Campus Master Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

“What do you have to explain?” Ji Feng grunted, “If Tong Lei hadn’t spilled the beans, I wouldn’t even have known that you were her brother, you B*****d, you’re simply too hateful!”

Zhang Lei laughed bitterly, “I’m hiding my identity, it can’t be helped. Go see the net . Crazy, you don’t understand our family’s situation. My family’s old man adheres to the saying [poor son, rich daughter] and insists that I conceal my name.”

“What? So that’s how it is, then you’re really unlucky!” Ji Feng harrumphed. He also knew about the expression [poor son, rich daughter].

There was a saying circulating among the people of Mang Shi County, and it was called [poor son, rich daughter]. The so-called ‘poor son’ meant that one should be strict in raising a son, and not allow him to live too richly before he grew up to adulthood, otherwise, he would be spoilt and spoiled.

Moreover, a son who grows up in a greenhouse will not be able to experience the stormy weather outside, and will not be able to stand on his own when he becomes independent in the future.

The meaning of ‘rich daughter’ is that if you raise a daughter, you have to provide her with good conditions, do not let her be deprived of food and water, and let her grow up in a warm and rich environment, so that when she grows up and sees the outside world, she will not be tempted by the flowery and green world outside.

There are too many girls who are not well-off and who are greedy for enjoyment, but end up on the wrong path, either to become improper women, although on the surface they pretend to be noble, arrogant, and full of brand names, but in reality, they may be in and out of vice establishments, or become the mistress of those high officials and big money, or go on the path of crime!

This is the saying [poor son, rich daughter], which has been pa*sed down from the old ancestors and has been popular in Mang Shi County for an unknown number of years.


Chapter 26

“Tattletale …… that is something only children do, I won’t do that kind of thing!” Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, “Only, if Tong Lei accidentally overheard us and told your father about it ……”

“Count on you to be ruthless!” Zhang Lei looked at Ji Feng fiercely, “Crazy, I can warn you, that female teacher is beautiful, that is still your teacher, you can’t get any bad ideas, the most suitable person for you, is Tong Lei!”

Ji Feng cried and laughed as he glared at him, not saying anything. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

He was very clear about his status, and there was a big gap between him and Tong Lei, and he wouldn’t hit on anyone until he really had enough strength.

The two of them talked and laughed, time pa*sed quickly, and in a flash, it was time for cla*s to start.

Ji Feng started reading again and immersed himself in his world world.

Soon, two periods of cla*s time had pa*sed, and the third, was English cla*s!

“Soon, soon, that beautiful teacher is coming soon!” Zhang Lei, with a face full of excitement, came over once again and laughed heatedly, “Crazy, I heard that this teacher is a talented girl, and is both talented and beautiful, don’t get too excited when you see her later!”

“Go to hell!” Ji Feng cursed with a laugh, “You think I’m you!”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Zhang Lei laughed heatedly.

Just then, the sound of crisp footsteps gradually came over, and all the students in the cla*s rushed to do well, especially the boys, who all seemed to want to make a good impression on the new beautiful teacher.

Soon, a pink figure walked into the cla*sroom, just like a bright and intoxicating landscape. .com

Ji Feng, on the other hand, was frozen!

This beautiful teacher was tall, her exquisite body was convex and concave, her perfect features were like a deliberate masterpiece of the heavens, while those autumn water-like eyes, with their flowing waves, embellished the pretty face that was full of smiles.

The beautiful teacher’s upper body was dressed in a pink short-sleeved T-shirt, and her two snow-white lotus-root arms were delicate and smooth. On her lower body, she wore a pair of blue and white skinny jeans, wrapping around that round and slender pair of beautiful legs that one could not help but look at.

Such an outfit made this beautiful teacher look, at first glance, reminiscent of those gloriously beautiful stars, yet she appeared even more beautiful than the stars, yet had the dress of a sister next door, truly bearing and youth all together in her body, seducing the heart!

“How, how could it be her ……?” Ji Feng opened his mouth wide in a dumbfounded manner, staring dumbly at the beautiful teacher on the stage.

This radiant beauty was no other than the beautiful woman who had only met Ji Feng the night before – Xiao Yuxuan!

At this moment, she had a warm smile on her pretty face, and her beautiful eyes swept over the faces of the whole cla*s, only, they lingered on Ji Feng’s body for a moment longer. Although there was no trace of it, Ji Feng still felt that when Xiao Yuxuan looked at herself, there was a smile in her beautiful eyes.

“Hello students, I am the new English teacher, first introduce myself, my name is Xiao Yuxuan ……” Xiao Yuxuan’s crisp and pleasant voice rang in every student’s ears, soft and sweet, sounding very comfortable.

“She, how can she be a teacher?” Ji Feng still couldn’t accept the fact in front of him and felt astonished beyond words, although Xiao Yuxuan looked obviously a bit older than him, however, in Ji Feng’s opinion she was at most a repeater, how could she be a university graduate who came to be a teacher?

Seemingly seeing Ji Feng’s shock, Xiao Yuxuan blinked her beautiful eyes towards Ji Feng as she spoke, her eyes displaced, and her eyes seemed to contain a strong smile.

Obviously, Ji Feng’s shocked look made Xiao Yuxuan very happy.

“Students, today is my first cla*s, so instead of studying the textbook today, we will first introduce ourselves to each other and spend the rest of the day chatting, starting from the next cla*s, before starting the official cla*s!” Xiao Yuxuan’s pleasant voice rang out once again, making every one extremely comfortable!

“Below, we’ll begin!” Xiao Yuxuan smiled faintly.

Next, one by one, the students began to introduce themselves, and because Xiao Yuxuan was really a rare beauty, both boys and girls liked her a lot and were very excited to talk, and the atmosphere in the cla*sroom was very active.

“Really good, tsk, really good!” Zhang Lei looked at Xiao Yuxuan on the podium and couldn’t help but nod his head in admiration, with a piggyback look.

“You guy, it’s a pity that you don’t go to be a pervert!” Ji Feng scolded with a laugh.

“Ji Feng, it’s your turn!” At this time, a student on the other side touched Ji Feng’s arm and said in a low voice.

Ji Feng was stunned, he was only surprised just now and didn’t even quite know what Xiao Yuxuan had actually said.

He stood up blankly, not knowing what to say.

The other students instantly laughed, especially some students who were closer to the vice cla*s president Xu Mo, who snorted with laughter.

“Just that poor kid, he can’t even talk, no wonder he was dumped by Hu Xuehui!”

“That’s right, a poor kid, how dare he think of eating the flesh of a swan with a toad, he doesn’t know how to write the word shame!”

“If I were him, I wouldn’t have the face to stay in school!”


This kind of non-sense easily reached Ji Feng’s ears, but it did not anger him, just made him smile slightly and said calmly, “Sorry teacher, I didn’t hear what you were saying just now, can you repeat it again?!”

“Hahahaha ……”

As soon as Ji Feng finished his words, a burst of laughter came out from the cla*sroom, many of the students were pointing and snickering privately at Ji Feng.

Xiao Yuxuan furrowed her eyebrows, hearing those students’ mockery of Ji Feng, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, but as a teacher, she couldn’t say anything.

“This student, come and introduce yourself, say a little more about your interests, and your basic situation, and that’s it!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a smile, an encouraging look appearing in her beautiful eyes, “Speak boldly, don’t be afraid!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said secretly in his heart, “Beautiful sister, although I don’t care about other people’s cynicism, but, just for your encouragement, I won’t let you down!

Thinking of this, Ji Feng raised his eyebrows and asked, “Teacher, can I say it in English?”

Hahahaha ……

There was another burst of laughter at the bottom, although it was no longer a problem for high school students to speak a few sentences of English, however, in a high school in a small county like this, many students were still unable to speak English coherently, moreover, Ji Feng’s grades had never been too good, and now he actually offered to speak in English, which, when the other students looked at it, was simply asking to look bad!