Campus Master Chapter 203-204

Chapter 203

“Qiao Gakai, saying this, is responsible!” Ji Shaolei said coldly, a cold glint in his eyes, the anger in his heart could barely be suppressed anymore, it was enough for this Qiao Gakai to insult him, but he had even brought in the old man along with him.

Ji Shaolei had even secretly gritted his teeth, even at the risk of being expelled from the family by the old man, he would still teach this ungrateful Qiao Gakai a hard lesson!

If that was not possible, he would be killed!

Ji Shaolei’s heart surged with murderous anger, the Ji family, the people of the Ji family, had never suffered such an insult!

But Qiao Gakai laughed: “Brother Shaolei, don’t be so angry, I’m telling the truth, no one will live forever, it’s not a good thing to live too long. Besides, if I say this, you know it and I know it, but does anyone else? Even if you want to go and sue, who will believe you when you tell the truth?”

“Hehe ……”

Ji Shaolei laughed in anger, he shook his head and looked at Qiao Gakai as if he was looking at a dead person, “Older brother is right, it is true that no one will live a hundred years, but there are definitely many people who die young, in such a big country, there is no telling how many people die young every day, and there is no telling how many people die young, this is a very good thing to say, very good! ”

Seemingly not hearing the murderous intent in Ji Shaolei’s words, Qiao Gakai smiled faintly and dropped his gaze on Duan Peng next to Ji Shaolei again, “Mr. Duan, I remember talking to you about cooperation last time I was in Yanjing, I wonder how the consideration is going?”

Ji Feng furrowed his brows tightly, this Qiao Gakai, deceiving people too much!!!

Not to mention his insult to the old man, just the fact that he ignored Ji Shaolei so much and pressed Duan Peng step by step in front of Ji Shaolei, no one else would be able to tolerate it. Not to mention, he was even cursing the old man in his words, and even Ji Feng, even he was already a bit intolerable.

Suddenly, Ji Feng’s heart flinched, he inadvertently saw that a smug light flashed in Qiao Gakai’s eyes, as if …… there was a feeling of a treacherous plan succeeding!


Ji Feng instantly calmed down, his mind turned rapidly, although he had not been in this circle before, he knew how much anger would be aroused by directly attacking the other party’s elders!

Even if it was a fight between two ordinary people, if one party cursed, “Your grandfather, that old, immortal old thief, why isn’t he dead yet?

This time, 100% of the time, it would instantly turn from a brawl into a hot battle scene, and the party being cursed would definitely not have the slightest ambiguity, which would make people even more furious than cursing themselves.

Qiao Gakai would never fail to understand this, so why did he say that? Just because of arrogance?

Ji Feng wouldn’t think so, the flash of smugness in Qiao Gakai’s eyes just now made Ji Feng feel that something was wrong, obviously, if Qiao Gakai wasn’t being too arrogant, then his purpose could only be one – to provoke Ji Shaolei.

Just …… what good could it do for Qiao Gakai to anger Ji Shaolei?

It’s like what Qiao Gakai said, if Ji Shaolei wanted to deal with the Qiao family, then at least he would have to wait until the old man of the Ji family was dead, as long as the old man was around, the people of the Ji family should not think about dealing with the Qiao family, that’s simply impossible.

But don’t forget, the old man of the Ji family is now in his eighties, and to put it mildly, he really doesn’t have many years left to live. If he really died, what would happen to the Qiao family based on the resentment that the Ji family had accumulated against them over the years?

How could Qiao Gakai be so stupid as to do such a thing?

These thoughts flashed through Ji Feng’s mind, and he quickly regained his composure. Just because he couldn’t think about it now didn’t mean he wouldn’t understand it later, at least, he couldn’t go along with Qiao Gakai’s calculations now, so he mustn’t let Ji Shaolei really get furious.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng casually picked up a gla*s of wine from the plate held by the waiter next to him and took a sip on his mouth. With this action, he touched Ji Shaolei without a trace.

“Second brother, let’s have a drink!” Ji Feng was smiling, as if he hadn’t even heard that conversation between him and Qiao Gakai just now. Even on an occasion like today, Ji Feng was still wearing the simplest casual clothes, but these simple and ordinary clothes on his body still made him look heroic and uncommon, his tall stature was sturdy, adding a calm and steady aura to him.

Ji Shaolei was stunned, turned his head and saw Ji Feng’s breezy smile, somehow he also calmed down instantly, lifted his wine gla*s, clinked it with Ji Feng and laughed: “This kind of wine can enter your kid’s eyes? Not used to drinking it, are you?”

When this remark was made, Li Weidong next to him instantly had a sarcastic face, he provided all the drinks and food here, and for Ji Shaolei to say this was tantamount to a slap in the face, and to his face at that.

Ji Feng heatedly smiled: “You have to drink even if you’re not used to it, you have to follow the customs in the countryside!”

The two of them were talking to themselves, ignoring Qiao Gakai and Li Weidong next to them.

Only then did Qiao Gakai’s gaze fall on Ji Feng, a strange look flashed across his eyes and he couldn’t help but laugh: “Brother Shao Lei, this little brother is …… not going to introduce me?”


Before Ji Shaolei could speak, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head slightly and said with disdain, “You’re also qualified to know me? Ha! Second brother, come on, let’s have a couple of drinks and then leave, there’s really no point in being here.”

Duan Peng couldn’t help but look at Ji Feng in consternation, this kid’s performance now was simply like two people before, if the Ji Feng before was steady and yet wise, then, now he was simply a spoiled dude, moreover, a high status kind of dude.

In this instant, in front of Ji Feng, Qiao Gakai was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say for half a day.

“Hey, hey, you’re Brother Shao Lei’s younger brother, Ji Shaoyun?” Qiao Gakai asked with a cold laugh. Just now, when he heard Ji Feng call Ji Shaolei as second brother, he guessed that he should be Ji Shaolei’s younger brother, Ji Shaoyun, other than that, Ji Shaolei didn’t have any other younger brother.

Ji Feng glanced at him, ignoring him, and just laughed, “Second brother, Chief Duan, let’s go, this place is really boring!”

Qiao Gakai’s face changed again and he said in a nonchalant manner, “Brother Shao Lei, this younger brother of yours is doing quite a lot, even more so than you as a brother!”

“Qiao Gakai, pay attention to your status and put yourself in the right position!”

Ji Feng suddenly shouted coldly, turned around and pointed at Qiao Gakai’s nose, saying disdainfully, “Second brother and I give you face, we can call you young Qiao, or old brother Qiao, but if we don’t give you face, you don’t count for Sh*t! You’re just a little punk from a declining family, and you dare to flaunt your authority in front of me and Second Brother, what are you?”

Silence! Dead silence!

Everyone in the entire hall stared blankly at this young man who was standing proudly, their hearts shocked beyond belief.

Not only the others, but also Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng, looked at Ji Feng, who had suddenly lashed out, in shock, wondering what the hell he was doing. This was a complete confrontation with Qiao Gakai, wasn’t it a bit unwise?

Qiao Gakai was also frozen, he had never thought that there was anyone who dared to speak so unmercifully and even, so arrogantly in front of him, this was unbelievable!

“Kid, you’re arrogant!” Only after a long time did Qiao Gakai come back to his senses and coldly looked at Ji Feng, a cold aura constantly flickering in his eyes, his fists clenching and unclenching, obviously already extremely angry in his heart.

“Qiao Gakai, it seems that you still haven’t come to your senses, let alone recognize yourself clearly.” Ji Feng grunted and slowly took two steps forward to Qiao Gakai’s face, nodding at him, “You, are just a small yakuza from a fallen family, in the past, my second brother gave in to you, that was for the sake of your elders, it has nothing to do with you.”

After a pause, Ji Feng shook his head slightly and tsked, “I can’t believe that a little yakuza who only runs to the other party’s house to complain after a fight dares to run wild in front of me, it’s ridiculous! Qiao Gakai, tell me, in terms of family history, your family has fallen into decline and is probably not as powerful as a third-rate family! In terms of personal ability, my second brother now controls a large conglomerate and is doing better and better every year, while you, who couldn’t even stay in the army, have achieved nothing so far! In terms of financial power, you’re so despicable that you’re trying to take over other people’s property, so I wonder where your sense of superiority comes from? How can you be so arrogant? Who gave you your bottom line, and whose power are you relying on?!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head with each sentence, he really didn’t know what to say, people like this, if it wasn’t for the old man’s strict order for all the children underneath to not deal with the Qiao family, the Qiao family would have gone up in smoke long ago, where else could it be Qiao Gakai’s turn to be arrogant here?

The only way to get rid of this is to have a person who has the guts to call out. Ji Feng snorted with laughter.

Everyone was stunned by Ji Feng’s words, even Qiao Gakai’s face was blue and white for a while, and he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word to refute because what Ji Feng said was the truth.

Whether it was his personal ability, his family background or his financial power, he was far from being able to match Ji Shaolei’s. Part of the reason why he was so rampant was because the Ji family’s senior had ordered that the Qiao family should not be dealt with.

Although there were other reasons, however, Ji Feng was right!

“Just a thing like you, if it wasn’t for the fact that second brother and you once knew each other, you wouldn’t even be qualified to kneel on the ground and lick my shoes, and you still have the face to strut your stuff here?” Ji Feng shook his head disdainfully and turned his head, “Second Brother, Chief Duan, let’s go, it’s too degrading to be with such a person!”

I don’t even have the qualifications to lick your shoes?!

All of a sudden, a humiliating anger rose from Qiao Gakai’s heart as he shouted violently, “Little beast, I’ll get you killed today!”


Chapter 204

Finally a shout: brothers and sisters, where is your support!!!

With a roar, Qiao Gakai, who was forced by Ji Feng’s sharp words to no longer be able to suppress his anger, kicked out incomparably fast, forcing Ji Feng straight to the back of his heart, and Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng, who were in front of him, didn’t even react, and by the time they realized it was bad, it was too late to stop Qiao Gakai.


Qiao Gakai’s speed was too fast, and his strength was so great that his leg even brought up a hunting wind sound, which was enough to see its strength.

“Trying to get me killed?”

Ji Feng laughed, but a cold aura flickered in his eyes, he didn’t even turn his body, his two legs fiercely powered up, his whole body actually instantly rose into the air, flipping backwards in the air like a big spinning windmill.

His two legs, like two thick pillars, slammed into Qiao Gakai’s two shoulders with the ferocity of Ji Feng’s violent descent, immediately causing Qiao Gakai to let out a muffled cry as his entire body plummeted.

However, Ji Feng’s attack did not stop there, as he smashed into Qiao Gakai’s shoulders, Ji Feng’s two legs bent violently, his own weight made him fall violently, and the two knees were smashing into Qiao Gakai’s shoulders with unerring accuracy.

“Ka-chow!” A sound, the sound of bones breaking suddenly rang out.

The next moment, Ji Feng’s elbow was already raised high, aiming, at Qiao Gakai’s head!

At this very moment, the four men who had followed Qiao Gakai had a sharp light in their eyes, and one of them shouted violently and jumped up, sweeping one leg across, forcing it straight towards Ji Feng’s neck.


Ji Feng’s two legs once again fired, and the whole man once again made a beautiful reversal in the air, landing firmly on the ground, but his eyes were shining with killing intent.

Ji Feng’s gaze landed on Qiao Gakai’s body, and he walked over step by step: “You want to get me killed? What is the crime of killing someone, according to our laws? What is the sentence to be given?”

The bones in Qiao Gakai’s two shoulders were almost completely shattered by Ji Feng’s two knees, his two arms were just drooping, his body was shaking with pain, but his eyes were filled with a horrified look, looking at Ji Feng walking step by step as if he was a god of killing, he was suddenly covered with cold sweat, his whole body was so scared that he almost didn’t know what to do.

“You’re going to kill me with your exit? You are so bold and so powerful! Even if I were to kill you here on the spot now, it would only be a legitimate defence at most!” Ji Feng was still walking step by step towards Qiao Gakai, the cold aura in his eyes was appalling!

“You, you ……” Qiao Gakai didn’t know whether it was because he was afraid or because of the pain in his heart, he could barely even speak.


A man jerked out diagonally and blocked in front of Ji Feng, it was one of the four men who had followed Qiao Gakai, this man, was also the one who had just attacked Ji Feng and relieved Qiao Gakai.

“It’s you again?!” Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed, “Your body is not bad, but do you think you can stop me?”

Although the two of them had not exchanged blows just now, this person had just made a move and Ji Feng immediately saw that this person was definitely not a match for himself.

In fact, Ji Feng had never had a clear idea of how strong his own body was, he only knew that what he had learnt from that black-faced instructor in the system was all about killing kung fu, and, many of them were one-hit kung fu, or a*sa*sination kung fu.

For example, just now, if his knee had hit Qiao Gakai’s head instead of his shoulder, then by now, Qiao Gakai’s head would have turned into a lump of rotten flesh, so how could he still be alive?

Ji Feng wasn’t stupid, he naturally wouldn’t kill anyone here, he just wanted to teach Qiao Gakai a lesson, but now that this man was in his way, Ji Feng wasn’t happy. Because just now, when he stepped in to stop himself, his first move was a killing move, aimed at his own neck!

For those who wanted his life, Ji Feng instinctively wanted to wipe out the other party, his gaze fell on this man’s neck, in just 0.5 seconds, he could have snapped this man’s neck, so that he didn’t even have time to react.

“This brother, just now senior brother Qiao has offended much, this is senior brother Qiao’s fault, I apologise on his behalf.” This man was probably around thirty years old, but his action made Ji Feng’s expression awe-inspiring. I only saw that this man actually clasped his hands and nodded slightly towards Ji Feng.

What kind of action was this?!

Ji Feng’s heart suddenly moved because he remembered, this kind of action, isn’t it the etiquette used by those ancient martial characters meeting each other on TV or in the past?

“It’s already the 21st century, this person is still using that ancient etiquette, and he’s not badly skilled ……” Ji Feng’s heart suddenly moved, this person couldn’t be a martial artist now, right? But …… in this society now, is there still a martial art?

“You are Qiao Gakai’s senior brother?” Ji Feng asked with a frown.

“Yes.” The man nodded slightly and said.

Ji Feng sneered, “If I remember correctly, it wasn’t just Qiao Gakai who offended me, was it? What you did just now was also a killing move, if I hadn’t dodged quickly, I’m afraid I would have become a corpse by now, right?”

He said, “This gentleman, with your skills, you should know very well that if I hadn’t made a killing move, I wouldn’t have been able to stop you, because the difference between us is too great. ”

“That’s easy for you to say!” Ji Feng snorted, “No matter what, it’s always a fact that you struck out at me, and besides, Qiao Gakai was clearly trying to kill me before, this can’t be given a light reveal with a single apology from you!”

“So what does Your Excellency …… want to do?” The man’s face changed, Qiao Gakai had just taken the lead in attacking Ji Feng, and the moment he struck was a powerful killing move, this was something that everyone could see, and Ji Feng was clinging to this point, this made him feel very difficult to do, at least, Qiao Gakai was in a complete pa*sivity.

“What do you want to do?” Ji Feng shook his head slightly, “Of course we have to follow the law, someone tried to kill me, that’s murder, although it’s attempted murder, but it’s still a crime.”

Saying that, he turned his head and said, “Second brother, our police in Jiangzhou, they should be able to control Grand Duke Qiao, right?”

“Of course they can!” At this time, Ji Shaolei also suddenly reacted.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “That’s good, Li Weidong, please go with my second brother, go to the surveillance room and take out the surveillance video, this is our evidence.”

“San’er, don’t worry, I’ll go with Weidong.” Ji Shaolei laughed, in a great mood ah.

Boy, murder, ah, not to mention whether it makes sense judicially, just the news that Qiao Gakai wanted to kill Ji Feng, if word gets out, hey, no matter how much the old man defends the Qiao family, he definitely can’t say anything this time, besides, the eldest uncle has been separated from this son for more than ten years, now when he hears that someone wants to kill him, it’s strange that the eldest uncle won’t be furious!

What’s more, this time, no matter how rampant Qiao Gakai is, no matter how good he is at acting, he will not be able to sue the old man and turn black and white in front of him!

Li Weidong, on the other hand, was still in shock, just now Ji Feng’s terrifying bodywork …… apart from terrifying, he just couldn’t find a more appropriate word to describe it.

Now Ji Feng wants himself and Ji Shaolei to go get the video together? If he really went, that would offend Qiao Gakai to death!

He immediately said, “What a bad coincidence, the camera happened to be broken today, so what happened just now was not recorded!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and pointed to the ceiling above, where the camera was flashing a faint red light and was obviously working properly.

“You call that broken?” Ji Feng grunted, “Li Weidong, did you also play a part in Qiao Gakai coming to murder me? Could it be that you were an accomplice?”

“No, no!” Li Weidong was instantly shocked, are you kidding, when did he become an accomplice?

“Then why don’t you go! Do you want me to go and get it myself?!” Ji Feng shouted violently.

Li Weidong was abruptly startled, “Okay, okay!”

After saying that, he hurriedly went to the monitoring room with Ji Shaolei, but halfway there, he reacted, he was at least the mayor’s son, so even if you’re Ji Feng’s big shot, you shouldn’t order me around like this, right? How can you behave like a subordinate?

What’s more, the fight between you and Qiao Gakai is a fight between the gods, why should I, a kid, suffer?

Although he was extremely dissatisfied, Li Weidong did not dare to show it now. In his eyes, both the Qiao family and the Ji family were the most powerful families in Yanjing, and according to Qiao Gakai, the Qiao family was even more powerful than the Ji family. It was because of this that Li Weidong dared to underestimate Ji Shaolei.

But now it seemed that the young master of the Ji family was even more ruthless and ruthless than Qiao Gakai.

Li Weidong suddenly realized that it seemed unwise for him to get involved in the fight between these two grandsons ……

The others naturally did not know how complicated Li Weidong’s heart was at this time, and Ji Feng would not bother, he coldly glanced at the still pale Qiao Gakai, coldly snorted, and immediately took two steps forward.

“This gentleman ……” the man in front of Ji Feng took a look at Ji Feng to move, panic: “Please do not be impulsive, what is the matter, we can completely sit down to discuss the solution! ”

Ji Feng held out three fingers, “I’ll give you three seconds to get out of the way immediately, or else …… hum!”


The other three men immediately surrounded them, and together with the man in the first place, surrounded Ji Feng in the middle.

The man who stopped in front of Ji Feng had a faint smile on his face, “This gentleman, why do you have to start a fight, what can’t we talk about sitting down? Besides, by using force, you don’t have an advantage!”

“Huh ……” Ji Feng laughed, he was really speechless.