Campus Master Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47


Tong Lei shrieked and hurriedly covered her small mouth, but her eyes couldn’t help but look towards the lottery ticket in Zhang Lei’s hand, where the three identical patterns corresponded to a rather surprising number: “Five thousand!”

A five, followed by three zeros!

There was no doubt that this was a jackpot of five thousand, and in a two dollar a piece lottery ticket, five thousand was definitely a jackpot!

Seeing this number, Xu Mo’s face instantly turned iron blue. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

Not only did Xu Mo’s face turn blue, but even more so, it was the fat boss who looked at the winning lottery ticket in Zhang Lei’s hand in bewilderment and secretly cried out in his heart, how could this B*****d kid’s luck be so good!

He knew that the chances of winning a lottery ticket for two dollars were usually higher, but the fat boss had been running a lottery shop for several years and had only seen people win a thousand dollars at most. The propaganda that says you can win $30,000 for $2 is basically a bluff, no one is that stupid, no pie will fall from the sky!

However, this kid had actually won a five grand, what kind of D*mn luck was he having, how would this make Xu Mo look at himself?

“Holy sh*t!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, “Dude’s luck turns out to be this good!”


Tong Lei smacked Zhang Lei and snapped, “Not civilized at all!”

“Hehehe!” Zhang Lei laughed twice, shook the lottery ticket in his hand at Ji Feng and laughed, “Crazy, with just this one from buddy, you won’t lose money, no, you must treat yourself to it!”

Ji Feng laughed and said, “Don’t worry, lottery tickets are just for fun, treats are just a matter of words, you’ll definitely get your treat!”

Zhang Lei instantly laughed, “That’s more like it! Don’t dawdle, hurry up and bring all the lottery tickets, my buddy has good luck today, let’s see if we can scratch out a few more jackpots for you!”

Looking at his smug and forgetful look, Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei both couldn’t help but laugh delicately, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, no one knew better than him how the inner workings of this were. .com Only, he also did not expect that a grand prize of five thousand would come out.

Because there were too many lottery tickets, Ji Feng only skimmed through them in front of his eyes, and besides, this lottery ticket required three identical patterns to win, so Ji Feng didn’t have time to look at it in detail, and overlooked that there was even a five thousand dollar prize.

Once he thought of this reason, Ji Feng’s heart suddenly looked forward to it, since he had overlooked it once, would it still be with the second time?

Ji Feng immediately picked up all the lottery tickets and pushed them to Xiao Yuxuan’s three people separately, laughing: “Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, and Lei Zi, since we’ve all made back our capital now, and there’s still money to be made. Then the rest of these can be a net profit.”

Xiao Yuxuan and the three of them nodded slightly and began to scratch the lottery tickets with great enthusiasm.

Seeing the appearance of several people, Xu Mo’s face was incomparably gloomy, and even though he tried to put on an appearance of being happy together, the chill in his eyes betrayed his true inner thoughts.

“D*mn it!” Xu Mo cursed, “I don’t know where they got such good luck …… D*mn fat boss, how dare they go against my young master’s words, after this matter is over, see how I will fix you!”

No wonder Xu Mo was angry, not to mention that the stack of lottery tickets given to him by the fat boss added up to less than five thousand dollars in total, apart from the principal, but one of Ji Feng’s lottery tickets won five thousand dollars, and he even said something about wanting to fix Ji Feng, this was simply a great irony to say the least!

But because Zhang Lei was around, Xu Mo couldn’t get angry, so he could only give the fat boss a cold sweeping glance, with a strong meaning of warning in his eyes.

Ji Feng could see all of Xu Mo’s small movements, but he only laughed coldly in his heart, and a chill flashed in his eyes.

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a man who has been in the business for a long time.

Ji Feng knew very well that Xu Mo was using such unorthodox means to deal with himself because he was afraid of Zhang Lei. If his relationship with Zhang Lei was not that good, Xu Mo would have dealt with him unscrupulously long ago, so there was no need to use such means!

Ji Feng secretly resolved in his heart that no matter what, he would become a human being and would not let anyone bully him so blatantly anymore!

“Ah!” Tong Lei said happily, “I’ve won again, it’s fifty dollars!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, but Xu Mo’s face was stiff.

Next, Xiao Yuxuan’s trio scratched out prizes of varying denominations from time to time, but there was no doubt that these prizes had been completely earned. By the time all the lottery tickets had been scratched, Xiao Yuxuan’s three hands were a little soft.

“Holy sh*t, so winning the lottery is painful too!” Zhang Lei laughed as he moved his tired and somewhat soft hands, “Crazy, I have to say that our luck is really good, with so many lottery tickets, the ones without prizes are only one tenth at most, the rest are all bonuses!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “This is all thanks to Cla*s Leader Xu, if he hadn’t suggested playing the lottery, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even know what a scratch-off is yet, and how would I have won!”

In fact, Ji Feng’s words were tantamount to direct sarcasm at Xu Mo. In Ji Feng’s opinion, since Xu Mo wanted to screw himself, why should he leave him any leeway?

Xu Mo’s face immediately sank, opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say, he could only wave his hand and said in a generous manner, “Where are your words, this is all because of your better luck, of course, Teacher Xiao and Tong Lei and Brother Lei’s luck also account for a large part of it!”

At this point, he seemed to realise something and fiercely turned his head to look at the fat boss and said, “Boss, how many more lottery tickets do you have, bring them all up for me, I’ll also take advantage of the glory of my cla*smates!”

The fat boss’s hand shook violently, others didn’t know, but he was very clear, the five and ten pieces of lottery tickets with bonuses had already been given to Xu Mo before, the rest were all without bonuses. The two-piece ones, on the other hand, were the ones that Ji Feng had picked out and left over without knowing if there was a prize in them, because in his opinion, there were simply too few of them that were as lucky as Ji Feng!

“What, I’m going to buy it and you’re still not going to sell it, boss?” Once Xu Mo saw the fat boss hesitate, his face sank and he asked in a deep voice.

“Then, well then, this is all I have in the shop, so since this little brother insists on buying them, take them all!” The fat boss said with a bitter face, “But little brother, although I sell lottery tickets, I have to remind you that there are risks involved, it’s better to think about it before you buy!”

“There’s no need to consider anything, bring it!” Xu Mo said with a frown, he didn’t believe that Ji Feng’s luck was so good, while his own luck couldn’t even compare to Ji Feng’s?


Chapter 48

At Xu Mo’s insistence, the fat boss reluctantly took out all the remaining raffle tickets. Go to see the net .

“Hey, hey, I guess my luck won’t be bad!” Xu Mo looked at the piles of lottery tickets in front of him and couldn’t help but laugh twice, in his opinion, the fat boss hadn’t followed his arrangement to deal with Ji Feng, it must be because something had gone wrong in the middle. However, no matter how daring the fat boss was, he would never dare to use the lottery tickets without prizes against himself!

Xu Mo did not think that the fat boss had only these lottery tickets and he had asked for all of them, so how could they all have prizes?

So, when Xu Mo excitedly scratched the first lottery ticket, the smile on his face immediately disappeared without a trace, and was replaced by an irony.

The first one, no win!

“D*mn it!” Xu Mo cursed and took out a few more tickets and scratched them up, but still, nothing!

The next dozen in a row were all empty lottery tickets without any prizes, and Xu Mo’s face turned completely gloomy. He swept a cold glance at the fat boss, and the cold light in his eyes could be seen even by a blind man!

“That, this little brother, I see that you are all still students, buying these lottery tickets will cost you several thousand dollars, so why don’t you just forget it!” Even though the shop was air-conditioned, the fat boss’ face was already covered in sweat, so it was obvious how nervous he was!

Xu Mo was naturally not a fool, and looking at the boss’s expression, he seemed to realise something, so he nodded back and said, “Hmph! This lottery ticket of yours doesn’t have a prize at all, I won’t buy it. I say, boss, you haven’t tampered with anything, have you!”

The fat boss trembled in fear and said in a panic, “This little brother is joking, this scratch ticket is all covered with silver paste, I am not a see-through eye, how could I have tampered with it!”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

This thought only flashed through his mind, and then he thought he was being whimsical, how could the kind of penetrating eyes in movies appear in reality!

In fact, the fat boss didn’t know that his unintentional guess was in fact exactly the right word, except that he could never know that he was now only one step away from the truth!

Xu Mo’s face was still very gloomy, he decided in his heart that this matter was definitely not over, D*mn it, a small lottery shop owner, who only opened the lottery shop thanks to his own family, now he dares not to cooperate with him, but he dares to give himself a lottery ticket without a prize, this is simply a provocation!

Xu Mo seems to have forgotten that at the beginning, almost all of the tickets given to him by the fat boss were with prizes, only that the later ones were the ones that Xu Mo insisted on, not the ones that the fat boss wanted to give. .com But with Xu Mo’s character, even if he thought about this, he would never think that he was responsible, but would instead intensify his efforts to find trouble with the fat boss.

Of course, this is all an afterthought.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of the amount of money you’ll win, and eventually, when you can’t, you’ll ask the fat boss for a calculator and start counting one by one.

Xu Mo was watching the four of them busy at the side, his face was so gloomy that water was almost dripping out of it, and the fat boss was also cautiously smiling at the side, but his heart was constantly beating a drum.

It looked like he had completely offended Xu Mo this time, he had to find a way to make up for it as soon as possible!

“It’s counted out!”

Tong Lei’s voice broke the silence in the shop, only to see her excited pretty face slightly flushed, shaking the calculator in her hand and saying in surprise, “Ji Feng, you’re really good, do you know how much you won?”

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile, estimated in his mind and said, “About ten or twenty thousand!”

Once he heard this figure, Xu Mo’s face sank again, today was really a steal, not only did he fail to calculate Ji Feng, but he made him a small fortune instead!

“Giggle ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting.

Ji Feng chuckled, “No problem, it’s all earned anyway, it’s the same to whomever. Besides, if you guys hadn’t helped me scratch the lottery and brought me good luck, I might not have won a single one!”

Tong Lei’s pretty face instantly flushed and she gave Ji Feng a deep look, with a hint of joy in her eyes, which then flickered away.

“Big cla*s leader, how much is the money, hurry up and say it!” Zhang Lei said helplessly from the side.

Tong Lei giggled and said, “Listen up, the total is sixty-three thousand two hundred and twenty-two dollars!”


Upon hearing this, everyone present couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

This was more than sixty thousand dollars, although neither Xu Mo nor Zhang Lei’s family present was short of money, but sixty thousand dollars was still a considerable amount of money.

What’s more, they hadn’t forgotten that Ji Feng had only earned so much money in just an hour or so!

For a while, everyone’s gaze towards Ji Feng was filled with amazement and other complicated expressions.

“Ji Feng, congratulations!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a smile, “You’re really lucky!”

For this 60,000 yuan, Xiao Yuxuan naturally couldn’t see it in her eyes, but she knew that it was definitely not a small amount for a student.

As for the two siblings, Tong Lei and Zhang Lei, they were sincerely happy for Ji Feng, they were aware of Ji Feng’s family situation, with this sixty thousand yuan, Ji Feng’s family’s financial situation could definitely be greatly relieved!

“It’s all thanks to you guys!” Ji Feng said with a smile as he turned his head to look at Xu Mo again and smiled, “Cla*s monitor Xu, I was able to win so much money, it’s also due to you. If you hadn’t brought me here, I wouldn’t even know what a scratch-off is, let alone win a prize, huh ……”

Ji Feng smiled meaningfully, while Xu Mo was barely able to squeeze a smile out of his face and said, “Congratulations, Ji Feng, after winning so much money, aren’t you going to treat yourself?”

Originally, under such circumstances, anyone would have agreed with good cheer, but no one expected it, but Ji Feng’s face snapped serious and said, “Sorry, I’m not in the habit of treating guests!”

Xu Mo’s face suddenly stiffened, and just as he wanted to speak, he heard Ji Feng say, “Right, those swimming students should also come back, huh, the weather will soon be even hotter, we’d better go back!”

After saying that, he handed the lottery ticket to the boss, “Boss, please cash it in for me!”

Xu Mo’s face was incomparably gloomy!