Campus Master Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93

When it comes to the Yangtze River Hotel, no one in Mangushi County knows absolutely nothing about it. Go to see the net .

The first of these is the first of the three star hotels built in the county since the gradual development of Mang Shi County, which is also the only three star hotel within the entire Mang Shi County.

The only thing is that although the Yangtze River Hotel is famous, there are very few people who actually enter it.

The ordinary people only treat the Yangtze River Hotel as a talking point after tea and dinner, and very few people are willing to spend money in it. Even those who are relatively wealthy in the village are not willing to go there.

You know, what is directly proportional to the fame of the Yangtze Hotel is the level of consumption and the price of the food inside.

An ordinary meal might turn an ordinary family’s income for half a year into a few dishes or even more.

Under such circumstances, the position of the Yangtze River Hotel is awkward.

There is no doubt that without people spending money, even the best restaurants can only face the embarra*sing plight of closing down. At one point, even two years ago, the Yangtze Hotel was about to close down. Fortunately, after Tong Kade took over as secretary of the county party committee, he immediately saw the significance of the Yangtze River Hotel, and decided to set the Yangtze River Hotel as the designated unit of the county party committee and county government for external hospitality, which barely kept the Yangtze River Hotel alive.

With the development of Mangsi County, more and more wealthy people began to enter the area, and the Yangtze River Hotel became the signature of Mangsi County, forming a mutually beneficial situation.

Ji Feng was equally familiar with this three-star hotel, but of course only in name, he had never been to such an upscale hotel before.

After 6pm, two black unmarked cars drove into the car park of the Yangtze River Hotel, which was almost full of all kinds of vehicles, and if they came any later, there would really be no parking space.

“The Yangtze River Hotel?”

Looking at the four electronic lights flashing, Ji Zhenping couldn’t help but shake his head and said, “This Tong Lao San still has some eyesight, the tiny Mang Shi County retains a three-star hotel, and investment attraction is at least a little better than other counties. Big brother, isn’t it a bit too much for the Tong family to send Lao-san here?”

Ji Zhenhua glared at him and said indifferently, “This is someone’s family matter, Lao-san, don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Zhenping could only shrink his head and turned his head towards Ji Feng who had a smile on his face next to him and said, “Look, this is the bad thing about your father, he is obviously in his forties but he is as deep as a seventy year old, too deep in the city. Alas, it’s fortunate that your uncle and I went to the army, otherwise, I’m afraid I would have become like this too.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Third uncle, how many brothers are you guys anyway? Up to now I still don’t know how many uncles I have.”

Ji Zhenping hummed and said, “Brat, listen carefully, you have two real uncles, other cousins and the like will be left out for now. Apart from your uncles, you have two aunts ……”

Only then did Ji Feng know that Ji Zhenhua turned out to be a total of five siblings, and among the males, his father Ji Zhenhua was the oldest, but in the sibling ranking, there was actually an older sister above Ji Zhenhua.

Another aunt was the youngest of all the siblings.

Ji Feng only knew this, as for what those uncles and aunts were actually doing, Ji Zhenping didn’t say, and Ji Feng wasn’t interested in knowing.

“Ding ……!”

At this time, Ji Zhenhua’s phone suddenly rang, he picked up the phone and looked, “It’s Tong Kai De calling.”

After answering the phone, Ji Zhenhua said his location. A few minutes later, Tong Kai De came striding over from the entrance of the hotel and laughed, “Grand Duke, it’s been a long time.”

The first thing Ji Feng saw was the delicate Tong Lei, who was standing over there with Zhang Lei, more or less restrained, following Mrs. Tong’s side.


Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, and thought badly in his heart, “This guy actually has restraint at times?”

Naturally, Zhang Lei also saw Ji Feng’s expression, and a bitter smile appeared on his face as he secretly said in his heart, “Brat, buddy also doesn’t want to be so restrained, but your old man’s status is also really too intimidating, he can even talk to my grandfather on an equal footing now, do I dare to just fool around?”

“Grand Duke, the upstairs box has been booked, let’s go up!” Tong Kai De appeared familiar with Ji Zhenhua, but behind the deep friendship, there was a hint of respect. .com

Tong Lei, however, blinked her big eyes and looked curiously at Ji Feng’s father, this elegant middle-aged man who could often be seen on the TV news, as if he had an ineffable majesty, so that she couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive in her heart, wondering if he was satisfied with himself.



The door of a house in the slum area was kicked open by a few punks, a few fierce punks with machetes in their hands, but some consternation in their eyes.

“Why is there no one there?”

One of the punks asked in surprise, “Didn’t young Xu say that there should be someone at this hour?”

“Who knows, I heard this is a family of orphans and widows, guess the widow went to steal someone somewhere?” One of the punks laughed heatedly and badly, which prompted a burst of laughter from the others as well.

“Don’t talk too much, hurry back, call Xu Shao and tell him what’s going on here.” The third punk said.

A few of the punks immediately and quickly went out of the slum and called the mastermind.

“D*mn it!”

Xu Mo, who was in a corner not far from the slum area, hung up the phone violently, his face grim, “That kid Ji Feng’s luck is really good, he actually dodged it.”

He immediately made a call, “Kid, this is Xu Shao, how did you keep an eye on him, where is he?”

At this moment, downstairs in the slum area, a sharp-tongued punk had a bitter face, “Young Xu, I can’t be blamed for this, two cars pa*sed by downstairs and seemed to have taken that mother and son away, I didn’t dare to get close at all.”

“Piece of sh*t!”

Xu Mo gritted his teeth and cursed, after hanging up the phone, he dialed another number, “Old Qin, this is Xu Mo, find out immediately where exactly Ji Feng’s mother and son went, two cars pa*sed by here earlier and took them away!”

Mang Shi County was really too small, it couldn’t be easier to find a person.

Within twenty minutes, Xu Mo’s phone rang, “Young Xu, I’ve found out, someone did see two cars pa*s by the slum area and seemed to be heading towards the Yangtze Hotel, in addition, from the electronic eye surveillance on the road, they definitely didn’t leave Mang Shi County, they should be near the Yangtze Hotel.”

“Yangtze River Hotel?”

Xu Mo was amazed, how could a poor boy, a woman selling vegetables, still know someone who drove a car? How dare he go to the Yangtze River Hotel to eat?

“No matter, let’s go to the Yangtze River Hotel!” When he remembered that Tong Lei and Ji Feng had gone to the cinema and came out with a red face, hatred sprang up in Xu Mo’s heart and he called those few gangsters: “All of them follow me to the Yangtze River Hotel!”


“Young Xu, it’s these two Audi cars!” The first thing that the sharp-tongued punk saw was the two Audi cars in the car park. Although there are Audi cars in Mangsi County, most of them are still low-end cars like Volkswagen or Nissan Toyota.

Xu Mo’s eyebrows frowned slightly, Audi cars, ah. I’m afraid that the identity of someone who can drive two Audi’s is not that simple, right?

“Could it be that Ji Feng is still a person of some importance?” Xu Mo pondered for a moment and immediately said, “The few of you follow me in first and open a private room. I’m going to make a phone call.”


“Grand Duke, let’s go one?” Tong Kai De lifted his cup, clinked it with the smiling Ji Zhenhua, tilted his head and drank a mouthful of more than one tael of Mao Tai, watching Ji Feng stumble, this mouthful of wine was spicy enough.

The first time he looked at Ji Zhenhua, he also took a sip.

“Dad, why don’t you guys eat first and we’ll go out for a while.” Ji Feng saw that Tong Lei’s pretty face was red and somewhat restrained, so he couldn’t help but say.

What kind of person was Ji Zhenhua, just by looking at him, he knew what his son was thinking. He nodded and smiled, “Don’t go far, there should be a rest and entertainment place in this hotel, you guys just go there and have some fun!”

Seeing his father’s meaningful look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but blush and gave a wink to Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, and the three of them quickly walked out, leaving only the three men, Ji Zhenhua and Tong Kai De, drinking together, while Xiao Su Mei and Mrs. Tong were talking in a low voice together.


Just after leaving the box and making sure that he wouldn’t be overheard inside, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but let out a long breath, “Finally free, eating with those elders would really bore me to death!”

This time, Tong Lei rarely refuted Zhang Lei’s words, but just nodded with a reddened face.

Ji Feng laughed and didn’t say anything.

In fact, eating with Ji Zhenhua and the others, he didn’t feel nervous and restrained at all. That kind of blood-thicker-than-water kinship made them no different from those fathers and sons who had been together for more than ten years even if it was only the first day they met.

“Crazy, it’s really unexpected, your life ……” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but shake his head repeatedly, who would have thought that this steady and silent brother of his would soon become the future crown prince?

Saying that life is like a drama, this is really true at all.

Ji Feng also had a bitter smile on his face, “I didn’t expect it either, the things involved are really too complicated, I can’t tell you clearly for a while, when I have time later, I will slowly tell you all about it!”

As the three of them talked and walked, they soon went out of the Yangtze River Hotel and arrived at an entertainment venue next to the hotel.

Without a doubt, Zhang Lei chose the item of billiards first. After he had seen Ji Feng’s billiards skills, he had always wanted to learn that godlike skill, so how could he miss this opportunity?

However, none of the three had noticed that after they came out of the box, there was a pair of eyes staring at them from behind.

“My luck is really good!” Seeing Ji Feng and the three of them leave the hotel, a cold smile appeared on Xu Mo’s face, “No wonder Ji Feng dared to come to this Yangtze River Hotel, so he followed Zhang Lei and the others, humph, foxes and tigers!”

But he didn’t use to think that the reason why he was able to do wrong without being punished was not also because he borrowed his father’s authority? This was likewise a fox pretending to be a tiger.

“Follow me!” Xu Mo instantly thought of an idea and said to the four punks around him, quickly following them.

Xu Mo’s heart was laughing coldly, if you guys had been hiding in the Yangtze Hotel, I wouldn’t really be able to make a move, but now that you’ve come out, you’re looking for death yourselves, so you can’t blame me!

After Xu Mo saw the shy and sweet smile on Tong Lei’s face, the hatred in his heart intensified.

“Ji Feng, hurry up and teach me how you practiced that billiard technique!” With an excited face, Zhang Lei took the cue and came to a table.

Tong Lei asked with some surprise, “Ji Feng, you know how to play?”

“I know a little!” Ji Feng laughed.

Next to him, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but roll his eyes and laughed bitterly, “Older sister, don’t listen to Ji Feng, where does he know a little bit, his level, it’s simply higher than professional level!”

Next, he immediately told the story of how Ji Feng had once beaten He Dong’s face into oblivion, looking at him as if he had done it himself.

“Ji Feng, you won against Teacher Xiao’s boyfriend?” Tong Lei was really hearing about this for the first time and couldn’t help but ask.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Sort of.”

“Crazy, come on quickly, hurry up and start this game!” Zhang Lei said somewhat impatiently, as he immediately set his hand on the table and prepared to tee off.


Just at this moment, a billiard ball suddenly collapsed on the table, almost hitting Zhang Lei’s head.

“Who did that?!” Zhang Lei’s face instantly sank, if a billiard ball smashed on his head, the lightest thing would be a big bag on his head, if it was heavy, his skull might be directly broken.

“What are you shouting for!” An unkind voice came from the side, followed by four unkind looking punks making their way over from a nearby pool table.

One of the punks cursed and said, “D*mn it, who was shouting nonsense just now?”

Zhang Lei’s face instantly sank as he said in a cold voice, “You try cursing one more time?”


The punk cursed again with a provocative look on his face, “Kid, you bite me, huh?”

“Hehe ……” Zhang Lei smiled faintly and walked over slowly, laughing lightly, “Kid, you’re dead.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Lei threw a fierce punch.


The punk didn’t even react, and was smashed in the face by Zhang Lei’s fist, instantly falling to the ground.

“D*mn it, let’s go together and ruin him!” That punk shouted fiercely as he lay on the ground screaming miserably.

Immediately after that, the three punks behind him suddenly took out machetes from their waists and without saying a word, they directly pounced towards Zhang Lei, however, two of them pounced towards Ji Feng who had not spoken at all.

Ji Feng’s brow furrowed and he had a vague feeling in his heart that this matter was not that simple. However, he had no time to think more, and the two punks had already arrived at the front.


Ji Feng’s body lurched forward and his strong and explosive fist slammed down towards the small of the left punk’s stomach.


That punk didn’t even have time to scream, he was instantly blown away by Ji Feng’s fist and fell heavily to the ground, his eyes rolled over and he unexpectedly pa*sed out.

The remaining punk was stunned, not expecting this seemingly unattractive guy to be so powerful. He gritted his teeth and took his knife and slashed viciously.

This is to kill me!

A cold light flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, and his body slammed forward, directly into the punk’s arms. Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng’s pair of fists were like two hammers, instantly smashing into the two shoulders of that punk, and at the same time smashing into the small of that punk’s stomach.


The punk’s shoulders were instantly smashed and his whole body instantly flew out.

The punk who had jumped at Zhang Lei had also been kicked down by him long ago and was lying on the ground screaming miserably.

Ji Feng quickly walked up to Zhang Lei and said in a low voice, “Lei Zi, there is something wrong with this matter!”

Zhang Lei also nodded and said, “Yeah, a normal gangster would never carry a knife with him, moreover, these few gangsters don’t seem to be coming for me, something is very wrong.”

“No matter so much, I’ll call Captain Yan first.” Zhang Lei’s reaction was quick, however, just as he took out his phone, he heard a sudden bellow from the side.

“All stop, put down your weapons!”

A dozen police officers suddenly rushed into the casino, and these people were surprisingly all holding guns in their hands, the black holes pointing at Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, and even Tong Lei.

A fat man in a police uniform walked in and shouted, “How dare you hurt people with a knife, arrest them all!”

A few policemen arrested Ji Feng and Zhang Lei without a word, one of them even gave Ji Feng a sneaky punch, but he himself shook his wrist to the point of pain.

Ji Feng gave him a cold look and turned his head to make a wink, and was then taken away by the police.

Tong Lei’s face was cold, but in her heart she understood what Ji Feng meant, and took out her mobile phone to call her father, “Dad, brother and Ji Feng have been arrested by the police, something is very wrong with this matter, I feel as if someone is fixing brother and Ji Feng, you should hurry over!”


In the compartment of the Yangtze Hotel, Ji Zhenping slapped his hand on the table and shouted angrily, “D*mn it, even my nephew dares to move?!”

Ji Zhenhua glared at him and said indifferently, “Old Tong, let’s go over and have a look before we say anything!”

Although Ji Zhenhua’s tone was plain, the gloomy look in his eyes unmistakably expressed the anger in his heart.

The first day he saw his son, but his son had been arrested, and for hurting someone with a knife?

“Go! I’d like to see how my nephew hurt someone with a knife!” Ji Zhenping sneered and took the lead in striding out of the box.

At the same time, Tong Lei, who had not been noticed by the police, was noticing something. A few policemen took the injured gangsters with them, but instead of going to the hospital, they turned around and went to an alleyway on the street.

Tong Lei’s heart moved and she quietly followed them, but was shocked beyond belief to find that those few policemen, led by the fat policeman, actually took the knives of those few punks and slashed each of them on their necks.

Blood spurted wildly, and several of the punks were instantly convulsed and all were killed in the blink of an eye.

Blatant murder!

Tong Lei was shocked, and in the next moment, she reacted violently, raised her mobile phone and immediately took a quick photo before turning around and running!


Chapter 94

“Taking pictures?!”


The fat policeman reacted at once and yelled lowly, “Catch her quickly!”


“Captain, she, she’s Secretary Tong’s daughter!” A policeman whispered, as policemen, they naturally had to know the leader’s children first, otherwise, it would be bad luck if they offended the leader one day without opening their eyes. Go to see the net .


“Who cares whose kid it is, if we offend Secretary Tong, we might be demoted, but if we let that girl get away, we’ll all go to jail!” The fat captain slapped the policeman violently and scolded, “What are you all ****ing standing around for, why don’t you go after her?!”


“Yes!” Several policemen instantly gave a jolt and scrambled to chase in the direction where Tong Lei had run away.


The fat policeman’s face was gloomy and uncertain, took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number: “Xu county magistrate, something went wrong, Xu Shao’s action was too hasty, there were children of Secretary Tong present Xu Shao sent people to do it, now I have detained all the people …… right, those few punks can’t talk anymore …… Xu County Governor rest a*sured, I know what to do!”


Hanging up the phone, the fat policeman grunted coldly and walked out quickly.


At this time the two policemen guarding at the entrance of the alleyway hurried over, “Captain!”


The fat captain whispered, “First go and bring back the few corpses inside, then immediately raid and interrogate those two boys, no matter what method you use, first get the evidence that they killed someone with a knife in their hands, do you hear me?”


“Yes!” The two policemen immediately ran to the hutong to carry the corpses.


The fat captain, on the other hand, got in his car alone and went back to the police station with the police car that was escorting Ji Feng Zhang Lei.


Besides, after taking the photos, Tong Lei ran as fast as she could towards the Yangtze River Hotel. Despite her icy intelligence, it was the first time she had encountered such a thing, and she had also witnessed several gangsters being killed by the police, and she was shocked beyond belief and was also very scared.


Stomp, stomp, stomp!


The sound of footsteps behind her was getting closer and closer, and Tong Lei’s heart became even more panicked. Looking a few hundred metres ahead of her was the Yangtze Hotel, a surge of strength came over her and she ran even faster.


At that moment, four big men in black suddenly rushed out from the side of the Yangtze Hotel, heading straight for Tong Lei with an incomparable murderous aura on their faces. Their speed was so fast that when Tong Lei spotted them, she was instantly stunned, but could not stop in time.


Seeing that the four big men were about to reach her, Tong Lei couldn’t help but close her eyes in despair.


The next moment, however, she felt that there was an extra person beside her. She opened her eyes cautiously, only to see that one of the big men in black was standing beside her, looking around warily, while the three remaining big men were running in the direction behind her, where several policemen were frantically chasing her over.


“Miss Tong, your father is waiting for you at the entrance of the hotel, please follow me!” The big man in black helped the shocked and overwhelmed Tong Lei and quickly returned to the entrance of the Yangtze Hotel.


“Lei Lei!”


Seeing her daughter’s safe return, Mrs. Tong, who had been anxious, could not help but drop her tears and hurriedly ran over, looking up and down at her daughter, fearing that something might go wrong with her, “By the way, where is your brother?”


After seeing that her daughter was safe, Mrs. Tong immediately remembered her son again and asked in a panic.


At this time, Tong Kai De and the Ji Zhen Hua couple as well as Ji Zhen Ping all walked quickly over and looked at Tong Lei.


“Dad, Uncle Ji, brother and Ji Feng were taken away by the police, I recognize that fat policeman, it’s Captain Qin of the Xiguan Branch Interpol team, brother they should have been taken to the Xiguan Branch!”


Tong Lei quickly calmed down and said quickly, “Dad, those few punks who attacked Ji Feng and my brother were all killed by the police, I took the photos of the time.”




Tong Kai De’s face changed instantly.


Ji Zhenhua, however, frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, “Old Tong, let’s go to the Xiguan Branch immediately, this matter seems to be not simple, talk about it as we go along the way.”


And at this time, the three big men in black ran over one by one carrying a policeman, and one of them whispered something in Ji Zhenping’s ear.


“What?! Framing?!” Ji Zhenping was shocked beyond words and laughed in anger, “Good, good, my Ji Zhenping’s nephew was framed at will? How dare a small police chief kill and plant evidence?”


“What’s going on?!” At this time, the remaining few big men had already brought the car over, and after a few people got into the car, Tong Kai De couldn’t help but ask anxiously.  .com


Ji Zhenping said angrily, “Those few policemen explained that Captain Qin told them to kill those few punks so as to frame Ji Feng and Zhang Lei, and now the two of them, Zhang Lei and Ji Feng, have been taken to the Xiguan Branch.”


At Ji Zhenping’s gesture, the big man in black drove the Audi car as fast as he could, and with Tong Kai De pointing the way, in just ten minutes’ time, they arrived at the Xiguan Branch.


And before that, Ji Feng and Zhang Lei were brought into the detention room at the same time.


“Crazy, this time I seem to have been a bit impulsive, and I’ve dragged you into it too, I’m really sorry!” Zhang Lei had already reacted by this time, and once he took a look at the situation, how could he not understand what was going on?


However, Ji Feng just shook his head and smiled, saying, “Don’t say that, let’s see what happens later!”


Ji Feng could be sure that those people were definitely not coming for Zhang Lei, but for himself. Only, it seemed that there was that little mistake in the middle, or rather, the other party wanted to snatch the rabbits in the gra*s and deal with Zhang Lei in the process while dealing with himself.


But Ji Feng believes that the latter possibility is really too small, because as long as Tong Kai De is still around, others who want to deal with Zhang Lei will have to think twice before they act, knowing that angering a county party secretary is definitely not that fun, let alone directly dealing with his son?


That’s why Ji Feng felt that there was some deviation here, but in fact he didn’t know that Xu Mo had been extremely unhappy with Zhang Lei since he came out to protect Ji Feng at school, and this time when he heard that Tong Lei and Ji Feng had entered the cinema together, his heart was even more on fire.


The first thing you need to do is to go to a movie theater, but Xu Mo has been there more than once or twice. There are no regular movies in a small county like Mang Shi County, maybe some regular movies in the morning, but in the afternoon and evening, there are definitely some adult movies.


The fact that Ji Feng and Tong Lei went to see an adult movie together, what does this mean?


In Xu Mo’s eyes, Tong Lei had definitely gone beyond the bottom line with Ji Feng, and there was a high possibility that he had even slept with him. Under such circumstances, Xu Mo no longer had any semblance of good feelings towards Tong Lei, and what replaced her was a strong hatred.


Originally, Xu Mo only lusted after Tong Lei’s looks and body, but now that he saw that she was already with Ji Feng, how could Xu Mo not hate her?


This time, not only did he hate Ji Feng, he even hated Zhang Lei and Tong Lei together, so when he saw Tong Lei and Ji Feng together, he couldn’t help but be angry and lost his mind, and when he dealt with Ji Feng, he also brought Zhang Lei along with him.


Until Xu Mo received a call from his father Xu Fu, he was still in a frenzy.


“Xu Mo, you B*****d, who told you to make a move on Zhang Lei?!” Xu Fu roared over the phone, “Do you know that as soon as you deal with Zhang Lei, you will anger Tong Kai De and make him come at me with all his might!”


With a crazy look on his face, Xu Mo said in a cold voice, “Of course I’m going to deal with him, if he hadn’t gotten in the way of this, I would have made Ji Feng have no place in the second secondary school, that way, that b*tch Tong Lei wouldn’t have gotten into Ji Feng’s bed because of it, Tong Lei should be mine, but now, she’s a rotten piece of sh*t! I’m going to kill Ji Feng, I’m going to kill Zhang Lei, and I’m going to have enough fun with Tong Lei before I sell her to the red light district, doesn’t she think she’s noble? Didn’t she ignore me? I’ll see how she’ll still be noble then!”


Xu Fu, on the other end of the phone, hurriedly covered his chest with his hand, he had never thought that his son would suddenly become so crazy, this is simply looking for death!


Xu Fu shook his head in agony, it was all his own fault, if he hadn’t been so obedient to him, but had been so strict, how could this situation have come to pa*s?


Gritting his teeth, Xu Fu shook his head heavily, “No, my son cannot die, he is my only son, he must not die!


Thinking of this, Xu Fu immediately said, “Xu Mo, come back now, I will take care of the rest!”


“No! I want to kill Ji Feng myself, and I want to play rotten Tong Lei!” After saying that, a crazy look flashed in Xu Mo’s eyes and he hung up the phone at once.


He knew that his son had been spoiled and had been lawless since he was a child. In the past, because he was the deputy governor’s father, he could help him to get rid of his misdeeds, but this time was different.


“No, I absolutely cannot let my sons die!” Xu Fu paced back and forth in the room, constantly gritting his teeth, before gritting his teeth a long time later, “However, this is also an opportunity, as long as we can make the case of Zhang Lei’s murder into an iron case, Tong Kai De will definitely be implicated as well. Hmph, Tong Kai De, don’t say you have connections in the province, I likewise have connections in the province, as long as your son kills an adult, I will see how your backstage will still protect you then!”


Speaking of this, he hurriedly took out the phone, “Auntie, I have a message for you ……”


After his elder brother Xu Fu hung up the phone, he couldn’t help but have a cold smile on his face, “Tong Kai De, unless your backstage is the number one in this province, otherwise, there is absolutely no one who can protect you again this time.”


“No, I have to go there myself, I can’t let Xu Mo fool around anymore.” Xu Fu was full of excitement, although this kid had created a huge advantage by mistake, he was too reckless and didn’t know the importance of the matter, if he was allowed to kill someone in the interrogation room, he would be in trouble then.


At the Xiguan Branch, Ji Feng was brought into an interrogation room alone.


The obese Captain Qin personally came into the interrogation room and sat opposite Ji Feng, and behind Captain Qin, there were four or five other policemen standing.


“Kid, what’s your name?” The obese Captain Qin asked in a cold voice: “Why did you kill those few people for no reason?!”


“I killed someone?”


Ji Feng glanced at him and smiled faintly, “When have I ever killed anyone, why don’t I know?”


“How dare you slyly argue!?” The fat captain slammed the table and laughed fiercely, “Kid, I see you still don’t know what I am, right? Introduce myself, my name is Qin Shouren, and in case you don’t know, no one has ever lasted in my interrogation room, so if you want to resist to the end, then try it!”


“Beast man?” Ji Feng froze, “That’s quite a good name, but since it’s a beast, how can it be a human being?”


“D*mn it! You dare to fool me?” Qin Shouren was instantly furious, this name was the biggest shame in his life, but the name given by his parents had been called for almost forty years, no one had ever dared to mock him with this name, but now he was being mocked by this little beast man with this name, this was simply looking for death.


“Teach him a lesson!”


Qin Shouren roared, and the four policemen behind him immediately leaned up, sparing the interrogation table and gradually closing in on Ji Feng.


“I advise you guys better not to act recklessly, or else no one will be able to save you!” Ji Feng said indifferently.


“Humph, kid, you dare to talk tough even when you are dead?” Qin Shouren roared, “I’m telling you, you’re dead today, I’ll see who will save you!”


Ji Feng looked at Qin Shouren coldly, and then turned his head to look at the four policemen, shaking his head slightly. He knew that, judging from the current situation, it seemed that it would be difficult to make things right today.


His brows furrowed tightly as he gave Qin Shouren a cold look, “You have one last chance, I hope you won’t continue to be wrong. Also, the boy who came with me, you had better not touch him either, or else I guarantee that not only you will be unlucky, but even your family will be equally unlucky!”


Qin Shouren sneered, “It doesn’t matter if I’m unlucky or not, but I know that now you’re going to be unlucky.”


Ji Feng shook his head and laughed: “I see that you are determined not to turn back until you hit the south wall!”


“D*mn it, where’s all that nonsense!” A policeman cursed, came to Ji Feng’s side and slapped him violently.




There was a crunching sound, but it wasn’t the policeman hitting Ji Feng’s face, but the policeman’s arm was actually grabbed raw by Ji Feng, and the handcuffs on Ji Feng’s hand were actually broken raw.


“You’re looking for death!” Qin Shouren was furious when he saw that Ji Feng had actually broken the handcuffs, and the other three policemen also immediately drew their pistols, their black holes pointing at Ji Feng, “Be honest immediately!”


Ji Feng turned around and looked coldly at Qin Shouren as well as a few other policemen, “You want to shoot and kill me?”


“Oh, Ji Feng, originally I was wondering what to do with you, but now it seems that I don’t need to worry anymore, you broke the handcuffs, huh, that’s violent resistance to the law ……” Qin Shouren laughed and suddenly roared. “Kill him!”


After saying that, Qin Shouren walked out and closed the door of the interrogation room.


“Bang!” As the door was closed, the temperature in the room dropped quite a bit, Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed, “You people, you’re simply lawless, how dare you openly kill someone, what nerve, what guts!”


“Cut the crap, kid, go to hell!”


As soon as the words left one policeman’s mouth, he saw a blur before his eyes, and with a ‘whoosh’ sound, he only felt a chill in his neck, followed by a blur before his eyes, and fell headlong to the ground.


On this policeman’s throat, a key was inserted, it was the key to Ji Feng’s house, but it came in handy at this most crucial moment.


After killing the first person, the others didn’t even have to react before Ji Feng’s hand had already grabbed the second person’s wrist and twisted it violently, with a ‘crunch’, that person’s arm was broken raw by Ji Feng.




When the second man’s miserable scream rang out, Ji Feng had already knocked both of the remaining men to the ground.


Ji Feng violently grabbed one of the policemen, lifted him up, found the key to the interrogation room on his body, directly opened the door, and carried that policeman in one hand as if he was carrying a dead dog, to the other interrogation room.




Ji Feng viciously kicked the door open, only to see that Zhang Lei had actually been beaten almost unconscious, and a few policemen in front of him, were holding his hand to press a fingerprint on a piece of paper.




Ji Feng roared in anger, before those few policemen could react, he rushed over and put all those policemen down with a few kicks, then helped Zhang Lei up, “Lei Zi, how are you?”


“Heh, heh ……” Zhang Lei’s eyes had been beaten to bloody corners and his face was almost useless in human form, he forced a smile, “Dude is still tough, they want to set us up, how will Laozi give in to them? ”


Ji Feng nodded heavily: “Lei Zi, hold on a little longer, someone should come to save us soon, these few policemen are our security, with them, no matter how many policemen come outside, they won’t dare to do anything to us. Come, take a rest first, leave the rest to me.”


Zhang Lei had obviously been tortured quite badly and soon went limp in his chair, panting heavily, but the cold glint in his eyes from time to time showed the hatred in his heart.


“Old Qin, how are those two B*****ds doing? There’s no use killing them?” In the criminal police chief’s office, Xu Mo asked impatiently, “If you don’t dare to do it, I’ll do it myself. Or else, I’ll call my aunt and master and have him order you personally?”




Qin Shouren cursed in his heart, thinking, “What kind of status is your aunt’s master, and how would he personally order me to kill someone?


However, Qin Shouren was really afraid of Xu Mo’s phone call, not for other reasons, just Xu Mo’s aunt and master could take away his captaincy at any time if he had a bad opinion of him, that old man’s status, just saying it was enough to make the whole Mang Shi County tremble ah.




At this moment, the door of the office was suddenly opened and a policeman ran in with a panicked face, “Team, captain, it’s not good, there’s an army outside!”




Before Qin Shouren could react, he heard the sound of dense footsteps, followed by a large group of people armed with weapons, rushing into the criminal police brigade.