Campus Master Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

Ji Feng’s judgement was confirmed in the next ten games between Zhang Lei and He Dong. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

In ten consecutive games against each other, Zhang Lei didn’t win a single game. And after each set, He Dong would deliberately say something that seemed to be kind, but actually implied excitement, just to stimulate Zhang Lei to continue playing with him.

Most importantly, when Zhang Lei took out his wallet after each game, He Dong’s eyes would intentionally or unintentionally stare at his wallet with a gleam in his eyes. That kind of look was definitely not what a wealthy young man or a successful person should have.

From the time Ji Feng first doubted He Dong’s motives, he was now completely sure that He Dong had indeed come here to win money, and this might not be his only purpose, but it was definitely the main purpose!

The only thing that made Ji Feng feel somewhat happy was that Xiao Yuxuan’s face sank.

At the end of each set, Xiao Yuxuan had persuaded the two of them not to continue playing. With her intelligence, even if she could no longer get caught up in the love affair and her IQ was rapidly decreasing, she could already see that her boyfriend, it seemed, did not have such a pure motive.

What’s more, even if it was really just a friendly match, he shouldn’t have won so much money from Zhang Lei, that was a whole eleven hundred dollars, almost half of Xiao Yuxuan’s salary for most of the month!

She certainly knew that Zhang Lei was still just a student, and this thousand dollars was a considerable amount of money for her, so spending it like that without even hearing a sound must have been heartbreaking, not to mention Zhang Lei. Maybe, this thousand yuan is Zhang Lei’s living expenses for a few months.

However, with Ji Feng and Zhang Lei present, Xiao Yuxuan could not say anything more and could only persuade politely. If she said it directly, it would probably make Zhang Lei feel uncomfortable, and even, it might make Zhang Lei misunderstand: What, your boyfriend won my money, and now you actually advise him to win less, what is this? Showing off?

Considering this, Xiao Yuxuan could only secretly give He Dong a wink, but He Dong, who usually seems to be so eight-faced, at this time it was as if he didn’t even see his own look, still smiling and playing billiards with Zhang Lei and flirting with each other from time to time. .com

But Xiao Yuxuan didn’t know that the ‘flirting’ in her eyes was actually He Dong provoking Zhang Lei, only that women who fall in love are more or less blind and uncontrollable, so how would they notice this?


When the twelfth game was over, it still ended with He Dong winning, and he said with a smile, “How about it, do you dare to have another game, don’t cry!”

Zhang Lei smiled faintly and handed over another hundred note, he still had a thick stack in his wallet, and looking at it He Dong couldn’t help but light up again.

“Of course we’re going to continue playing, but before we do, we need to go to the toilet first.” Ji Feng said before Zhang Lei.

By this time, this side had already attracted the attention of quite a few people, many of whom had gathered around, and with every game He Dong played, these people sighed in admiration, and even the owner of the billiard room, couldn’t help but nod along.

“This guy’s skills are really strong, it’s not like he’s one of the pros who came to play, right?”

“Who knows, it’s not like you don’t know the unspoken rules in China nowadays, many players with really good skills may not be famous, maybe this guy is like that, an expert who doesn’t hide!”

“It looks like those two student-like guys are just plain stupid, how dare they fight against such an expert? And bet?”

“That’s right, two idiots! Even if they are confident, but after a few games, they should be no match for others afterwards, are they too rich to burn?”


The burst of chatter made He Dong even more smug, and Xiao Yuxuan’s face was even more gloomy, her boyfriend won, she should be happy, but the one who lost was her student, and lost so much money, which made her very conflicted.

At this time, Zhang Lei and Ji Feng in the toilet were having a different conversation.

“Crazy, why did you drag me to the toilet?” Zhang Lei asked strangely.

Ji Feng laughed, “What, do you still plan to keep losing? Is the money too hot to handle?”

Zhang Lei couldn’t help but chuckle and asked, “Crazy, do you think I’m stupid?”

Looking at Ji Feng’s faint smile, Zhang Lei laughed, “After playing the first set, I knew that my skills were definitely not very east, but why did I continue to play with him? I just want Teacher Xiao to see this man’s face clearly, someone who can chase after people for a small amount of money, what kind of person will be successful? If Teacher Xiao has good enough vision, she will definitely see his true face clearly!”

Ji Feng was suddenly stunned, he couldn’t imagine that Zhang Lei was actually planning to do so.

Using his own disgrace to exchange for Xiao Yuxuan’s sobriety, this was Zhang Lei’s aim. Ji Feng had always known that Zhang Lei was righteous enough and was very affectionate, but he had never thought that he would make such a sacrifice for a teacher he had known for less than two months.

After a moment of silence, Ji Feng spoke up, “Lei Zi, since this is the case, winning the money might not make He Dong’s original form come out, it’s losing the money that will make him ashamed and angry. Next, let’s switch to me!”

“Replace you?” Zhang Lei’s suspicious gaze sized him up, “Crazy, not that I despise you, do you know how to play billiards?”

Ji Feng harrumphed, “You guy, can I play billiards, won’t you know when I try? Besides, you’re going to lose anyway, what’s the difference between you losing and me losing? Even if you let me have a go at it!”

“Well, that’s fine!” Zhang Lei said readily, “However, you can’t lose too much, ten games at most. For the rest, you have to let me play, to be honest, I’ve really learned a lot of techniques from He Dong’s body!”

Ji Feng patted his shoulder and laughed, “If you want to learn billiard skills, I’ll teach you sometime later!”

With that, under Zhang Lei’s suspicious and contemptuous gaze, Ji Feng walked out with big steps.

“Yo, back?” When He Dong saw Zhang Lei and Ji Feng come back, he couldn’t help but laugh, “I thought you two had P*ssed yourselves!”

“I’m afraid it’s you who will have to pee later oh!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Zhang Lei is a bit tired, how about the two of us playing a few games next?”

“You want to come too? Same old rules?” He Dong was even more pleased with himself, it was better to take turns to win more money.

“No, no!” Ji Feng shook his head, “One hundred dollars a game, that’s too little, why don’t we just do this, one thousand dollars a game, at least ten games, we have enough money with us today anyway, what do you think?”

“Ji Feng, you don’t want to be reckless!” As soon as Ji Feng’s words left his mouth, Xiao Yuxuan immediately stood up impatiently and said worriedly, “Why don’t we just stop here today and play later.”

“Yu Xuan!” He Dong glared at her, “You can just sit and watch from the side, it’s rare that these two little guys have such an interest, so I’ll play with them!”


Chapter 72

Xiao Yuxuan sat down with a huff and didn’t argue any more. She just secretly decided in her heart that if He Dong knew how to advance and retreat, he would deliberately lose all the money he won back to Ji Feng next, so that it would also make Ji Feng and Zhang Lei’s faces look better and not be embarra*sed.

What’s more, both of them were still students, and a thousand dollars or so was definitely not a small amount for them.

Of course, if He Dong didn’t return the money, Xiao Yuxuan decided to take her own money and return it to Zhang Lei, and then she would definitely have a cold war with He Dong next for a while until he recognized his mistake!

Xiao Yuxuan was not a person who loved money, let alone her own student’s money, so it would be a bit too much to keep winning.

At this time, those onlookers were whispering again.

“There’s another one who’s not afraid of death coming over, his companion just lost more than a thousand dollars, this kid is even more daring, he even bet more than a thousand a hand, D*mn, I don’t know where two rich kids popped out from, too much money to burn!”

“Yeah, people’s skills are so good, they’re almost catching up with the pros, and this kid still doesn’t know how to advance or retreat, it’s really funny!”

“What’s that, maybe it’s like what you just said, people are rich, they have more money than they can use, they come over to spread a hand that’s also their freedom, we can’t care.”


A burst of chatter caused He Dong to become a little nervous. However, what he was nervous about was not being talked about by these people, but he was afraid that Ji Feng would backtrack and not be willing to bet under these people’s comments, in that case, he would make a lot less money!

He couldn’t help but shout out, “Everyone, as the saying goes, watching chess without talking is a true gentleman, so is watching billiards, right? Everyone talking on the sidelines will put a lot of pressure on us, why don’t we just watch quietly, okay?”

As soon as he spoke, the others immediately stopped talking and even showed embarra*sed looks. .com In fact, most of the people who came here to play were some billiard enthusiasts, or at least people who had some knowledge of lifting up. They inevitably had a sense of respect when they saw that it was an expert like He Dong, and naturally showed their respect.

“Ji Feng, don’t get stressed, we’re just having fun, if you really can’t afford to lose, that thousand dollars will be fine!” He Dong appeared to be very ‘generous’ and said.

Ji Feng smiled and didn’t say anything, he just casually picked up the cue. With this kind of person, he really had nothing to say, everything was underhand to see the real skill.

Seeing Ji Feng’s appearance, He Dong couldn’t help but sneer, this guy had seen his own skills and still dared to fight with himself, he was simply asking to be embarra*sed. He Dong didn’t believe that a student’s skills could be higher than his own, what a joke, he had studied with professional experts.

Zhang Lei, however, looked at Ji Feng nervously, he knew that his friend had some low self-esteem, if he was taunted in front of so many people, he didn’t know if he could stand it.

“Who’s going to tee off first?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

“I’ll go first!” He Dong smiled and said.

With that, he came to one end of the table and aimed at the mother ball, “Snap!” With a sound, a beautiful tee shot, the small patterned ball actually scored two at once.

“Snap! Pop! Snap!” Next, He Dong didn’t seem to give Ji Feng any chance to catch his breath at all, scoring three more small patterned balls. So far, He Dong had scored five balls, and there were only two of his balls left on the table, the remaining seven were Ji Feng’s, none of which had been scored yet. The last one left was a black eight, a public ball.

For the sixth ball, He Dong had some difficulty. This ball was right next to the black eight, and to hit this ball, he had to hit the black eight, and according to the previous rule, if he hit the black eight, he was to be penalised one ball.


He Dong chose to defend and hit the mother ball to the other side, clinging to the edge of the table, leaving Ji Feng with no way to get at it.

After half a day’s consideration, He Dong still chose this method, believing that with such a ball staying, even if Ji Feng was as skilled as he was, he would not be able to win against him. Seeing that a thousand yuan was about to arrive, he couldn’t help but be happy again.

The others also whispered, “With a ball like this, even if a professional expert came, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to win, right? This student-like guy seemed to be unlucky this time.

Zhang Lei was also nervous, Ji Feng could not lose too badly. Thinking of a thousand dollars a set, he smiled bitterly, not that he could not afford to lose, in fact, even if Ji Feng said ten thousand dollars a set, Zhang Lei would not say anything. The key problem was that he didn’t have that much money on him!

Ji Feng, however, as if he didn’t see his disadvantage, just smiled faintly and casually picked up the cue to the back of the mother ball.

Bending down, squatting, and racking the club, three movements in one go, these three movements alone instantly made everyone’s eyes light up.

“Humph! What’s the use of just having pretty movements, if you don’t have real skills, you’ll still end up losing!” He Dong looked at Ji Feng’s movements and secretly sneered in his heart.

However, the next thing that Ji Feng did made everyone unable to help but be dumbfounded.

They only saw that the ball club was in Ji Feng’s hands, as if it had come to life with a spirit, and was incredibly flexible.


With just a flick of the cue, the mother ball rolled at an even speed and crashed right into a large patterned ball. Immediately afterwards, that ball fell straight into the hole as if it was being pushed.

What luck!

Everyone couldn’t help but say, jokingly, that there was absolutely no other explanation than luck for hitting the ball at such an even speed. Because everyone knew that to play pool, it was definitely necessary for the mother ball to have the maximum impact at the beginning so that it could deliver the maximum power in the shortest time.

However, the mother ball that Ji Feng was hitting was almost completely moving forward at an even speed, so how could such a ball have an impact?

Yet, it was such a ball that actually crashed into the big patterned ball!

Everyone’s incredulous eyes looked at Ji Feng.

He Dong was likewise unable to comprehend this extremely bizarre looking situation, he couldn’t help but rub his eyes and subconsciously said, “How is it possible!”

Ji Feng, however, as if he didn’t see the shocked eyes of the others, just smiled slightly and walked towards the mother ball again with his cue.

Under He Dong’s unrelenting, one might even say endless, greed, Ji Feng finally became truly angry. What He Dong had done had touched Ji Feng’s bottom line!

Therefore, Ji Feng wanted to teach He Dong a lesson.

Although he had never played in a billiard room, however, with the training of the Super Agent Training System, Ji Feng’s level had long since reached a point that He Dong simply could not understand, and wanted to clean up He Dong, it was just a matter of hand to hand.