Campus Master Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

Seventy-three thousand five hundred dollars, minus taxes, ended up leaving more than sixty thousand, more than the last time I made in the lottery shop at Mt. Go to see the net .

“Boss, thanks!” Ji Feng took his mother’s bank card and tapped it in his hand.

Then, he lowered his voice and said in the bald boss’s ear, “If I wasn’t happy in my heart about winning the lottery today, I’d really like to waste you!”

The bald boss suddenly winced and said in a panic, “This, little brother, it’s my fault, little brother please forgive me!”

Originally, the bald boss was considered a local snake in this area, so those punks might not dare to mess with him. However, although Ji Feng was dressed plainly, he had a stern aura about him that made the bald boss not dare to say anything hard at all.

“Next time, mind your lustful eyes, if I catch you looking the wrong way again, I’ll gouge your eyes out!” Ji Feng snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

“D*mn it, what the hell!” When the bald boss saw Ji Feng leave, he then cursed in a small voice, “I don’t know which young master is from which family, but he came to my small shop to amuse me!”

“What did you say?!” Ji Feng didn’t know when he had returned to the doorway and looked at the bald boss coldly.


The bald boss was startled and said in a panic, “That what, I mean, I’m not a thing, I shouldn’t look around!”

“Mind your mouth!” Ji Feng said coldly and turned to leave.


Only then did the bald boss let out a sigh of relief and his lips moved, but he no longer dared to curse. Seeing the stacks and stacks of winning lottery tickets on the table, he couldn’t help but be envious again.

“Mom, I never thought we would be so lucky today and win over 70,000 in one go, it’s just a pity that we have to pay taxes!” Ji Feng handed his bank card to his mother and said with deliberate regret.

Xiao Su Mei, however, did not doubt it, and just smiled and knocked her son’s head: “You child, this is still enough!”

For money, Xiao Sumei didn’t think too highly of it, this 60,000 yuan was enough for her son to go to university, so she was already satisfied.

Ji Feng heatedly smiled, seeing that his mother did not doubt, he was naturally happy to see it.

The first six days of the year, the streets gradually became more crowded with pedestrians, and Xiao Su Mei began to sell vegetables again.

However, after only two days, the next term of senior secondary school started and Xiao Sumei immediately whisked her son away to school. No matter how hard she worked, she would not let her son delay his studies. If it wasn’t for Xiao Sumei’s insistence, the current Ji Feng would have been like those children who had dropped out of school early and gone out to work, so how could he still go to school here?

On the first day of the new semester, Ji Feng felt that something was wrong, and just as he walked into the cla*s, all the students’ eyes looked at him. .com

“Crazy, come over here!”

Zhang Lei waved at Ji Feng from his seat, with a strange expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Feng came to his seat and couldn’t help but ask strangely, “Lei Zi, did you kid take aphrodisiacs? So excited!”


Zhang Lei rolled his eyes and said, “I was just about to ask you, did you kid take aphrodisiacs? Why are you so perverted?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ji Feng was puzzled, had he come to the wrong cla*s, why were all these students looking at him a bit off?

“You kid are still pretending!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but shake his head and took out an A4 printout from the drawer at once and slapped it in front of Ji Feng, “Crazy, read it yourself!”

“So it’s the final exam results that came out, how is this ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but stare before he finished his sentence, “Seven hundred points? Second place? Holy sh*t, this can’t be true, right?”

This A4 printout was a table of the cla*s’s exam results, with each student’s results in each subject listed and marked on the back with the cla*s ranking and the ranking for the whole year.

Ji Feng’s name, right below Tong Lei’s, was ranked second in the cla*s, and also second in the whole year! And Tong Lei’s total score was only seven hundred and three points.

“This is really ……” Ji Feng suddenly laughed bitterly, not even knowing what to say.

After a conversation with Tong Lei years ago, Ji Feng made up his mind that he could never let Tong Lei feel disappointed, so when he took the exam, he tried to control his score as much as possible, and ranking in the top ten of the whole year was just about right.

After all, Tong Lei was aware of his superb memory, and if he didn’t finish in the top ten, Tong Lei would definitely say that Ji Feng was perfunctory to her again. But now, surprisingly, he accidentally played too far out of line!

It was really too shocking that he could storm to the top of the whole year by just three points.

“Ji Feng, you’re a fierce kid, you’re usually quiet, but I didn’t expect you to have this skill!” Wang Tong, who had a good relationship with Ji Feng next to him, said with a smile.

“Crazy, you’re finished, plagiarism is plagiarism, how dare you do something so outrageous, just wait for Old Ben to come looking for trouble!” Zhang Lei gloated and followed.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes and cursed, “Gra*s! Lei Zi, our seats are all in separate rows and we’re not in the same exam room, why don’t you go and copy a score of seven hundred for me to see?”

The examination rooms of senior three were all spread out in various cla*srooms throughout the building, and the reason for forking the exams was to prevent cheating. What’s more, Ji Feng was second in his grade, so unless he had copied Tong Lei’s to get that grade, but he and Tong Lei weren’t in the same exam room, and everyone else’s scores were quite lower than his, so whose could he copy?

“That’s right!” Zhang Lei froze, then looked at Ji Feng in surprise, “Crazy, could it be that you didn’t plagiarize, but secretly cheated by reading books?”

“Get out of the way!” Ji Feng laughed and scolded, buddy this grade is outrageous, but at least it’s a real grade, how can I let this kid slander it?

No, not the real score, Ji Feng shook his head slightly, this is still his own deliberate control of the score test, if according to his real strength, except for the essay, all the other absolutely can get full marks.

If you calculate it that way, you can at least get around seven hundred and thirty points. I’m afraid no one would believe it if that was really the score.

It was the current seven hundred points, didn’t even Zhang Lei, the guy who knew himself best, start to doubt it?

“Ji Feng, when you weren’t here, Xu Mo and the others were saying that you were plagiarizing, and they even said that they would report you and have the school expel you, so you should be careful!” Wang Tong reminded in a small voice.

“I believe Ji Feng!” A crisp voice suddenly sounded, just like a precious pearl falling into a jade dish, refreshing the heart.

Ji Feng and Zhang Lei turned their heads at the same time, only to see Tong Lei, who was dressed in a pink duvet, pure as if a lily, standing right next to Ji Feng.

“Tong Lei!” Ji Feng’s face instantly revealed a smile, after not seeing Tong Lei for a winter holiday, it seemed that she had grown a bit taller and had become even more beautiful.

A beautiful smile also bloomed on Tong Lei’s pretty face as she softly said, “Ji Feng, come out with me for a moment, the cla*s teacher is looking for you.”

Ji Feng was stunned and then nodded, it looked like it should be about the exam results, otherwise, the cla*s teacher who never looked at the poor students with a straight face would not easily find himself to talk.

When she came to the corridor, Tong Lei suddenly stopped and looked back at Ji Feng with a smile in her beautiful eyes: “Ji Feng, congratulations on your good results! I knew it, you’ll be able to do it!”

Ji Feng chuckled, “Senior cla*s president, wasn’t it thanks to your tutoring that I got my current grades? All the credit for this goes to you.”

“I wouldn’t dare to claim the credit, your memory is so good, even if you didn’t have anyone to tutor you, you would still be able to get good grades!” Tong Lei smiled sweetly, hearing Ji Feng’s praise, she was sweet in her heart.

“Tong Lei, let’s have lunch together at noon.” Ji Feng suddenly said.

“Huh?” Tong Lei suddenly became shy, was he inviting himself, or was this a date?

Ji Feng smiled and said, “Tong Lei, we haven’t had dinner together yet.”

“We’ll talk about it when the time comes!” Tong Lei was a little shy, not knowing whether she should say yes or not. After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the office.

“Hey, what do you mean we’ll talk about it when the time comes!” Ji Feng hurriedly stopped Tong Lei and said smilingly, “Tong Lei, we can just make a deal, let’s have lunch together at noon!”

“That depends on your sincerity!” Tong Lei raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but snicker, “Well, come with me to see the cla*s teacher first!”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded and lost his smile, this girl Tong Lei, was simply a genie, not only was she as pure as a lily, her little head was even more clever and witty, but now she was actually showing a mischievous character from her body, which was really endearing.

However, when he met the cla*s teacher, Ji Feng’s good mood suddenly went a bit bad.

Just after entering the office, the first thing Ji Feng saw was the pretty Xiao Yuxuan, however, she only glanced at Ji Feng, then turned her head to continue preparing for cla*s, as if she didn’t know Ji Feng.

Ji Feng instantly smiled bitterly, it seemed that Xiao Yuxuan was still angry. He couldn’t help but feel a little depressed, could it be that by giving He Dong a hard time, he was really making an unforgivable and mortal mistake?

Thinking of this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel angry in his heart and came directly in front of the cla*s teacher, “Cla*s teacher, you’re looking for me?”

“Ji Feng, do you know what you are looking for?” The cla*s teacher of Cla*s 6, was a middle-aged woman in her forties.

Ji Feng smiled, “It should be because of the exam results, right?”

The cla*s teacher nodded, stared at Ji Feng’s face and asked, “Can you explain why your grades have suddenly improved so much?”

The remaining light of Ji Feng’s eyes immediately noticed that Xiao Yuxuan then slightly tilted her head sideways, paying attention to the situation over here.

He couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, “Cla*s teacher, you should be happy that my grades have improved, this is all due to your usual strict management, how come you still want me to explain?”

Xiao Yuxuan, who was listening with a sideways ear next to him, could not help but show a slight smile at the corner of her mouth, but it quickly disappeared.

“You ……” The cla*s teacher huffed and stared at Ji Feng, in all her years of teaching, no student had ever dared to talk to her like that, and this Ji Feng was the first. However, she couldn’t find the right words to say, so she could only grunt in anger.

“I know, the cla*s teacher should think that I cheated!” Ji Feng said bluntly, “I can a*sure you that this is completely my real grade, in fact, even if I cheated, what good would it do? What can the ranking in school mean? If by the time the college entrance exams come around and the results are a mess, it will only be self-deceiving, don’t you think?”


Chapter 82

“You …… you this ……”

Ji Feng’s words left the cla*s teacher speechless, not knowing how to respond. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

In fact, the cla*s teacher also knew that Ji Feng was right, even if he took the first place in the school, what could be done? If they don’t perform that well in the college entrance exam, in the end, they will still be the same as those who failed?

In fact, the reason why many students cheat in school is either to make their faces look better or to make their parents happy.

And this Ji Feng in front of me, usually very honest, and did not make any splash, it was only a while ago that I heard that Tong Lei would stay after school every night to tutor him, only then some people spread some gossip, the cla*s teacher did not even take it to heart.

What a joke, a relationship with the county party secretary’s daughter?

I’m afraid that I don’t need to go is to say, the secretary of the Tong will send someone to Ji Feng himself.

However, if in retrospect, Ji Feng’s grades improved so suddenly and by such a large margin, maybe it had something to do with Tong Lei’s tuition?

The more the cla*s teacher thought about it, the more she felt that this was a great possibility. She knew that Tong Lei was ice-snow smart and had always been very good in her studies, so if she had tutored Ji Feng and given some of the types of questions that might come up in the exam, it should not be difficult for Ji Feng to get this grade.

However, remembering the task given to her by the vice-principal, the cla*s teacher could not help but feel a little headache. According to the vice headmaster’s orders, he had to find a way to make Ji Feng admit that he had cheated in the exam, and to get evidence, such as a recording or something, and then hand it over to the school.

The cla*s teacher had vaguely heard that this vice-principal Hu Jun seemed to have some relatives with Vice Governor Xu, and his backstage was very hard, so if he disobeyed him, I’m afraid it would be hard to get along in the school in the future!

“Cla*s teacher, Ji Feng has explained very clearly, is there anything else, please?” Just as the cla*s teacher was pondering, Tong Lei, who hadn’t spoken next to him, couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, nothing more, cla*smate Ji Feng, since this is your real grade, keep it up, and I hope that next time you take the exam, you will still be able to see such an excellent result!” The cla*s teacher said in a deep voice.

“Cla*s teacher, please don’t worry, I will definitely give you a satisfactory grade!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and said indifferently. He could naturally hear that the cla*s teacher meant that if you couldn’t get such an excellent grade next time, or if the difference was too great, then there would be nothing to say about cheating this time.

Ji Feng was not worried about this, if he wanted to take the test, a perfect score was not guaranteed, but a score of seven hundred was still within reach, unless the teacher who graded the test papers was deliberately making things difficult for himself.

“Right, Ji Feng, make sure you take care of the relationship between cla*smates in the cla*s and don’t get into trouble with others.” The cla*s teacher arranged another sentence.

Ji Feng nodded and walked straight out, and he didn’t give Xiao Yuxuan another glance until he was out of the office. Since she didn’t know her good intentions, why did he need to use his hot face to stick to someone else’s cold a*s?

“This brat!”

Seeing that Ji Feng walked out of the office in a grand manner without even glancing at herself, Xiao Yuxuan, who had been keeping an eye on Ji Feng’s movements, felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, her eyebrows slightly knitted, and secretly said, “Brat, it’s even better if you don’t come to apologize to sister, but you even dare to put a face on sister, it’s really infuriating!”

If Ji Feng knew what Xiao Yuxuan was thinking at this moment, he would definitely cry out injustice. He didn’t come to apologize to Xiao Yuxuan, it was because he saw Xiao Yuxuan’s face was tense all the time, so he didn’t dare to come and make a fool of himself!

The first thing that I want to do is to find an opportunity to reconcile with Xiao Yuxuan, after all, he did that, on the one hand, to take the heat off his brother Zhang Lei, and on the other hand, it was actually like what Zhang Lei said, to make He Dong ashamed and angry, so that Xiao Yuxuan could see the true face of He Dong clearly. .com

Of course, Ji Feng admitted that he actually had other purposes for doing that, that is, seeing Xiao Yuxuan with He Dong, he was uncomfortable in his heart and wanted to break them up.

Only, this kind of thought he did not dare to say to others, not even his good brother Zhang Lei.

However, Ji Feng did not know that Xiao Yuxuan was actually not angry at all because Ji Feng had humiliated He Dong. In fact, Xiao Yuxuan has long known He Dong’s character, greedy for small bargains, loves to flaunt and show off, narrow-minded …… all these kinds of bad characters, Xiao Yuxuan is well aware of.

But she is in love with He Dong for another reason.

Xiao Yuxuan was furious that this guy Ji Feng had no regard for his own face and was determined to give He Dong a hard time, even winning He Dong a few games in a row full of stars and winning him a few thousand dollars.

When He Dong went back that night, he didn’t even have the money to buy a bus ticket, or Xiao Yuxuan helped him pay for the bus fare.

That awkward scene was the reason why Xiao Yuxuan was really angry.

As for He Dong being humiliated, in Xiao Yuxuan’s opinion, it was good to teach him a lesson and let him remember, or at least let him know how harmful it is to show off and flaunt.

But who would have thought that not only did Ji Feng not come to apologize, but instead he looked indifferent, as if the matter had never happened, which made Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but get angry.

“This brat, your money is still in my card anyway, you will come to me sooner or later, let’s see if I will pay attention to you!” Xiao Yuxuan was secretly angry in her heart, and the pen in her hand made several fierce and continuous scratches on the paper.

But soon, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but stare, “What am I doing here? How could this happen?”

She suddenly remembered that something seemed wrong with her thoughts.

“If it was a stranger doing this instead, would one be so angry?” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but ask herself.

The answer was obviously no, if it was to a stranger, He Dong wouldn’t dare to be so flamboyant, he was a bully who was afraid of being soft.

But what Xiao Yuxuan was most afraid of was her own state of mind.

How come she blamed Ji Feng, as if Ji Feng had done something wrong to herself?

This kind of feeling seems to only be found in people who are in love with each other ……

Xiao Yuxuan hurriedly shook all her thoughts out of her head and lowered her head to continue preparing for her lesson, today there are three cla*ses of English lessons!

Just at this time, Xiao Yuxuan saw Ji Feng’s cla*s teacher take his mobile phone out of the office and make a call, “Principal Hu? It’s me, yes, I have a matter to report to you, Ji Feng cheating evidence, I didn’t get …… you don’t get angry first, Tong Lei came out, I can’t say anything more ah …… good, good! Headmaster Hu please don’t worry, I will definitely pay attention!”

It’s about Ji Feng!

Xiao Yuxuan immediately became alert, listening to the meaning of this, that Vice Principal Hu seemed to be instructing Ji Feng’s cla*s teacher to look for evidence of Ji Feng cheating!

“No, we must tell Ji Feng to pay attention.” Xiao Yuxuan hurriedly stood up, but on second thought, she sat down again, “Xiao Yuxuan ah Xiao Yuxuan, why are you still so nervous about him, he’s even ignoring you! Besides, with Tong Lei around, he definitely won’t suffer, so don’t worry about it!”

“What if Tong Lei doesn’t know either?” Xiao Yuxuan’s heart was in turmoil for a while, not knowing what to do.


Ji Feng, however, did not know what Xiao Yuxuan was thinking, he was returning to the cla*sroom with Tong Lei one after the other, when he saw the strange gazes of the students in the cla*s.

For these gazes, Ji Feng also in do not care, he asked his own heart, why bother to care about the gaze of others.

However, what made Ji Feng feel wary was that Xu Mo’s gaze seemed to be somewhat unkind and seemed to have a taste of gloating.

He couldn’t help but sneer in his heart, Xu Mo had wanted to deal with himself not just for a day or two, which time had he gotten his way?

Xu Mo also sneered in his heart, he had already made a deal with the vice headmaster, as long as he could find evidence of Ji Feng’s cheating, he would directly expel him, to see what chance he had to get close to Tong Lei.

And this was still a decision made by the school, even if Zhang Lei wanted to find trouble afterwards, he wouldn’t be able to find his own head.

However, he waited until the end of school at noon, but no news came, so Xu Mo couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

He couldn’t help but go to Vice Principal Hu Jun’s office.

The vice headmaster, Hu Jun, had some relatives with Xu Mo’s family, and it was through this relationship that he was able to sit in the vice headmaster’s position, so for Xu Mo, Hu Jun was very polite.

“Xiao Mo is here, hurry up and sit down!” When Hu Jun saw Xu Mo, he immediately said with a smile.

“Uncle Hu, how come Ji Feng wasn’t expelled?” Xu Mo asked anxiously, “Didn’t we say that we would have the cla*s teacher get Ji Feng’s words out and record them and expel him?”

Hu Jun shook his head, “Xiao Mo, this matter is a bit troublesome, ah, Tong Lei came forward to prove that Ji Feng did not cheat, but under her tutoring to get such a result, Ji Feng also deadly denied, the school is not good enough to expel him directly!”

“It’s Tong Lei again!” Xu Mo’s face was gloomy, he didn’t know what was so good about that poor boy, how come Tong Lei was just so biased towards him.

“Xiao Mo, in fact, in Uncle Hu’s opinion, you don’t need to be so anxious!” Hu Jun said with a smile.

“What does Uncle Hu mean by that?” Xu Mo asked at once.

Hu Jun smiled faintly and said in a low voice, “Xiao Mo, in my opinion, it’s useless for you to do anything right now because there is Tong Lei protecting that kid. Think about it, Uncle Hu is not the biggest in the school, and his words do not all work. So as if Tong Lei gave the word, no matter how much Ji Feng is screwed, it’s useless.”

“Then what does Uncle Hu think should be done?” Xu Mo asked with a frown, secretly saying in his heart, this Hu Jun, things are not done properly, and still wants to be the headmaster?

Hu Jun laughed heatedly, “Xiao Mo, there’s only one more semester anyway, what’s your hurry? This is a relatively heavy task for one semester, even if we let Tong Lei and Ji Feng develop, how far can they go?”

“Am I just going to ignore it?” Xu Mo said unhappily.

“Of course not!” Hu Jun immediately said, “If I were you, I would put up with this for a semester, wait until a day or two before the upcoming college entrance exams, casually find a few punks on the street, give some money, let them fight with Ji Feng, and then call the police on the school side …… hehehe, by then, even if Ji Feng has someone to protect him, I’m afraid he’ll have to delay the The high school entrance examination, right? By then, whether he has really good grades or is a cheater, it’s already useless.”

“Uncle Hu’s idea is good!” Xu Mo’s eyes lit up at once.

“So ah, you should not rush now, let your father think of another way for you to go to university, Uncle Hu’s side will pay attention to Tong Lei’s volunteering for you, by then, as long as the two of you are in the same university and Ji Feng is famous, are you still afraid of useless opportunities?” Hu Jun’s face was full of a bad smile.

“Good idea, Uncle Hu, high!” Xu Mo couldn’t help but give a thumbs up and gritted his teeth, “Good, I’ll let that Ji Feng kid bounce around for another semester, and when he fails to get into university, let’s see him get close to Tong Lei again! Hmph!”

It had to be said that Hu Jun’s idea was definitely considered a poisonous plan. Xu Mo admired it in his heart and exclaimed, “Uncle Hu, ginger is still hot as ever!”

“You brat, making fun of Uncle Hu!” Hu Jun laughed, “Xiao Mo, if Uncle Hu can help you speak at school again, for example, when the police have taken Ji Feng away and come to the school to ask for opinions on how to deal with him, if Uncle Hu speaks up and works, let the police department punish Ji Feng severely, then he will be even more unable to turn over a new leaf.”

Hu Jun euphemistically stated his desire to become the headmaster, Xu Emerson in the official family, naturally listened to understand, he smiled, “Uncle Hu don’t worry, I will talk to my father when I get home, Uncle Hu is very talented, not to become the headmaster condescending!”

Hu Jun and Xu Mo glanced at each other and burst out laughing.

At this time, Ji Feng did not know that he had fallen into someone else’s calculations, at this time he was sitting with Tong Lei in a restaurant next to the school, having lunch together.

This was their first date, and although neither of them had made their relationship clear, there was no doubt in their minds that they both liked each other.

Ji Feng chose a hot pot restaurant, and looking at the mandarin duck hot pot on the table that had already started to tumble, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, “Tong Lei, thanks for helping me out this time, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been easy for me to get out of it!”

Tong Lei couldn’t help but give him a white look, “You still have the nerve to say that, you could have obviously done well in the past, why did you have to deliberately not do well in the exams?”

Ji Feng chuckled and said, “At that time, wasn’t it because I didn’t hear your promise, there was no motivation!”

“Who promised you!” Tong Lei couldn’t help but be a little shy and said in a low voice.

“Oh, let’s not talk about that, the pot is ready, put the food in!” Ji Feng said with a smile, “Girls should eat more green vegetables and seaweed, it’s good for the body.”

Saying that, Ji Feng put both the bok choy and seaweed in the non-spicy pot in front of Tong Lei, and then put in some yam and other vegetables.

Looking at Ji Feng’s steady movements, Tong Lei couldn’t help but feel sweet in her heart.

“Ji Feng, if you keep up this performance, you’ll have absolutely no problem getting into a university in Jiangzhou if you want to, you can’t slack off!” Tong Lei was worried that she would never be able to eat with Ji Feng again and couldn’t help but say.

“Don’t worry, even if I were to take another school, I wouldn’t want to leave you.” Ji Feng laughed.

“Nonsense!” Tong Lei was still a little shy, despite having accepted Ji Feng in her heart, she still had a kind of girl’s instinctive reserve.

Looking at Tong Lei’s shy pretty face, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh out loud.