Campus Master Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

Although Ji Feng was extremely anxious, his long trained instincts still made him act strictly according to the standards of a super agent. Go to see the net .

Ji Feng silently approached the residential building in the slum area, but he did find that there were two other people hidden in the dark downstairs, and they were standing in a position that formed an echo of the two people in the hutong before, so that if the two people in the hutong were attacked, they could react in the first place.

It was only Ji Feng’s skill that made the two people in the alleyway unconscious before they had time to make any reaction, which is why these two people downstairs were not on their guard.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be secretly shocked, although he had never seen this kind of scene, but based on some scenes he usually watched on TV or in movies, he could feel that these few people were definitely not simple.

If Xu Mo wanted to deal with himself, he could just hire a few punks, why did he need to hire so many experts?

Ji Feng became even more worried about his mother’s safety, he rushed out from downstairs and threw his right fist out fiercely, one punch hit one of the men right on the chin, the stunner nerve was hit, making that man faint on the spot. At this time, the other man had just reacted when Ji Feng’s fist had already arrived in front of him.


There was a slight ringing sound and the fourth man likewise fainted.

Ji Feng secretly gritted his teeth, if anything happened to his mother, he would definitely not let Xu Mo go, even if he had to fight for his life, he would definitely not let him go. To Ji Feng, his mother was all he had, and he had lived with her for so many years, so if anyone dared to hurt her, he would fight for his life.

Ji Feng rose up and climbed directly onto the balcony of the first floor, easily diving in from the first floor and following the downpipe to the third floor.

Even the best agents in the world had to give a secret praise when they saw this series of Ji Feng’s fluid movements. Not only were Ji Feng’s movements incomparably fast, but they also did not make a single sound, as if a fresh breeze was blowing by, appearing to be extremely fluid.

According to his training habits, Ji Feng’s men searched the surroundings and found no security devices, so he went straight through his mother’s bedroom window and quietly entered the room.

Through a crack in the door of his mother’s room, he looked out.

Ji Feng was stunned to find that in the living room …… which is where Ji Feng usually sleeps …… now the sofa is put away, the bedding and such look at the book readers, look at the stolen postings do not add.


Chapter 90

Throughout the night, Ji Feng did not sleep well. Go to see the net . His head had been pondering just what kind of character that uncle who had suddenly appeared was, and how he had suddenly found his way to the door?

In the past, when he and his mother had lived here for more than ten years, he hadn’t seen anyone come looking for him!

Ji Feng was a bit puzzled, and when he looked at the time, it was already early in the morning, so he stopped thinking about it, slightly closed his eyes and entered a false sleep. He didn’t dare to fall asleep now, because in the room inside, there was still his mother. If someone really had bad intentions, it would be too late for Ji Feng to regret.

Fortunately, the night was uneventful, and Ji Feng did not look tired even if he had not slept all night under the stimulation of bio-currents, but had a refreshed face.

Just after dawn, he hurriedly got up, put the sofa back together, and then went downstairs to wash up.

When he had done all this, he sat down directly on the sofa in the living room and waited for his mother to get up. Because he knew that since that uncle called Ji Zhenping had come looking for him, looking at his mother’s appearance, she would definitely not go out to sell vegetables today.

Sure enough, within a few moments, Xiao Sumei opened the door and walked out. When she saw Ji Feng sitting on the sofa, she was stunned, but then she remembered something and was relieved.

In fact, Xiao Sumei knew very well in her heart that Ji Feng was eager to know about his father. There was no child who did not long for the love of his parents, and although Ji Feng acted very strong, he was no exception.

It was just that when she thought of that man, Xiao Sumei couldn’t help but feel sour in her heart, if it wasn’t so, she wouldn’t have left without telling him in the first place.

But now, Xiao Soumei knew that she could not hide from him.

“Feng’er, why are you up so early?” Xiao Sumei asked softly.

“Nothing, I couldn’t sleep.” Ji Feng smiled lightly, “Mom, I made breakfast.”

Xiao Sumei couldn’t help but smile in relief, this year, her son had indeed changed a lot, not only was he much more confident and cheerful, but he also knew more about helping himself share his worries, which made her very happy.

“Knock, knock, knock!” A knock sounded at the door.

Ji Feng froze and gave his mother a glance before getting up to open the door.

The person standing outside the door was indeed Ji Zhenping, and when he saw Ji Feng, he smiled faintly, “Kid, don’t you know how to call someone?”

Ji Feng ignored him and directly turned around and went back to the living room. God knew where this uncle had appeared from, having lived with his mother for so many years, he suddenly had to ask Ji Feng to call a stranger his uncle, he really couldn’t do it.

Although Ji Feng knew that Ji Zhenping might really be his own uncle.

“This kid ……” Seeing that Ji Feng actually ignored himself in the slightest, Ji Zhenping couldn’t help but stare, shaking his head and smiling bitterly, thinking to himself that this kid’s character was really like his big brother, they were all so stubborn.

“Sister-in-law, good morning!” Ji Zhenping said with a smile just as he entered the living room, a slick look on his face.

Xiao Su Mei glared at him and did not correct his address again. She did know Ji Zhenping’s character, this kid was a slick one, and he used to be no-nonsense, but he was respectful to himself.

“Ee? Having breakfast, huh?” Ji Zhenping saw the breakfast on the table and immediately laughed, “It just so happens that I haven’t eaten either, what a coincidence.”

Saying that, Ji Zhenping sat down without ceremony, and didn’t want to be greeted, he ate by himself.

Ji Feng frowned at him, but feeling that sense of closeness between each other, he was not good enough to make a sound, just casually ate a few mouthfuls, and even finished. .com

“Sister-in-law, come back with me today.” The actual fact is that although big brother was at fault back then, but after all, it’s already in the past, isn’t it? Moreover, that matter …… alas, how to say it, I, as a younger brother, can’t say.”

“Third son, don’t say it, there is no way I will go back with you.” Xiao Su Mei shook her head.

Ji Zhenping’s face immediately fell and he said with a bitter face, “Sister-in-law, please have pity on Sanzi, if you don’t go back with me, big brother will have to send me to Mang Shi County to protect sister-in-law.”

Xiao Su Mei was also amused by his grimace and couldn’t help but scold him, “What, you’re still unwilling to protect me when you’re asked to do so?”

“How is it possible, sister-in-law, as long as you say the word, third son I will go through fire and soup!” Ji Zhenping beat his chest with a thumping sound, then shook his head and said, “But, sister-in-law, the highest ranking minister of the Mang Shi County Human Armed Forces Department is only a full regiment, poor me, a major general divisional commander of deputy military rank, will become a regimental commander if I come here, sister-in-law, you must be merciful!”

“You’re still the same as before, you’re an official fan!” Xiao Su Mei glared at him, but a smile appeared on her face. It could be seen that her relationship with this Ji Zhenping was not bad, and that Ji Zhenping also had great respect for Xiao Su Mei. Otherwise, how could a division chief in the hall be so respectful to an ordinary woman selling vegetables?

“Sister-in-law, to be honest with you, I knew last night that you definitely wouldn’t come with me, especially after this brat Ji Feng showed off his awesome kung fu skills.”

Ji Zhenping shook his head and laughed bitterly, “So what, I called Boss directly last night.”

“What did you call him for?!” Xiao Su Mei glared at him, her face sinking.

Ji Zhenping said with a bitter face, “Sister-in-law, it’s not a solution for you to just hide like this. I came this time because big brother asked me to, do you think it’s okay if I don’t call him?”

Xiao Su Mei glared at him and didn’t say anything.

“Sister-in-law, actually big brother should be on his way now, no, if my guess is right, he should be almost at Mang Shi County by now.” Ji Zhenping said.

“You-!” Xiao Su Mei glared at Ji Zhenping in anger, “You little third son, how on earth did you do your job? Who told you to tell him?”

Ji Zhenping scolded and scowled, and could only smile bitterly.

“Forget it, since that’s the case, then I’ll go with you.” Xiao Su Mei shook her head and said angrily, “I won’t let him find me, we’ll leave Mang Shi County directly from the other direction.”

Ji Zhenping was instantly overjoyed, as long as his sister-in-law agreed to go with him, then everything would be fine.

“Remember, you are not allowed to call him again, otherwise, I will never forgive you!” Xiao Su Mei said in a cold voice.

Ji Zhenping scowled in fear and said in a panic, “Sister-in-law, I promise you that I definitely won’t, don’t be angry!”

Ji Feng, however, gave Ji Zhenping a deep look, and a thoughtful look appeared in his eyes.


Just at this moment, a car horn suddenly sounded downstairs.

“Hmm?” Ji Zhenping frowned, then he was a little discontented and puzzled at the same time. Because the four men he had brought with him, all of whom were top-notch soldiers, were unlikely to honk their horns to urge themselves on, and it was equally unlikely to say that they were encountering an attack to signal an alarm.

Not everyone was as perverse as his nephew, who could unknowingly bring down four top soldiers.

“Sister-in-law, you guys wait first, I’ll go and see what’s going on.” Ji Zhenping immediately said, while pulling out the pistol on his waist and looking alert.

High hand!

Seeing Ji Zhenping’s movements, Ji Feng instantly lit up, Ji Zhenping was extremely fluid in this series of movements, and was obviously of extraordinary skill.

“Big, big brother?!”

Just as Ji Feng was secretly praising, Ji Zhenping’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, listening to that tone of voice, it seemed to be very surprised.

Then looking at Xiao Su Mei’s face seemed to change, Ji Feng’s heart moved, Ji Zhenping’s big brother, wouldn’t that be ……

Ji Feng’s mood was immediately apprehensive, although he did not know Ji Zhenping’s specific identity, but just looking at his aura, as well as his four good men, it was enough to understand that Ji Zhenping’s identity was definitely not simple.

However, Ji Zhenping’s elder brother said that he was going to send Ji Zhenping away, so what kind of status should Ji Zhenping’s elder brother have?

But Ji Feng’s nervousness was not because of the other party’s status, but his identity, the father whom he had never met!

Xiao Su Mei’s face also changed at the same time, as if she was making some difficult decision.

At this time, the door to the room was opened. A stout, middle-aged man who appeared extremely elegant walked in.


Once he saw this middle-aged man, Ji Feng almost had a feeling of vertigo, he could almost feel how similar he was to this middle-aged man, he was almost a replica of this middle-aged man when he was young. In other words, this middle-aged man was simply the Ji Feng of decades later!

More importantly, seeing this middle-aged man gave Ji Feng a feeling of being connected to his blood. It was a strange feeling that could not be expressed in words, but it was tangible.

Without saying much at all, Ji Feng knew the identity of this middle-aged man, that he was his father whom he had not met for more than ten years!

When the elegant middle-aged man saw Ji Feng and Xiao Sumei, his face suddenly became excited, his lips moved, but he didn’t know what to say, he just looked at Ji Feng and his mother and son excitedly.

Xiao Sumei’s face also changed violently, then she sank down and said in a cold voice: “Ji Zhenhua, what are you doing here!”

It turned out that this middle-aged man, his own father, was named Ji Zhenhua. Ji Feng finally knew his father’s name, and an indescribably complex emotion rose in his heart.

For eighteen years, he had always wanted to know who his father was, but he had never been able to find out, and he didn’t dare to mention it in front of his mother. Because as a child, if he mentioned his father, he would be reprimanded by his mother, and when he grew up, he knew that if he mentioned his father, he would make his mother sad, so all these years, he had kept this doubt in his heart and never said it out loud.

“Su Mei, are you still refusing to forgive me?” Ji Zhenhua looked at Xiao Su Mei with an apologetic face, “It was my fault for not telling you the truth about what happened back then, but that matter has long since become a thing of the past, ah.”

He looked at Ji Feng again and said excitedly, “You, you’re Ji Feng, right?”

Ji Feng nodded his head, but didn’t know what to say, and in the end, he could only say, “Hello.”

A gloomy look flashed across Ji Zhenhua’s eyes and he said, “Good, good.”

“Kid, come out with me!” Ji Zhenping, who was standing by the side, saw Ji Feng standing there frozen, and immediately pulled Ji Feng’s arm and pulled him out, leaving only Xiao Sumei and Ji Zhenhua in the room.

When he came downstairs, Ji Feng broke free of Ji Zhenping’s hand with a flick of his wrist and said indifferently, “Who the hell are you?”

Ji Zhenping glared at him and hummed, “Kid, don’t think you can talk to me like that just because you’re good at it, I’m telling you, whether you admit it or not, I’m your uncle, you have to learn to respect your elders!”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded, he had to say that this uncle who appeared out of nowhere was indeed to his liking, and he was right, whether Ji Feng admitted it or not, the blood relationship could not be changed.

“That …… uncle, my mother ……” Ji Feng hesitated for a few moments and was just about to ask a question when he was interrupted by Ji Zhenping.

“Kid, you want to ask what’s going on with your dad and your mum, right?” Ji Zhenping asked.

Ji Feng nodded and said, “That’s right, I do want to know.”

“How can I put this matter, it’s a bit complicated and involves the older generation, so I can’t explain it in a moment, so I’ll tell you briefly.”

Ji Zhenping deliberated for a moment and continued, “Decades ago, well, you don’t need to know exactly how many decades, anyway, you just know it was a long time ago. At that time, your grandfather was a great general who followed Tai Zu in his fight against the world, and he was close to another general who was also in a high position of power. At that time, your grandfather, together with that general, betrothed your father as well as that general’s daughter.”

“A marriage of alliance!”

Ji Feng instantly understood, in other words, it was a finger marriage.

“But then there was a decade of turmoil and your grandfather and that general were forced to undergo reformation in a farm in the countryside and were subjected to inhuman torture. Fortunately, your grandfather pulled through, while the general, who had been badly wounded in battle before and was already in poor health, didn’t and died on the farm.”

Ji Zhenping continued, “But then that general’s family was rehabilitated ahead of schedule, so that general’s family immediately turned over a new leaf and became a powerful family in Yanjing. Your grandfather, on the other hand, is still undergoing reform through labour.”

“And then what?” Ji Feng asked, he vaguely felt that the matter was not simple.

“And then? Then that general’s family saw that your grandfather hadn’t been vindicated yet, and even if they wanted to be vindicated in the future, they didn’t have much hope. So, they repented of the marriage.”

Ji Zhenping shook his head, the corners of his mouth flashing a disdainful sneer, “But that general’s family didn’t think that later on, your grandfather was similarly vindicated and, moreover, your grandfather’s health was still quite good, and just after he was vindicated, your grandfather was restored to his position and status by the chief designer and regained control of the great power.”

“Grandpa must have suffered a lot!” The feeling that blood is thicker than water made Ji Feng subconsciously accept his grandfather and asked with an exclamation.

“Yes, more than suffering, if your grandfather hadn’t been able to endure, I’m afraid he would have died on that farm a long time ago.” Ji Zhenping shook his head and said, “It was also in the year when your grandfather was just rehabilitated that your little uncle I was born, huh, the old man is still quite energetic.”