Campus Master Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

“Lei Zi, thanks a lot!” Ji Feng patted Zhang Lei’s shoulder and said. Go watch the net -.7-K–o-m.

Zhang Lei shook his head slightly and said, “Crazy, you’re still polite with me? This is not your character!”

Ji Feng suddenly shook his head and laughed: “You guy! Alright, I won’t talk to you anymore, it’s getting late, I should go back!”

“Ji Feng!”

At this moment, a clear and pleasant voice suddenly came through, a voice that sounded like heavenly music, soothing one’s body beyond compare. The owner of this voice was no other than the school flower of the second secondary school, Tong Lei.

Seeing Tong Lei, Zhang Lei’s face suddenly changed and he said in a panic: “That, I forgot, I have something to do, I’ll leave first!”

Without waiting for Ji Feng and Tong Lei to have any reaction, Zhang Lei then ran away quickly as if he was fleeing in distress, looking at Ji Feng dumbfounded.

“This guy ……” Tong Lei looked at Zhang Lei’s back, shook her head in good humor and amusement, came to Ji Feng and asked, “Ji Feng, what were you and Xu Mo talking about just now?”

“Nothing, just a casual chat!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, there were some things that he didn’t want Tong Lei to know. Because, he only had that little bit of pathetic pride left. Zhang Lei helped him out, that was out of brotherly love, but, if Tong Lei knew, she would definitely go and settle the score with Xu Mo, while Ji Feng didn’t want a woman to defend himself.

“It’s really nothing?” Tong Lei’s eyes were full of suspicion, “My brother …… Zhang Lei’s character is something I understand, he wouldn’t go to talk to Xu Mo for no reason, did Xu Mo find you in trouble?”

Ji Feng, however, did not hear Tong Lei’s words clearly, because, his attention was caught by Tong Lei’s first sentence.

“Cla*s leader, you just said that Zhang Lei …… is your brother?!” Ji Feng asked in surprise.

Tong Lei immediately blushed slightly and shook her head, “Ji Feng, don’t misunderstand, I just ……”

“He’s your brother, right?” Ji Feng interrupted her, “No wonder Xu Mo is so scornful of Lei Zi, this kid has tricked me so hard. .com”

Tong Lei said in a panic, “Ji Feng, don’t be angry, my brother didn’t mean to deceive you!”

Ji Feng laughed: “Why should I rise? I can’t be happy enough, the prince of Mang Shi County is actually my brother, hmmm, not bad!”

“What princeling, he’s just a dangling guy!” Tong Lei’s small mouth slightly beamed, and then she laughed lightly, “Ji Feng, are you really not angry?”

“Everyone has their own **, some of them can be shared with others, but some of them can’t be told to others, I also have a lot of things that I can’t tell others, it’s normal.” Ji Feng nodded and said as a matter of course.

“You are very sensible!” Tong Lei said admiringly.

Ji Feng laughed and said, “It’s not sensible, it’s just because I’ve experienced more and seen more things, there’s nothing to it.”

Looking at Ji Feng’s slick smile, Tong Lei however seemed to see vicissitudes in Ji Feng’s eyes, she couldn’t help but wonder how a high school student who was not yet twenty years old could have such vicissitudes.

“Cla*s president, do you have anything else?” Ji Feng didn’t see Tong Lei’s expression and asked.

Tong Lei smiled and shook her head, her watery eyes filled with laughter, making Ji Feng look dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until he walked out of the campus that Ji Feng’s throbbing heart barely calmed down, but remembering Tong Lei’s sweet smile, his heart couldn’t help but pound again!

“Ji Feng ah Ji Feng, you should stop being delusional, the most important task for you now is to learn to strengthen yourself and grow up.” Ji Feng muttered, “Tong Lei and you are from two worlds, forget about it!”

Although his mouth said he wanted to forget, Ji Feng’s heart still couldn’t help but think of Tong Lei’s smiling face, especially Tong Lei’s snow-white seductive ** that he saw that morning with the help of his intelligent brain, which made it impossible for Ji Feng to forget.

Ji Feng walked somewhat soulfully, he couldn’t help but shake his head with a bitter smile and said to himself, “No matter how beautiful Tong Lei is, it’s not something you can delude yourself about now, put it in your heart first, and when you’re really successful, then go after it with confidence!”

As he was thinking, a warm soft thing suddenly bumped into Ji Feng, he was suddenly jolted, he heard a delicate cry, “Ah!”

“Who is it?!” Ji Feng was so frightened that he jerked back two steps, and the first thing that came to mind was the hitman Xu Mo had found.

Because it was too dark and there was no street light, Ji Feng couldn’t see clearly what was in front of him, he could only take a few steps back with his face full of caution.

“Ouch! It hurts me!” A delicate voice came into Ji Feng’s ears.

A woman?!

Ji Feng took two puzzled steps forward, only to see a figure swaying on the ground, and he hesitantly asked, “You’re a girl?”

As soon as the words were finished, he felt that he was talking nonsense, and he could tell just by listening to the voice that this person must be a girl.

“You, who are you?!” The figure said hesitantly, his voice still trembling a little, not knowing if it was because he was afraid or something else.

Ji Feng scratched his head and said awkwardly, “I, I’m Ji Feng, I’m a student, just now it was my careless walk and I bumped into you, I’m really sorry! Are you alright?”

“My feet hurt so badly that I can’t get up, can you give me a hand?” Once the owner of that soft voice heard that Ji Feng was a student and not some bad guy, he couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved.

“Oh, no problem, that’s what I should do!” Ji Feng immediately nodded his head and, depending on the night, took two steps forward to help the girl up.

The girl slightly huffed cold air, seemingly in great pain, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but say, “I’d better take you to the hospital, you seem to be badly hurt!”

“No, I just sprained my foot, I’ll be fine after resting for a while!” The girl panicked and said, “You, can you take me to the second middle school in front of you?”

“You’re a student of the second middle school? I’m really sorry, I’ll send you there immediately!” Saying that, Ji Feng helped the girl and walked towards the second middle school.

Holding the girl, Ji Feng only felt a burst of fresh fragrance coming from the girl next to him, refreshing and almost intoxicating.

Somehow, Ji Feng suddenly remembered Tong Lei’s snow-white ** again, and his heart was suddenly agitated.

He shook his head and shook the blush-inducing thoughts out of his head, Ji Feng suppressed the charming thoughts in his heart and concentrated on helping the girl beside him to walk towards the second middle school.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the school, and only under the light of the street lamp in front of the school gate did Ji Feng get a clear look at the girl’s face.


This was Ji Feng’s first feeling.

This girl, about twenty years old, had a plump and slender figure, tall, and a pair of charmingly beautiful eyes with displaced waves, as if she was the bright moon in the sky, bright and moving.

The woman was wearing a white dress, the two exposed lotus root arms, and the snow-white neck, as if it was knife-sharp and delicate, smooth.

What attracts Ji Feng’s attention the most is the mature charm of her body, which makes people can’t help but be intoxicated.


Chapter 20

The voluptuous and delicate body, the devilish figure and the perfect features give this woman an extraordinarily seductive look. Go to see the net . However, amidst the seduction, there were a few beautiful points.

However, her tightly knitted eyebrows ruined this stunning face and made people unable to help but feel love and pity.

Ji Feng was so dumbfounded that he even forgot to walk, just holding this girl’s slippery jade arm, feeling in his hand the thumping of skin contact and the uncontrollable heat, as if the sun was blazing at this time!

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” A pair of tender white small hands waved twice in front of Ji Feng’s eyes, and he snapped back to his senses and said in a panic, “Huh? What?”

“Pfft!” The girl was instantly exasperated and plucked out a fierce glance at him, saying, “Is this how you a*sist others?”

“Huh?” Ji Feng was puzzled and looked down at his own hand, and his face instantly flushed with embarra*sment. He found that his hand was subconsciously kneading the girl’s jade arm, which was simply indecent!

“Sorry, sorry! I was just ……” Ji Feng blushed red as he tried to explain, but was interrupted by the girl, “Well, young man, looking at the school uniform on you, you should be a student of the second middle school, right?”

Ji Feng subconsciously nodded and said, “That’s right, I’m also a student of the second middle school, I’m really sorry for bumping you up!”

“Also ……?” The woman’s eyes darted around and she quickly understood what was going on, the corners of her mouth pulled up in an imperceptible smile and said, “Since you bumped me, shouldn’t you send me home? My ankle still hurts and I’m afraid I can’t walk on my own!”

“That’s what you should do, you should!” Ji Feng immediately nodded vigorously, “You’re in a lot of pain, do you want to go to the hospital? If it hurts the bones, it will be very serious and might delay the entrance exams!”

“It’s fine!” The girl waved her hand and said, “Which cla*s are you in?”

Ji Feng answered honestly, “I’m in senior cla*s 6, this student, what about you?”

“Me?” A smile flashed in the woman’s eyes, making her look a little mischievous but not easily noticeable, “Well …… I’m a new transfer, if nothing else, I’ll probably be going to your cla*s six tomorrow as well!”

“So it’s a new cla*smate, what a coincidence!” Ji Feng suddenly realized, but his heart was a bit puzzled, looking at the girl’s age, she should be in her twenties, this age should at least be a college student, ah, could it be that ……

The first thing that came to mind was a possibility: repeating students!

In Mang Shi County, it is very prevalent to repeat the study. .comIf a senior graduate did not get into college, or the college he got into was not ideal, then he would choose to repeat the year. And those schools naturally loved these students with college entrance exam experience in order to pursue the rate of advancement!

“It seems that this woman should be a repeat student!” Ji Feng thought secretly.

“I remember your name is …… Ji Feng?!” The woman suddenly opened her mouth and asked.

Ji Feng immediately nodded honestly and said, “Yes, my name is Ji Feng, the season’s season, the maple of the maple forest!”

“Ji …… is a rarely seen surname!” The girl muttered softly, and then added, “Introduce yourself, my name is Xiao Yuxuan!”

“Hello, Xiao!” Ji Feng said in a panic, secretly saying in his heart, Xiao Yuxuan, a very nice name!

“Well, please take me back, I live in the faculty dormitory building!” Xiao Yuxuan said.

Ji Feng immediately nodded, and suddenly thought of something else and couldn’t help but ask, “That …… Xiao student, aren’t you a student? How come you live in the faculty dormitory building? All the people living there are teachers!”

Xiao Yuxuan smiled sweetly and said, “That’s because ah, I’ve just arrived and the school hasn’t arranged a place for me to live yet, so they let me live there temporarily!”

“Oh!” Ji Feng suddenly realized, “Then I’ll send you there!”

“What an interesting silly boy!” Looking at Ji Feng’s focused side face, the corner of Xiao Yuxuan’s mouth pulled up an arc as she laughed lightly in her heart.

The staff dormitory building of the second secondary school was located a few hundred meters behind the teaching building, and Ji Feng had walked from here before, so it was easy to send Xiao Yuxuan back.

“You, can you go upstairs by yourself?” When he came downstairs, Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask hesitantly.

There were many teachers living upstairs, so if he took the risk of helping Xiao Yuxuan up, in case he was seen, someone might gossip about him. It was nothing for a boy to gossip about himself, and he was used to being gossiped about for so many years.

However, Xiao Yuxuan was a girl and her reputation was important.

Seeing Ji Feng’s hesitant look, Xiao Yuxuan immediately understood his thoughts, pursed her lips and said, “It’s better for you to send me up, my feet still hurt a bit!”

Xiao Yuxuan’s feet did hurt, but, if she barely held on, she could still go upstairs. But for some reason, after seeing Ji Feng’s honest and hesitant look, she had some laughter in her heart and couldn’t help but tease this silly boy.

“Huh? It still hurts now, so it must have hurt really badly!” Ji Feng said with an apologetic expression, “It’s better if I take you up!”

Helping Xiao Yuxuan upstairs, Ji Feng concentrated in his mind and started communicating with his wise brain.

“Wise Brain, my cla*smate’s foot is broken, do you have a solution?” Ji Feng’s consciousness asked.

The Wise Brain said, “Master, for the structure of the human body, as well as simple medical treatment and protection, is the introductory course to becoming a super agent!”

“So, you mean to say that you have a way to cure my cla*smate’s foot?” Ji Feng asked with some delight.

“Yes master, if you only need to master the structure of the joint without hurting the bones, and then use bio-current stimulation as an aid to dissipate the bruises, it will soon be good as new!” The wise brain said.

“That’s great!” Ji Feng was overjoyed. In this way, Xiao Yuxuan’s cla*s tomorrow would not have to be delayed, and Ji Feng’s heart would feel a lot less guilty!

“Here it is!” Arriving at the door of a room on the third floor, Xiao Yuxuan said.

“Huh? Oh!” Ji Feng was only focused on communicating with his intelligent brain, so when he heard Xiao Yuxuan speak, he couldn’t help but be startled.

However, in doing so, he acted silly, and Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel happy in her heart when she looked at him!

Coming inside the room, Xiao Yuxuan was still walking unnaturally, so Ji Feng couldn’t help but say, “That …… Xiao cla*smate, if you don’t mind, can you let me look at your feet?”

Just after he finished his words, he noticed that there was an ambiguity in his words and hastily explained, “It’s like this, you mustn’t misunderstand, I mean, I once learned ma*sage from someone else, I can help you to activate your blood and remove blood stasis, so that you can be less painful, there’s really no intention of being, you mustn’t misunderstand ……”

Seeing Ji Feng anxiously explain, anxiously full of sweat, are about to fall, Xiao Yuxuan mouth corner of the smile is getting thicker and thicker, she glanced at the document on the desk next to her, put it into the drawer without a trace.

If anyone had seen that document, they would have noticed that it said: teacher’s qualification!