Campus Master Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

Ji Feng’s forehead instantly sprouted a few black lines, this uncle of his, he really dared to say anything. Go to see the net .

“What happened later, when that general’s family saw that your grandfather had regained power, they regretted it and wanted to continue to honour the marriage contract with your father.” Ji Zhenping said, “Your grandfather also agreed, after all, he and that general were battle buddies who were born into death, and their friendship was not something that ordinary people could over understand.”

“What does this have to do with my mother?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask, “Can you speak more concisely?”

“Brat, I’m already being concise here, I’m not even talking about how much happened in between.” Ji Zhenping glared at him before continuing, “For this marriage contract, your father, however, disagreed.”

Ji Feng nodded, if he were in his place, there was absolutely no way he would continue to honour the marriage contract with such a snob. Admittedly, in those troubled years, everyone was thinking of saving their own lives, in fact, this was also a common sense, however, after all, what the other party did was chilling, although it was understood, it was absolutely impossible to go back to the kind of relationship we had before.

“Then can grandpa agree?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course your grandfather doesn’t agree, he said that since the words have already been spoken, even if the old comrade is no longer around, it still counts, so he is adamant that your father continue to honour the marriage contract.” Ji Zhenping chuckled, “Your father was also rather stubborn and resolutely disagreed, but he couldn’t wring the old man out, so he came up with an idea.”

“What idea?” Ji Feng was stunned.

“Your father found a random woman to fall in love with, and by the time your grandfather found out, that woman was pregnant, and your father was going to get married to that woman.” Ji Zhenping laughed badly, “At that time, the old man was so angry that he almost had to break your dad’s legs, several of our other siblings were afraid of the old man and didn’t dare to say much, fortunately there was your grandmother protecting your dad, otherwise, I’m afraid your dad would have become crippled by now, haha …… ”

Ji Feng looked at him with a smirk, “You’re not afraid he’ll hear?”

Saying that, he looked at his mother’s room above.

Ji Zhenping froze, then he gave a sarcastic laugh and said, “Brat, you are not allowed to talk nonsense in the future, you hear me!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay, I promise not to talk nonsense, and I won’t tell anyone, so go on.”

“That’s more like it.”

Ji Zhenping muttered, casually took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one up and smoked it, swallowed a cloud and said, “Later on, the old man didn’t continue to punish your father, but he just didn’t recognize that woman, and personally approached that woman to talk once, and then that woman left, no matter how much your father pleaded, it was useless. It was also because of this incident that your father and your grandfather had a bad relationship for more than ten years, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the old man’s health had deteriorated in the last two years, I’m afraid the anger in your father’s heart wouldn’t have subsided.”

“That woman is my mother?” Ji Feng’s face sank, if that was the case, Ji Feng would never forgive the Ji family and would even take revenge on the Ji family for his mother!

“No!” Ji Zhenping shook his head, “Then your father went back to college and fell in love with your mother at school, and when the old man saw that your father hadn’t shown a smile for a year or two, he took a step back and agreed to your father and your mother getting married. .com”

“And then what?” Ji Feng’s eyebrows were furrowed, how come it was getting more complicated the more he talked about it?

“That’s the crux of the matter ah, just a day before your dad and your mum were to get married, your mum suddenly disappeared.” Ji Zhenping shook his head and sighed lightly, “No matter how much your father and I searched, we couldn’t find your mother, even your grandfather’s house and the places your mother often went, but we couldn’t find your mother, after searching for several years in a row, your father gave up because of his busy work schedule. Only since then, your father has been pining for your mother and has never looked for another woman.”

“He’s been single all these years?” Ji Feng felt better in his heart, at least from this point he could see that he was true to his mother.

“Yes, a minister in the hall is still single, your dad is also considered a special case in the central government.” Ji Zhenping shook his head and laughed, then his face sank again, “Only a few years later did your father learn that the reason your mother suddenly disappeared in the first place was because someone had told your mother that your father had also found a woman before and that woman was pregnant. Your mother was stubborn and left.”

“It seems that someone didn’t want the marriage to be held.” Ji Feng immediately caught the key.

A glint of approval flashed in Ji Zhenping’s eyes as he nodded, “That’s right, and, this person with ulterior motives is the daughter of the general I told you about, the one who was once engaged to your father. At that time, the old man of their family was already gone and the family was gradually declining, while your grandfather was holding the power, your father wanted to deal with that woman, but was stopped by your grandfather.”

Ji Feng nodded, not knowing what to say, how could he have not expected that things would be like this.

“Your mother was stubborn and couldn’t accept that your father had had another woman and most likely had children out there, so she left when she didn’t know the situation.” Ji Zhenping shook his head, “Over the years, your father has really suffered, don’t look at him as one of the several giants, always looking at your mother’s picture and shedding tears when it’s late at night, he has his weak moments too.”

In this instant, Ji Feng’s heart was touched.

“Your grandfather also has some regrets about what happened at the beginning, but he just can’t say it because he’s in the way.” Ji Zhenping said, “In fact, when he received the call from Tong Kai De yesterday morning, your father almost jumped up with joy and wanted to come in person immediately, but you also know that with his status, it is almost impossible to come to Mang Shi County without alerting others. And your mother used to love me more, so that’s why I came first.”

“A call from Tong Kai De?” Ji Feng froze.

“Yes, Tong Kai De recognized you at a glance, if it wasn’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have been able to find you and your mother!” Ji Zhenping took a fierce drag of his cigarette, “Who would have thought that your mother would be hiding in Mang Shi County selling vegetables, sigh!”

“In my memory, my mother also once took me back to my grandfather’s house for a while, but suffered the blank stares and sneers of my relatives and friends, so my mother, in a fit of anger, took me to the county, and at first picked up rags, and only later sold vegetables ……” Ji Feng said indifferently, remembering the bitter days he had lived and the scenes of being sarcastic by his relatives and friends, Ji Feng’s eyes could not help but flash a cold aura.

“Really D*mn!” Ji Zhenping’s face sank.

“It’s all in the past, let’s not talk about that.” Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and said sagely.

Ji Zhenping nodded, knowing that Ji Feng was reluctant to bring up the past, and continued, “Actually, I was surprised that your father could come today. Although I told your mother that your father would be here soon, that was just a lie to try to trick her back to Yanjing. But I never thought that your father would really come, and so quickly.”

“I didn’t expect that either.” Ji Feng smiled faintly.

The two uncles and nephews talked about other things, and the one that interested Ji Zhenping the most was Ji Feng’s physical skills.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Kid, who did you learn your kung fu from? From the way you move, you look like a soldier, extremely competent and concise, but I’m sure that even those soldier kings from the special forces may not have as good of hands as yours.”

Ji Feng chuckled and said, “After watching too many action movies, I slowly learned.”

“You kid ……” Ji Zhenping pointed at Ji Feng and cursed, but knew that the kid was not willing to tell the truth, so he could only let it go.

Ji Feng was afraid that Ji Zhenping would ask after him about his kung fu, so he hurriedly changed the subject and asked about Ji Zhenping’s work.

At this time, he realized that Ji Zhenping’s origins were not small.

It turned out that Ji Zhenping was now the immediate divisional commander of the Red Arrow Brigade of the Special Forces, a high ranking, the rank was actually deputy military level and very influential in the military.

What Ji Feng actually doesn’t know is that today’s Ji family is not like the simple ‘a little strength’ that Ji Zhenping said, only that Ji Feng doesn’t care much about domestic politics and current affairs, so he doesn’t know much about it.

In fact, if you think about it, it is not difficult to understand, in the past, Ji Feng and his mother were dependent on each other, even life was very difficult, where would he care about current affairs?

This chat between uncle and nephew was more than an hour, and at that moment, there was still no movement upstairs, so Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little anxious.

“Kid, don’t be anxious, they haven’t seen each other for more than ten years, they must have a lot to say.” Ji Zhenping laughed and said, “Kid, what are you going to do after this college entrance exam?”

“Of course I’m going to university!” Ji Feng said as a matter of course.

“Of course I know you are going to university, what I am asking is, which university are you planning to go to?” Ji Zhenping asked, then shook his head again and said, “I’d better not ask, now that the old man already knows about you, the future path will definitely be arranged for you by the old man.”


Ji Feng frowned, “I won’t let them arrange it, my path, I will walk it myself. In the past, it was likewise me and my mother who came together, we don’t need anyone’s help.”

“You brat, really ……” Ji Zhenping was so angry that he didn’t know what to say, could it be that your grandfather and your father would still harm you?

If he hadn’t been unable to beat Ji Feng, Ji Zhenping would definitely have hit him hard.

However, Ji Feng shook his head firmly and said, “I said, my path, I will walk on my own.”

“Good! Worthy of being my son!” A mid-spirited voice suddenly came, Ji Feng and Ji Zhenping turned around at the same time, only to see Ji Zhenhua and his mother Xiao Su Mei walking down the stairs together, Ji Zhenhua’s face with a gratifying smile, “Feng’er, don’t worry, I won’t force you to do something you don’t like!”

Ji Feng looked at his mother, but saw a hint of shyness on her face, as well as some embarra*sment, but just not an angry look.

He then knew that his mother had forgiven Ji Zhenhua. In fact, after listening to those things in the past, Ji Feng had also forgiven Ji Zhenhua in his heart, not that he had abandoned his mother, but there were reasons for what happened, and, after all, blood was thicker than water.

“Feng’er, what are you still standing there for, aren’t you going to acknowledge me as your father?” Ji Zhenhua looked at Ji Feng, a national leader, but with a hint of tension in his eyes.

“Feng’er, this is your father.” Xiao Sumei said from the side.

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment, staring at Ji Zhenhua’s face with a deadly stare, but didn’t say anything.

“Kid, what are you doing frozen!” Ji Zhenping couldn’t help but remind in a low voice when he saw a glimmer of gloom in his elder brother’s eyes.


Ji Feng knelt down on the ground in a moment and said in a deep voice, “Dad!”


Two lines of hot tears immediately welled up in Ji Zhenhua’s tiger eyes as he hurriedly stepped forward and helped his son up, “Good! Bravo! This is my Ji Zhenhua’s son, good!”


Chapter 92

Ji Feng finally decided to go to Jiangzhou, especially after knowing his father’s identity, he was even more determined to go to Jiangzhou!

At the same time, Jiangzhou was also a place that Tong Lei aspired to, so of course Ji Feng would not abandon Tong Lei and go to Yanjing alone. The first thing you need to do is to look at the net. What’s more, although there are numerous relatives in Yanjing, but before is not familiar with each other, more importantly, he does not want to live by anyone’s power, even if, that person is his father.

This time, even Ji Zhenhua was a little upset.

Originally, when Ji Feng said that he wanted to go his own way, Ji Zhenhua was still very pleased, after all, he had never accepted his father’s arrangement, otherwise there would not have been something that happened when Xiao Sumei left for eighteen years. Therefore, Ji Zhenhua did not intend to restrain Ji Feng.

However, not restraining did not mean that he would indulge. If Ji Feng went to university in Yanjing, he would at least be under the eyes of his family, so that if anything happened, he could be informed at any time, and in that case, Ji Feng would not be in any danger.

Having not seen him for eighteen years, Ji Zhenhua did not want his son to have any problems.

However, if Ji Feng went to Jiangzhou, it would be a bit like the emperor is far away. Although the Ji family is still strong in Jiangzhou, but after all, it is not their own doorstep, so they always have to be a little bit more careful when doing things. In case something really happened to Ji Feng there, not only would Ji Zhenhua not forgive himself, even the old man and old lady would definitely not let him off the hook.


Ji Zhenhua slowly spoke, carrying an unspeakable might that made people unconsciously fearful, he looked at Ji Feng: “Feng’er, as long as you go to Yanjing to go to university, no matter which school you go to dad will not care about you, how about that?”

Ji Feng laughed bitterly, “Dad, you still call this not caring about me? We’ve just met each other!”


Ji Feng had just finished speaking when he received a slap on his head, but it was Xiao Su Mei, “Brat, how can you talk to your father?

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shrink his head, his mother was angry, he didn’t dare to say anything more, but his eyes kept glancing at his uncle Ji Zhenping who was snickering next to him, the meaning in his eyes seemed to be saying, “Just know how to gloat, why don’t you hurry up and help!”

Ji Zhenping gave him the same look back, “Kid, who am I to help you?”

Ji Feng smiled wickedly, “Don’t forget, you said something bad about my dad before, I don’t think it’s necessary to help you keep it a secret. Well, the position of head of the Human Armed Forces of Mashi County should be very good ……”

Ji Zhenping was immediately defeated by the fight and glared at Ji Feng with hatred, “Brat, count on you to be ruthless!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, knowing that it was a done deal.

As expected, after the two of them finished their eye contact, Ji Zhenping coughed lightly, “That, big brother and sister-in-law, in fact, you guys don’t need to worry, Little Feng is already an adult, there is nothing wrong with going to Jiangzhou. As for safety, you guys don’t need to worry even more, sister-in-law, do you still remember last night?”

“Last night?” Xiao Su Mei was stunned, “You mean, the incident where Feng’er subdued you?”

“What? Feng’er subdued Zhenping?” It was as if Ji Zhenhua had heard something incredible, and a hint of surprise appeared on his originally calm and incomparable face, he was aware of Ji Zhenping’s skills. When the youngest son, Ji Zhenping, made his voice heard, the old man of the family also happened to be rehabilitated in that year, so later on, the youngest son had a good living environment, but he also developed a fop character as a result.

The old man was furious and sent the youngest son directly to the army, and it was a special unit, so that he could receive training, and the old lady was so distressed that she shed tears.

However, the youngest son was also very competitive, and in order to gamble with the old man, he won the first prize in the first year of the new recruits’ competition, and afterwards participated in the self-defence counter-attack, and made a lot of achievements.

So, not only was Little Third Son a real special forces soldier, but he was also someone who had actually been on the battlefield. The killing aura on his body alone was enough to make ordinary people not dare to look straight at him, and Ji Feng was actually able to subdue Little Third Son?

“Third son, you wouldn’t have been bought off by Feng’er, would you?” Ji Zhenhua asked smilingly, although he was still surprised in his heart, he actually believed a few points, after all, Third Son would never dare to lie in front of him.

Ji Zhenping immediately laughed bitterly, “Big brother, even if I’ve been bought off by him, sister-in-law can’t be bought off by him too, right? Yesterday, this kid subdued me with just one move, I can guarantee that his skills are absolutely invincible even in our Red Arrow Brigade. .com”

At this moment, even Xiao Sumei was surprised, “Feng’er, where did you learn your kung fu from?”

Ji Zhenhua’s gaze also looked over, waiting for Ji Feng’s answer.

Ji Feng smiled: “I told Third Uncle ah, I just watched too many kung fu movies and learned it myself!”

Regarding the matter of the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng did not intend to tell anyone, God knows how much trouble would come to him once it leaked out.

“You brat, still coming up with this!” Ji Zhenping cursed with a bitter smile, and turned his head to look at his elder brother, “Big brother, you should be relieved about this kid’s skills, right? What’s more, second brother is also in Jiangzhou, with him around, are you still afraid that the little guy will suffer?”

Ji Zhenhua deliberated for a moment before saying, “Feng’er, since that’s the case, I won’t stop you anymore, but there’s one thing you have to remember, I won’t allow others to bully you, but you can’t rely on my name to bully others either, otherwise, even if I don’t clean you up, the old man won’t let you off!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, when he didn’t have a father in the past, he came over just the same, only that he was always bullied back then.

“By the way!”

Ji Feng suddenly remembered something, “Dad, since it was Tong Kai De who called to inform you guys, we should thank them anyway, why don’t we invite their family for a meal!”

Ji Zhenhua looked at Ji Feng in surprise and was puzzled.

In fact, Ji Zhenhua did not know that Ji Feng was only doing this to show his parents Tong Lei, for this girlfriend, he had already decided.

Seeing Ji Feng’s look, Ji Zhenping immediately thought of something and immediately said with a smile, “Kid, I said how did Tong Kai De see you, I heard that he has a son and a daughter, honestly, did you have a friendship with his son, or did you have a relationship with his daughter?”

As soon as his flower shadow fell, Ji Zhenhua and Xiao Sumei looked at each other and smiled faintly, Feng’er had really grown up and was starting to have his own ideas.

“No problem, Feng’er, you go call and inform them, just say that I am going to invite them to dinner, as for the venue, let them arrange it, what do you think?” Ji Zhenhua was incomparably fond of this son, although he and Tong Kai De used to have a good relationship, but such a move as inviting their whole family for dinner was more or less inappropriate for Ji Zhenhua’s status, but since Ji Feng had asked for it, Ji Zhenhua agreed to it in one breath.

“Thank you dad!” Ji Feng was instantly happy.


When Tong Kai De heard his son’s words, he was stunned, “Xiao Lei, are you sure that what Ji Feng told you was that his father was inviting our whole family to dinner?”

Zhang Lei now had a vague idea of Ji Feng’s identity and was understanding of his father acting like this.

He nodded, “Yes, Dad, Ji Feng made it clear on the phone that he told us to invite the whole family to dinner, and that we would be the ones to set the venue, and that there were four of them on their side.”

“Four people?” Tong Kai De was stunned, then nodded and said, “That’s good, Xiao Lei, you immediately call Director Wu of the Yangtze River Hotel and ask him to leave one of the largest private boxes …… No, it’s better for me to call it myself, you go out first, don’t run around today, got it?”

Zhang Lei laughed and said, “Dad, just don’t worry, your son knows what’s important, besides, Ji Feng and I are good brothers, we won’t see each other.”

Tong Kai De then glared at him, “Friendship is friendship, you can become friends with Ji Feng, this proves that you are still very discerning, but, remember to be measured, understand?”

Zhang Lei shook his head helplessly and said secretly in his heart, “We’re not in the system, why should we pay attention to that? What’s more, he’s also my future brother-in-law!”

However, he didn’t dare to say this to Tong Kai De explicitly, otherwise he was afraid his legs would be broken.

Seeing that his old man had a bad look on his face, Zhang Lei hurriedly agreed with good sense and nodded, “Dad, then I’ll go out and watch TV first, just call me when it’s time to leave!”

With that, he immediately ran out, not giving Tong Kai De a chance to speak at all.

Tong Kai De also couldn’t help but shake his head slightly, this brat …… if it was in normal times, he would definitely call Zhang Lei over for a reprimand, but today was different, he and Ji Zhenhua were old friends, and at the same time the Tong family had to rely on the Ji family, this was a relationship that had both a bond of interest and friendship in it.

Such a relationship was stronger than a normal relationship of pure interest, but it was also something that needed to be carefully maintained.


Just in the other room, Tong Lei, however, stared at her beautiful eyes in incomparable surprise, looking at this playful brother of hers in astonishment, “What did you say? Whose son is Ji Feng?”

“Ji Zhenhua!”

Zhang Lei laughed, “Older sister, but I really didn’t expect it, your vision is really …… tsk tsk!”

“Tsk your head, what the hell is going on here, how did Ji Feng suddenly become Ji Zhenhua’s son? This is too unbelievable!” Tong Lei exclaimed out of breath.

Zhang Lei laughed bitterly, “Older sister, to be honest, I didn’t expect it either. However, I’m not too sure about the exact story, but I vaguely know some ……”

He told them all about the conversation he had overheard his parents in the room the day before.

“Are you sure this isn’t a movie?” Tong Lei still had some difficulty accepting it, in the past, although Ji Feng’s family was poor, Tong Lei would not look down on him and had gradually grown to like him.

But now, Zhang Lei suddenly told her that Ji Feng would probably be the future crown prince, which is really ……

“Ji Feng is actually considered to have a hard life, he didn’t know who his father was until now!” Zhang Lei shook his head slightly and said, “Older sister, I didn’t care just now, but now I’m finally figuring out the taste, why do you think Ji Feng’s father invited our whole family to dinner? Even if it’s to thank someone, there’s no thanking the whole family, right? At most, they are just thanking each other on behalf of the whole family ……”

Tong Lei was also a little confused and couldn’t help but ask in amazement, “Then why do you think it is?”

Zhang Lei laughed heatedly and pointed at Tong Lei.

“Sh, what do you mean?” Tong Lei asked.

“My silly old sister, of course it’s because of you, that Ji Feng guy I know best, in the past he didn’t take you to his house, probably because he didn’t want to embarra*s his mother or make you feel uncomfortable. But now, since he has an identity, he will naturally be the first to let you know, and at the same time, will let his parents see you first, don’t you think so?” Zhang Lei asked with a smile.

Tong Lei’s beautiful eyes instantly lit up, the ice-smart her naturally understood that what her big brother said should be good, Ji Feng was this kind of character who thought of others first.

A blush rose on Tong Lei’s pretty face and she said happily, “This time, no one will object anymore.”

“Hey, don’t be too happy too early, think about how you should behave first, don’t leave a bad impression in front of your future mother-in-law and father-in-law when the time comes, then you’ll be miserable. That’s the Ji family, the family rules are strict, when the time comes if Ji Feng doesn’t want you, let’s see what you do!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but tease.

“He dares!”

Tong Lei wrinkled her cute little nose and hummed, “Ji Feng isn’t like you, stop talking bad about him here and get out!”

“Hey, hey, hey, I’m your big brother, that Ji Feng kid is still just your boyfriend, don’t bring that on, right?” Zhang Lei shouted while being pushed out by Tong Lei.

“This girl ……”

Looking at the already closed room door, Zhang Lei finally shook his head and laughed, “This brother of mine, ah, you finally have enough capital and background, just like a dragon entering the sea, in the future, this China’s heaven and earth is at your disposal.”

Zhang Lei could not understand his brother better, his memory was also seen by Zhang Lei, and his stability was not something that ordinary people of his age could have.

Nowadays Ji Feng has a strong background again, what else can stop him?


At the same time, deputy county chief Xu Fu’s home, Xu Mo heavily slammed the phone to the ground. Just now, he received a call from a friend, saying that Ji Feng and Tong Lei were seen going to the cinema together, and when they came out, Tong Lei’s face was flushed.

D*mn it!

What could these two be doing in a darkened cinema?

Xu Mo gritted his teeth and picked up the landline on the table again, “Find me twenty little brothers, and go straight to Ji Feng’s house with me today!”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Mo got up and headed out, but was stopped by a voice: “Xu Mo, what are you doing? Who is Ji Feng again?”

“Dad, you should stay out of my affairs.” Xu Mo gritted his teeth and said, “This time I will make sure that Ji Feng knows that even with Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, they can’t protect him.”

The person who spoke was naturally the executive vice governor of Mang Shi County, as well as Xu Mo’s father, Xu Fu.

Xu Fu was about fifty years old, with an obese figure, and the fat on his face almost squeezed both eyes into two slits, and his big belly made him look more like a thug than a deputy governor.

Xu Fu snorted coldly, “I’m your father, how can I not care about your affairs? You just said that you were going to move the people Zhang Lei and Tong Lei were protecting?”

“That’s right!” Xu Mo gritted his teeth, “I’ve had enough of this, that b*tch Tong Lei, to go to the cinema with a poor boy, she doesn’t even have me in her eyes. If I don’t do something about it, when I go to university, I’ll have even less of a chance.”

A cold aura flashed in Xu Fu’s eyes, and he deliberated for a long time before saying, “Tong Kai De is a county party secretary who has been parachuted in, and it is said that he has an unusual background and seems to have provincial connections, but no one has ever really met him. According to my original plan, I wanted you to get on good terms with Zhang Lei, and it would be best to catch up with Tong Lei, in that case, our Xu family would be the earth emperor who says no one in Mang Shi County, no one can do anything to us.”

“Dad, it’s not that I don’t want to chase her, it’s that b*tch Tong Lei who won’t give me a chance.” Xu Mo couldn’t help but speak out.


Xu Fu gave his son a look, he knew better than anyone what kind of character this son of his was, but with just one son, he couldn’t be ruthless enough to discipline him.

“Dad, don’t worry, this time I’ll bring someone over and I won’t do it myself. Just like you taught me before, I’ll hide on the sidelines and watch the action, I definitely won’t get myself involved.” Xu Mo said, “Besides, the people we’re looking for this time are all punks, let them just pretend it’s a home invasion, big deal, give them a little settlement fee!”

Xu Fu nodded and said, “Well, this arrangement is quite reasonable, however, don’t find too many people, it’s best to find just two or three people, moreover, these two or three people must have strict mouths and won’t talk nonsense. Otherwise, I can’t completely hold down the police station side, got it?”

Xu Mo nodded at once, “I understand.”

“Wait a minute!” Xu Fu called out to his son who turned to leave, “It’s not enough to just burglarize a home, you also have to burglarize a home plus kill someone, in this way, you can be sentenced as soon as possible, so that you don’t have to dream too much at night, and no one can suspect you, I’ll arrange the rest, got it?”

“Understood!” Xu Mo was overjoyed, his dad helped him arrange it, that was really great.

After Xu Mo left, Xu Fu picked up the phone, “Old Qin? It’s me, you follow behind Xu Mo, as usual, wait until those punks get their hands on them, shoot them on the spot, consider it an arrest for a fierce battle, got it?”

“Governor Xu, don’t worry, I know what to do!” A grim voice came over the phone.

If there were any outsiders present, they would have been shocked and chilled to the bone. Xu Fu and his father and son were talking about killing people as if they were having a home-cooked meal, it was simply too scary.

At this moment, Ji Feng did not know that a danger was coming, he was thinking, how to explain to Tong Lei about his family’s affairs.