Campus Master Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

Most of the students in the entire cla*s were unscrupulously mocking Ji Feng, as if in this boring senior school year, Ji Feng, a poor boy, became the only object of their mirth and became the target of their amusement, which was a kind of fun for them.

Especially the few boys who looked at Xu Mo’s face and acted, laughed even louder, fearing that no one else would hear them.

It was the few students who usually had a fairly good relationship with Ji Feng who did not look very good when they heard these jeers. Most of these students were from the countryside and their families were not rich, so the ‘poor kids’ that the other students were talking about actually included them!

Zhang Lei, who was sitting next to Ji Feng, was even more blue in the face, listening to those people mocking his best friend, he furiously stood up violently and slapped on the table at once.

“All of you **** shut up, this is a cla*sroom, not a place for you to spill your guts!” Zhang Lei roared with a fierce face.


The cla*sroom was silent, no one dared to speak anymore. Even Xu Mo, who was usually the most rampant in the cla*s, could only curse in his heart, but did not dare to show the slightest on the surface.

“Humph!” Zhang Lei saw that the crowd was deterred, and only then did he sit down with a huff, his gaze still unkind.

In the face of all this, Ji Feng, however, only smiled faintly, patted Zhang Lei’s shoulder and looked up to Xiao Yuxuan, “Teacher, may I start, please?”

“Of course you can!” Xiao Yuxuan looked at Ji Feng with interest and nodded her head, “Of course you can!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and looked around, swirled and calmed down a bit before he began, “Then, I will introduce myself in English. ynameis……”

As soon as Ji Feng started to introduce himself in English, the eyes of everyone in the cla*s changed and couldn’t help but look at Ji Feng in amazement, as if they had seen something incredible. .com

In fact, to them, it did seem incredible.

What Ji Feng said was indeed English, and it was extremely skilled and fluent, and the accent was extremely pure, simply a pure Oxford accent.

Although these students could not speak English fluently, they had listened to English tapes a lot when they were doing English exercises. Therefore, they were able to tell whether the English was pure or fluent.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that this fluent and pure English was coming from Ji Feng’s mouth!

Not only those students, but everyone present, including Xiao Yuxuan, could not help but reveal a look of shock.

In particular, Xiao Yuxuan, Zhang Lei, Tong Lei and Hu Xuethui were shocked beyond belief, they could not believe what they were hearing!

Zhang Lei and Hu Xuehui were the two who knew Ji Feng the best. In their perception, although Ji Feng was very hardworking in his studies, he was also very introverted, and he was usually a bit embarra*sed when the teacher named him to answer questions. Moreover, in the past, his spoken language was definitely not so pure.

But now, what Ji Feng showed was far beyond their perception, so how could this not surprise them?!

“Could it be that he had been modest before, and what I saw was not the real him?” The fluent self-introduction of Ji Feng was heard in her ears, Hu Xuehui was secretly puzzled in her heart, and then she smiled disdainfully, even if her English was good, what was the use? At most, she would be a translator in the future, how much money could she earn?

Besides, if you are good at English, but not at other subjects, you will still fail to get into university.

Even if he got into a good university, given the situation of Ji Feng’s family, would he still be able to afford it?

Thinking of this, the disdain on Hu Xuehui’s face became even stronger!

However, no matter how much she disdained, at this moment, she could not block out the light of Ji Feng, who was the focus of the entire Cla*s 6 at this time!

However, of all the people present, the one who was most shocked was Xiao Yuxuan!

Xiao Yuxuan was a highly talented English graduate, and her English skills were profound, however, as Ji Feng introduced himself, the shock on her face grew thicker and thicker.

The reason was that Xiao Yuxuan had already heard out that what Ji Feng was talking about was standard Oxford English, and to practice to such a level, one either had to have spent a few years abroad, or else, one had to undergo hard training.

To learn a foreign language, the environment is most important. Even with all the training, without a good environment, one would not be able to speak such pure spoken English!

“This younger brother that one recognized only yesterday, is a language genius!” Xiao Yuxuan immediately had a judgment in her heart, “And …… also has a magical and incomparable ma*sage technique!”

For some reason, Xiao Yuxuan suddenly thought of that shy scene last night, and two red clouds floated onto her face!

“…… That’s all for my self-introduction, thank you!” When Ji Feng finished and sat down, the cla*sroom remained silent, only the sound of rising and falling breathing was clearly audible!

Tong Lei, who was sitting in the front row, was the first to react, and she clapped her hands from the bottom of her heart, “Pop, pop, pop!”

Immediately afterwards, all the people came back to their senses and began to applaud, especially those students who were still on good terms with Ji Feng, who applauded even more enthusiastically. Ji Feng’s performance could be said to have given a resounding slap in the face to those students who had ridiculed him before, and it had greatly relieved them!

Zhang Lei even almost clapped his palms red as he secretly said in his heart, “Crazy, I knew it, you can do it if you have confidence!”

Only after the applause gradually stopped did Xiao Yuxuan ask with a smile on her face, “Everyone, was Ji Feng’s self-introduction wonderful?”

“Wonderful!” Many of the students shouted at the same time.

“Very good, I hope everyone can practice their speaking hard in the future like cla*smate Ji Feng ……”

What Xiao Yuxuan said next, Ji Feng could no longer hear, he was immersed in his inner world and was excited beyond measure. He knew that he had really become extraordinary.

Although there was an intelligent brain helping in this introduction process, the words that came out of his mouth relied on him to recite them one by one, and this sense of achievement was more exciting to him than even winning the jackpot!

“This is just a small beginning, in the future on the road of life, I will definitely create more miracles, making more impossibilities into possibilities.”

Ji Feng secretly clenched his fist and said in his heart, “From now on, I will work even harder, just like today, to dazzle those who used to mock me and make those who used to laugh at my mother, look up to her. I don’t bully, but I don’t want to be bullied either, let alone have my mother made to be laughed at! I will do it!”

Finally, Ji Feng said in his mind, “Intelligent Brain, thank you, without you, my life would still be in darkness!”


Chapter 28

Ji Feng’s brilliant performance in English cla*s shocked all the students, making all of them can’t help but be impressed by him. Ji Feng used his strength to win the respect of the other students.

Of course, among these complimentary gazes, there were also a few disdainful and mocking gazes.

“Humph! What’s the use of being able to speak English? The other courses are still a mess, and the future university entrance exams aren’t just for speaking!” A sneer of disdain hung at the corner of Xu Mo’s mouth, “What’s more, even if you get into university, you can only afford to go to university, can you?”

Also thinking this way was a girl – Hu Xuehui.

“Good for you Ji Feng, when you were with me, you even lied about your English not being good and not getting very good grades in every exam, now it seems that you’ve been lying to me all along!” Despite having dumped Ji Feng, realizing that she might have been cheated by Ji Feng, Hu Xuehui was still indignant in her heart, only this indignation was not the annoyance between lovers, but Hu Xuehui felt that she had been cheated by a poor boy, which was an insult!

“But can you afford to go to university?” Hu Xuehui sneered, just a powerless B*****d with a family of four, how dare he think of going to university? It was ridiculous!

For these thoughts, Ji Feng naturally did not know. However, even if he knew, he would have smiled faintly and dealt with it indifferently.

Ji Feng, who was already used to being ridiculed by others, could already turn a blind eye to these stares and contempt.

After experiencing the English cla*s, Ji Feng had even more confidence in the intelligent brain and his training results. He decided that he must complete all the courses of the Super Agent Training System in the shortest possible time, so that he would have enough capital and great strength. .com

“Good boy, you’re really good!” Just after cla*s, Zhang Lei slapped Ji Feng on the shoulder, “That English, I think even those professional translators can’t speak it as fluently as you do! By the way, when did you practice this? I was unaware that you spoke so well?”

Ji Feng snorted and said, “It’s just that when I usually watch TV, I like to watch foreign channels and learn along!”

“Well, this method is good, I can recommend it to Xiao Lei, but it’s a pity, brother I’m not a fan of English, otherwise, I would have used this method to practice speaking too!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. His real training method, of course, could not be told to anyone, not to mention whether others would believe it, and if someone did believe it, once word got out, he might be dragged off to be studied as a white mouse himself!

After truly realizing the preciousness and secrecy of the Smart Brain, Ji Feng secretly decided that he would never say anything about it to anyone.

At this moment, a cla*smate in the front row turned his head and handed over a slip of paper, which read, “Ji Feng, I can’t imagine that you speak so well, if you continue to work hard, it won’t be very difficult to get into an ideal university, go for it!”

The font was elegant and fresh, it looked very comfortable, and at a glance it was clear that a girl had written it.

Ji Feng froze and thought to himself, “Who would write a note to himself?”

He used to be an introvert and had very few friendships with the other students in his cla*s, especially with the girls, and there were only about a dozen of them that he usually spoke to, and the ones that were a little more familiar were, apart from Hu Xuehui, only Tong Lei, who had only been friends with himself before.

The first time I thought of this, Ji Feng’s heart snapped, Tong Lei?

Could it be her? Ji Feng was puzzled.

Ji Feng was about to show the note to Zhang Lei so that he could identify whether the script was written by Tong Lei, but thinking that he would probably be flirted with by this kid, Ji Feng dismissed the idea and pondered slightly for a moment before picking up a pen.

He wrote on the note: “What’s the use of being good at English, I’ve missed too many cla*ses in the past two years, even if I memorize it by rote, I don’t know how to apply it, there’s not much hope for university entrance exams!”

Without asking who had written it, Ji Feng folded the note again and asked the student in the front row to pa*s it on as it was.

Not a moment later, the note was pa*sed again, only to see it read, “Don’t be discouraged, being able to practice your speaking well proves that your learning ability is not bad, maybe it’s because of the wrong learning method or other reasons that caused your grades to not be very good. If you don’t mind, we can discuss the problems you encounter in your studies together!”

It was still unsigned, and still in such a beautiful and light font that it made people look all comfortable.

Seeing the words written on the note, Ji Feng was stunned, and after thinking about it, he put pen to paper and wrote, “Sure, if possible, please stay after school so we can discuss it together!”

As the note was pa*sed back, Ji Feng stared dead at the movement of the students in front of him, watching as the note was pa*sed forward row by row, until finally, it landed in a small, white, silky hand, the owner of this small hand was really Tong Lei!

Ji Feng was stunned, she actually wanted to discuss study-related issues with herself, there was no doubt that this was absolutely impossible. Tong Lei’s grades were among the top in the whole year, never being in the top two outstanding grades. According to the promotion rate of the second secondary school in Mang Shi County, as long as Tong Lei could maintain her current grades until the college entrance examination, she would definitely be admitted to the top university.

How could such a top student discuss study methods with himself? Ji Feng was puzzled.

But after thinking about it again, Ji Feng was relieved. Tong Lei probably saw that she was better at speaking and wanted to ask herself about her study methods, but for other courses, people don’t need to discuss with themselves!

“When the time comes, I will tell her that I am practicing my spoken language according to the foreign language channel’s program, so that I can also make a reference with her!” Ji Feng secretly decided. He had once seen someone practicing speaking in this way in a book that introduced learning methods, and it had been very effective.

In the afternoon, Ji Feng was still reading, although he had made a splash in the morning, that only made him more confident, but he would not get C*cky because of it.

When one is serious, time pa*ses quickly, and in a flash, it was time for school to end in the evening.

Ji Feng didn’t know if Tong Lei would stay, so he didn’t care, but started to pack his school bag and prepare to go home as soon as possible.

After thinking about it, Ji Feng felt that if he had to read books at night, he would definitely disturb his mother’s rest, so he took the books out of his school bag again and decided not to take them home at night.

Reading and studying during the day and receiving training from the intelligent brain at night was the only way to complete the Super Agent System training in the shortest possible time and get his grades up again!

With this hesitation, a few minutes had pa*sed, and most of the students in the cla*s had finished leaving.

Just at this time, a fresh and ethereal smell wafted in, Ji Feng jerked his head up, and immediately saw a smiling Tong Lei, whose smile made a hundred flowers lose their colour and beauty!