Campus Master Chapter 207-208

Chapter 207

In the hall, everyone stared at Ji Feng in disbelief.

The powerful performance of that Ji Feng just now was unbelievable to everyone, especially the kind of ruthlessness of his methods, which made people’s hearts appalled.

The moment he struck, it was such a harsh killing move!

Although there were few people present who knew fighting kung fu, it did not mean that their eyesight was poor, especially as Ji Feng’s performance was simply too shocking and impactful.

Every move he made, everyone present could see it clearly, from the strike, to the end, all of them fell into the eyes of the crowd with unparalleled clarity, yet, it happened that Zhu Yongtao and the others just couldn’t dodge it, they didn’t even have the ability to block it, let alone fight back.

What kind of kung fu is this?

Everyone stared blankly at Ji Feng, thinking in their hearts that if those attacks just now had hit their own bodies …… everyone couldn’t help but shiver.

In modern society, martial arts have long since gradually degenerated, and even, the ancient martial arts of China have turned into ‘dance arts’ with the corruption of more and more indiscriminate experts and so-called masters, coupled with the decay of martial arts style.

Thus in the eyes of the ma*ses, no matter how good a martial artist is, he cannot forbid a bullet, or even a random pocket knife, to finish off a so-called martial arts expert without any surprise.

Moreover, those legendary kung fu techniques in which one fights several have long since really become legends, and the crowd has gradually stopped believing in them. Especially those so-called martial arts programmes on television, where two masters battled each other and the result was just a punch from you and a kick from me, fighting without any power.

However, when this amazing and incomparable figure of Ji Feng appeared in everyone’s sight, everyone was then horrified and shocked to realise that real kung fu was so terrifying!

So what if you have a gun, so what if you have a sword?

In front of Ji Feng, you wouldn’t even have time to fire your gun, you would be killed in an instant, so what was the use of hot weapons?

Real kung fu is just too shocking!

Duan Peng and Ji Shaolei were equally dumbfounded as they looked at the standing Ji Feng, unable to react for a long time.

“Shao, Shao, Shao Lei, your family’s Lao San is really …… too terrifying, right?” Duan Peng stammered and asked, the pleasure brought by Qiao Gakai and the others being ruthlessly beaten up was instead washed away quite a bit, now his mind was all stuffed with Ji Feng’s terrifying stance.

Ji Shaolei subconsciously nodded and said, “Yes, it’s a bit terrifying, little uncle just said that his body is not bad, who knows ……”

At that time when Ji Zhenping called him, he just said that if Qiao Gakai wanted to provoke, he would take Ji Feng with him, ‘he’s not bad, he can handle that kid from the Qiao family’ these were Ji Zhenping’s original words. How could Ji Shaolei not have thought that the ‘not bad’ that his younger uncle spoke of was actually so terrifying?

Not only them, but also the equally shocked and horrified Qiao Gakai, whose bones in both shoulders had been shattered and who was limp in his chair. Seeing Ji Feng’s terrifying hands, Qiao Gakai’s teeth fought straight and his heart was overwhelmed with fear. His greatest reliance was on the four Zhu Yongtaos and their division, which was why he dared to confront the Ji family and did not put Ji Shaolei in his eyes.

But now, Zhu Yongtao’s four men, who were incredibly powerful in his eyes, were easily defeated by this Ji Shaoyun, and they were completely defeated, without even the ability to fight back, which really made him feel desperate.

Until now, Qiao Gakai still didn’t know that this youth who made him feel afraid was not actually Ji Shaoyun, but the eldest grandson of the Ji family, Ji Feng!

Ji Feng, however, ignored the expressions of the others’ gazes and the thoughts in their hearts as he directly dialled the police.

On the phone, Ji Feng only said that there were thugs who wanted to kill him, but fortunately, he dodged them and knocked them all out.

Speaking of which, Ji Feng handed the phone to Li Weidong again, “Mr. Li, you are the owner of this clubhouse, I, a guest, was attacked here, what are you going to do?”

What else can I do?!

Li Weidong cried, painfully thinking, now it has come to this point, the Qiao family is considered to have been completely offended to death, if it offends the Ji family again …… moreover, Ji Feng now handed him the phone, is to ask him to make a choice, and still make a choice now.

Gritting his teeth, Li Weidong took the phone and shouted, “Listen, this is Li Weidong of Linjiang Club, now I have thugs committing murder here, although they have been restrained by us, but we don’t know if there are any more of their accomplices here, please send the police immediately!”


The sound of tables and chairs falling to the ground came over the phone, the operator was nervous when he heard it was Li Weidong of Linjiang Club, as police officers in Jiangzhou, they naturally knew what Linjiang Club was, it was a club owned by the mayor’s son, even his own chief might not be able to get in if he wanted to spend money there, how could the operator not be nervous?

“Mr. Li, try to take cover, we’ll rush there as fast as we can!” After hanging up the phone, the operator immediately panicked and ran straight to the captain’s office and reported the situation in a panic.


The mayor’s grandson was attacked by thugs, how could this be? If the second son of Jiangzhou was attacked under his rule, then he wouldn’t have to be the head of the CID anymore.

In the meantime, the Interpol team quickly mobilised and ordered all the police patrols in the vicinity of the Linjiang Club to rush to the Linjiang Club and make sure to protect Mr. Li.

Linjiang Clubhouse, first floor lobby.

Li Weidong hung up the phone, still not satisfied that his performance was not enough, he bellowed, “Security, come immediately, control these few thugs, protect the guests at the scene, must not let them be hurt!”

Li Weidong’s sudden change of heart left everyone present dumbfounded. Everyone in the room knew that today was a banquet held to welcome Qiao Gakai, and it was because Li Weidong had climbed up the Qiao family tree that all the guests present looked up to him, and even Ji Shaolei had come to the banquet.

But now, in the blink of an eye, Qiao Gakai has been called a thug? And from the looks of it, there was a good chance that he would become a murder suspect!

This was too much of a change, it was just a bit too upside down!

The longer he delayed, the more intense the pain became, which was unbearable.

However, he could not stand up even if he wanted to, not to mention that several wolf-like security guards had already arrived at his side, and were on guard as if they were enemies.

Qiao Gakai’s heart was ashen, his face pale, he could not understand, Ji Shaolei’s brother how to have such a strong body? His own four senior brothers, not only were they true ancient martial arts heirs, but also, they came from that place, how could they be beaten in front of Ji Feng without even using one face to face?

The four Zhu Yongtaos, who fell to the ground not knowing whether they were dead or alive, certainly couldn’t understand either. They confidently followed Qiao Gakai to Jiangzhou, originally to prevent Ji Shaolei from finding helpers, otherwise, if it was just to deal with Ji Shaolei, Qiao Gakai alone would have been enough, three years ago Ji Shaolei was not Qiao Gakai’s opponent and had a few ribs broken, now he would be even less of a match for Qiao Gakai.

The reason is that in the past three years, Qiao Gakai has only spent one year in the army, and the other two years, he has been studying ancient martial arts under his master, and his strength has improved by leaps and bounds.

Zhu Yongtao, on the other hand, had stayed in the division since he was a child, and after more than twenty years of training, he was still defeated by Ji Feng in a single glance!

This kind of result made Zhu Yongtao unable to accept any more.

In fact, shortly after Zhu Yongtao fell unconscious, he was woken up by Li Weidong’s loud voice, but he did not get up, but continued to pretend to be unconscious.

What was the point of getting up? It would only add to the laughing stock.

Moreover, the young man might not be able to forgive them, and when he saw them get up, he would probably beat them up again, which would not only be more humiliating, but would also aggravate their injuries.

The young man’s body was in the best condition before, but he was also beaten by Ji Feng in just three punches and two kicks.

Zhu Yongtao wisely chose to pretend to be unconscious, so the focus of the scene, everyone’s mocking and other complex gazes, were all focused on the still conscious Qiao Gakai. Every single one of those stares made Qiao Gakai feel full of irony, and his face was incomparably ugly, but he didn’t dare to lash out, so he could only endure it.

If there was a crack in the ground, Qiao Gakai would have already dug in!

The four of them had already come back to their senses, but they had a wildly happy look on their faces.

Zhu Yongtao’s four men were already powerful enough, especially Zhu Yongtao, whose speed was simply terrifying.

But in front of Ji Feng, these four men were like children, Ji Feng just greeted them all with one move.

This kind of skill ……

The first time I saw him, I could not help but let out a long breath in my heart, I just felt so relieved. Thinking about the injuries he sustained three years ago when he was beaten by Qiao Gakai and hospitalized, and then looking at the two arms hanging down, sitting limply on a chair, his face pale and ghostly.

Ji Shaolei really wanted to shout, “What a **** relief!”


Chapter 208

Hearing that it was the Linjiang Club that was in trouble and that one of the parties involved turned out to be Li Weidong, the police arrived at the scene with unprecedented speed, despite the fact that the Linjiang Club was located in the suburbs, it had not even been ten minutes since the police were called.

“Mr. Li, Mr. Li!” As soon as the policeman in the lead entered the clubhouse, he shouted, “Mr. Li please don’t be nervous, we’re here to save you!”

The whole hall was already very quiet, everyone was still in shock from earlier, being shouted by this policeman with such a loud voice, immediately everyone came back to their senses, and buzzing chatter suddenly rang out.

The police officer was really able to get it right, did he think Li Weidong was being held hostage or something?

When Ji Feng and the others laughed at him, Li Weidong couldn’t help but blush. He cursed in his heart, “Which B*****d is this?

When all the policemen poured into the lobby on the first floor, the policeman at the head was still shouting, “Mr. Li, is Mr. Li there?!”

“What are you shouting for! Calling for the soul!” Li Weidong said in no good humour, “I’m here!”

The policeman was stunned, and only then did he look clearly at the situation in the hall, the other guests were all joking and laughing, these people had all seen big scenes, this small scene would naturally have no effect on them, if I had to say anything, it would only mean that the identities of the people who had been beaten up were just too extraordinary.

People from the Qiao family!

But anyone who is well-informed has heard of this family, this is a powerful family in China, and it is said that Qiao Gakai is also the first grandson of the Qiao family, the leader of the third generation, but here he was beaten like a dead dog, and the one who did it was Ji Shaolei, the number one son of Jiangzhou!

“Comrade police, these few people came to the banquet and ended up impersonating others, committing murder at the banquet site with the intention of murdering others, only to be restrained!” Li Weidong glared fiercely at the policeman, if this guy didn’t have eyesight anymore, Li Weidong was really going to be furious.

Are you kidding, the person to be arrested now was someone from the Qiao family!

If there is a carelessly handled badly, it may cause a larger shock, and, before the news is spread out, the charges must be sat on, at the very least, the evidence, the questioning process, as well as some of the most basic things, must be in hand, which requires the police’s reaction and handling strength.

In Li Weidong’s opinion, this policeman seemed a bit unreliable, even if he wanted to kiss a*s again, who would shout all the way over with such a big grin?

To Li Weidong’s surprise, although the policeman at the head of the group was a bit over the top in a*s-kissing, he was very sharp in dealing with this matter, and he waved his hand, “Arrest him!”

The policemen behind him immediately arrested Qiao Gakai, Zhu Yongtao and the others, during which one of the policemen hit a bit hard and slapped Qiao Gakai on the shoulder: “Stand up!”

“Ah…!” Qiao Gakai shouted miserably, his whole body was shaking in pain, the veins on his forehead were rising high, if it wasn’t for the excruciating pain all over his body, he could almost jump up at once.

Only then did the policeman realise that both of Qiao Gakai’s arms were unable to exert any strength and seemed to be broken.

“Hiss…!” Several policemen couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, and the situation of Zhu Yongtao’s four men made people’s eyes pop. One of these four men had his thighs broken and the bones were raw and bumped out, so white that it made people’s hearts shiver, while the other, had a piece of his chest dented and a piece of his ribs collapsed, apparently the bones were likewise broken.

A third, on the other hand, had two arms broken, and a fourth …… was fortunate that the fourth did not seem too badly injured. A policeman, relieved, reached out to pull up the less seriously injured man. But just as he touched his hand, he realised that the man’s hand was surprisingly limp …… Well, this one’s hand was broken too!

A total of five people, none of them without injuries, and all of them were not lightly injured.

And what really makes these police officers suck in a breath of cold air is that the four people lying on the ground, respectively, two two opposite lying, if you connect the two opposite people in the middle of the line, the intersection of the two connecting lines, is the centre of the four people.

What this means was absolutely clear in the minds of the police officers present, and judging from the situation at the scene, it meant that these four people were knocked off their feet at that central point, separately! Moreover, these four people must have struck at the same time, but were broken by someone at the same time.

It’s not easy to break four people’s attacks at the same time …… even if they were just four ordinary people, but from the looks of the scene, it looks like it was one person who did it!

What kind of stature is this?!

A few police officers couldn’t help but swallow their saliva, jokingly, this kind of skill, even their captain, certainly can’t do it, right?

It was too late to think about it, the leader was already urging, several policemen were carefully lifting Zhu Yongtao and the others up, while calling the emergency number, people died in the hospital all right, but not in their police station, it would be unclear then.

“Shao Lei brother, send these people to the hospital …… is this appropriate?” Li Weidong hesitantly asked, since he had already resolved to defect to the Ji family, then he naturally had to bring Qiao Gakai down completely, otherwise, once the other side had slowed down, it would be himself who would die then.

Therefore, Li Weidong still thinks that if we take these guys to the police station first, get the evidence and statements and so on, and then send them to the hospital, we will not be afraid that Qiao Gakai will play any more tricks. Because as long as there’s evidence in hand, it’s like being invincible!

Ji Shaolei, however, smiled slightly and waved his hand, saying, “It’s alright, they can’t afford to make any waves.”

Li Weidong nodded and echoed a smile, and stopped talking, knowing that today’s matter was definitely not small, and that he had to report to his father at the first opportunity, otherwise, he might be pa*sive by then.

Even now, Li Weidong’s heart is still scared, the Qiao family, that is not something they can afford to mess with, but under Ji Feng’s clever coercion, he had no choice but to stand against Qiao Gakai, and now when he thinks back, Li Weidong is suddenly horrified.

But since he had done it, he had to do it to the end, otherwise, he would have offended both the Qiao family and Ji Shaolei, and when the two sides came together against him, he wouldn’t even be able to find a grave to cry on.

While the police were carrying away Zhu Yongtao and Qiao Gakai’s five men, Li Weidong sneaked to the side and called his old man at home at a very fast pace to tell him what had happened.

“Pig brain! Realising that something is wrong, why don’t you hurry up and correct it?!” Just as the words were finished, the phone was hung up.

Li Weidong looked at the phone dumbfounded, not responding for a long time: “Wasn’t it you who told me to have more contact with Qiao Gakai? Why are you scolding me now?”

Li Weidong understood that the wind had changed, and that the old man meant to get himself on Ji Shaolei’s side!

Having understood this, Li Weidong couldn’t help but feel a little smug, he had been on their side for a long time!

He had even forgotten that he had actually been forced to this point by Ji Feng. Of course, even if he hadn’t forgotten, he would have deliberately chosen to ignore this fact.

“Mr. Li, I don’t know which of the parties involved need to come back with us to take a statement.” The captain at the head of the group came in front of Li Weidong with a smile on his face.

Li Weidong’s gaze looked at Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei, especially when he saw Ji Feng, Li Weidong couldn’t help but twitch a little in his heart, his ruthless body was really too impressive to Li Weidong.

“Fortunately, I didn’t offend him to death last time, otherwise ……” remembering what happened at the last birthday party, Li Weidong subconsciously touched his ribs and thighs, and then thinking about the few people who were carried away by Qiao Gakai, he couldn’t help but shiver, if that kind of injury was placed on himself, would he still be able to live?

“Brother Shao Lei, you see ……” Li Weidong asked hesitantly, the parties, that is not Ji Shao Lei three?

Ji Shaolei, however, smiled and nodded, saying, “This is as it should be, comrade police officer, let’s go.”

The policeman at the head of the party was also relieved, after all, he also knew very well that those who could come here for the banquet were at least rich or noble, and the methods used to deal with other people could definitely not be used on these people.

“A few people please!”

Ji Shaolei nodded with a subdued face and turned his head to ask, “San’er, why don’t you come along too.”

Ji Feng laughed, “I’m not going, these you or you fight, huh? Let’s go, it’s not the first time you’ve been in a police station anyway.”

“You kid ……” Ji Shaolei was dumbfounded and laughed.

Ji Shaolei, Ji Feng and Duan Peng walked out together, Duan Peng also went to the police station as a party, after all, Qiao Gakai plotted his property, the two had long been at loggerheads, there was no need to leave any face for the other party.

Li Weidong, however, hesitated, according to reason, this is considered his report to the police, and, today’s banquet is also arranged by him, he is naturally also considered one of the parties, but if now go to ……

He clenched his teeth and said aloud, “Wait a minute, comrade police, I am also one of the parties involved, allow me to give an account of this side, and this will go with you!”

“Hmm? How did he become so sensible today?” Ji Feng asked in surprise, in his impression, Li Weidong didn’t seem so wise, right?

“What’s so strange about that, he must have asked his old man for advice!” Ji Shaolei smiled faintly while giving Ji Feng a thumbs up, “Third son, good job, I really want to thank you properly, second brother!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Thank me for what? I was just defending myself.”

Ji Shaolei laughed, but in his heart, he was feeling, “Third son is only twenty years old, but his shrewdness is no less than anyone else’s. Eldest uncle has really given birth to a good son!