Campus Master Chapter 63-64

Chapter 63

The more he learns about the technology of the Gamma Galaxy, the more Ji Feng can feel that the country’s education system is absolutely wasting talents, and if good and bad students are mentioned, I’m afraid that nine out of ten people will love good students and hate bad students. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

However, when you look at it again in ten or eight years’ time, it is often the bad students who can really get on well, and the good students are almost always working for the bad students.

But knowing that this is the case, students still have to be good students, because under the system of teaching to the test, getting into university and getting out of the house is the only way out for children from average families.

Of course, it cannot be denied that there are some good students who are doing equally well, but in retrospect, if they had been exposed to the industry they were in long ago and not let them waste so much energy on these useless studies, wouldn’t their achievements have been better?

Ji Feng is not opposed to learning, it is certainly not possible without knowledge. It was like him learning the knowledge of machinery and weapons in the Gamma system, that was like a fantasy in the sky. If he could not learn this knowledge, Ji Feng believed that he would definitely be more or less affected in his future life.

However, although learning was important, it should not be done in a haphazard manner, that was Ji Feng’s view.

Therefore, he didn’t want to explain anything more to Tong Lei, because in his opinion, a good student of good character like Tong Lei would not be able to understand his thoughts, and would probably even persuade him to dismiss the idea.

These thoughts also just flashed through Ji Feng’s mind, and then he shook his head with a smile and said, “Tong Lei, what exactly do you want to say to me?”

Tong Lei’s beauty was tightly knitted, looking at his calm expression, she didn’t know how to speak the words she had originally prepared, and finally could only say softly, “Ji Feng, can you tell me the truth, is it because of me that you are not good at exams?”

Ji Feng was stunned, and then it dawned on him. .com No wonder he felt that Tong Lei seemed a bit off today, he never thought it was because of this reason.

It seemed that Tong Lei must have thought that she had rejected her and made herself give up on herself, and that was why she couldn’t do well in the exam. Because of this, Tong Lei felt guilty or couldn’t bear to watch herself degenerate, which is why she came to find herself, whose purpose, for sure, was to ask herself to study well.

Sure enough, seeing that Ji Feng did not say anything, Tong Lei thought she guessed right and could not help but let out a light sigh and said, “Ji Feng, if it was because of some of my previous actions or a certain few words that caused you to misunderstand, which made you unable to study at ease, I apologize to you in advance, this is indeed my fault. But ……”

At this point, she suddenly couldn’t say anymore, but what? I don’t have any feelings for you, so don’t think twice about it and go study.”

If she really said that, I’m afraid that not only would she not convince Ji Feng, but it would have the opposite effect and make him give up on himself even more.

“But what?” Ji Feng looked at the always clear and beautiful Tong Lei, but at this time, she was a bit distressed, so she couldn’t help but have fun in her heart, and even wanted to tease her a bit, so she opened her mouth to ask.

“But, but ……” Tong Lei frowned and weighed her words: “But you shouldn’t not study properly either, you are so smart and your memory is so superb, even if you just put a little more thought into your studies. Your grades will definitely be much better than they are now!”

Ji Feng secretly laughed in his heart, but on the surface he shook his head slightly and said, “I’m already trying very hard to learn, but I just can’t. Although my memory is superb, I can’t learn to use that knowledge flexibly, so that’s all I can do!”

“You ……” Tong Lei looked at him in exasperation and couldn’t help but fire, “And you say you haven’t given up on yourself? Since you also admit that your memory is so superb, then fine, you explain why there is a maths problem that you still can’t answer? I explained that question to you in detail two months ago, and with your memory, you wouldn’t have forgotten it! How can you explain this?”

Without waiting for Ji Feng to say anything, Tong Lei said again, “You said you didn’t give up on yourself and have been studying hard, then why do you sleep on your desk every day and never listen to your lectures? When have you ever studied seriously?!”

Speaking of this, Tong Lei’s eyes even slightly reddened, obviously she was furious.

However, when Ji Feng saw her look, while he was heartbroken, he was also extremely happy.

A girl, if she didn’t really care about you, but just wanted to make herself feel free of guilt, then, at most, she would only be calm and persuasive, and not angry.

What is lashing out? It can be counted as hate, or anger.

But why would one be angry?

The answer was already obvious, Tong Lei’s heart still cared for Ji Feng, it was just that looking at him now, there was some hatred, one could even say heartache, that was why she was angry at Ji Feng, just to scold him awake.

Thinking about this, the corners of Ji Feng’s mouth pulled up a slight curve and he couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re still laughing!”

Tong Lei was furious, seeing Ji Feng’s appearance, she couldn’t help but stomp her little foot and ranted, “I’m talking to you, what are you laughing at, am I not saying the right thing?”

“Yes, that’s right!” Ji Feng nodded and laughed, looking at her pouting demeanor, it was so beautiful that he couldn’t help but thump his heart.

“What? You still know to say right?!” When Tong Lei heard this, she became even more furious, “You admit that you’re giving up on yourself? Why are you doing this, are you really desperate for everything, or are you trying to do this on purpose to get my attention?! No matter what the reason is for you to be like this, it’s not right! Ji Feng, stop being like this, okay, if you keep going like this, you will really degenerate!”

At the end of the day, Tong Lei gradually changed from questioning, to persuasion, and even, there was a hint of pleading in it.

“Hehe ……” Looking at Tong Lei’s clear and matchless beauty, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at!” When Tong Lei saw that she had said so much, Ji Feng actually seemed as if he hadn’t heard her, but was instead looking at herself and laughing, she was instantly furious again.

Suddenly, Tong Lei snapped back to her senses, what was wrong with her? I thought I was going to tell him that I didn’t like him, but why did I become like this?

Tong Lei’s heart was in turmoil, could it be that her heart was not actually what she thought it was, that she actually liked Ji Feng?

No! Impossible! How could this be possible? She had already said that she would not fall in love in high school, not even in college, because her family would never allow her to have any free love!

When she thought of this, Tong Lei was suddenly stunned, did she dare not admit that she liked Ji Feng because she was subconsciously afraid that her family would find trouble with Ji Feng?


Chapter 64

“Ji Feng, no matter what the reason is, you have to study well, even if not for yourself, you have to think about your …… family, okay?”

Slightly shaking her head, Tong Lei tried her best to put away all those troublesome thoughts in her head and said softly, only when talking about Ji Feng’s family, her tone had a hint of difference, as if she was hiding something. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Ji Feng nodded and said: “I understand what you mean, Tong Lei, that …… actually you don’t have to be bothered, well, how can I put it, actually I just let you know that I like you, that’s enough. If you have that slightest hint of affection for me as well, I feel very satisfied, and if not, it’s fine. Because it’s my right to like whoever I like, but if it brings you trouble because of that, that’s definitely not my intention.”

Speaking here, Ji Feng paused and smiled, “I know what you mean and can understand your concern, thank you!”

This word of thanks was said by Ji Feng from his heart.

He understood Tong Lei’s meaning very well, and just now when Tong Lei talked about telling him to study hard for the sake of his family as well, Ji Feng already understood.

Ever since Hu Xuehui had unceremoniously dumped Ji Feng and uttered the words ‘illegitimate son’ with extreme disdain in front of his cla*smates, the news had been spread privately throughout the entire senior cla*s 6. Every cla*smate knew that Ji Feng, who looked cowardly and incompetent, and was himself even more worthless, was actually an illegitimate son.

Young people have always been fond of talking, especially some girls who love to gossip and can’t keep a conversation.

Under such circumstances, Ji Feng would naturally have heard about these rumors, and in his heart, his impression of Hu Xuehui had dropped to a freezing point. .com But he did not express anything, because the mouth grows on others, what they want to say, that is someone else’s hobby, as long as they are not caught face to face, what right does he have to ask questions?

The entire cla*s knew about this matter, and Tong Lei naturally had no reason not to know, but when she was persuading Ji Feng, she still used words like ‘your family’, obviously deliberately avoiding the rumors of ‘illegitimate children’, just to keep Ji Feng’s dignity, so that he wouldn’t feel inferior.

How could Ji Feng not understand this kind of good intention of Tong Lei’s? He looked at Tong Lei with a flash of tenderness in his gaze, and thus spoke the words that followed.

There was no reason to let her carry the burden of her feelings and be troubled by herself after she had endured so many criticisms.

“Ji Feng, you don’t understand ……” Tong Lei wanted to say something else, but was unable to say anything, and could only sigh helplessly, and said softly: “Ji Feng, I only ask you one thing, can you study well in the future? ”

“I’ve been studying well!” Ji Feng laughed.

The first time I saw him, I was so angry and bitter, I went to a lot of trouble to persuade him, but how could he not understand his own pains? Where was the determined, smart and brave Ji Feng? How could he be so self-absorbed these days!

“I mean it!” Looking at Tong Lei’s expression, Ji Feng could also guess what she was thinking, and he couldn’t help but feel a pang of heartache in his heart, “Tong Lei, I’ve really been studying well, don’t you still know about my memory? As long as I want to, I can get very good grades whenever I want!”

“Then why did you still do so badly in the exam?” Tong Lei was even more furious, how dare she talk to herself with her eyes wide open, who doesn’t want to get good grades, it’s just that many people don’t have that ability. However, Ji Feng said shamelessly that he could get good grades at any time, what is this? Is it a perfunctory statement?

“Because, if I do well in the exams, when the time comes, the teacher will rank me in the front rows, which is not the result I want. Besides, I was originally an unappreciated and dispensable person in the cla*s, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, I think this is fine!”

The reason why I did so badly is that I didn’t even look at many of the questions, I just made the marks I expected and handed them in! ”

Tong Lei was stunned, seemingly digesting this statement from Ji Feng, and only after a moment did she ask, “Then in that case, can you tell me why you did that? Isn’t it bad to be someone who is valued by others?”

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Sorry, Tong Lei, I don’t want to lie to you. I can’t tell you about this for now, it’s about some personal matters of mine that no one can talk about. But I can a*sure you that if anyone other than me will know about it, then that person will definitely be you.”

“Who cares to know!” Tong Lei’s pretty face couldn’t help but blush, but in her heart she believed seven or eight percent of Ji Feng’s words, and she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, as long as Ji Feng wasn’t self-indulgent.

In fact, now Tong Lei also has a vague feeling that she actually likes Ji Feng, but only because she is subconsciously afraid that the family will do something excessive to Ji Feng, thus hurting him, so this is why she does not dare to admit it, and she definitely cannot admit it either. Otherwise, Ji Feng would really be in a lot of trouble because her own family, was really not a simple family!

Looking at Tong Lei’s little daughter posture, Ji Feng couldn’t help but chuckle, suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Tong Lei, soon it will be the New Year, it’s only half a year before the college entrance examination, which university do you want to enter?”

Tong Lei was stunned, and then she understood what Ji Feng meant, he wanted to enter the same university as herself!

I can’t help but have some shyness and sweetness in my heart, but more than that, it’s still an inexplicable pain, Tong Lei said softly: “If nothing unexpected, my family should let me take Yanjing University or Beijing University, however, I am more interested in some colleges in Jiangzhou, I will stick to my own will, I think my family won’t force me too much in this regard! ”

“It just so happens that I am also planning to go to a university in Jiangzhou, I will definitely continue to be cla*smates with you!” Ji Feng said with a faint smile.

“Let’s talk about it after you can get in!” Tong Lei gave him a blank look and turned to walk away, after walking a few steps, she snapped back again and said firmly, “You must pa*s the exam!”

After saying that, her cheeks were scarlet as she ran away.

Looking at her back, the corners of Ji Feng’s mouth pulled up a slight curve, and the last sentence had revealed the beautiful woman’s heart.

“Whether it’s for you or for me, I’ll pa*s the exam!” Ji Feng said secretly, he suddenly remembered again when Hu Xuehui broke up with him and said from on high that she was going to school in Jiangzhou ……