Campus Master Chapter 189-190

Chapter 189

Seeing Xiao Yuxuan’s delicate face with a hint of an imperceptible smile, Ji Feng’s head was suddenly spinning.

It wasn’t that Ji Feng hadn’t thought about the possibility of the two women meeting, in fact, although United University was huge and there was more than one canteen, it was, after all, in the same university, so the possibility was still very high.

However, Ji Feng did not expect that this day would come so quickly.

Especially when Ji Feng saw the smirk on Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face, he immediately understood in his heart that Xiao Yuxuan must have done it on purpose. Because there weren’t many people in the canteen right now, it was impossible for Xiao Yuxuan to not see Ji Feng and Tong Lei. If she wanted to avoid it, there were countless ways to do so, and there was no need to sit directly next to Ji Feng.

“What the hell does she want?” Ji Feng was puzzled. He was not worried about Xiao Yuxuan telling Tong Lei about her relationship with him, because Tong Lei would know about it sooner or later, paper could not cover fire, as long as the two continued to date, Tong Lei would definitely know about it, it was just a difference of sooner or later.

What worries Ji Feng is that Xiao Yuxuan should not be too direct in her words, otherwise, it will definitely cause incalculable harm to Tong Lei, which is definitely not what Ji Feng is willing to see.

However, he also knew that with Xiao Yuxuan’s character, she should not do so. After all, Xiao Yuxuan had treated Wu Ling’er, who had once used her, with repeated softness, not to mention with Tong Lei.

For Tong Lei, Xiao Yuxuan always had a feeling of guilt in her heart, or rather, a feeling of indebtedness. Because Xiao Yuxuan always felt that she had taken away Tong Lei’s boyfriend.

Under such circumstances, it was almost impossible for Xiao Yuxuan to do anything excessive. Since this was the case, what did she want to do now that she was sitting here? Ji Feng was puzzled.

Tong Lei, however, did not know that in this short moment, countless complicated thoughts flashed through Ji Feng’s mind, and when she looked clearly at Xiao Yuxuan’s face, she immediately said in surprise, “Teacher Xiao?!”

“Tong Lei, Ji Feng, we can meet again!” Xiao Yuxuan smiled sweetly.

“Yes, when I heard Ji Feng say earlier that Teacher Xiao was also in the United University, I thought of finding time to visit you, I didn’t expect that we would meet under such circumstances!”

Tong Lei was very happy, Xiao Yuxuan had always given people the impression that she was flirtatious and had a gentle personality, in the past when she was in the second middle school in Mang Shi County, there were not many people who could have something in common with Tong Lei, Xiao Yuxuan was one of them, and the two got along very well. The two of them got along very well. Only later, after the college entrance examination, they lost Xiao Yuxuan’s message, and now that they met unexpectedly, Tong Lei was naturally very happy.

A complicated look flashed in Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes, seeing her, Tong Lei was so happy, making Xiao Yuxuan feel even more guilty, she untraceably glared at Ji Feng, the meaning seemed to be saying, it’s all your fault, this stinky man, otherwise, she and I would definitely be a good pair of sisters.

In response to Xiao Yuxuan’s gaze, Ji Feng could only choose to smile bitterly.

Soon, Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei forgot that there was still the presence of Ji Feng next to them, and the two women kept talking and laughing while eating, giggling and laughing happily from time to time.

Ji Feng also logically became the focal point of the entire canteen, with countless gazes falling on him.

The two of them, Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan, one of them was as clear and beautiful as if she was a fairy coming down from the sky, and the other was a devilish figure, and every knit and smile was full of charm and charming to the extreme.

Together, these two really attract the attention of countless people.

If one could have either of these women, it would definitely be something that one would be incomparably proud of, and no normal man would be able to resist the attraction of Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan.

However, because of this, Ji Feng, who was sitting next to the two women, became the focus of everyone’s jealousy.

Many people secretly swore in their hearts that although this kid looked unattractive and had a dull head, how could he get to know these two big beauties? How could he even have the honour of sitting next to them? This was like a thunderstorm!

In fact, objectively speaking, Ji Feng had absolutely nothing to do with being unattractive and dull.

But who let him sit next to Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan?

In the eyes of the many other boys in the cafeteria, this brat sitting next to the two beauties, even if he was handsome, they would never admit it and would find countless flaws from Ji Feng’s body in the shortest time and with the fastest speed to prove that he was definitely not as good as himself.

How could such a guy, who was neither excellent nor good-looking, be able to sit with those two stunning beauties? And by the looks of it, it seemed that they were still talking and laughing, which was really unjust in one’s heart!

Ji Feng was the first to feel the substantial gazes around him, he was surprised to scan the surroundings and immediately saw the dissatisfaction in those boys’ eyes, he couldn’t help but secretly wonder, when he came to the United University, he never seemed to have offended these people, right? Even, during this period of time, he had been hiding in the dormitory, receiving training from the intelligent brain, so how could he have time to offend these people?

Naturally, Ji Feng did not know that he had already offended all these people just by sitting with Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan.

The two women, one beautiful and the other charming, are enough to make people’s hearts flutter, but such a scarce resource, but this guy Ji Feng took up two of them, so how could he be popular?

Shaking his head slightly, Ji Feng, who really couldn’t understand, could only withdraw his gaze and honestly lower his head to eat. Of course, he didn’t forget to prick up his ears and eavesdrop on Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan’s conversation.

Luckily, the two of them were just catching up and asking each other about each other.

When they found out that they were both in the Foreign Languages Department, they were both overjoyed, which meant that they would have a lot of free time together in the future and could see each other regularly. Tong Lei, who did not have many friends, seemed to cherish Xiao Yuxuan, whom she could talk to, and Xiao Yuxuan did the same.

After what happened to Wu Ling’er, Xiao Yuxuan became even more aware of how important a good friend really is.

The feelings between the two girls rose rapidly, but in just ten minutes, they actually thought of each other as sisters, which made Ji Feng extremely puzzled, was it really so easy for girls to befriend each other?

“Sister Yu Xuan, isn’t there a staff canteen at school, why didn’t you eat over there?” Tong Lei saw the food on Xiao Yuxuan’s plate, which was all the simplest, and she couldn’t help but ask in amazement.

United University even had several canteens because of the large number of students and the size of the university. And for the teaching staff, there were special canteens.

When it comes to the canteens in the universities, everyone’s first impression must be that they are dirty and messy, with steamed buns like stones, rice like wheat bran, stir-fried vegetables in big pots, and boiled soup with ‘flies’.

This is a common problem in almost every university canteen, and Union University is no exception. These impressions, however, are all directed at the students. In fact, the staff canteen at Union University is very good. There is a special stir-fry department and the chef’s skills are not bad, and the food is also cheaper than outside.

Generally, students from wealthy families would also choose to eat in the staff canteen.

However, Xiao Yuxuan unexpectedly came to the general canteen, which made Tong Lei couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

It was not only Tong Lei who was strange, but also Ji Feng. From the first time he saw Xiao Yuxuan just now, Ji Feng had doubts in his heart, but he didn’t ask about it.

Xiao Yuxuan laughed: “Actually, it’s the same wherever you eat, even if it’s an outside restaurant, although the taste is better, but in reality, you can only say that you can’t see the eye, if you let you see the process of those people cooking, you can’t eat the same.”

Tong Lei giggled at once and nodded, “That’s right, maybe the restaurants outside are even dirtier than this, we just don’t know it.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, I’m afraid that there are not many clean ones in the catering business. He had heard a story before that those who generally sold spicy shabu-shabu in summer basically found it difficult to ensure the preservation quality of the spicy skewers in this hot summer, and most of them would spoil if they were not sold out that day.

In order not to let the customers have problems eating, many merchants will grind the anti-diarrhea medicine into powder and then mix it into the soup of the spicy shabu-shabu, so that the customers will not have any adverse reactions like diarrhea after eating the spicy skewers. The food looks good and tastes good, but whether it’s good for the body or not, the customers don’t know.

As for other places like canteens and restaurants, they all have their own tricks, and there really aren’t many places that want to find a clean place.

But these things Ji Feng will not talk to the two girls, otherwise, they will definitely not be able to eat, and then the blame will be put on his head again.

Amidst the complex gazes of envy and jealousy from the surrounding students, eating dinner, the three of them left the canteen together.

“Ji Feng, you still have something to do this afternoon, right?” Just after leaving the canteen door, Xiao Yuxuan suddenly asked.

Ji Feng was stunned, “Something?”

“Yes, if you have something to do, go and get busy, Lei Lei and I are going to have a good chat this afternoon, it’s always bad for you to follow when we girls talk, right?” Xiao Yuxuan gave a meaningful glance at Ji Feng.

“Okay, fine!” Ji Feng nodded his head in bewilderment, somewhat unsure.

He couldn’t help but secretly wonder in his heart, Yu Xuan wouldn’t want to take this opportunity to tell Tong Lei about her and herself, right?

On second thought, Ji Feng thought it was unlikely, and thought that Xiao Yuxuan had her own ideas.

Since he couldn’t understand it, Ji Feng stopped thinking about it, he believed that Xiao Yuxuan would definitely have a sense of proportion, and he was relieved.

He then hurried back to the dormitory, there was not much time left before the party that Qiao Gakai was going to start at the end of the month, he had to masterfully control his whole body as soon as possible, so that he could give Qiao Gakai a big ‘surprise’!


Chapter 190

Ji Feng felt that he had to go out and look for a house.

Just after he returned to the dormitory, Ji Feng heard a news that surprised him a little, Du Shaofeng was actually planning to move out too!

When Ji Feng came back, Han Zhong and Zhao Kai were persuading Du Shaofeng.

“Old Du, it’s been less than two months since we all lived in the same dormitory, why are you so eager to move out?” Han Zhong asked in surprise.

“Yes Old Du, you’re not thinking of moving out because you’re keeping a woman outside, are you?” Zhao Kai still spoke with such sharpness that one could not help but laugh, “With your body, what kind of woman should you find to stand up to your trashing?”

Du Shaofeng, who was drinking water, almost didn’t spit out a mouthful, he glared at both eyes, “Zhao Kai, can you have some good words in your mouth?”

Zhao Kai seriously pushed up his eyes, a look of unhurriedness: “I’m just saying that your words are not bad, this body of yours, I’m afraid that ordinary women can’t bear it, right?”

Du Shaofeng was speechless at once, there really wasn’t much to say to this stuffy guy.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly laugh as he listened next to him, he asked, “Old Du, why are you suddenly thinking of moving out?”

Du Shaofeng scratched his head and said, “There’s really no reason, I just feel that it’s inconvenient inside the dormitory, there’s no place to practice during the week, and if this goes on, people become lazy.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but nod in deep understanding and said, “That’s true, there are indeed a lot of inconveniences in school, but can’t you practice in the playground? The facilities inside the school are always better than outside, right?”

Du Shaofeng shook his head and said, “I can’t use any of the facilities in the school, and I like to get up at dawn to practise my kung fu, so I’m sure I’ll disturb you guys, so it’s better to move out. Besides, I’ll be back occasionally, so we can be together in cla*s during the week.”

“A quiet neighborhood ……” Ji Feng deliberated for a moment and suggested, “I think it is not necessary to go to such trouble, isn’t there a park near here, you just need to rent a house near the park and you can go to the park in the morning to practice, that way it also What do you think?”

“Good idea!” Du Shaofeng immediately lit up, “There are quite a lot of people practising in the park in the morning, so it does not look conspicuous. If we were to practise in the school, unless we join some martial arts club, we would definitely be surrounded by people.”

“I’m going to look for a house!” Du Shaofeng was a thundering personality, once he had decided, he immediately had to go and do it.

Zhao Kai laughed dumbly, “Old Du, where are you going to look for a house now? Are you going to ask one by one?”

Du Shaofeng was stunned, “What then?”

“Of course we use this!” Zhao Kai patted the computer on the table, “There are quite a few neighborhoods around here, there must be information on renting a room online.”

Du Shaofeng instantly hemmed and hawed, “Why didn’t I think of that!”


Zhao Kai and Han Zhong rolled their eyes straight, “You silly big guy, it’s strange that you can think of using a computer, in your head, is there anything else but martial arts training?”

Du Shaofeng wasn’t annoyed, he just laughed heatedly, “In that case, the matter of helping me find a house will fall on you two!”

Since Du Shaofeng insisted on moving out, Han Zhong and Zhao Kai could only give their understanding and help find an apartment. The two of them were actually not used to living in a dormitory, and although it was lively to have several people together, there were many times when it was not very convenient. Now that Du Shaofeng was looking for a house, they couldn’t help but mutter if they should also go live outside.

Moreover, the rules in the school dormitory are really more, what time the lights go out, high-powered electrical appliances cannot be used and so on and so forth, so they are also very uncomfortable. Especially the broken electric fan in the dormitory made them laugh bitterly.

In this hot city of Jiangzhou, a dormitory for four people, relying on just one electric fan was really not enough.

Neither Han Zhong nor Zhao Kai had ever suffered much before, so they were naturally very uncomfortable now.

Seeing the three of them gathered in front of the computer, looking at a piece of rental information, Ji Feng also could not help but be moved in his heart, the advice he gave to Du Shaofeng just now was also very suitable for himself ah.

In this city of steel and concrete, if you want to find a suitable place to practice your kung fu, apart from parks, I’m afraid you have to look for places like kung fu training rooms.

However, a place like a practice room was obviously not suitable for Ji Feng, especially because some of his practice methods were simply unbelievable, especially the second set of movements he was practising now, and when he was practising, Ji Feng could clearly feel the energy from the outside world pouring into his body like crazy.

If outsiders saw him practicing with his legs crossed, I’m afraid he would be thought to be practicing some kind of evil gong.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly keep an eye out, it seemed that he should also rent a house near the park.

In this way, when practicing gymnastics, he could be in the rented house and not be afraid of anyone finding out, while practicing strength control like before, he could go to the park, as it was a sport anyway, no one would pay special attention to him.

As for the martial arts societies in schools that Du Shaofeng mentioned, Ji Feng couldn’t show any interest at all. In his impression, not to mention the martial arts societies in universities, even some of the martial arts masters that are often touted on TV are nothing more than fancy fists and legs.

For example, Ji Feng once heard a news story in which a so-called martial arts master, who was touted so highly on television, went to fight with a Thai master.

The result was that within two minutes of going on stage, the master was kicked several dozen times in the thigh by a Muay Thai fighter, breaking his thigh bone and leaving him unable to fight back.

Not only did he disgrace himself and get carried off, but he also disgraced the Chinese martial arts along with it.

Therefore, for such an organisation or event, Ji Feng didn’t even want to hear about it, let alone attend it.

“If there are any suitable houses, keep an eye out for me as well.” With a decision in mind, Ji Feng immediately said.

“You’re moving out too?” Han Zhong and Zhao Kai couldn’t help but stare, and then they laughed, “Well, you should move out, with such a beautiful girlfriend, no one wants to live in a dormitory!”

Looking at the ambiguous smiles on several people’s faces, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, and didn’t intend to explain. Besides, it was impossible to explain this, so it was better to let them misunderstand.

However, if Tong Lei really lived in it too ……

“Holy Sh*t, what kind of house is this, made of gold?” Ji Feng was imagining the scene of living with Tong Lei when he suddenly heard Du Shaofeng let out a roar, “A single villa that costs more than 18 million? Are all these people crazy for money?”

“A villa?” Ji Feng’s heart stirred and he couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “What villa costs so much?”

“Here, this is it!” Du Shaofeng pointed at the computer screen with an indignant expression on his face.

Ji Feng walked over and looked at it carefully.

It turned out that what Du Shaofeng was talking about was a villa area not too far from the school. The six-hundred-square-metre detached villa, with three floors in total, had a beautiful environment, a semi-open-air swimming pool in the courtyard outside the villa, a separate garage and some other recreational facilities.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but be interested, most of the surrounding areas of this detached villa were like this, moreover, it was located in the suburbs, usually very quiet, and there was a park nearby, as well as a small stadium that came with the villa area.

This villa area had only just been built not long ago, and this sale seemed to be posted not by an agency, but by a private person.

“This isn’t bad!” Ji Feng said, “Given the property prices in Jiangzhou, a villa like this can’t be considered very expensive anymore, right?”

“D, this is simply eating people’s bones, if you go to the countryside to build such a house, it’s only a few hundred thousand at most, right, here it’s surprisingly more than ten million!” Du Shaofeng could be described as abhorrent to this house price.

Ji Feng smiled, this was the reality and no one was able to change it.

Moreover, it seemed that this neighborhood was still being developed now, so when two years pa*sed, it was estimated that the price of the house would rise again.

Ji Feng was already secretly calculating if he should buy this villa. After all, according to the situation in Jiangzhou, this price was indeed not expensive.

He wrote down the contact information above the sale information and decided to discuss it with Xiao Yuxuan, after all, she was more familiar with Jiangzhou and could still give himself good advice.

When he thought of Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng’s heart was suddenly startled, Xiao Yuxuan should still be with Tong Lei now, I wonder what the two of them are talking about during this time!

The moment he thought of Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei talking as if they were close sisters, Ji Feng felt all squirmy, as if he was like a great sinner with ten evils.

The two most beautiful women, to be able to have one of them, is already a great happiness, but he, himself, greedily wants to have both at the same time, is this not a sin?

Ji Feng couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, thought about it, and still didn’t contact Xiao Yuxuan. At least, now she was with Tong Lei, so if she only contacted Xiao Yuxuan, she didn’t know what Tong Lei would think.

What a sin!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but scratch his head, how exactly should this matter be resolved?

“Forget it, let’s contact the owner of the villa first, get a clear picture of the situation first, and then discuss it with Yu Xuan!” Ji Feng deliberated secretly, then he went out of the dormitory and dialed the contact information left online.

Soon, Ji Feng figured out where the owner of the villa came from. According to his own introduction, the owner of the villa, surnamed Li, spoke with a Yanjing accent and was said to be thinking of selling the villa because he was going to emigrate to the US to be with his daughter.

Because the sale was privately posted, there was no intermediary fee or anything like that, as long as the taxes were paid and the formalities completed at the time of the transfer, the title could be transferred to Ji Feng’s name.

“Mr. Li, I still need to discuss this with my family, I’ll contact you later!” Ji Feng politely hung up the phone and secretly pondered.

Eighteen million was perfectly fine for him to take, after all, he could still have over forty million on him now. However, whether he should buy the villa or not, Ji Feng had not yet made up his mind completely.