Campus Master Chapter 209-210

Chapter 209

In fact, originally, for the sudden appearance of Ji Feng, Ji Shaolei’s feeling was not as natural as it is now.

Although Ji Shaolei had never looked down on Ji Feng, but to put it bluntly, the Ji family was after all a high family, while Ji Feng had been living in the countryside since he was a child, following his elder aunt, although he later moved to a small county, but that didn’t make any difference.

It is true that people from small places are simple-minded, loyal and kind, these are the advantages that no one can deny, and they are the advantages that people in big cities do not have.

But there is one thing that Ji Shaolei cares a lot about.

In this modern metropolis of light, materialism, simplicity and kindness, not only is not an advantage, but will be a liability, no one is any more simple, and absolutely no one will show kindness, people with this quality, may get the respect of others, but will never live happily, especially in the metropolis, it is more so.

Thick skin, black heart, this is the law of survival in the big city.

At least, in Ji Shaolei’s opinion, it was like that.

But no one could guarantee that Ji Feng would quickly adapt to life in a big city, let alone that he would adapt to the kind of rivalry between people in a big city. The kind of simple and kind nature that he brought from the countryside had become a hindrance to him.

What’s more, as the Ji family is a powerful family in China, and one of the top few, Ji Feng will be the eldest grandson of the Ji family after he acknowledges his ancestors, a fact that no one can change.

Then, if the Ji family is given to Ji Feng to control in the future ……

Ji Shaolei did not even dare to imagine how far the Ji family would go if it was really left to Ji Feng. Although Ji Shaolei was usually an A**hole and perhaps did things that even a dude would do, he was not stupid and still hoped that the Ji family would grow better and better.

In addition, Ji Feng’s mother, Ji Shaolei’s eldest aunt, will become the head mother of the Ji family if she returns to the family, and her status is definitely not comparable to that of an ordinary woman. And it is likely that she will be as simple and kind as Ji Feng, a person of goodwill.

But such a person would obviously be at a disadvantage if she were to be the head mother of the Ji family!

Not to mention anything else, just those so-called luxury noblewomen in Yanjing alone, as well as those celebrity daughters and luxury wives, none of them are simple, which one of them does not have more eyes in their hearts than a honeycomb coal?

If you don’t keep a high level of vigilance when talking to them, not to mention normal interactions, I’m afraid that you will even be able to find out what kind of crap your ancestors have done.

If Ji Feng’s mother were to accidentally reveal any confidential events of the Ji family when she was interacting with other ladies, the impact on the Ji family at that time would not be ordinary!

Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, Ji Shaolei did not welcome Ji Feng’s return. Even after he found out the news, his first reaction was to give a large sum of money to Ji Feng’s mother and son and give them the most privileged life, but not to let them return to the Ji family.

He believed that this thought was not only his own, he believed that many people in the Ji family, including even those who followed the Ji family, had this thought. It was just that with Eldest Uncle Ji Zhenhua around, no one dared to say anything. But deep down, it was obvious that they did not quite agree with Ji Feng’s mother and son.

This has nothing to do with looking up to or looking down on, but simply considering things from the perspective of the long-term development of the Ji family!

In fact, no one had ever looked down on Ji Feng’s mother and son, because the blood of the current head of the Ji family flowed in Ji Feng’s body, and if one looked down on Ji Feng, it was the same as looking down on oneself.

However, as Ji Feng came to Jiangzhou, his first meeting with Ji Shaolei left him stunned.

A man who had never participated in stone gambling before had made over forty million dollars on his first bet! This was simply more profitable than robbing a bank!

Ji Shaolei didn’t believe in luck, although there were lucky people in this world, it was definitely not Ji Feng’s turn, otherwise, he wouldn’t have followed his mother and suffered in the countryside for so many years.

This also meant that it was very likely that Ji Feng had earned this 40 million or so by virtue of his ability.

This first meeting, Ji Feng’s appearance was quite remarkable, and even gave Ji Shaolei an embarra*sment, who let him be a bully at that time?

Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng was able to spot the fake miracle doctor’s scam at a glance, and made his father’s back, which had been incurable for years, suffer considerably less.

If these were just a few of Ji Feng’s skills, then Ji Feng’s performance today could be described as completely amazing.

From the moment he entered the Linjiang Club, Ji Feng took every step in the right direction, and every step he took was reasonable, while forcing Qiao Gakai to the point where he eventually had to violently injure someone.

Then, it was Ji Feng’s terrifying physical skills that shook the whole room and left Ji Shaolei in awe.

Later, it was Ji Feng’s series of tactics from calling the police to forcing Li Weidong to do so. Even Ji Shaolei, who was used to seeing all kinds of tactics, was a bit dazzled and could not keep up with the pace.

Now when you think about it quietly, that is simply astonishing ah.

“Third child, second brother is convinced!”

Driving, following the police car leading the way, Ji Shaolei put up a thumbs up with one hand and couldn’t help but sigh, “Clinging to the word law, Qiao Gakai also let you fix him without temper.”

He had suffered great losses from Qiao Gakai, so he naturally knew how difficult this guy, who was two years younger than him, was to deal with, especially since the old man still defended the Qiao family, which made Qiao Gakai even more unscrupulous.

But when he met Ji Feng, Qiao Gakai couldn’t jump up and down, even with the Ji family’s old man defending him, he was also beaten up badly.

This is exactly where Ji Feng is smart, and Ji Shaolei sincerely felt admiration.

Knowing that his own senior was defending the other side, but Ji Feng pretended not to know, it was not like the senior had told him himself anyway, just because of this little loophole, Ji Feng managed to anger Qiao Gakai and forced him to make a move.

Once Qiao Gakai made his move, he completely fell into Ji Feng’s trap, and even if he wanted to struggle, he could no longer get out of it.

Because Ji Feng had seized the most important point – follow the law!

In the circle, if this kind of thing happened at any other party, everyone would definitely look at whose fist was hard or whose financial power was strong yes, but Ji Feng, because he hadn’t been in this circle, simply didn’t follow the usual rules, just one sentence, you made a move against me and it was a killing move, obviously you want to murder me!

We are all gentry, but I am not going to fight with you in terms of wealth and power, if you want to kill me, I will defend myself justifiably, and it is your bad luck to be disabled, no one can say anything.

I will still call the police and leave it to them to deal with any matters. Even if this kind of thing goes to the families of both sides, no one can say anything.

If one side was a powerful family and the other was an ordinary citizen, perhaps there would be people who would dare not put the law in their eyes, but both sides are big families, so they are standing in front of the same line and no one can cross it.

The bones in both shoulders were shattered, and according to Ji Shaolei’s judgment, I’m afraid that even if they were cured later, they would definitely leave after-effects, or at least, these hands would be considered ruined.

The fact that Li Weidong was pulled down with a few simple words later on, how could such tactics be played by ordinary people?

Duan Peng also couldn’t help but nod beside him and sighed: “Older brother is not only brilliant in his tactics, but this hand …… is also really terrifying! Even if ordinary people have this tactic of old brother, if they don’t have an overpowering body, they will definitely not be able to achieve this kind of effect now!”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled: “What you guys said is serious, Qiao Gakai originally made a killing move, I was just defending myself, that’s all. I believe Li Weidong will testify to that.”

Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, Li Weidong testified, that was really hard for him. To come out and testify would mean completely offending the Qiao family, and what he would have to face in the future would be the Qiao family’s revenge.

“Third child, second brother really needs to thank you, if it wasn’t for you, second brother wouldn’t know when this breath would have come out!” Ji Shaolei let out a long sigh, the stifled anger from three years ago, until now, was finally completely out of breath.

Duan Peng also said solemnly, “Old brother, nothing else, I Duan Peng remember, in the future, as long as you say something, I Duan Peng absolutely do as you say, no second thoughts!”

One of the two had suffered a great loss under Qiao Gakai, and the other had been forced to go nowhere by Qiao Gakai, now seeing Qiao Gakai in this state, how could they not be happy?

Ji Feng waved his hand and laughed lightly, “My own brothers, it would be out of place to say this, Brother Duan, you are my second brother’s hairdresser, so naturally you are also my friend, so don’t say such out of place words in the future.”

Ji Shaolei’s heart was suddenly filled with emotion, where was San’er’s lack of tact, his tactics should not be too powerful!

If Third Child took control of the Ji family in the future, this would definitely be a blessing for the Ji family!

Ji Shaolei also thought of those cousins and aunts in the family, cousins and aunts, they must not look down on San’er’s mother and son, otherwise, really angered San’er …… Ji Shaolei secretly decided that they must remind those people, otherwise, the consequences are not something they can bear.

As the three of them talked, they had soon arrived at the nearest police station.

The police are naturally very efficient because of Ji Shaolei’s identity, and in just half an hour, the statements had all been taken.

Afterwards, Ji Feng made a copy of the evidence he had in his hands at the police station, while the original remained in Ji Feng’s hands, which was the most important evidence, and could determine a person’s life and death when the right could not be greater than the law!

Afterwards, the police just informed the three people that they were waiting to be notified at any time, after all, Qiao Gakai and the others were still in the hospital now, and it would take some time before they could really enter the interrogation process.


Chapter 210

In a hospital in Jiangzhou, Qiao Gakai and Zhu Yongtao were divided into two wards, with Qiao Gakai and Zhu Yongtao in one ward and Zhu Yongtao’s two junior brothers in the other.

Qiao Gakai was lying on the bed, his two shoulders up to his wrists, all in plaster, slightly open and afraid to move, his thighs were also suspended by bandages, his whole posture was weird and awkward.

Zhu Yongtao was better off, as only his ribs and chest bones were broken, so he only needed to hold his upper body in place, but he couldn’t do it because it would affect the healing of the bones, so his posture was even more uncomfortable.

Moreover, because his sternum and ribs were broken, Zhu Yongtao did not even dare to breathe hard, he could only breathe in gently and exhale slowly, and when he exerted himself a little, he could not help but bare his teeth and grin in pain, but on the contrary, as soon as he moved a little, it hurt even more, and when it hurt, he wanted to move ……

This kind of torture makes the two of them not even dare to scream, but they can’t help but feel the pain!

If possible, the two really do not want to stay here for even a second longer, this painful feeling, people who have not experienced it simply can not understand.

The corners of Qiao Gakai’s mouth were crooked, and from time to time he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, but the look in his eyes was incomparably resentful: “****, that B*****d Ji Shaoyun, if I don’t get him killed, I’ll take his surname!”

Zhu Yongtao, whose eyebrows were also filled with pain, snorted softly, “How are you going to kill him?”

Although it was an angry tone, because of the intense pain, he could only speak in a soft whisper, not daring to be the slightest bit angry again, once he broke the bones that had been hard to put back together, only then would he have something to cry about!

Qiao Gakai choked for a moment, yes, how to get that boy to death?

In terms of kung fu, the five of them combined were no match for that kid, they couldn’t even block a single move from him, and in terms of family background, there was no way to compare. Qiao Gakai believed that if he really used his family’s power to deal with the Ji Shaolei brothers, when the time came, not to mention whether the Ji family’s senior would be angry, just within his own family alone, there would definitely be many people who would disagree.

“How about we spend money to hire an a*sa*sin?” Qiao Gakai asked hesitantly.

“See stupid!” Zhu Yongtao let out a stifled cry, if he wasn’t still wounded, he was afraid that he would have already burst into a rage, “You’ve only just started a conflict with them, if they were suddenly killed, then anyone would be the first to suspect you.”

Qiao Gakai suddenly winced, it was indeed true, beating them a few times, the Ji family’s senior might not say anything, but if he really killed them, then even the most good-tempered person would definitely be moved to thunderous anger, the Qiao family might be destroyed in an instant, and he would definitely die without a burial place.

Power, wealth, they are all meant to be pa*sed on to future generations, but if they are extinguished, then what use are they? A person who is in despair is absolutely terrifying, not to mention, this person is the old man of one of the country’s greatest families?

Obviously, this solution would not work.

“That little beast, how can he be so powerful!” Qiao Gakai was full of resentment and said through gritted teeth, “Senior brother, do you think it’s possible that that kid is also a heir from somewhere?”

Zhu Yongtao was stunned, and after a moment of contemplation, he slowly shook his head and said, “I can’t say for sure, his speed is just too fast, and it’s impossible to tell exactly what kind of kung fu he’s using. However, I feel that his kung fu seems to be somewhat similar to the style used in the army, so it couldn’t be military fighting techniques, could it?”

“That’s not possible!” Qiao Gakai instantly retorted excitedly, what kind of joke is that? It wasn’t impossible if one could beat oneself with even military fighting techniques. But that kid had easily defeated even Zhu Yongtao’s four men, how could this be something that could be done with military fighting techniques?

“I am just guessing, his kung fu is ruthless and swift, his strikes are as fast as lightning, and it is because he is so fast that he gives people the illusion of being slow.” Zhu Yongtao shook his head slightly and said, “If it’s not military fighting arts, then he must be a heir from somewhere, there’s absolutely no mistake about that. There are absolutely no more of these ancient martial arts that are still known in secular society now, and what that kid is using should be an extremely powerful ancient martial art.”

“Then, what do we do then?” Qiao Gakai asked in a frozen voice.

“What else can we do? We can only wait!” Zhu Yongtao said with hatred, “Wait for someone from the division, and also wait for the result of the matter from above ……”

“Hey!” A hint of anger flashed across Qiao Gakai’s face as he gritted his teeth and said, “After injuring me and my four senior brothers, I won’t let him off so easily!”

Zhu Yongtao opened his mouth, but he wanted to say something but stopped. He shook his head slightly in his heart and sighed softly, “Now, I’m afraid it’s not a matter of whether you’ll let him go or not, but whether he’ll let you go!”

Earlier in the first floor lobby of the Linjiang Club, Zhu Yongtao heard very clearly that that kid did not even see this matter as a fight between gentry, and directly rose to the level of murder, that meaning was already very obvious, using the law to solve the problem.

The kid also has evidence in his hand.

Zhu Yongtao’s eyes rolled and glanced at Qiao Gakai, who had a furious look on his face, hating in his heart, if he didn’t want to use his Qiao family’s influence in the secular world to find what the division needed, how could he have cooperated with such a stupid thing?

Now, I only hoped that the division would know about this sooner, put pressure on the top and send someone over.



Yanjing, inside a luxurious villa, a middle-aged woman in her forties, viciously slammed the phone on the table, her face, which was already wrinkled, carried a strong look of anger: “D*mn it, D*mn the little beast! Ji Shao Lei, Ji Shao Yun, good, how nice! Ji family, you owe me another debt, I will tangle with you to the end!”

On the sofa opposite her, a middle-aged man with a slightly white face and greasy combed hair was smiling and asking, “Wife, what’s the matter that you’re so angry again?”

“Wang Wengao, you needn’t to be cheeky in front of me, your son has been seriously injured by someone and is now lying in hospital, and it is said that the other party is going to sue him for murder!” The middle-aged woman’s face was full of anger, “You’re still in the mood for jokes here?”

The middle-aged man named Wang Wengao suddenly turned pale and asked in a panic, “What’s going on? Didn’t Gakai go to Jiangzhou, how come ……”

Speaking here, he seemed to have suddenly remembered something and said hesitantly, “The person who beat him up, couldn’t it be someone from the …… Ji family?”

“Apart from their family, who else would dare to be so reckless?” The middle-aged woman’s eyes were filled with hatred and she gritted her teeth, “Back then, that old B*****d of the Ji family clearly had the ability to save my father, but he chose not to save him, so that my father was killed with hatred, which also led to the decline of our Qiao family. Now, they’ve even spared my son!”

Looking at the middle-aged woman’s agitated and angry expression, Wang Wengao only shook his head slightly: “Xiao Rong, this is not the time to talk about this, let’s go to Jiangzhou as soon as possible and see how our son is doing, right? Jiangzhou is not our territory after all, if we don’t rush there now, in case something happens then ……”

It turned out that the middle-aged woman was no other than Qiao Gakai’s mother, Qiao Rong. Wang Wengao, on the other hand, was the Qiao family’s son-in-law and Qiao Gakai’s father.

Qiao Rong’s face suddenly changed violently when she heard that, she nodded her head in a panic and said, “Yes, yes, I will immediately send someone to book air tickets, we will immediately rush to Jiangzhou, I really don’t believe it, the Ji family people have the guts to kill me together!”

Seeing his wife’s shrewish look, Wang Wengao couldn’t help but frown slightly, but didn’t say anything. Nowadays, he had no status in the Qiao family, more often than not, he was even like a servant, if he spoke up now to console, I was afraid that what he would get was a foul scolding, this kind of thing, it was just too much.

Just imagine, even the son took his mother’s surname, how high could Wang Wengao be in the Qiao family?

Moreover, whenever the Ji family was mentioned, Qiao Rong’s temper would immediately flare up. Wang Wengao knew that back then, Ji Zhenhua would rather find a random woman than Qiao Rong, and this matter was too big a blow to Qiao Rong, who was determined to use the power of the Ji family to revitalise the Qiao family, so it was no wonder that she had always harboured a grudge.

But as a man, the thought of his woman hating another man all the time, and because of the male and female aspects of the matter, even though Qiao Rong may not really have any feelings for Ji Zhenhua now, just a kind of hatred that she harbors because she didn’t use him, Wang Wengao is still very uncomfortable.

Only Wang Wengao knew very well that if he wanted to keep his current position, he could never clash with Qiao Rong on this matter, so he chose to hold back.

“No matter who beat up my son, I must make him pay for his life before I do!” Qiao Rong said through gritted teeth.


Also in Yanjing, in a quaint and quiet quadrangle, an old man with white hair all over his head was sitting under a large tree. In the surroundings of the courtyard, there is a loaded armed police standing guard at every distance, showing that the people living in this courtyard are definitely of extraordinary status.

It was October and the weather was already getting cooler. The old man was sitting on a recliner, with a long-sleeved woolen coat already on him; the old man was too old to withstand the cold.

Accompanied by his escort and intensive care staff, the old man is squinting and listening to a middle-aged man beside him whispering something.

This middle-aged man was full of majesty, unruffled, and an air of superiority naturally emanated from him, but in front of the old man, he looked cautious and full of hesitation.

“So, Little Feng beat up the little monkey from the Qiao family? And beat up those four people who went with him as well?” Only after a long time did the old man speak slowly, his voice seemed a little weak, but the middle-aged man could not help but feel anxious.