Campus Master Chapter 201-202

Chapter 201

According to Ji Feng’s judgment, this man, was around his early twenties, but certainly less than twenty-five years old. However, this man had a fierce aura about him, as if he was very formidable. At a glance, it almost made one overlook his age, as if he was facing a big mountain.

This was an aura!

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, it was obvious that this man who was walking down the stairs step by step, should be the one that second brother had repeatedly mentioned to himself, the initiator of this party, Qiao Gakai!

Because only someone who came from the special forces would have this kind of aura that made people feel pressure, and only someone who had truly experienced the trials of life and death would have this kind of fury.

What could prove Ji Feng’s deduction was the scar on the left side of this man’s cheek, starting from the base of his ear and running along his neck, all the way to his collar. If Ji Feng had not misjudged, this scar had been injured by a knife or other sharp weapon.

Behind Qiao Gakai, followed by three `four young men and women, but none of them dared to walk alongside him, they were all one step behind him, fully highlighting Qiao Gakai’s status and position.

By now there were already many people seated in the hall, most of them young men and women, especially some women who appeared to be dressed in a noble and elegant manner, but in fact an inadvertent gesture or a glance revealed their true intentions.

These women, likewise, wanted to climb into the Qiao family. Their knitted brows and smiles looked as if they were noble princesses, but in reality, behind this nobility was the lowliness and emptiness of a cross-dresser, for which Ji Feng could see very clearly.

If we put it nicely, these women are some big people’s golden girls, or socialites, but if we put it more unpleasantly, they are socialites, high cla*s ji girls!

Because they all want to use their bodies to get a good future for themselves, or for their families.

Only a very few of them, too, are really from big families, so they don’t need to use their physique to exchange for anything at all. However, even so, these ladies of great families were still apprehensive when they faced the Qiao family and stood up in their hearts.

In this way, almost the entire hall stood up in unison and looked towards the young man who was slowly walking down from the upper floor.

In his twenties, he had an identity and background that people could hardly hope to match, and he was also a man of extraordinary skill and full of martial aura. Just imagine, who doesn’t want to find a man of their choice?

“It’s Young Qiao, Young Qiao is coming down!”

“Yes, it’s said that Young Qiao has just come out of the army and is now the leader of the third generation of the Qiao family, ah.”


Listening to the crowd’s chatter, Duan Peng couldn’t help but hum. This Qiao Gakai had put pressure on him when he was in Yanjing, and he had no way out before he came to Jiangzhou to seek help from Ji Shaolei, but to think that Qiao Gakai had come to Jiangzhou again, this was clearly forcing him to a point where he could not retreat, it was strange that he could be in a happy mood!

The two of them are getting stronger and stronger, and the gap between them in terms of status and position is getting bigger and bigger, so this kind of relationship is like savings in a bank.

However, just this once is enough to change a person’s fate.

Obviously, Ji Shaolei has this ability, but, with this first time, Duan Peng is no longer good enough to ask Ji Shaolei to help a second time. Friendship requires mutual contribution, and this time Ji Shaolei saved his entire fortune.

It was for this reason that Duan Peng hated Qiao Gakai even more. Just such a bully let him use up such an important relationship, and the next time he encountered a bigger problem, who could Duan Peng go to for help?

At this time, Li Weidong also walked in from the entrance of the clubhouse. With a smile on his face, he came to Qiao Gakai’s side and said with a slightly respectful smile, “Young Qiao, will the banquet start now?”

Qiao Gakai smiled faintly, “Weidong, now you are the landlord, this is all up to you, you just make the arrangements!”

Li Weidong was immediately filled with joy, Qiao Gakai showed such respect to him in front of outsiders, this undoubtedly put a glow on his face, in the future his status in Jiangzhou would naturally rise.

“Good then, please have a seat, young Qiao!” Li Weidong nodded vigorously and respectfully invited Qiao Gakai to the main seat before taking a few quick steps to the entrance of the staircase, standing on the two steps and saying in a loud voice, “Everyone, we are all people of status and position in Jiangzhou, today we have the honour of inviting Qiao Gakai, Young Qiao, to our banquet, this is our honour, welcome Young Qiao!”


The following applause suddenly rang out, everyone had different expressions on their faces, some were eager to climb up the Qiao family, others were secretly sneering, while others were frowning slightly, as if they were thinking about something.

Ji Feng didn’t even bother to listen to what Li Weidong had to say, his gaze just wandered through the hall, taking in all these people’s expressions.

“Hmph, horseSh*t!” Duan Peng gritted his teeth and snorted coldly, Li Weidong had helped Qiao Gakai organise such a banquet, so naturally he had become Qiao Gakai’s accomplice, coming together to put pressure on him, Duan Peng. Under such circumstances, it was strange for Duan Peng to have a good feeling towards Li Weidong!

Li Weidong seemed to know that he wasn’t too popular, or that he didn’t dare to steal Qiao Gakai’s thunder, as he said a few words of ceremony and walked off.

At this time, the waiter started to serve the wine, while on the long table to one side of the snogging, there were various foods and dishes laid out.

“It’s still a buffet ……” Ji Feng shook his head slightly, those tables and chairs were just for show, in fact, everyone would still be pulling each other’s strings with their gla*ses of wine, and a buffet was the only way to meet this condition.

Qiao Gakai rightfully became the protagonist of this banquet, and no one could overshadow him. However, Qiao Gakai seemed to have no regard for those who came to make friends with him, and when people approached him for a drink, he just raised his gla*s and left it at that, while those who approached him were still happy.

The third generation of the Qiao family leader, ah, people can pay attention to you, that is already a kind of honor.

Li Weidong followed Qiao Gakai with a face full of respect and could not stop the smugness in his eyes. Whenever someone came to toast with Qiao Gakai, Li Weidong would make an introduction for those who were important, and for those who were not, he would block them for Qiao Gakai.

If people didn’t know, they would have thought that Li Weidong was Qiao Gakai’s henchman, but how could they have imagined that he was the son of a mayor?

Li Weidong’s flattering appearance, looking at Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head a little, and Ji Shaolei even laughed dumbly.

“Brother Shaolei, just this kind of goods can also be called the first and second grandson of Jiangzhou along with you?” Duan Peng looked straight up with a frown and couldn’t help but heave a cold laugh.

Ji Shaolei was known as the number one gongzi in Jiangzhou, and Li Weidong was known as the number two gongzi, originally both of them were greatly famous in Jiangzhou, but now seeing the way Li Weidong looked, mentioned alongside Ji Shaolei, it was simply an insult!

“It’s alright, it’s just a name, I don’t really want it, it’s just that I used to be a bit of a B*****d, that’s why I was given such a name!” Ji Shaolei smiled faintly.

This name was not a nice name, if it had a big impact, it might even affect the reputation of the Ji family, only that, in the past, he was young, so he was more playful, but now Ji Shaolei, was much more stable.

“Second brother, these people don’t know much about our family, do they?” Ji Feng suddenly asked.

“Why would you ask that?” Ji Shaolei was stunned.

Ji Feng smiled and said, “If these people really knew more about our family, they would have come to flatter you, where would they be like now, with no eyes on you as the number one son at all anymore, just thinking of flattering Qiao Gakai.”

Ji Shaolei smiled and nodded, saying, “It can’t be helped, father has always asked us to keep a low profile, for family matters, even more rarely mentioned, those who can know are basically those who belong to high positions, or those who really have backers above, as for the others, most of them only know that I am relying on my father’s status to run amok.”

This is an unchanging rule.

The Ji family is now so strong that if they continue to flaunt it, it will inevitably cause some huge trouble, and even, once it has become too strong, the decline may be even faster. Therefore, the senior members of the Ji family and the second generation brothers have seen this point and they are all acting in a very low profile.

Regarding this point, Ji Feng agreed very much, no family could flourish forever, and the best way to prolong the life of a family, was to make people feel less threatened.

“Here it comes!” Duan Peng suddenly said.

Ji Feng frowned and looked up, only to see that accompanied by Li Weidong and several other people, Qiao Gakai was finally rushing this way.

Ji Feng’s gaze fell on the few people behind Qiao Gakai, and he was instantly stunned, where did these people appear from?

When Qiao Gakai came down from the third floor just now, these few people were not there, nor did they follow him. Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed, the reason he was so surprised was because these few people gave him a feeling that they were even more dangerous than Qiao Gakai!

That’s right, dangerous!

“One, two ……” Ji Feng let his eyes look at a total of four people, and these four people made Ji Feng surprisingly feel a crisis.

These are four experts! Ji Feng’s eyebrows tightened up, these four people, there is no half a soldier’s aura, much less a lot of fury, but, yet, it makes Ji Feng instinctively alert, from this it can be seen, how strong these four people are!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The light in Ji Feng’s eyes flashed, it’s not good, there might be a bad battle today!


Chapter 202

The majority of people want to climb up with him and soar to the heavens, while those daughters hope to enter Qiao Gakai’s line of sight, even if it is just to be an underground lover, the status and position is definitely not comparable to that of ordinary dignitaries.

This would be of great benefit to themselves and to the family.

Therefore, as soon as Qiao Gakai walked, everyone’s eyes moved after Qiao Gakai, and eventually, when Qiao Gakai stopped walking, everyone saw three young men with calm faces.

“So it’s him!”

Everyone’s heart suddenly dawned on them, just now they were thinking who else at this banquet could be worthy of Qiao Gakai moving his feet, but it turned out to be the son of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee!

As the number one son of Jiangzhou, the majority of people who came to this banquet knew Ji Shaolei, and even if some of them had not seen him, the people around them immediately explained to their companions that although Qiao Gakai was extremely important, both in terms of status and position, and was worthy of their attention, however, Ji Shaolei’s status was not low either.

Moreover, in this mu of Jiangzhou, perhaps Ji Shaolei’s words are more effective than Qiao Gakai’s.

If Qiao Gakai is not here, Ji Shaolei will be the focus of the party.

Although many of these people are playboys, but there are also a number of dignified businessmen, they are all human beings, all of them are people who are clever, naturally will not offend Ji Shaolei in order to curry favor with Qiao Gakai.

The identity of Qiao Gakai is indeed important, but Ji Shaolei is in this mu of land but TZ, if he wants to deal with anyone, even if Qiao Gakai makes a move, he may not be able to stop it, not to mention, who is Qiao Gakai to make a move?

So, when these people saw Ji Shao Lei, they immediately talked about it, and there were many people who had a lot of ideas, and immediately thought of giving Ji Shao Lei a toast, climbing friendship, can not befriend Qiao Gakai, can get on with Ji Shao Lei, then it is not a trip in vain ah.

But when they saw Qiao Gakai standing in front of Ji Shaolei, all their thoughts were dispelled, now it was a conversation between the two gentry, they could not get involved, otherwise, if they P*ssed off either one, the consequences would not be affordable.

However, the conversation between the two princes always attracts attention. The vast majority of people had their ears pricked up, pretending to be laughing and joking with others, but in reality, their minds had long since run to the two grandsons, and they could not even run to their sides right now.

It was impossible for these people not to pay attention, both the energy and the various kinds of information that the two grandsons had, that was not something they could compare with, if they could get a little bit of useful information from their conversation, it would be enough to be used endlessly.

“Brother Shao Lei, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” Standing in front of Ji Shaolei, a smile appeared on Qiao Gakai’s somewhat hard face as he extended his left hand towards Ji Shaolei, “I haven’t seen Brother Shaolei since I left for the army three years ago, I haven’t seen him for a few years, Brother Shaolei’s style is even better than before!”

Ji Shaolei smiled faintly and extended his right hand, placing it in front of his body before he stopped moving: “Older brother Qiao is also the same, much more mature than before. It’s just that when Old Brother Qiao came to Jiangzhou, as the host, I should have treated him well, but Old Brother Qiao didn’t give me this opportunity, so I should be punished!”

Qiao Gakai was slightly stunned, then laughed loudly, “I don’t agree with what Brother Shao Lei said, I was afraid that Brother Shao Lei wouldn’t be able to afford it, so that’s why I didn’t inform Brother Shao Lei at first, don’t take offence!”

“I don’t have more money, but I’ll come up with the money to entertain Old Brother Qiao, even if I break a pot and sell iron.” Ji Shaolei laughed, lifted the quilt and clinked a gla*s with Qiao Gakai, both of them had an unexplainable meaning in their eyes.

Ji Feng listened with amusement from the side, the second brother and Qiao Gakai had just said a few words and sparks were flying. Qiao Gakai was probably left-handed, so as soon as they met, he stretched out his left hand to shake hands with his second brother, obviously wanting to take the initiative himself.

However, Second Brother held out his right hand and made it clear that he was the host, meaning that he wanted Qiao Gakai to follow his Ji Shaolei’s rules, that Jiangzhou was his territory, and that you, Qiao Gakai, couldn’t make any waves here!

At the same time, the second brother called Qiao Gakai an old brother, which naturally put Qiao Gakai in the position of a junior, so that the other party could not retort in a reciprocal capacity.

It was obvious that the two of them were not on speaking terms right from the start, but they seemed to be very familiar with each other, as if they were old friends who had not seen each other for years.

Ji Feng knew that no matter how much he thought about not using the power of his family, but in the end he was a member of the Ji family, and in the eyes of others, he was the grandson of the Ji family, so it was natural to put him in this circle. Therefore, there was no harm in learning a little more about this.

So Ji Feng didn’t say much beside him, but carefully observed every move of his second brother and Qiao Gakai, learning from their wit in verbal exchanges.

At the same time, Ji Feng’s gaze also darted from time to time over the four people beside Qiao Gakai. These four people were the ones who were more worthy of Ji Feng’s attention, because there was something about them that made people’s hearts palpitate a little.

“These four people, they’re definitely experts!” Ji Feng frowned slightly, Qiao Gakai was from the special forces, his own kung fu was already very good, however, these four people were obviously more powerful than Qiao Gakai, which made him feel very strange, where did these few experts come from?

This time, Ji Shaolei and Qiao Gakai did not know what had been said between them, only to see Ji Shaolei’s face change slightly, a cold aura flashed in his eyes, obviously a little angry.

Ji Feng immediately looked over, but saw that Qiao Gakai was putting his head close to Ji Shaolei and was whispering something, the voice could only be heard by the two of them, but it was not difficult for Ji Feng, who had an excellent ear.

“Brother Shaolei, the cost of entertaining me is not low, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.” Qiao Gakai leaned next to Ji Shaolei and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, laughing heatedly, “Has Brother Shaolei forgotten that for me, the best hospitality is to find me an escort who is overly skilled. But unfortunately, the last time I sparred with Brother Shao Lei, it turned out that after even one move, Brother Shao Lei couldn’t hold out, which made is very disappointing!”

A cold light flickered in Ji Shaolei’s eyes and he did not speak.

Qiao Gakai smiled faintly and continued, “To be honest, if it’s just about physical strength, I can defeat you with one hand, and I can even cripple you whenever I want. Of course, if it’s about other aspects, such as power, such as sleight of hand, I can’t even compare to Brother Shao Lei, but alas, who made your family’s old master owe us? With your old master’s orders, you can’t do anything to me except sparring with me, you have so much power but you can’t use it ah, hahaha ……”

At the end of the sentence, Qiao Gakai had laughed out loud, the voice seemed to be very happy, and the whole hall could hear it clearly.

The face of Ji Shaolei was incomparably gloomy, three years ago at a party in Yanjing, Qiao Gakai was only twenty years old, but he wanted to propose a sparring match with Ji Shaolei, and at that time Ji Shaolei was also practicing fighting with his younger uncle, and learning the fighting techniques of the military, so he naturally agreed to do so.

However, as soon as he fought with Qiao Gakai, he was broken in the ribs by Qiao Gakai’s fist and thrown out at the same time. He was humiliated in front of all the people who attended that banquet, and it could be said that it was his first appearance in Yanjing after he became an adult, and as a result, he was severely humiliated by Qiao Gakai.

Every time Ji Shaolei thought of this incident, he wanted to teach Qiao Gakai a lesson. Whenever these sons of the family fought with each other, it was either a fight between helpers to see who’s helper was more powerful. Either that, or a competition of their respective sleight of hand. It was rare for any of these sons to fight among themselves.

But Qiao Gakai was an exception, he liked to do it himself, and only when it was specifically aimed at Ji Shaolei.

This kind of targeted humiliation was too much for Ji Shaolei to bear, however, the old man’s order made Ji Shaolei helpless to deal with Qiao Gakai through other means, moreover, the old man also said: fighting between children, it is not a problem.

Ji Shaolei could only swallow his anger, while Qiao Gakai became even more reckless after he found out about it.

When Ji Shaolei’s father found out about it, he transferred him from Yanjing to Jiangzhou, and Ji Shaolei also collected his heart and soul and did his serious business.

But now, Ji Shaolei instantly fell into a rage, that was regarded by him as the greatest shame, and now that Qiao Gakai brought it up again, how could he not be angry?

However, he, who was extremely cultured and deep in the city, still held back the anger in his heart, and a smile gradually appeared on his gloomy face, “Older brother Qiao, don’t speak so wildly, there are some things that can have serious consequences if you go too far!”

“Haha! Is that so?” Qiao Gakai laughed disdainfully, “I say, Brother Shao Lei, you should wait for your family’s old man to grow old before you say that, saying that now, that’s just scaring people.”


Once these words were said, both Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng’s faces changed. There was an unwritten rule among the children of these families, and it was still a rule that everyone abided by, and that was to not involve the elders when there were conflicts between each other.

However, this Qiao Gakai was so rampant that he openly cursed Elder Ji – if you want to deal with me, then you’ll have to let your family’s elder die early!

Qiao Gakai’s words meant just that!