Campus Master Chapter 195-196

Chapter 195

Wow hahaha, perish haha!

The man did not expect Ji Feng to be so nonchalant, and he choked at the sound of his voice. The actual fact is, if Ji Feng doesn’t go, what can he do?

Feeling the gazes of the onlookers falling on him, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and said stiffly: “This student, if you go with me to the Security Section now, as long as you make things clear, how to deal with it, that’s the school’s business, but no matter how it’s dealt with, it’s ultimately dealt with according to the school rules. However, if you don’t go, given the situation at the scene, we can only call the police, and when the time comes, it can be the police’s call on how to deal with it.”

Ji Feng looked at him for a moment, smiled faintly and said, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

The student whose leg had been broken by Ji Feng’s kick was carried to the school’s infirmary. If there weren’t enough medical facilities and doctors and nurses, it would be absolutely too busy for the tens of thousands of students at United University.

Therefore, as long as the surgery is not too difficult, it can be done in the infirmary, and this kind of surgery on broken bones is naturally not a problem.

At this time, those few female students also all gathered around Yun Bing’s side, helped her up and followed the escort team to the security section.

Tong Lei and Ji Feng walked side by side, while Zhang Lei followed behind with a blue face. Although Ji Feng’s slap that sent Yun Bing flying had brought a huge sigh of relief to Zhang Lei’s heart, when he remembered Yun Bing’s insult to Tong Lei, he couldn’t help but want to give that b*tch a vicious slap again.

The United University Security Section, which was just a wall away from the guard room.

The Security Section, which was part of the internal security force of the United University, the security guards and doormen were all part of the external community, and together with the student union escort team, they maintained law and order within the university.

The Guard Room, on the other hand, is a small police station, a branch of the Economic Development Zone Police Station, located here, which was set up to protect students from external social workers.

The security section and the guard room, one inside and one outside, work together to maintain law and order at the United University, which is what makes for a great atmosphere within the university. This model of the school and the police joining forces is common in all other universities as well.

The boy from the guard team brought Ji Feng and the others inside the security section and said, “Introduce yourself, I am the deputy captain of the security team and my name is Zhou Li. Both of you should explain things first.”

Saying that, he told Ji Feng and the others to sit down separately, and called a few more guards to take notes, at the same time, he was also carefully guarding against Ji Feng, God knows if he would rise up and hurt someone again, Zhou Li had seen Ji Feng’s strength, he was able to break someone’s leg with a hard punch, was his leg made of iron?

Besides, looking at Ji Feng’s hideous look just now, it was simply appalling, ordinary students fighting had never been this ruthless, what was this guy anyway?

“What the hell is going on, tell me in detail!” Zhou Li also sat down and asked.

Ji Feng frowned slightly, how come this security section was also like the police station, was it interrogating prisoners?

Who knew that before Ji Feng could speak, Yun Bing, whose cheeks were already high and swollen, suddenly said, “It’s nothing, it’s just that there was a bit of collision when walking, it’s some small misunderstanding.”

When these words came out, not only were the three of them surprised, even the four companions of Yun Bing were also surprised. In their perception, Yun Bing had never been such a nice person to talk to, otherwise, they would not have been so unreasonable after being bumped into by Zhang Lei.

Because they all knew what had happened, they were all the more puzzled by Yun Bing’s decision.

Yun Bing had always been very jealous of Tong Lei’s looks, and because of a boy, this was what made Yun Bing hate Tong Lei so much that she often recited it in front of these few roommates. These few roommates happened to want to flatter Yun Bing, and that led to the scene before.

“Yun Bing, how can you …… not spare them so easily!” A girl advised in a low voice. In her opinion, Yun Bing was scared by Ji Feng’s slap.

Yun Bing, however, shook her head firmly and said, “No need to say more, I know what to do.”

The others all stopped talking at once, they didn’t dare to go against Yun Bing’s wishes.

“What about you guys, do you think so too?” Zhou Li’s gaze looked towards Ji Feng, “Is what she said true?”

Although he didn’t know exactly what Yun Bing was planning, but being able to not waste time here, Ji Feng was naturally willing to do so, he nodded and said, “There was a bit of a misunderstanding, but it’s fine now.”

When Zhou Li saw this, he could only shake his head and smile bitterly, since both sides of the family had said that they would not pursue the matter any further, it was no good for him to insist on it, after all, no matter how much more investigation was done, the opinions of both sides were always the main thing.

Moreover, the most important thing about the existence of the escort team and the security section is to maintain the security of the school, not to go after any one student to pursue responsibility.

“In that case, then you can all go back, but remember, no more trouble, or else the next time you come back, it won’t be the security section, but the guard room next door!” Zhou Li solemnly warned, then whirled and said to Ji Feng, “You injured one of our team members, although it was a mistake, you are still responsible, how are you going to handle this matter?”

Ji Feng asked, “I’ll pay for all the medical expenses, isn’t that enough?”

“Take out your ID card or student ID card, to be pledged here, and your contact information should also be left!” Zhou Li could only say this, although the person was injured, but people are willing to pay, naturally nothing can be held responsible, after all, Ji Feng did not mean it.

“Bet your student ID!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and put his student ID card on the table.

Walking out of the security section, the smile on Ji Feng’s face instantly disappeared without a trace, today’s incident was really a bit weird, why was that Yun Bing so hostile to Tong Lei?

The back of Yun Bing and the others who were walking towards the infirmary, the cold light in Ji Feng’s eyes flashed, he was really angry before, if not for too many people watching, he would definitely dare to kill Yun Bing on the spot!

No one, no one, had ever dared to insult Tong Lei like that in front of him, and he would never allow such a thing to happen, anyone who dared to do so would have to pay a huge price, even …… their lives!

Ji Feng is not cold-blooded, but, the people around him are his scales, whoever dares to hurt his loved ones, he will fight for his life, even if it means dying together, he will not hesitate!

“Lei Lei, why is this b*tch targeting you?” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but ask with a frown.

Tong Lei said all those she knew before finally shaking her head, “What exactly is going on, I don’t know, but she is having an inexplicable hostility towards me, which I can feel.”

“B*tchy woman ……,” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but curse again.

Ji Feng’s eyes narrowed and after a moment of contemplation, he dialed Han Zhong’s number: “Han Zhong, do you know anything about the Brilliant Group?”

Han Zhong’s voice was a bit surprised as he asked, “Ji Feng, why are you suddenly asking about this?”

“I came across something that seems to be related to the Brilliant Group, so I want to know about it!” Ji Feng smiled and said vaguely, “If you can, help me look up the Brilliant Group’s information, I’m out right now and can’t access the internet.”

“There’s no need to look it up, I’ve heard of the Brilliant Group’s great name for a long time.” Han Zhong immediately said, “Ji Feng, if you are offended by someone from the Brilliant Group, you better get help from your friend Zhang Lei quickly and ask him to find someone to set things right, otherwise it will be very troublesome.”

“How?” Ji Feng frowned, “From what you’re saying, this Brilliant Group seems to have some more origins, huh?”

“It’s not just that it’s a bit of a source, it’s very much a source.” Han Zhong laughed bitterly, “Brilliant Group, in fact, is a gangster group, the chairman, Yun Fei Yang, used to be on the road, starting from a small gangster, step by step, to today’s position, he is ruthless, his hands do not know how much blood, in Jiangzhou he is a prestigious, many big shots call him brother, is a ruthless character ah. ”

Yun Feiyang …… Yun Bing ……

The cold light in Ji Feng’s eyes kept dancing as he smiled, “You should still help me prepare more detailed information to read when I return.”

“No problem, Ji Feng, if you really offend someone from the Brilliant Group, always remember my advice and get Zhang Lei’s help!” Han Zhong’s tone was urgent, “If it’s too late, it will be too late.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and hung up his electric arc.

“Ji Feng, what about it? Did you find out anything?” Zhang Lei immediately asked.

Ji Feng waved his hand and laughed, “Don’t care, it’s just a small company, how dare it call itself a conglomerate, it’s ridiculous! Let’s go see my house!”

Zhang Lei and Tong Lei didn’t quite believe his words, but they couldn’t help it if Ji Feng didn’t want to say anything.

On the way to drive to see the villa, Ji Feng was still secretly pondering, why would Yun Bing be hostile to Tong Lei? In between, what was the reason for this?

As for the Brilliant Group, Ji Feng did not put too much on it, although he knew that the Brilliant Group could grow so big, if there was no one to support it was certainly impossible, Ji Feng still would not care too much, if he was willing, he could end this black group at any time.

The key issue now is to find the reason why Yun Bing is hostile to Tong Lei, otherwise, there may be similar things happening in the future.


“D*mned b*tch, D*mned dirtbag, how dare you hit me and knock my teeth out, if I don’t let you beg for your lives and die, my name won’t be Yun Bing!” Inside the infirmary, Yun Bing, who had already been treated for her wounds, came out with a strong anger in her eyes, gnashing her teeth in hatred.

“Ouch ……” This gnashing of teeth was followed by a burrowing pain that spread throughout her body, causing her to scream out in agony, her hatred for Tong Lei intensifying in her heart.

“B*tchy woman, you think you’re still good looking and you dare to seduce men?” Yun Bing’s hatred was hard to dispel, she then took out her mobile phone and dialed a number: “Brother Tiger, send me some good men over, I want …… to kill someone!”


Chapter 196

“That b*tch called Yun Bing, how come she’s suddenly so nice to talk to?” Sitting in the car, Zhang Lei’s eyes flickered, “If I’m not wrong, she must not give up so easily, think, she must have some backstabbing!”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and laughed, “That’s for sure, if you saw the hatred in her eyes for Lei Lei, you would know that only when Lei Lei died, Yun Bing would probably give up! This woman, she’s a lunatic!”

In the gazebo in front of the dormitory, Ji Feng could see the strong hatred in Yun Bing’s eyes, that kind of look, as if she wanted to tear Tong Lei apart alive, was chilling to the heart.

It was because he saw that kind of look that Ji Feng wanted to kill that D*mn woman regardless, because he couldn’t protect Tong Lei twenty-four hours a day, if he was slightly careless, he would be given the go ahead by that woman, and then once something happened to Tong Lei, Ji Feng would have the heart to run headlong into death!

“Humph, what madman!” Zhang Lei laughed disdainfully, “As long as one is human, one will be afraid, only that she hasn’t met something that makes her afraid. D*mn it!”

Zhang Lei cursed with hatred, he didn’t know how many people like this he had seen, especially those children of the world, they were basically of this kind of moral character. However, even they would not be so crazy.

So Zhang Lei could conclude that Yun Bing’s family’s power was not small, and moreover, her family’s favouring of her was just a little too powerful.

“Crazy, you just said that Yun Bing’s father is the old president of the Brilliant Group, right?” Zhang Lei gritted his teeth, “Just leave this matter to me to investigate first, if I can’t deal with Yun Feiyang, you can then take action.”

“Is it necessary to take so much trouble?” Ji Feng asked with a frown.

“Of course, if you go to deal with Yun Feiyang and the Brilliant Group, it might be more involved, moreover, you are good at protecting Lei Lei, I am worried that that crazy woman will lay a hand on Lei Lei!” At this moment, Zhang Lei’s mind was incredibly clear, as he was really angry.

Tong Lei was stunned as she listened, “She wouldn’t be that crazy, would she?”

“Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case!” Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “Lei Zi, just do as you say. You first investigate the details of the Brilliant Group, and as for the matter of doing it, I’ll do it!”

A cold light flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, he was almost certain that Yun Bing would definitely not stop so easily. Instead of being pa*sively beaten, Ji Feng would definitely choose to take the initiative.

If you’re not rampant on the basis of your family background, then I’ll simply knock out all your dependencies together! Ji Feng made up his mind at once.

“Lei Lei, do you really not know where you have offended Yun Bing?” Zhang Lei frowned and asked, “It’s always necessary to find out the root cause, otherwise, it’s possible that similar things will occur in the future, in this world, there are too many people who don’t know what they’re doing.”

Tong Lei frowned slightly and shook her head slightly, “I’ve only met Yun Bing once, I really don’t know what’s going on.”

Ji Feng pondered for a moment and asked, “So, has anything unusual happened during this time? For example, among the friends you’ve made, has anyone offended Yun Bing, or, has any guy been chasing you?”

Tong Lei was stunned, and after a moment, she said hesitantly, “This ……. I’m not too sure, but in the last few days, there is a boy who often seeks to talk to me.”

“What’s his name, and is he related to Yun Bing?” Ji Feng immediately realized that Yun Bing, who hated Tong Lei so much, should have something to do with this matter.

“I didn’t talk to him much.” Tong Lei shook her head slightly, with her cool personality, it was strange that she could say a few words to these boys who came for her looks.

Ji Feng, however, smiled, “Lei Zi, start with these two aspects, investigate the Brilliant Group while going to find out the details of that boy.”

“No problem!” Zhang Lei gritted his teeth and said, “**** how dare he hit on my sister and draw her into such big trouble, it’s strange if I don’t get him killed!”

Tong Lei was startled, she knew Zhang Lei’s character and said in a panic, “Brother, don’t do anything rash!”

Zhang Lei waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I have my limits.”

Tong Lei couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, “How could she have such a deep hatred for me!”


Until she hung up the phone, Yun Bing still had a hard time dispelling her hatred, her eyes flickering with cold light as she pondered what to do with that b*tch Tong Lei.

In fact, Yun Bing hates Tong Lei, which is actually an undeserved calamity suffered by Tong Lei, because up to now, she doesn’t even know what is going on and where she offended Yun Bing!

The reason for this is that she doesn’t know what has happened and what has offended her.

Yun Bing, who came from the Brilliant Group, hated people from small places the most, especially girls from small places. Those people who had no insight, and I don’t know if it was because they were too stifled in high school, once they arrived at university, they became incomparably open, even more open than those who were originally from big cities, no, I shouldn’t say open, it was simply `Sl*tty’!

Not only that, but those people from the small places, with their low quality, sloppy living, even stealing and robbing, especially those who are so filthy, still want to work in the Splendid Group? That was a joke!

In Yun Bing’s opinion, apart from the people of Jiangzhou, there was no place where people could be compared to the people of Jiangzhou. Or rather, the rich were the most noble people, and everyone else had to be inferior to them!

Later on, Yun Bing’s thinking changed again because she once saw with her own eyes that just because someone had inadvertently said something offensive, as a result, her father ordered someone to chop off that person’s hand alive, and that kind of horrible blood and majesty still lingers in her mind to this day.

After school, but everyone who knew that she was the daughter of the boss of the Brilliant Group, everyone either feared her or was attentive to her, and gradually she felt that she was a princess and everyone else was a slave or an underling.

The behaviour of her father, Yun Feiyang, made this feeling stronger and stronger for Yun Bing. Once, when she was in junior high school, the daughter of the same rich family was raped by some punks on her way to school because she teased Yun Bing about her pimples on her face, and as a result, the girl was raped the next day.

In the end, no one ever saw any trace of the girl’s parents again, as if they had all disappeared into thin air.

It was because of these experiences that Yun Bing felt that she was the princess of Jiangzhou and that no one could be looked upon by her.

However, there was one person who had offended her, and that person was Tong Lei, and, moreover, twice.

The reason lies in the fact that Tong Lei not only stole her limelight, but also stole what originally belonged to her!

Yun Bing had her eye on a boy, but she didn’t take any half-hearted initiative, let alone go and confess her feelings. Because in her opinion, this boy should take the initiative to pursue her.

With her status and beauty, all she had to do was wave her hand, and the boys would come running over to her like poodles.

However, Yun Bing was shocked to find that things were not what she had imagined. Not only did the boy not come over to woo her, he had even gone after Tong Lei!

Not only that, who knows who made a ranking of the school girls, but Tong Lei was ranked more than ten places higher than her!

This made Yun Bing feel that she had suffered a great humiliation, not only was she stolen by a village girl from the countryside, but even men were surrounding her, this was simply a great insult all the time!

Want to change this situation, the best way, is to Tong Lei to completely stink, or even ……

Yun Bing’s eyes constantly flashed with a crazy light, I want to turn her into a mannish b*tch`!

When she thought of this, she immediately dialed the phone number from before, “Brother Tiger, send me a few more hooligans over, something good is waiting for them!”

After hanging up the phone, a chilling smile emerged on Yun Bing’s highly swollen cheeks, “Is a school flower …… still a school flower if she is insulted by a few hooligans? I just don’t believe that those blind men would still be attracted to a woman who has been insulted!”

“Bing Bing, Bing Bing!” Just then, a girl quickly ran over with a shocked look on her face and said in a panic, “Something big is wrong!”

“What’s the panic! What’s not good?” Yun Bing was already distracted and his ears were still buzzing from the beating he had received up to now, when he heard the girl’s shout, he became furious.

The girl was startled for a moment before she carefully said, “That …… thing just now, I don’t know who has spread it to the school forum, and now it’s all going crazy!”

“What?!” Yun Bing almost jumped up at once, as if someone had stepped on his tail, and shouted shrilly, “What’s going on, who did it!”

Several companions looked at me and me at you, none of them knew how to reply. At that time when Yun Bing was being beaten, there were quite a few people gathered around who could have been anyone.

“Go back and see what’s going on!” Yun Bing gritted her teeth and said, immediately a burst of pain came from her mouth, she panicked and opened her mouth, her cheek hurt again, the whole person simply did not know what to do anymore, her face, which was still considered pretty, became hideously distorted and very weird.

A few of her other companions looked at her like this, wanting to laugh but not daring to, they knew how big Yun Bing was, if they annoyed her, they were afraid that their bodies would be found in the river the next day.

Not caring about the pain in her face and mouth, Yun Bing took them back to the dormitory quickly and opened her computer to log on to the school’s forum.

However, when she saw the first post, her whole body was stunned, and a raging anger rose from her heart.

“Tong Lei, I will make your life worse than death!” Yun Bing screamed hysterically.