Campus Master Chapter 205-206

Chapter 205

Ji Feng really didn’t know what to say, although this person in front of him spoke gently, the contempt and arrogance in his tone exposed the arrogance in his bones.

I really don’t know where these people get their sense of superiority from!

Stronger than themselves? Or were they more superior to him in other ways? Or maybe they really felt that they had gotten the better of themselves just because there were so many of them?

“How about this, if Your Excellency agrees, why don’t we sit down and talk?” The man said indifferently.

Ji Feng calmed down at this point instead, although he hadn’t really wanted to kill Qiao Gakai before, he just wanted to teach him a lesson and hand the video over to the police, at most it would only give the Qiao family a headache for a while, as long as grandpa knew about it, Qiao Gakai would still be fine with everything.

But now, he was not going to let Qiao Gakai off so gently, just because the attitude of these few people disgusted him.

Ji Feng could already conclude now that the guy who had just made a killing move on himself was definitely not just trying to stop himself without making a killing move, as he had said.

I’m afraid that what he wanted to do more than make a killing move was to seriously injure himself!

“Where did these few people come from?” Ji Feng had always been interested in this question, especially after the other party made the gesture of clasping his hands in salute, he became even more interested, in between, there might be some important message, and Ji Feng naturally wanted to know about it.

Besides, even if there is no important message, it is not a bad thing to know about the opponent, as the saying goes, if you know yourself and your opponent, you can win a hundred battles.

When that man saw that Ji Feng seemed to have the intention to retreat, he immediately thought that it was because of the large number of people on his side that had scared Ji Feng’s heart. He instantly settled in his mind and said with a smile, “This gentleman, this is a clubhouse after all, and most of the people present are dignitaries, so it doesn’t seem too good if you continue to make a move, does it?”

“Besides …… even if you want to make another move, you may not be able to take advantage of it, why don’t we just sit down and talk now, we can discuss everything!” The man smiled faintly, as if he was some big shot speaking.

Ji Feng sneered in his heart, but his mouth asked, “Sitting down is not necessary, right? What do you want to talk about, just say it!”

Before that person could say anything, an angry look flashed in the eyes of the other three, one of them even glared directly at Ji Feng and clenched his fists, as if he might come up and give Ji Feng a severe beating at any moment.

In their eyes, Ji Feng’s skill just now was indeed very good, but it didn’t really make them take it seriously, because there were four of them. If the four of them joined forces, they had full confidence that they could take Ji Feng down in an instant.

It was also because of this reason that made these four people not really consider Ji Feng as an opponent at all.

“Well then, today’s matter is considered wrong for Senior Brother Qiao, however, Your Excellency also has something wrong with him, besides, Your Excellency also gave Senior Brother Qiao a serious injury, this matter is closed, what do You think?” The man asked indifferently, while several others slowly approached Ji Feng, cold light flashing in their eyes.

Ji Feng didn’t even look at the other three men, he just snorted, “Am I stupid? Or are you stupid? What are you, and what qualifications do you have to talk to me? Qiao Gakai wanted to kill me, everyone heard it, and he also took action, I hit him hard, that was just self-defence, why should we end it there? Have you got sh*t in your head?”

“Watch your mouth, kid!” A man snorted coldly, hatred in his eyes was so strong that he wanted to pounce on Ji Feng and crush him to death right now.

Ji Feng didn’t even look at him, he just said disdainfully, “Do you really think that because you are outnumbered, you can have a sure victory? You really don’t know how to live or die, there are some things you can talk about, but, there are some things you can’t talk about, get lost immediately and don’t force me to strike at you!”

“Kid, you’re so wild!” A man said angrily.

“Fight us? Don’t you think that’s a bit too ridiculous?” Another man sneered.

The guests around them whispered, but they couldn’t tell who was better or worse in kung fu between Ji Feng and that man, but seeing Ji Feng facing these four people and still daring to be so arrogant, they couldn’t help but be surprised, this was really not what a wise man would do!

Ji Feng, however, was not moved in the slightest, nor did he pay any attention to the others’ thoughts, he just stood there with a sullen face, quietly waiting for his second brother, Ji Shaolei, to return from the surveillance room.

To him, these few people did not constitute any threat at all, and if he wanted to, he could let these few people go out sideways at any time, but before that, he must first ensure the safety of his second brother.

Of course, although it was said that no one dared to really lay a hand on the second brother, but Ji Feng was not sure in his heart. Just these four people who appeared out of nowhere had dared to kill themselves just now, what else would they not dare to do?

At the same time, Ji Feng was also puzzled in his heart, what exactly were the origins of these four people who followed Qiao Gakai?

There was another point that Ji Feng had never been able to understand before, why did Qiao Gakai dare to be so rampant?

The day would come when the old man of the Ji family would grow old, and at that time, I am afraid that the Qiao family would be destroyed in an instant the next day, and there might even be no dogs left. Under such circumstances, Qiao Gakai was still so arrogant, what exactly did he rely on?

Ji Feng would not naively think that Qiao Gakai was being foolishly arrogant. No matter what Qiao Gakai said or how he acted, there was no trace of foolishness, which meant that Qiao Gakai must have something to counterbalance the Ji family!

Of course, this backing should not be able to destroy the Ji family, otherwise, with the Qiao family’s hatred for the Ji family, I’m afraid it would have been put into practice long ago.

The old man was so defensive of the Qiao family, even if he had been good friends with the Qiao family, but that was decades ago, and the Qiao family was attacking the Ji family in every possible way.

Although his heart was very puzzled, Ji Feng’s face did not show any difference, he just stood there steadily, his whole person naturally exuded an aura that made people unconsciously awe-inspiring, as if this was not a young man of about twenty years old, but a 30 or 40 year old majestic superior!

The four men who had come with Qiao Gakai could not help but feel a sense of awe, for it was not often that such an aura appeared on such a young man.

The atmosphere in the hall fell into a stalemate, the leader deliberated for a moment before saying, “This gentleman, introduce yourself, I am Zhu Yongtao, these three are my senior brothers, I don’t know what your name is!”

Ji Feng frowned slightly and glanced at him lightly, but ignored him.

“Kid, my senior brother is talking to you, didn’t you hear me?!” A man next to him instantly became angry and shouted.

“Noisy!” Ji Feng snorted coldly.

“Kid, you’re looking for death!” The man was instantly furious and was about to come up and make a move!

Zhu Yongtao instantly reached out to stop the man and said, “Senior brother, don’t be impulsive.”

After saying that, he looked at Ji Feng, “This gentleman, it’s better to behave, not to be too arrogant!”

“Huh ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but snicker, “You really dare to talk, you came to Jiangzhou, working for the tiger and plotting to seize other people’s property, and you dare to call me arrogant?”

“Senior Qiao and us are brothers and teachers, what’s more, this involves business activities, it’s not as if you say that plotting and seizing is just that.” Zhu Yongtao said indifferently.

Ji Feng frowned at him, still arguing sopH*morically at this point, was there any point?

Next to him, Duan Peng was furious, he snorted coldly, “Qiao Gakai wants to acquire my company, the price offered is not even ten percent of my total a*sets, how can you call this a commercial activity? It’s simply too much bullying!”

Zhu Yongtao glanced at him, but did not say anything. It was obvious that Duan Peng was not in his eyes at all.

“You ……!” Duan Peng was furious, but he couldn’t do anything to Zhu Yongtao.

Soon, Ji Shaolei and Li Weidong came down from upstairs together, Li Weidong had a bitter face, his eyes were all disillusioned, this time he had completely offended Qiao Gakai, if he had known that Ji Shaolei was so disrespectful to Qiao Gakai, and Ji Feng was so tough, how could he not be so up to bend to Qiao Gakai ah.

Now, the Qiao family has not been able to get on board, but instead has completely offended the other side to death.

Li Weidong could even imagine that when Qiao Gakai left this place, the first person he would deal with would probably be him, Li Weidong!

You know, Ji Shaolei and Ji Feng’s identities were there, Qiao Gakai couldn’t possibly not have scruples, but he, Li Weidong, didn’t have much of a background, ah, I’m afraid even his father, wouldn’t be put in the eyes of the Qiao family!

“D, how come I didn’t inquire about this in advance!” Li Weidong regretted in his heart, if he had known that the Qiao family had fallen and was no match for the Ji family, he wouldn’t have done this, let alone fought with Ji Shaolei, wasn’t that seeking death?

But he also knew that even if he went poking around, he probably wouldn’t be able to find out anything.

Some things at the top are simply not something that people below can pry into.

Ignoring Li Weidong’s bitter face, Ji Shaolei raised his hand at Ji Feng, and in his hand, he was holding a storage disk, apparently having gotten his hands on the surveillance information just now.

“Chief Duan, someone here is trying to kill me, you, the witness, aren’t you going to call the police?” Ji Feng turned back to Duan Peng and smiled.

Duan Peng immediately reacted and hurriedly took out his mobile phone, about to call the police.


A silhouette flashed violently, Duan Peng was startled, and the next moment, he saw one of Zhu Yongtao’s senior brothers standing in front of him, staring at him fiercely, “Put the phone down!”

“Oh ……” Ji Feng laughed mockingly, “What a great authority, attempted murder, yet you still don’t allow others to call the police, it seems that you are all his accomplices!”

Saying that, Ji Feng took out his mobile phone from his pocket, “In that case, it’s better for me, the victim, to call the police myself!”

“Your Excellency!”

Zhu Yongtao’s face instantly sank as he said coldly, “It’s better not to go too far as a human being, otherwise, the consequences are not something you can bear!”


Chapter 206

Ji Feng really wants to split open these people’s heads to see how their heads actually grow, where did their superiority complex come from?

They have come to this point, but they are still so arrogant as to openly threaten themselves. Are these people blind, unable to see the situation at all?

Or maybe they had something to fall back on?

Ji Feng grinned: “I’m just defending my rights, someone wants to kill me, can’t I call the police?”

With his mouth full, the movements of his hands did not stop, his fingers had already started to touch the keys on the phone.

“Kid, don’t look for death!” A man said coldly, the man had already started to slowly approach Ji Feng.

Ji Feng frowned, this person was obviously carrying a heavy killing machine, he couldn’t help but be aghast in his heart, how dare these four people carry a killing machine on this occasion, they clearly wanted to kill themselves, what a big nerve!

He laughed coldly and was not moved at all.

Duh! Duh!

Ji Feng pressed two buttons and was just about to press a third when Zhu Yongtao finally spoke again, “Your Excellency, wait, perhaps there is something that your Excellency should be interested in.”

He took out a small hard leather book from his pocket, about half the size of his palm, and handed it to Ji Feng with an arrogant expression on his face, “I think that after reading this, your Excellency should figure out exactly what to do!”

Seeing this book, Duan Peng and Ji Shaolei’s faces instantly changed.

And Qiao Gakai, whose shoulders had been broken, finally had a smug smile appear on his pale face, but his heart was filled with bitter hatred.

The expressions of Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng and the others fell on Ji Feng’s eyes without reservation, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, was this book that powerful? It could make even the second brother a little uncomfortable?

Ji Feng’s gaze swept over that book without a trace, his face did not change, but his heart was violently stunned, with his eyesight, of course, he could clearly see that there was a line written on the top of that small book: the Chinese Security Bureau!

The State Security Bureau?

Ji Feng thought to himself, no wonder he dared to be so arrogant, so he was a man outside the law!

Although Ji Feng sued Qiao Gakai for trying to murder himself, from the prima facie evidence, this was indeed the case, the verbal insult to Ji Shaolei, the persecution of Duan Peng, and to the later stimulation of his own three words, he was able to make him openly kill himself, and it was also recorded by the surveillance equipment!

In this respect, Qiao Gakai did want to kill, and would have judged it as such, no matter what police station he went to.

But the truth is that everyone knows what happened, but knowing is not the basis for a verdict. The law is based on evidence, especially when the identity and status of the two parties involved do not allow anyone to falsify.

In these circles, parents do not usually intervene in fights between children, but if their own children are seriously injured, or if a family does not want to stop, then the law becomes the solution to these matters. You know, to deal with the other side through the family power, that is too involved, moreover, the power of the family is not something that one particular person can say.

This was the idea that Ji Feng was playing with. Although the Qiao family had fallen, but exactly how far it had fallen, Ji Feng did not know, because he had never been to Yanjing and had only heard a few words from his younger uncle at the time.

Moreover, the elder of the Ji family is still defending the Qiao family, in this case, today so did not get the evidence, I am afraid that out of the venue, the Qiao family will immediately turn black and white, and even themselves by the family to give a reprimand is possible.

In this situation, Ji Feng naturally wants to get the evidence first, as long as the evidence is in hand, even if the Qiao family how to jump, no matter how the old man defends the Qiao family, can not say anything.

If the old man sees the evidence right in front of him and still prefers to reprimand his own grandson to defend the Qiao family, humph, then this kind of family, Ji Feng would really have to think about it, whether or not he wants to acknowledge his ancestors!

However, those that Ji Feng was considering did not include the people of State Security!

He had always been puzzled, whether it was Qiao Gakai or Zhu Yongtao’s four people, it was clear that he had gotten the evidence, but they still dared to be so arrogant and behave in an odd manner, what was the reason for this?

Only now did he realize that Zhu Yongtao was a cla*s of people that the law could hardly control!

Four eccentric national security officers wanted to threaten themselves? Ji Feng’s face emerged with an odd smile, if he had accidentally beaten up the State Security officers who threatened him without ‘knowing’, and one beat up four …… This spread out, the face of State Security wouldn’t look good, right?

Seeing Ji Feng hesitate and an odd thought appearing on his face, Zhu Yongtao’s four people immediately thought he didn’t dare to look at this book, or that he recognized the origin of this book, and their hearts were instantly at ease.

One of them said, “Kid, this is the end of the matter today, we can leave you alone, let’s go!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and said, “Are you stupid or am I stupid? You just get a small book and you dare to threaten me, are you out of your mind?”


Ji Feng pressed the last key.

“B*****d!” One of Zhu Yongtao’s junior brothers roared in anger, they then realized that they and the others had been teased by Ji Feng, this person immediately pounced on them.

A sharp aura flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, he was waiting for this moment.

Seeing that man pouncing, and with a strong killing intent, Ji Feng suddenly had a killing intent in his heart, so what if he was a man outside the law, so what if he had more people? The first time I saw the man, I was so happy.

This was the first time that Ji Feng had used his full power to activate the bio-current, because these four men were all experts, and he did not dare to be careless.

The first one had already reached Ji Feng’s body, his fist, directly blasted at Ji Feng’s throat, killing move!

In this instant, everyone’s face changed greatly, especially Ji Shaolei, seeing that San’er was in danger, it was already too late for him to rescue him, his whole person seemed to be struck by lightning and froze in place, his face pale as he watched the man punching at Ji Feng.

Everyone almost couldn’t bear to look at it anymore, this man was just too formidable, although Ji Feng was also considered fit, but compared to this man, he seemed somewhat inadequate.

However, the next moment, everyone’s eyes widened and they looked at Ji Feng with disbelief, the whole person was in shock.

At the very moment when the man’s fist struck, Ji Feng was still smiling as he slightly turned his body sideways, coincidentally and skillfully avoiding the punch.

Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng’s leg lifted up, his movements seemed to be so slow that every person was able to see clearly, from lifting his leg, to his knee attacking outwards, every movement and every rhythm, could be seen clearly.

Yet, the man was unable to dodge.


With a muffled sound, Ji Feng’s knee, ruthlessly struck the man’s chest.

Whew! The man instantly bent over and flew backwards, just like a shrimp being caught and flung away!


The man who flew backwards landed with a crash, smashing a table, and the whole man twitched on the ground a few times before he didn’t move anymore, not knowing whether he was dead or alive!


Ji Feng’s leg was bent and raised, and his hand beat on his knee as if trying to knock the dust off it, “Trying to murder me again? Luckily I’m not bad, otherwise, I could really let a few of you thugs get away with it today, D, soiling my clothes for no reason, several tens of dollars a piece!”


These words were like a spark that ignited a powder keg, instantly sending Zhu Yongtao’s trio into a rage.

Having defeated their senior brother so easily, and having said such insulting words, even the best cultivated people had to be furious.

“Go!” Zhu Yongtao didn’t say anything, a word burst out coldly between his teeth, and he had already pounced on him first.

Ji Feng harrumphed: “If you want to be a murderer, you must first know how to kill, tsk, look at your limp hands, can you hit on your body to hurt others?”

Hearing Ji Feng’s words, several people became even more furious and attacked at the same time, striking without mercy. All three of them were fierce in their hearts, they must tear this B*****d alive today, even if they were punished by the division after they returned!

A cold aura flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, this scene, was exactly what he wanted, it was good to be angry, only when one was angry, one would have a reason to strike, so let’s …… be angry!

“Go to hell!” A man already the leg swept in violently.


Ji Feng did not dodge, the whole person unexpectedly jerked forward two steps, rushed right into the man’s arms, and smashed a fist fiercely on the man’s thigh.

“Ka-chow!” A sound, the thigh broke.

Ji Feng, however, didn’t stop, his speed wasn’t fast, but with every move he made, no one was able to block it, because the angle of his punch was always where the other person couldn’t defend.


Both ribs and both thigh bones were all broken, and then the first one was thrown away.

“I’ll kill you!” Zhu Yongtao’s duo looked yawning and roared as they rushed forward.

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t come!” Ji Feng harrumphed as his speed suddenly skyrocketed.

Before Zhu Yongtao and the man could react, Ji Feng had already reached them.


Before one man could react, he only felt a blackness before his eyes and his nose was broken, followed by a sharp pain in his jaw, before the vertigo nerve took effect, he only felt that his jaw was completely shattered, his teeth and blood filled his entire mouth, and he instantly fainted to death.

Only Zhu Yongtao was left alone.

Ji Feng’s hands were like the wind, Zhu Yongtao was unable to defend against his attacks.

Slap, slap, slap!

If the intelligent brain had seen Ji Feng’s movements, it would have recognised at first sight that this was the longest move in the training system, the twelve consecutive strikes!


When Ji Feng’s final kick was delivered, Zhu Yongtao also turned into a bloody man and was kicked out.

There was a dead silence in the entire hall!