Campus Master Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5


Ji Feng, who had just entered dreamland, heard this voice that sounded as if it was electronically synthesized, and was suddenly jolted. Go see the net . He hurriedly opened his eyes, but the scene in front of him left him dumbfounded.

“Where is this this?” Ji Feng murmured in shock, in front of him was a white space that was empty except for a white fog, and the sky was also chaotic, so he couldn’t see anything clearly.

“Could it be that I’m dreaming?” Ji Feng muttered.

Who knew that as soon as his words left his mouth, the indifferent electronic synthesized voice from before suddenly rang out, “You are not dreaming, my master!”

“Who?!” Ji Feng was startled and jerked around to look around, but he still didn’t see anything, so he couldn’t help but be a little timid: “Who’s speaking? What kind of thing is hiding, come out if you can!”

“Yes, Master!”

That electronic synthesized voice suddenly sounded again, and immediately, the white fog in front of Ji Feng changed and quickly converged towards the centre, eventually forming a fist-sized white light ma*s, the light was soft and looked very comfortable.

Only, Ji Feng did not feel comfortable, on this light ball, there was a small face as if a child, the mouth on the small face opened and the electronic synthesized voice rang out, “Master, glad to see you!”


Ji Feng’s eyes widened, looking at the light ball with both shock and confusion, and only after a long time did he react, asking hesitantly, “You, are you talking to me?”

“Yes, master!” The ball of light wavered a few times, looking as if it was nodding.

Luckily, it could still communicate!

Ji Feng forced himself to calm down and asked again, “You …… call me master?”

“Yes, master!” The light ma*s responded.

Ji Feng felt weird, he shook his head and said, “Why are you calling me master? Have we met before?”

The light ma*s shook its head and said, “No, master!”

Ji Feng was almost frantic, coming to this empty place for no reason and meeting such a light ma*s with a child’s face, he was both scared and puzzled. .com

“Who the hell are you?” Ji Feng asked helplessly.

“Back to Master, I am Intelligent Brain One, from the 13th level civilization nation of the Gamma Galaxy, the Gamma Empire.” The light ma*s replied sharply.

“You come from the Gamma Galaxy? Ha ……” Ji Feng believed that he was really dreaming, what Gamma galaxy, he had never heard of it, moreover, he had never heard of any level 13 civilization, what Gamma Empire!

These things, too, could only appear in and movies.

“It seems that one really has fallen on one’s head, otherwise, how could one suddenly have the ability of not forgetting things, and how could one dream of these strange and weird things?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but be a little worried, he had fallen on his head, where could he find the money to go to the doctor?

“Yes, master, intelligent brain one is indeed from the Gamma galaxy ……” the light ball appeared very human, seemed to see Ji Feng’s doubts and immediately explained, “Master, the Gamma galaxy is about a billion miles away from this current planet called Earth, about one billion light years away!”

“Okay, Gamma Galaxy!” Ji Feng nodded helplessly, since he couldn’t wake up from this weird dream, let’s continue with it.

“Intellectual Brain One has completely finished integrating with its master, may I ask when the master will start training?” The light ball suddenly asked.


Ji Feng looked at the light ma*s in a daze and asked in confusion, “What kind of training?”

“Agent training!” The light ma*s immediately replied.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but hold his head and squat down, pulling his hair hard, “What the hell is going on here?”

“Is master asking me?” The light ma*s asked.

Ji Feng was completely defeated by its exhaustive pursuit and nodded indifferently, “Sort of, if you can answer me, that’s even better!”

“Of course you can, master!” The light ball immediately said, “According to the time on Earth, things should have originated three hundred years ago ……”

Ji Feng was just helplessly scratching his head at first, but as the light ma*s narrated, his attention was gradually drawn to it until he was finally incomparably shocked.

It turned out that the light ma*s was named Smart Brain One, an artificially intelligent being from the Gamma Empire, a level thirteen civilization nation in the Gamma Galaxy. At the same time, Smart Brain One was also a super agent training system!

There are many kingdoms in the Gamma Galaxy, each with extremely advanced technology, and they have already entered the interstellar era! However, the advanced technology cannot stop the greed of human nature. Every nation wants to annex other nations and dominate the universe.

As a result, wars inevitably took place.

The Gamma Empire, as the most powerful nation in the galaxy, attaches even greater importance to war intelligence, and therefore places great importance on the training of agents and spies.

Smart Brain One, a set of artificial intelligence created in times of war, is specially responsible for training super agents!

The war in the Gamma Galaxy went on for three hundred years and eventually, the largest star in the galaxy was destroyed by the overpowering war energy. The star’s explosion instantly detonated all the other stars in the entire galaxy, and the entire Gamma system was completely destroyed in a matter of days like dominoes.

In this cataclysm of galactic destruction, Wisdom Brain One was carried out by a beam of gamma ray electrons, and after three hundred years of long cosmic travel, it finally landed on Earth and entered Ji Feng’s body!

After hearing this, Ji Feng asked dumbfoundedly, “You mean, I’m …… in my body now?”

“Yes, master!” The light ma*s, no, it should be Wisdom Brain One, nodded and said, “To be precise, it’s in the master’s mind!”

“Are you sure I’m not dreaming?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask another question. In fact, he was already seven or eight percent convinced in his heart.

Although he had overlooked it before, but now he recalled that three days ago, he seemed to have vaguely heard a news broadcast on the street, in which there was news about gamma-ray flares.

This, coupled with the fact that he hadn’t felt any physical discomfort after being discharged from the hospital, but instead felt full of strength and even had the ability to never forget.

All these changes were proof that Smart Brain One was not lying.

“Yes master, you are not dreaming!” Wisdom Brain One said.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh twice, feeling embarra*sed by his timidity and hesitation.

“May I ask Master, does the training start immediately?” Wisdom Brain One spoke up and asked.


Ji Feng was stunned and only then did he remember that Smart Brain One was an intelligent being whose function was to be responsible for training people into super agents.

He asked in confusion, “Smart Brain One, can I train too?”

Because he couldn’t keep up with nutrition, Ji Feng had been weak since he was a child, and I was afraid that he could only daydream about becoming one of those legendary agents with strong hands.

“Master, you are perfectly capable of training, although your physical condition has not yet reached the minimum training standard, but after master learns the body-building exercises, you can officially train!” Smart Brain One replied, “And, before the official physical and violent training, master can learn other knowledge first!”

“Other knowledge?” Ji Feng asked curiously, “What kind of knowledge?”

“An excellent agent must not only have superb physical skills, but also be proficient in multiple languages, learn to disguise, know various manners, be proficient in various weapons, and various other skills …… “The tone of Intelligent Brain One became serious, just like a black-faced instructor in general, “Among these, there is a lot of knowledge that is not required for physical condition!”

Ji Feng drifted off and couldn’t help but ask, “What is the minimum training standard that you just said?”

Intelligent Brain One immediately said, “According to the physical condition of human beings, there are thirteen levels, starting from the third level, you can officially receive the training of the agent system!”


Ji Feng understood and asked again, “Then what level does my current physical condition belong to?”

Intelligent Brain One said, “Master’s current body is three times stronger, and it can reach level one!”

Ji Feng: “……”


Chapter 6

I’d like to say that Brain One is a super agent training system, but that doesn’t mean that the main character’s future development path is that of an agent, so please don’t misunderstand!

Also, if you think this book is okay, can you collect it?


The actual fact is that it is not even level one?

For his own physique, Ji Feng was deeply struck and asked helplessly, “The name of Wise Brain One …… is too awkward to call, from now on simply call you Wise Brain. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m. That, are you sure you’re reading it right? My body is so bad?”

“Yes, Master!”

Wisdom Brain One, or to be precise, it should be Wisdom Brain, bobbed up and down and said, “This is still after Wisdom Brain has turned on the body strengthening program for the master, stimulating the master’s body through bio-currents to achieve strength. If the strengthening program hadn’t been turned on, the master’s body would have been worse!”

Ji Feng: “……”

It’s so humiliating! The body had been strengthened and it was still this bad, so how bad should one’s own body have turned out to be?

Ji Feng didn’t think about how effective the strengthening that the intelligent brain was talking about was, and he was even less sure about what that Gamma Galaxy Level 13 physique level actually represented.

However, in his future training, he would experience it one by one!

“Alright, let’s not talk about that first!” Ji Feng was unwilling to continue on this topic, if he said any more, he was afraid that he would become a level three cripple, he asked, “How can I enhance my physique?”

“Do body-building exercises!” The intelligent brain immediately replied, “Do you want to start training now, master?”

“Body-building exercises?” Ji Feng’s mind immediately recalled the set of radio gymnastics that he did every day at school, he nodded indifferently and said, “Then let’s do it to try!”

“Yes, Master!” The intelligent brain said respectfully.

Immediately afterwards, the scene in front of Ji Feng changed violently and a virtual figure appeared in front of him, and the voice of the intelligent brain came next to him, “Master, please follow this phantom to complete the first section of movements!”

Immediately afterwards, the virtual figure posed an action, which immediately made Ji Feng look dumbfounded. .com

“Is this aerobics? …… This is clearly yoga!” Ji Feng looked at the virtual figure with incomparable amazement, the movement made by the figure was extremely exaggerated, sitting on the ground, arms spread wide, upper body pressed down almost to the legs, it was like folding a person from the waist up!

“Master, please follow the phantom and do it, if you don’t complete it within the time limit, you will be punished!” The intelligent brain said from the side.

“There’s a punishment?” Ji Feng was speechless, he still kept calling himself master, who was the master of whom?

Helplessly, Ji Feng still had to follow that virtual figure.

Only, this action looked just a bit exaggerated, but only when he really did it did he realize how difficult it was. When Ji Feng a*sumed the same pose as the virtual figure, all he could feel was that every inch of muscle in his entire body was aching, every joint was almost misaligned, and he couldn’t even breathe properly!

However, the intelligent brain said relentlessly, “Master, please hold this pose for more than thirty minutes before you are considered to have completed the first action!”

Ji Feng didn’t even bother to pay it any mind, his body, after the initial pain, was as if there were countless ants devouring it, so uncomfortable that it almost drove him crazy.

Ji Feng couldn’t help himself, he was just about to get up when he suddenly felt an electric current hit his back.


In an instant, Ji Feng’s whole body seemed to twitch, the pain was so unbearable that he was almost about to scream out, but remembering the horrible electric current, he could only grit his teeth and endure it.

The voice of the intelligent brain came from the side: “If you want to become a good super agent in the interstellar era, you must first have a super strong physique, so that no matter what kind of harsh environment you are in, you will have a chance to escape! This set of body-building exercises can improve your physique, if you practice all the movements completely and skillfully, you may reach a level 13 physique, at that time, ordinary energy laser guns won’t be able to hurt you!”

Ji Feng listened to these words, but did not have half the strength to reply, and could only suffer from the unpleasant feeling inside his body.

After ten minutes, Ji Feng felt that his body had gone numb, and that pain and soreness gradually disappeared.

He couldn’t help but let out a long breath, thinking that he was finally better now.

Who knew that just as he exhaled, another electric current struck his back.


“Ugh!” Ji Feng muffled a sound and his body immediately tensed up.

“Don’t exhale deliberately, follow the rhythm of your heartbeat to breathe, follow your body, not your will!” The intelligent brain’s voice seemed cold, at this time, it was like a cold-faced instructor.

As time pa*sed, the numb feeling in Ji Feng’s body became stronger and stronger, and at the end of the day, apart from his brain, which was still awake, his whole body had gone numb.

However, he was not in as much pain as when he first did it, and even, as he breathed with the rhythm of his body, he felt a vague sense of relief!


Suddenly, a clear, crisp bell rang.

The intelligent brain’s voice became friendly again, “Master, time is up, congratulations to master for completing the first action!”

***, I’ve finally finished!

Bang! Ji Feng lay down on the ground at once, not even wanting to move his fingers, his body didn’t even seem to be his own anymore.

Ji Feng wanted to cry, without experiencing it first hand, he would never know this kind of pain, what the hell kind of D*mn bodybuilding exercises was this?

It was not until ten minutes later that Ji Feng’s body gradually regained consciousness.

He climbed up with difficulty and asked helplessly, “Intelligent Brain, do I have to do all these weird body-building exercises in the future?”

“If master wants to have the skills of a super agent, he has to complete the training course!” The Smart Brain replied, “Of course, the master can also choose to give up and just learn other knowledge that has nothing to do with physical strength, but then, there will be a lot of knowledge that the master will not be able to learn! Because, this body building exercise not only strengthens the physique, but also develops the brain, if you don’t learn it, the master will be very limited in the knowledge he can learn!”

Ji Feng froze and asked again, “If I insist on learning it, how long will it take to learn?”

The intelligent brain said, “According to the unit of time on Earth, in a year’s time at most, the master will be able to complete all the training courses for super agents and reach the standard of a super agent in the interstellar era!”

Ji Feng asked again, “So, my previous ability to never forget is also because of this training system?”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain said respectfully, “Because the master’s brain field was stimulated by bio-currents and was developed a bit, that’s why it has the ability to never forget. As the master improves in training later, he will master more skills!”

Ji Feng was silent as he thought of his mother who had suffered so much, and of those relatives who had once ridiculed him for being a wild child and for his mother’s moral corruption. If he could master the skills of a super agent, he would have pride of place in the current Earth, which was far more backward than the interstellar era.

Only then would he be able to make a good life for his mother!

Thinking of this, he nodded furiously, “I’ll learn!”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain immediately responded, “Master, according to Earth time, it’s already six in the morning, it’s time for master to get up!”

Ji Feng was stunned, and then asked, “How do I exit? How do I come in later?”

The wise brain said, “Master can communicate with the wise brain as long as he concentrates on his mind!”

Ji Feng nodded slowly and said, “So that’s how it is.”

“That’s right, master.” The Wisdom Brain remembered something else and said, “The one action that the master just did has a significant effect on the improvement of the system, moreover, the Wisdom Brain has already stimulated the master’s body through bio-current, so while the master was doing the action, your body was changing just as much, so the master may have to adapt to some changes after exiting!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, in his mind, probably his body was just as sore and unbearable as his consciousness was now, it was no big deal.

Concentrating his mind, Ji Feng only felt a darkness in front of him, and when he opened his eyes again, he saw the roof of his house.