be the son of a family, and it was for the sake of the Ji family that he did what iron buddies with Ji Shaoyun!

The current Ji Feng had not thought about the truth, but the gap between the truth and what he had imagined was too big.

This train was running from Pengcheng to Jiangzhou, and originally it took about ten hours. But because Mang Shi County was in the middle of Jiangzhou and Pengcheng, it only took Ji Feng more than five hours to get to Jiangzhou from the time he boarded the train.

When the train’s announcement sounded, Zhang Lei finally couldn’t hold back any longer and jumped up, casually took some of the three people’s gifts off the top, shaking his head and saying: “This green car is really not human, not only is it slow as hell, but it’s too hot to even turn up the air conditioning, if the car arrives a little later, I’m going to pa*s out from the heat. ”

Tong Lei couldn’t help but glare at him and scolded him, “Cut the crap, if you hadn’t insisted on saying something about barging in alone for once and declining Dad’s offer to send a car to take us, we wouldn’t have to suffer here and be hara*sed by others.”

Obviously, Tong Lei was still a bit grouchy about Wu Junjie’s accosting, in fact, she was angry in her heart because Wu Junjie had made a sarcastic remark about Ji Feng earlier, as for the accosting, she completely ignored it.

Zhang Lei immediately gave a heated smile and casually handed his bag to Ji Feng and Tong Lei.

None of the three had brought any traveling gifts, just a small bag with a few changes of clothes and some things to eat on the way. .com

“A few of you, my cousin is coming to pick me up later, which school are you at, why don’t I take you there!” Seeing that Ji Feng and the three of them were about to get off, Wu Junjie quickly walked over and said to Tong Lei with a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, the school has a car to pick us up!” Zhang Lei said indifferently, his tone somewhat unkind. This guy really didn’t know how to advance or retreat, did he have to force his buddy to get angry?

Ji Feng swept a non-committal glance at Wu Junjie and pulled Tong Lei’s small hand and got off the car directly.

“D*mn it, don’t know how to lift a finger!” Wu Junjie coldly cursed in a low voice and gritted his teeth, “Such a beautiful girl, I must chase after her, when I get tired of playing with you and throw you away, I’ll see how you can still be noble!”

At this time, a student next to him, who had come with Wu Junjie, whispered, “Brother Jun, since your cousin is so powerful in Jiangzhou, why don’t you ask your cousin to help teach those two boys a lesson, and then that chick will have to come begging you obediently!”

Wu Junjie’s eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously, “Good boy, you have a good idea, don’t worry, as long as you follow me, you will definitely not be treated badly. Later on, my cousin will come to pick me up and I’ll introduce you to him!”

“Thank you Brother Jun!” That student immediately said happily. A few other people next to him had jealous looks on their faces, secretly hating themselves for not coming up with this idea earlier. Everyone knew that to have no small amount of power in Jiangzhou, the economic centre, was definitely not a simple person, and to know such a person might be a big help in the future.

The three of them did not know that Wu Junjie was already thinking of a way to calculate them. When the three of them left the train station, they saw a conspicuous banner hanging on the square not far from the exit: the Union University Station Reception Office.

“There it is!” Zhang Lei also saw the banner and said at once.

The three of them rushed over and saw a few student-like people with megaphones shouting, “All new students coming to report to United University, please get on the bus over here!”

Next to them, several buses were parked, obviously intended for transporting students.

After showing their acceptance letters, Ji Feng and the three of them got on the same bus, which was almost full by this time, and the driver yelled, “All sit down, we’re going to drive!”

“Hey, madman, do you think there are many beautiful women in Union University?” Zhang Lei had an excited look on his face.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “I don’t know there, don’t forget, it’s my first time in Jiangzhou too.”

Next to her, Tong Lei couldn’t help but pinch Zhang Lei hard and scolded him, “Zhang Lei, don’t lead Ji Feng astray, otherwise, see if I can spare you?!”

“Alas, poor crazy person!” Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng with a look of pity, thinking to himself, this brother of his is finished, being watched to death by his old sister, even if he wanted to see a beautiful woman, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have that chance!

He couldn’t help but sigh, his decision was really very wise, it was simply a good move.

Imagine, set up Ji Feng and Tong Lei, the first thing you can be sure of is that in the future, with a beautiful woman, Ji Feng can not chase, then, he naturally has to help his brother, which is Zhang Lei, this is the first benefit.

The second, Zhang Lei decided not to find a girlfriend in high school, which means that there is a large forest waiting for him in the university, if he gave up the whole forest for a tree, Zhang Lei wouldn’t even forgive himself!

Thinking about this, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but heave with glee.

However, on second thought, Zhang Lei was a little worried.

He knew that Zhang Lei came from a big family, so he naturally knew a lot about the affairs of those powerful families. In such families, marriage was only a nominal constraint, and many people had lovers outside of marriage, which had almost formed an unspoken practice among themselves.

This is especially true for those outstanding sons and daughters of the family. Of course, there are even more things that happen outside the house that are not even worth mentioning.

It is only that most of the couples come together because of family alliances, and very few of them really love each other, so the wife will not say much even if she knows that her husband has a lover outside.

This is because among such large families, women are actually a bond used to maintain the relationship, but of course, the most fundamental bond is still the common interest. In front of interests, nothing is important.

However, Zhang Lei had never thought that Ji Feng had such a terrifying background. He had originally only thought that Ji Feng was just a child of an ordinary family, so he had tried his best to facilitate the matter between him and his elder sister, so that even if the family opposed it, he would help speak up.

But now that Ji Feng had such a background, could he still make his own decisions on his marriage matter?

Looking at Tong Lei’s imploring look at Ji Feng again, Zhang Lei got even more of a headache. Of course he knew his old sister’s character and would definitely not give up easily, but if Ji Feng was forced to marry another woman in the future due to the family’s pressure, would his old sister be able to bear it?

“Ugh!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but sigh and shook his head vigorously, it was better to let Ji Feng bother God about such matters, he knew Ji Feng very well, this guy would never easily go and hurt his friend, that was enough.

The bus slowly drove off and drove out of the station square.

“Brother Jun, look!” Just a short distance away from the exit, a student-like guy immediately pointed at the bus that was driving out of the station, “Those three people are in that bus, they are also students of the United University!”

Wu Junjie, who was waiting for his cousin to pick him up, immediately looked over and saw Ji Feng inside through the bus window, his face suddenly turned cold and he snorted angrily, “These three guys turned out to be students of United University too, this is too much of a coincidence, I didn’t know where they were, now I’ll see how they can still hide!”

Ji Feng’s three people’s disregard for him was seen by him as Ji Feng and the others being afraid of him and not daring to clash with him head on thus choosing to hide.

“Since they are students of the United University, there is a way to check.” Wu Junjie stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, “That girl will definitely be mine!”

Ji Feng, who was sitting in the car, seemed to sense something, he keenly turned his head to look and instantly saw Jun Wu in the distance through the car window.

Ji Feng instantly sneered, “You better not come and mess with me, or else I will let you know what regret means.”


As one of the several most famous universities in Jiangzhou, United University has a history of nearly ninety years and is one of several old schools in China, both in terms of faculty strength and cultural heritage, which are extremely profound and simply not comparable to other universities that have only emerged in recent decades.

There are three campuses in the university, which together have a population of nearly 50,000, and even within the same campus, one needs to take a bus to get from one side to the other.

It is easy to imagine how big a university like this can be on the opening day of the new year.

Standing at the entrance of the United University, looking at the students coming in and out almost as if they were in a rush, Ji Feng couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile.

It seemed that it wasn’t even that easy to get in today, let alone to register.

“Follow me!” Ji Feng said indifferently, took Tong Lei’s hand and walked forward, with Zhang Lei following at the end.

These crowded people were actually no trouble at all to Ji Feng, only to see him stepping on his feet with odd steps, swaying left and right, surprisingly pulling Tong Lei and squeezing in just like that.

A look of surprise appeared on Tong Lei’s pretty face and she asked in amazement, “Ji Feng, how did you do that?”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Just squeeze straight in, I have more strength, these people can’t squeeze me.”

Zhang Lei also looked at Ji Feng with a curious expression, “Crazy, you kid is not interesting enough, there are more people with more strength, how come they can’t squeeze in? The black guy must be very strong, but he still couldn’t squeeze in? Be honest, what the hell is going on.”

Ji Feng didn’t answer in a hurry, but looked over in the direction Zhang Lei pointed, and immediately saw that a big man in a blue vest was desperately squeezing his way through the crowd. That big black man had somewhat dark skin, was 5’8″, very stout, and was like a small mountain in the crowd, quickly squeezing those students in front of him, and he himself squeezed in.

“Look, isn’t he squeezing in here?” Ji Feng said with a smile.

Zhang Lei bristled, “Crazy, don’t change the subject, the big black guy is strong and tall to squeeze in so easily, you’re only 5’7`6″, and you’re carrying Lei Lei, how can you squeeze in so easily?”

But Tong Lei pursed her lips and smiled, perhaps others didn’t know, but she knew very well that Ji Feng actually had kung fu. She clearly remembered that in the past, Ji Feng had once run into hooligans on his way home from driving her home, and as a result, when she called the police, those few hooligans had all fallen to the ground, while Ji Feng was intact and unhurt, and that was enough to explain the problem.

“Okay, brother, don’t ask anymore, Ji Feng will tell you later!” Tong Lei giggled and said, “Let’s go and register, it’s almost dark.”

“Right, right!” Ji Feng was afraid that Zhang Lei would continue to ask questions and hurriedly said, “Let’s go and register.”

“You two guys, that’s not enough!” Watching Ji Feng and Tong Lei quickly walk away, Zhang Lei had a distressed look on his face.

Because the two brothers, Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, were in the same major and Ji Feng was in another major, so Ji Feng separated from them at the entrance of the school and just made an appointment to meet at the entrance of the school at seven o’clock in the evening and left alone.

And Ji Feng, who was leaving quickly, had just seen the registration desk for the Economics and Management major when he was suddenly struck. He seemed to vaguely see that a delicate figure had actually walked past the enrolment desk and soon merged into the crowd and disappeared.

It was Xiao Yuxuan!

Ji Feng’s heart jumped a few times, was it her?