Campus Master Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73


The fifth ball was easily scored by Ji Feng, still at an even pace, still accurate and in the hole. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Ji Feng’s movements did not look half as wild or dashing as they did in the eyes of the crowd, it was just a way of playing the ball that was so bland that it seemed no different from a beginner. The only difference was that when Ji Feng hit the ball, he never slid his stick, and when he hit a ball, he scored one.

However, in the eyes of the insiders, this was much different.

They secretly observed that when Ji Feng was playing, his posture wasn’t really dashing, and his eyes weren’t really sharp, just bland as water. However, the strange thing was that the strength of each of Ji Feng’s shots, the angle, and even his demeanour, all appeared the same as the first shot, without the slightest change.

If the first shot was considered masked by Ji Feng, and that evenly advancing ball was just a weird phenomenon, then what about these four subsequent shots? Could they be masked as well?

This is obviously impossible!

This means that Ji Feng is at a level where he can completely control any element of the ball, whether it is the angle or the strength.

Even though Ji Feng didn’t hit the kind of dash that He Dong did, let alone hit a ball as difficult as a jump ball, however, everyone didn’t dare to underestimate him anymore. This was definitely a supreme master, and the crowd was secretly shocked in their hearts.

Equally shocked was He Dong who had an incredulous face.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the few balls that Ji Feng had hit. Was it really possible to play like that?

Suddenly, He Dong remembered the words of that president who taught him billiards skills in college, and once He Dong asked him what a real top expert should look like.

Once He Dong asked him what a true top expert should be like. The chairman said, “A true top expert can return to the basics, just like a swordsman who has reached a certain level, he no longer needs a sword. .com My teacher once said that a true top expert, when he plays, has no semblance of grandeur at all, but rather gives the impression of a beginner. Yet, such a person seems to be able to control the ball with his eyes; wherever his eyes see, the ball will stop. Whatever kind of ball he wants, the ball will appear on the table. It’s just a pity that this is only a theoretical top expert; in real life, players are affected by all sorts of external factors, and it is simply impossible to reach such a point.”

As this pa*sage flashed through his mind, He Dong subconsciously realised that, it seemed, Ji Feng had reached that legendary level!

“Impossible, how could a high school student have such skills, it’s absolutely impossible!” He Dong didn’t want to believe it, yet the facts in front of him made it impossible for him not to believe it.


The sixth ball, evenly scored into the bin.

Everyone was already frozen, they were just staring at every single movement of Ji Feng with dead eyes, in that simple and uncomplicated movement, they felt a rhythmic beauty, the kind of beauty that made everyone’s heart beat to the rhythm.

Everyone realised that this was definitely an unworldly super master, even when watching the International Snooker Competition, they definitely did not feel this way.

However, when the crowd looked at the table, their brows furrowed again. Ji Feng’s ball was still the last one left, but this ball, however, was in the middle of the two balls of Hei Baba and He Dong, a total of four balls were in the middle of the table, no matter from which angle, it was impossible to score, unless one took it directly by hand and put it into the hole, otherwise it was absolutely impossible to score, even for God.

By this time, a smile finally appeared on He Dong’s otherwise miserable white face. His two balls, both in the most advantageous positions, would have finished in long ago if Hei Ba hadn’t been in the way. Now, as long as Ji Feng made the slightest mistake, even if he left the mother ball in a little bit of a favourable position, He Dong was sure to finish the ball in.

“Oh, little fellow, your technique is very good, but, this ball is destined to fail to score, it seems, strength but not the result, ah, luck is the most important thing!” He Dong’s crowd couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s right, strength does not equal the result, however, what if it’s absolute strength?” Ji Feng smiled faintly, and with a gentle push of the club in his hand, the mother ball slowly slid and finally stopped at the edge of those four balls.

“Hahahaha …… this is your absolute strength?” Seeing this ball, He Dong couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh, although this defense did play very well, however, He Dong’s two balls were arranged in a triangle with the black eight, no matter where Ji Feng stopped the mother ball, it would give He Dong a chance!

“Oops, what a shame!”

“Yeah, it’s so close to the last point, it’s a pity …… ugh!”

“That youth’s skills aren’t bad, this situation, he’s definitely winning!”

Seeing the situation in the field, the onlookers couldn’t help but sigh, they had seen an absolute top technical performance, however, it was because of luck that this expert with the best technique was going to lose, which made it more or less difficult for them to accept.

On both sides of the black eight, two small patterned balls, He Dong judged carefully and chose to play the one on the right side first, so that when the ball went into the hole, the mother ball would hit the elastic edge of the table and bounce back, and with good control, the remaining one could also go into the hole completely easily.


He Dong chose the middle hole, and the ball went in with perfect accuracy. However, something went wrong with the mother ball, and as it hit the edge of the table, the mother ball touched the hole and deflected slightly. This time, the remaining ball, the black eight, was in the same straight line as the black eight and the mother ball, and the black eight and the ball with the small pattern were almost next to each other!

There was no way to strike!

He Dong’s face turned ugly. He had no way to hit the ball unless he hit it indiscriminately, but at this critical moment, if he scored Ji Feng’s ball, it would be his opponent’s, and he would definitely lose then.

He Dong was a bit distracted, and he carefully played a defensive ball, stopping the mother ball at the edge of the table, right next to the elastic edge.

This time, it was equally difficult for Ji Feng to score, as the ball was neither on the line nor against the hole, so it would be difficult to score unless he hit it diagonally.

At this time, everyone’s eyes were looking at Ji Feng, if this goal was scored, Ji Feng would be invincible, if not, he would probably give up his chance to the other team, this was the most crucial goal.

“Brother, go for it!” Zhang Lei clenched his fists secretly in nervousness, money is a small thing, face is big!

Ji Feng, however, casually stood on the side of the table, and the cue in his hand didn’t even use to support it for a while before he directly hit it violently. This was the first time Ji Feng made a strong effort, and it was also the most casual one.

Knock, knock, knock!

The mother ball bounced back and forth on the table three times, and on the last bounce, it accidentally hit the big patterned ball. Immediately afterwards, the large patterned ball was seen to be knocked around, wobbling as if it might stop at any moment, yet it just didn’t stop, just rolled towards the hole.


The ball went in!


Chapter 74

Knock, knock, knock!

The mother ball bounced back and forth on the table three times, and on the last bounce, accidentally, hit the large patterned ball. Go to see the net . Immediately afterwards, the large patterned ball was seen to be knocked around, wobbling as if it might stop at any moment, yet it just didn’t stop, it just rolled towards the hole.


The ball went in!

“Swish!” Everyone’s eyes were dead on Ji Feng’s face, they couldn’t understand how this ball, how Ji Feng could have scored in this way.

Of course, if for the expert, this ball was not very difficult, the angle was too high, the mother ball was not in line with the ball of the big pattern and the hole, this would not have been a problem, on the contrary, for many people, hitting a straight ball rather than a ball with some angle was not as good.

What surprised the crowd, therefore, was the careless attitude of Ji Feng when he hit the ball. When he hit the ball, he didn’t even seem to look at it, he just hit it casually and it went in!

What was this?

Was it a demonstration, or was it to show off his superb skills?

When the onlookers saw He Dong’s ironic face, they instantly understood that this young man, who looked ordinary but was in fact a supreme master, was punching his opponent in the face!

When the crowd thought back, this was indeed the case.

This gentle-looking guy in gla*ses had won a dozen games in a row against two teenagers, so even if he was a gambler, he wouldn’t have shown no mercy at all. You know, since they are here to play, they must be acquaintances, or even acquaintances and friends. For one’s friend, the hit was so vicious, no mercy at all, then the other party must be returning the favour.

Only, I’m afraid that the svelte fellow couldn’t even have imagined that the two teenagers from the other side would have such a powerful expert. .com It seemed that if this svelte fellow hadn’t pushed the other two into a corner, they wouldn’t have been so unforgiving in the face.

At this time, the crowd’s gaze towards He Dong again became somewhat contemptuous.

Fake gentleman!

This thought popped up in everyone’s mind.

In fact, for these onlookers, they had just been attracted by He Dong’s skills, which was why they had overlooked his swagger and overreach, or rather, they had deliberately not paid attention to his swagger.

But now that a master with higher skills than He Dong’s had suddenly appeared, or even higher than the same level at all, the crowd’s eyes naturally shifted from He Dong’s body, and only at this time did they have time to think about what He Dong had just done.


Ji Feng, however, was indifferent, as if it was not himself who hit the ball, his movements were still as slow as ever, but none of them dared to continue to underestimate him anymore.

At this time, some people were even thinking about the ball that was almost in a desperate situation just now, being surrounded by three balls in the middle, was there really nothing Ji Feng could do?

Subconsciously, everyone thought that Ji Feng must have had a solution at that time, but he had deliberately given He Dong a chance and thus let him give up the victory in hand for nothing again, a pain that was a hundred times more powerful than Ji Feng’s outright win.

But did Ji Feng really think that way? Can he really score a desperate goal like that? This was a question that everyone was puzzled by.

And at that moment, the person in question, Ji Feng, had already dropped his eyes on the Black Eight.

The situation could not be clearer now, as Ji Feng had left the mother ball in a good position, the mother ball, the black eight, and the hole in the middle, were in a completely straight line, and all very close to each other. Even a beginner could definitely hit the ball in easily.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and gently pushed out his club.


The black eight was in!

Ji Feng had won the first game cleanly.

“Sorry, I won by accident!” Ji Feng came in front of He Dong with a smile on his face and slowly extended his hand for money.

He Dong’s face changed, and in the end, he gave Ji Feng a fierce glare, took out a thousand yuan from his wallet and handed it over.

“Dare you have another game? Maybe I was lucky just now!” Ji Feng used the same excitement method, moreover, his excitement method seemed more direct and retarded than He Dong’s, and anyone who was not a fool could see it.

However, Ji Feng looked at He Dong with a smile on his face as if he was not aware of it.

“Crazy, high!” Zhang Lei, however, understood Ji Feng’s intention, He Dong was definitely a villain, as the saying goes, a wolf in the son’s lineage, when he gains power, he goes wild! He Dong was exactly such a person, moreover, he also wanted to put gold on his face and to save face while being wild.

Since this is the case, Ji Feng pointed out his weakness: don’t you want to save face, don’t you know how to provoke people? I’m also going to provoke you now, and it’s a blatant and unconcerned provocation, if you still want to save face, then keep coming. If you don’t fight …… are you still a man who wants to save face? How else can you hold up your head as a person in the future?

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

Some of the onlookers also reacted and looked at He Dong.

“Promise him, young man, what does it matter if you fight again!”

“That’s right, you guys said before that the fight would only be over after ten games, it’s only one game now, you’re not afraid, are you? The original young man who fought you lost more than ten games in a row!”


A sound of coaxing made He Dong’s face turn blue, after a long time, he nodded and laughed, “Fine, then continue.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and snapped his fingers, asking the waiter to set the ball up.

“This time, it’s my turn to tee off, right?” Ji Feng smiled faintly and in a flash, he bent down and struck a pose that was as graceful as it could be.


The first time he teed off, the mother ball rushed out with a bang. Immediately afterwards, the crowd saw a scene that left them dumbfounded, only to see that the white ball, as if it had grown eyes, crashed into the first ball with a small pattern, followed by bouncing on the edge of the table and hitting the second and third ……

One tee shot, but five balls in!

The crowd scrambled and rubbed their eyes, finding it hard to imagine that this was true. No one had ever heard of anyone being able to hit five balls on the first shot off the tee, it was like a dream!

Not only those onlookers, but even He Dong, Zhang Lei, and Xiao Yuxuan, who had not said anything, froze at the same time, this scene was just a little too shocking.

However, this was not the end of it. It was as if Ji Feng was deliberately trying to show off his skills. For the remaining two balls as well as a black eight, he changed three positions in a row, reversing the shot, backing the shot, and for the last black eight, he even closed his eyes and scored it with one shot!

Full of stars!

He Dong, whose skills were straight up to the professional level, was actually won by Ji Feng with a full star!

And at this time, Ji Feng’s hand was already out, “Sorry, another thousand!”