Campus Master Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

Ji Feng looked at the wise brain nervously and excitedly, finally reaching the second stage of training, which Ji Feng had been looking forward to for a long time. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m. Because the wise brain had said that when it reached the second stage, it would be possible to learn other skills while continuing the Super Agent ‘bodybuilding’ training, which was very attractive to Ji Feng.

After all, from the start of his training until now, Ji Feng felt that apart from his body gradually getting stronger and having the ability to see beyond the eyes as well as the ability to see through, he did not have any other skills that he could be proud of, which made him very excited about the other skills in the Super Agent training system.

If anyone knew about this, he would be scolded.

Whether it was physical strength or the ability to never forget, that was something that anyone could only ask for, not to mention the ability to see through, one could think on one’s heels and know how great a benefit this ability would be in later life!

But Ji Feng was not satisfied, because apart from strengthening his body, the ability to see beyond the eyes and the ability to see through, were things that he could not easily say to others, otherwise, he was afraid that before he could grow up completely, he would be caught and used as a white mouse for research.

Once he thought that in the future he would be fixed on a test bench, with all kinds of wires plugged into his body, and his blood would be drawn and tested from time to time …… Thinking of that kind of scene, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shiver, and that was definitely not the result he wanted.

Therefore, Ji Feng was eager to learn some other skills. Old people often say a phrase: more art is not better!

“What skills can I learn now?” Ji Feng asked expectantly.

It seemed like a light ball seemed to wiggle up and down a few times, and in a flash, a shining sapling appeared in front of Ji Feng. .com Immediately after, the sapling grew rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, but in just a few minutes, it grew into a small tree that was about half a meter taller than Ji Feng.

What made Ji Feng feel even more peculiar was that every branch of the tree was shining, the whole tree was like a decorative green tree with neon lights hanging on both sides of the street at night, very beautiful.

And what attracted Ji Feng’s attention the most was that those flashing lights on this tree were actually emitted by a single font.

“Gamma Empire Super Agent Training System, Basic a*sistive Skills!”

This line of words was the reason why the tree trunk shone brightly, the words seemed to have been carved into the trunk of the tree.

Looking further up, the first branch that caught the eye was a branch on the left, which read, “Basic Auxiliary Skill, Language!”

“Language?” Ji Feng froze, and then smiled, “Intelligent brain, can I learn the language now? If I learn English, at least I don’t have to worry about exams in the future.”

The last time he introduced himself in English in the cla*s, it was only done with the help of Wise Brain, not Ji Feng’s real ability, and when he saw such an opportunity to learn at this time, Ji Feng was naturally unwilling to miss it.

Who knows, but the intelligent brain shook its head and said, “Sorry, master, the intelligent brain suggests that you do not learn the language first, because the languages in the intelligent brain database are all the languages of the countries in the Gamma system, which are very different from the language of the Earth where the master is located!”

Ji Feng was immediately deflated, so this is the language of aliens ……

He nodded and had to look further up, only to see the second branch of the tree read, “Basic Auxiliary Skill, Etiquette!”

Ji Feng’s gaze skipped directly from this tree branch, without having to think about it, he knew that the etiquette here must be the etiquette of the Gamma system, which would definitely be inappropriate for use on Earth, and it would be good to learn it later if he had the time to do so, but for now, it was better to pick up the important skills and learn them first!

Ji Feng’s gaze went further up, and finally, he found a line of skills that lifted his spirits: “Basic Support Skill, Puzzle Game!”

“Game? It should be quite fun, right?” Ji Feng asked the intelligent brain curiously, an alien game, it should be fun, right? His eyes then continued to look along this tree branch, but the result left him a bit speechless.

As this tree branch continued to extend, it was divided into many more branches, each of which was a skill that was incredibly complicated.

Looking closely, there were no less than dozens of mini-games in the puzzle category alone: military flag confrontation, Othello confrontation, military practical deduction confrontation ……

These mini-games, surprisingly, are all confrontation types, and none of them are something Ji Feng has heard of, he felt a bit overwhelmed for a while.

“That, intelligent brain, or you can recommend a skill, I really don’t know which one to choose!” Ji Feng said with a bitter smile, there was still a huge difference between what the aliens had and what they had on Earth, needless to say, just by seeing these alone, Ji Feng didn’t know any of them.

The intelligent brain, however, replied honestly, “Yes, master. The intelligent brain suggests that the master learn from the puzzle games first, first learning the military flag confrontation and the Othello confrontation, which is extremely beneficial to the master’s intellectual development!”

“Alright then, since you said so, then let’s start learning!” Ji Feng faintly nodded his head. Even though he hadn’t heard of these games, Ji Feng believed that the intelligent brain would not harm him.

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain replied, and the next moment, Ji Feng saw the small tree in front of him instantly disappear, followed by a change in the scene in front of him to within an empty room, with a table on the floor and a large chessboard on top.

“Is this ……?” Ji Feng’s puzzled gaze looked towards the chessboard.

“Master, this is Othello confrontation, which is more popular among the elderly in the Gamma Galaxy and has great benefits for intellectual development!” The intelligent brain replied.


Ji Feng could not help but burst out a foul mouth, bitterly laughed: “called what Othello ah, this is clearly the Earth’s Go, OK ……”

After half a day, it turned out that this so-called Othello confrontation is actually Weiqi, Ji Feng had the feeling of crying and laughing, the name is so weird!

However, Ji Feng is interested, learn Go, although not to make a living from it, but the chess game can indeed be educational, which is also true on Earth. Moreover, Go could be used as a pastime and entertainment, so one could learn it!

“Master, training is about to begin!” Ji Feng’s bitter smile did not affect the training, as Ji Feng’s voice had just come, and a phantom of an old man with white hair and an expressionless face sat on the side of the table.

Ji Feng was stunned when he heard the intelligent brain explain, “Master, this person is Mr. Othello, the Othello Master of the Gamma Galaxy, who was automatically phantom by the system, and the system has recorded Mr. Othello’s various techniques with his unique style!”

Ji Feng nodded and then sat down opposite to Ollie.

“Master, it’s starting!” The intelligent brain said.


Chapter 54

Next, Ollie first taught Ji Feng about the most basic rules of Othello confrontation. Ji Feng already had the ability to never forget, and after Ollie just introduced them once, Ji Feng had the rules dead to rights. Go to see the net .

The two then began to play one piece at a time, however, within ten minutes, Ji Feng was defeated. Although he had memorized the rules, he was not yet able to apply them in a familiar way, not to mention that he was facing a master like Ollie, and defeat was inevitable.

This made Ji Feng take it more seriously, and his expression became grave.

However, in the second game, Ollie seemed to have weakened, and Ji Feng was actually able to play against him, and in the end, Ji Feng was only defeated by half a purpose, which gave him a huge boost of confidence.

Without stopping, Ji Feng started the third game, and he was still killing it with Ollie, and in the end, he still lost by half an eye.

Game four, game five ……

The game took thirty games in a row, and although Ji Feng ended up losing each time, he was excited about it. Moreover, each game took much longer than the last, and Ji Feng was more comfortable playing it.

At this time, Ji Feng also realized that Oli had not become weaker, but in order to give himself confidence to continue playing chess and to allow himself to become familiar with it as soon as possible, he had deliberately let himself off the hook and only won by a very weak margin.

This agent training system is really powerful! Ji Feng couldn’t help but give a secret praise, and then continued to play chess!


By the time Ji Feng felt that his brain power was somewhat unable to keep up, he had already played almost a hundred games with Ollie, which was simply an amazing number!

“Master, time is up, to ensure efficiency, it’s time for master to quit!” The intelligent brain reminded from the side. .com

Ji Feng nodded, and immediately afterwards, the scene in front of him suddenly changed, and he looked back and found himself still doing the fifth move of the body-building exercise.

To Ji Feng’s surprise, at this moment he had completely adapted to the fifth movement and did not feel any difficulty, which simply made him feel incredible, it seemed that learning other skills while doing aerobics was really a good training method.

Of course, this also had something to do with the fact that he had already learnt the first four moves and his body had been trained to a certain extent.

Early in the morning, Ji Feng opened his eyes, he clenched his fists and felt his body filled with strength, he couldn’t help but wave his fists a few times in excitement, he had finally started learning new skills!

A whole night of learning, so that Ji Feng to this day is still excited, without the slightest feeling of fatigue or boredom, he could not help but feel that the super agent training system is really too humane, this system will be human nature into account, in order to stimulate Ji Feng’s interest in learning, Ollie first powerful game, then is to maintain just over Ji Feng’s level, step by step guidance, so that Ji Feng constantly catch up, see victory is about to come, but can not catch up, but not too big a gap to lose interest ……

“My life, because of the emergence of the intelligent brain, thus got turned upside down! But this is just the beginning, as my learning deepens, it will definitely become stronger gradually!” Ji Feng was full of confidence and waved his fist excitedly.

“However, I just don’t know if there is any difference between the Go taught by Ollie and the one on Earth in terms of rules, before I figure this out, I can’t play Go with others at will, or else if I make any jokes, it would be a shame!” Ji Feng secretly thought.

Afterwards, he quickly dressed, cleaned up his mother’s tricycle and pumped up all three wheels before going out for a run!

Living in the slum area also had the same advantage, that is, although it was crowded and in poor condition, there wouldn’t be too many vehicles on the road, and it was very safe for Ji Feng to run early in the morning without having to worry about a vehicle suddenly driving by.

“It’s such a pity that the supplementary skills like etiquette and language in this super agent training system are all from the Gamma system and can’t be used here at all. Otherwise, it would still be useful to master a few more languages!” While running, Ji Feng thought, secretly saying it was a pity in his heart, because this had only just started, there was no telling how many skills belonged to the Gamma system later on, it was a waste of resources!

“Master, please follow the rhythm and method of breathing for a moment!”

Just as Ji Feng was secretly thinking, the voice of the wise brain suddenly rang out in his mind, fortunately, he had already gotten used to the fact that the wise brain was in his mind, otherwise, this sudden ringing voice would have really taken one by surprise.

“What’s the rhythm?” Ji Feng asked in confusion.

As soon as his words left his mouth, Ji Feng felt a warm current slowly flowing through his body, as if his entire body didn’t belong to him anymore.

Hu~~suck, hu~~~suck!

Ji Feng’s body breathed according to this unique rhythm, and after a moment, the control of his body returned to him, and he immediately understood that this was the intelligent brain teaching him the rhythm and method of breathing.

Without much thought, Ji Feng immediately followed this method of breathing.

Half an hour later, the effect of this breathing method immediately became apparent. After running for half an hour continuously, if it were normal, he would have been so out of breath that he couldn’t even lift his legs. But now, not only was he refreshed, he didn’t even feel the slightest bit of fatigue.

It was just that the sweat was still flowing uncontrollably!

But to be able to do this was already extremely difficult, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but be amazed and at the same time a little puzzled: “If you can’t feel tired, doesn’t that mean you can’t get any training effect? Then what’s the use of running?”

The intelligent brain’s voice explained Ji Feng’s doubts, “Master, this breathing method, a method that goes along with body building exercises, can improve your endurance, allowing you to not feel tired and at the same time play a role in strengthening your body!”

“Really?!” Ji Feng’s eyes lit up, “That’s great, I was afraid it wouldn’t work!”

“Master, about the etiquette and language, although the etiquette and language within the agent training system are from the Gamma system, but master need not fret!” The intelligent brain said, “The intelligent brain has the function of data collection, master, as long as you can find the standard etiquette and language templates on Earth, you can program them into the training system!”

“It can still do that?” Ji Feng was overjoyed, “In that case, but anything in the training system that differs from Earth can be replaced with Earth templates can’t it?”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain answered honestly.

“Excellent!” Ji Feng fist-pumped with delight, “This training system, it’s really a good thing!”

To be able to collect data and to train intelligently, this is simply a great treasure! Laughing out loud twice, Ji Feng ran back with a very satisfied mood.