Campus Master Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

“Ji Feng, are you all right?” The first person to come to Ji Feng’s side was not a police car with a long blaring siren, but Tong Lei who had an anxious look on her face. Go to see the net .

“Don’t worry, I’ve already beaten these two hooligans, why are the police here?” Ji Feng said with a smile, “This place is ten minutes away from the police station even by car, even if you ran back to the police, there is no way they would come so quickly!”

Tong Lei hesitated for a moment before saying, “I, I called the police station’s special operation number!”

Ji Feng instantly understood and nodded, laughing, “So that’s how it is!”

In Mang Shi County, it was almost common knowledge that there was a special action number within the police department. Ordinary people would not know this number, and only some leaders who were extremely family members, or people with special connections, would know this number.

As the name implies, the special operation number is for special people. However, the special people mentioned here are not those who have difficulties in life or are incapable of taking care of themselves, as some media refer to them.

For such people, the police station will have a special record, and after receiving their calls, they will immediately dispatch the police at the first opportunity, either to help them out or to protect them.

Obviously, as the daughter of the county party secretary, Tong Lei is undoubtedly one of the ‘special people’, and if the police department didn’t pay attention to her call, I’m afraid the police chief would have to be replaced the next day!

Reflecting the lights of the gradually approaching police car, Tong Lei saw the relieved look on Ji Feng’s face, for some reason, her heart was suddenly anxious and she said in a panic: “Ji Feng, don’t misunderstand, I was just afraid that you would be injured by those two hooligans, that’s why I reported to the police, normally, I won’t make it special!”

“Silly!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, his hand unexpectedly ghostly tapped Tong Lei’s head, “Since you have such conditions, you have to learn to make use of them. .com Relying on your family is not something to be ashamed of, as long as you don’t bully others with your power, those who say something about this are saying so because your family doesn’t have this condition and are red in the eyes!”

(PS: The views expressed here are the protagonist’s own and have nothing to do with the author himself!

Ever since Xu Mo found that guy named Bald Chao and those six thugs to deal with himself, Ji Feng was deeply aware of how important family background was to a person, especially before he really grew up, family background really had an extremely important role to play.

If Ji Feng had a strong family or a deep background to back him up, no matter how rampant he was, Xu Mo would never dare to lay hands on Ji Feng so easily, let alone threaten him with impunity!

Not only that, in fact, from a very young age, Ji Feng understood the importance of family background and background, and in his childhood, those little kids would often make fun of him for not having a father, and would even bully him for it!

Of course, although he grew up in this kind of environment, Ji Feng did not become cynical, especially after he got his intelligent brain, his brain was developed, which made him instead look at things very rationally and considerably, and learn to analyse!

Therefore, when Ji Feng envied other people’s family backgrounds, he himself would secretly resolve that since he was now being ridiculed and bullied by others because he didn’t have a good family background, he would have to work hard to create the conditions to really stand up, or at least, not let his children repeat his path again!

If one is not even willing to make an effort and just grumbles, such a person, Ji Feng cannot see it in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t think much of it, you did it for my own good too, I understand!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, defusing without a trace the embarra*sment of his own rash pat on her head just now.

What a D*mn!

Ji Feng cursed himself in his heart, how could he have ghosted and patted her head?

“Really?!” Tong Lei, however, didn’t care about Ji Feng’s action, instead she was overjoyed because Ji Feng wouldn’t think anything of her!

“Of course it’s true!” Ji Feng smiled and said.

Just then, Ji Feng’s heart suddenly thudded and he turned his head in a panic.

It turned out that the bio-current activated by the intelligent brain had not been switched off, and in this dark night, he surprisingly saw Tong Lei’s snow-white ** clearly once again, especially the white patch on his chest, which caused Ji Feng’s heart to jump sharply a few times.

“Ji Feng, what’s wrong with you?” Tong Lei asked with concern.

“No, it’s nothing!” Ji Feng was instantly startled and panicked, allowing his intelligent brain to turn off the bio-current, but he couldn’t help but breathe in sharply a few times. Although this was not the first time he saw it, the last time he saw it, it was from the back, but this time, it was a solid sight of the front, how could the bloodthirsty man stand such an exciting feeling?

“Miss Tong! Miss Tong!” Several urgent shouts suddenly came over, followed by a dozen people in police uniforms quickly running over.

“Miss Tong, are you alright?” Only when they saw that Tong Lei was still standing there unharmed, the dozen or so policemen were relieved, and a tall and imposing policeman hurried over and said, “Little Lei, why don’t you go home at night and come here?”

Saying that, this tall policeman looked at Ji Feng next to him warily, as if he was a rogue.

However, when this policeman looked clearly, he immediately lost his voice to, “Ji Feng, how come it’s you?”

“You know me? This voice is familiar!” Because the bio-current had been turned off, Ji Feng couldn’t see the policeman’s face clearly, but listening to the voice, it was familiar, but he couldn’t remember when he had an acquaintance who was a policeman!

“Brother Yan, you know Ji Feng?” Tong Lei, however, looked at the policeman in surprise.

When Ji Feng heard this, he suddenly dawned on him, “So, this policeman, is the same Captain Yan who was dealing with Xu Mo when he sent people to find trouble with him!”

He hurriedly said, “So it’s Captain Yan, I’m really sorry, I couldn’t see too clearly just now!”

“Ji Feng, why are you here?” Captain Yan asked strangely.

Tong Lei thought that Captain Yan misunderstood Ji Feng as a hooligan and hurriedly said, “Brother Yan, Ji Feng is my cla*smate, it was too late after school and I didn’t dare to go home alone, so Ji Feng gave me a ride back, he’s a good guy, it was us who ran into the hooligan bad guys on the road!”

“The bad guy was already beaten by me!” Ji Feng said with a smile, at the same time, he pointed to the two hooligans lying on the ground.


Chapter 34

“These two people …… were put down by you?” When Captain Yan saw the two hooligans on the ground, he was shocked because in the hands of those two hooligans, they were still holding two sticks!

An ordinary senior student, not yet twenty years old, could so easily put down two hooligans holding wooden sticks, and was himself unharmed?

“What’s wrong with that?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask when he saw Captain Yan’s puzzled and surprised expression. Go see the net .

Captain Yan didn’t answer, but asked, “Ji Feng, you’ve practiced martial arts?”

Ji Feng shook his head, “No!”

Captain Yan sniffed carefully again, not smelling alcohol, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Ji Feng, how did you knock these two guys down? You can’t tell me that the two of them bumped into your fist on their own, or that they were knocked out again like last time, saying that they had some kind of panic attack and ended up knocking them out!”

Thinking about the last time he met Bald Chao, Captain Yan instantly reacted, this Ji Feng was not simple!

If knocking someone unconscious that time could be said to be a coincidence, then, this time, he had put them down again as it were, this could not be said to be a chance or an accidental coincidence, there was only one possibility in this case: Ji Feng had put the other side down entirely on strength, whether it was this time or last time!

Looking at Captain Yan’s bright eyes, Ji Feng knew that if he didn’t say something, he wouldn’t be able to hide it. He couldn’t help but nod and smile: “Captain Yan, to tell you the truth, we took physical education cla*ses at school, and the teacher would teach some martial arts or something. ”

“Really?” Captain Yan was still a bit unconvinced and looked at Ji Feng with interest, saying, “Good boy, it seems that you are really not simple, don’t think that I am easy to fool, don’t forget what I am for. .com When things are done, find a chance for us to have a good sparring session! Haha!”

He laughed, waved his hand at the other policemen and said, “You guys, arrest these two guys, two losers, they can’t even beat a high school student, how dare they come out and be hooligans?!”

Ji Feng was speechless and thought badly in his heart, what kind of logic is this, does it mean that being good at fighting is allowed to come out and be a hooligan?

A few policemen immediately grabbed the two hooligans on the ground, and by the light of the police car, Captain Yan saw clearly what the two hooligans looked like and immediately exclaimed, “It’s them two?!”

Ji Feng and Tong Lei were startled at the same time, and Ji Feng asked in a panic, “Captain Yan, do you know these two people?”

Captain Yan frowned tightly and nodded his head, “That’s right, if I’m not wrong, these two people should still be serving their sentences in prison right now, how could they appear here? That’s right, it’s them, these two guys were caught by my own hands last year, when they were sentenced to four years for robbery, how did they get out?”

“What?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shout out in shock, “Captain Yan, are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

“I caught them with my own hands, could I still be mistaken?” Captain Yan shook his head and said, “Ji Feng, don’t make a sound about this matter, just pretend it never happened, wait until I’ve investigated it!”

Ji Feng immediately realized that this matter seemed unusual, he hurriedly said, “Don’t worry Captain Yan, I know what to say and what not to say!”

“That’s good!” Captain Yan nodded and smiled, “Miss Tong, Ji Feng, it’s not too early now, I think it’s better for me to send you back with a car, it’s a bit unsafe for you two to walk on the road!”

“No, there’s no need!” Before Ji Feng could say anything, Tong Lei next to him hurriedly refused, “Brother Yan, don’t, if my dad sees it, he’ll be worried sick again, don’t tell my dad about this matter either, okay?”

Captain Yan hesitantly said, “This ……”

“Brother Yan, you don’t want to see me get a lecture either, right? Anyway, nothing happened to me, and besides, with Ji Feng beside me, I’m sure I’ll be fine!” The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Don’t come looking for me if my sister-in-law doesn’t let you into the house!”

“You girl!” Captain Yan burst into tears, waved his hand and said, “Count me scared of you, you guys hurry back, I will keep this matter a secret for you!”

“Many thanks Brother Yan!” Tong Lei smiled cheekily and said to Ji Feng, “Let’s go!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and greeted Captain Yan before continuing on his way.

At this time, however, Captain Yan suddenly pulled Tong Lei by the hand and said in a low voice, “Little girl, I’m afraid that the reason you didn’t dare let me tell your father was not because you were afraid that he would worry, but because of this kid!”

Looking at Ji Feng’s back, Tong Lei’s pretty face suddenly flushed and she pouted, “Brother Yan, what are you talking about, I just have an ordinary cla*smate relationship with him, there’s nothing else going on!”

“Oh, is that so, it seems that I’ve thought too much!” Captain Yan laughed, waved his hand at Tong Lei and said, “Go on, rest early at night!”

“Bye Brother Yan!” Tong Lei waved her hand with a cheeky smile and quickly caught up with Ji Feng.

Looking at the back of the pair, Captain Yan couldn’t help but smile slightly and said to himself, “An ordinary cla*smate relationship? The little girl seems to have forgotten what I do for a living, how can this still be hidden from my eyes? If it was really just an ordinary cla*smate, how would the little girl use this special action phone that she has never used before? Besides, how did these two rascals get out? And how did they find Xiao Lei and Ji Feng? Was this just a coincidence? Or is there something else in it?”

After pondering for a long time, Captain Yan finally made a decision and said, “There is something fishy about this matter, we must tell Secretary Tong, just, I hope Tong Lei and Ji Feng don’t think I am deliberately informing on them!”


Walking on the road, Ji Feng and his kind were silent.

Ji Feng was still playing with a torch, shining the way for Tong Lei, but he didn’t notice that the corner of Tong Lei’s mouth, hanging a trace if a smile, while in her eyes, there was a trace of a hard-to-understand look!

What was flashing in Tong Lei’s mind at that moment was the scene when she was facing those two hooligans, when Ji Feng resolutely stood in front of her and let her go first.

At that time, although Ji Feng’s back was thin and frail, in Tong Lei’s eyes, it was so tall and magnificent. Seeing this back, somehow, Tong Lei’s heart had a very safe feeling, not to mention the two hooligans standing in front of her, even if it was two vicious criminals, Tong Lei believed she would not have a hint of fear.

The reason is, there is Ji Feng in!