Campus Master Chapter 187-188

Chapter 187

“Originally, I didn’t intend to attend because I thought it was unnecessary to attend that kind of party, except that Duan Peng was compelled to attend because he had business dealings with many of them. Moreover, this person who started the party is also somewhat related to you.” Ji Shaolei said.

“Related to me?” Ji Feng was stunned, “What kind of relationship?”

“Do you still remember what happened a month ago?” Ji Shaolei suddenly asked.

What happened a month ago?

Ji Feng was stunned, and his brain, which had been somewhat drunk and chaotic, suddenly became sober, and he thought of something: “Second brother, are you talking about that divine doctor thing?”

The first time Ji Feng visited Second Uncle’s house, he met an impostor divine doctor, moreover, Ji Shaolei’s car had been tampered with, later, according to Young Uncle, it was not a big deal, so he didn’t think much about it, but now it looked like, I’m afraid things were really not as simple as he thought.

“It’s that thing!” A cold light flashed in Ji Shaolei’s eyes as he said, “The promoter of this party has something to do with that incident!”

Ji Feng’s face sank on the spot, the loved ones around him were his scales of rebellion. No matter who it was, as long as they dared to deal with his loved ones, he would fight for his life with the other party!

“I’ll go!” Ji Feng said decisively, “I want to see who it is that has such a three heads and six arms, how dare they be so reckless!”

Ji Shaolei laughed, “Actually, it’s not as serious as you think, didn’t little uncle say last time that it was a minor matter. But I’ve always thought that when elders say it’s a minor matter, it’s probably because they’re not comfortable speaking up, or they’re not good enough to do anything because they’re in some people’s way. However, we are different.”

Ji Feng nodded in deep understanding, the older generation was not good at saying anything because they were in the way, but they, the younger generation, could not just ignore it, and perhaps, the elders in the family would even be happy to see it.

“When will the party start?” Ji Feng asked.

“It’s at the end of this month, in Jiangzhou.” Ji Shaolei said, “Calling you here now is just to inform you in advance so that you can be mentally prepared, and I will call on you when the time comes!”

Ji Feng then nodded slightly, but in his heart he was a little puzzled.

He could tell that Ji Shaolei’s words seemed to be incomplete, as if there were some things he had not said, was it because Duan Peng was here so it was inconvenient to say, or was it for some other reason?

Also, the initiator of the party, since it was related to that divine doctor incident a month ago, then why did he still dare to come to Jiangzhou? One should know that in the whole of China, there were not many people who dared to deal with the Ji family so recklessly. Could it be that the other party was really that big?

Ji Feng decided that he had to find an opportunity to ask for clarification before the party started, he couldn’t just be so confused.

However, it was obviously inappropriate to ask further questions now. Since Ji Shaolei had some scruples and did not make it clear, it meant that it was inconvenient, so it seemed that he could only ask when no outsiders were around.

Ji Feng was pondering when he heard Ji Shaolei laugh: “Let’s not talk about these things, come on, drink!”

Duan Peng also followed and laughed: “That’s right, the boat will naturally straighten out when it reaches the bridge, let’s drink.”

“I can’t drink more!” Ji Feng shook his head slightly, he had drunk a lot with Xiao Changhe and the others before, and that was still white wine. And now it was red wine, two kinds of wine mixed together, making Ji Feng more or less uncomfortable.

“Really don’t drink it? This is Lafite, more than twenty thousand a bottle, it would be a waste not to drink it!” Ji Shaolei laughed, “Drink less, figure out the atmosphere!”

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, and could only pick up his gla*s and drank a few with the two of them.

However, for this red wine, Ji Feng was really not half talented, after drinking it for half a day, he really could not drink other than spicy and a strange taste. The Chinese white wine, on the other hand, if you taste it carefully, apart from the spicy taste, it is more of a mellow aroma that gives a long aftertaste.

I really don’t understand why so many people like to drink red wine, but also have to what eight or nine years of Lafite, and what Louis dozen, Ji Feng has heard a lot, but really do not like those.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

He frowned slightly, this dizzy feeling made him dislike it, although the atmosphere was nice, however, Ji Feng remembered very clearly what the intelligent brain had said: as a qualified agent, you should always stay awake, because you don’t know when the other side will find out your identity, so you should always be ready to run away.

Right now, Ji Feng was in a state where he clearly did not do this. Almost subconsciously, sitting on the sofa, Ji Feng’s legs were slightly coiled up, and he actually unknowingly made the second set of movements of bodybuilding gymnastics.

At the same time, bio-currents began to flow in his body, and the energy around him, too, rapidly surged towards him.

Everywhere the bio-current pa*sed, Ji Feng only felt his body start to heat up, then his body sweat, and he gradually woke up.

A few moments later, Ji Feng’s clothes were already soaked through and a strong smell of alcohol was emitted from his body.

However, Ji Feng himself noticed it, because after the bio-current had run through his body for two consecutive turns, he was surprisingly completely sober and no longer had any semblance of alcohol.

“Bio-current, it can even detoxify alcohol?” Ji Feng was surprised in his heart, and at the same time he was overjoyed, so that he didn’t have to worry about getting drunk.

Just like that, Ji Feng was running the bio-current, constantly breaking down all the alcohol in his body and expelling it through his pores, while he and Ji Shaolei were constantly toasting with each other.

In his heart, he snickered badly, if he continued to drink like this, he would really be able to stay drunk for a thousand gla*ses, which was almost exactly the same as a martial arts master forcing the alcohol out of his body through his internal strength on TV or in the movies.

Sure enough, in just half an hour, Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng were a little shaky from drinking.

“I can’t, if I keep drinking, I’ll be down for the day.” Duan Peng waved his hand, looked at Ji Feng and laughed, “Little Feng, you’re a dishonest kid, just now you said you couldn’t drink, now you’re the one who’s most sober.”

Ji Feng laughed, “It’s not that I can drink, it’s that the two of you are so bad at drinking.”

Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng looked at each other and were speechless at the same time. Three people had already drunk more than two bottles, and this was still considered poor drinking?

“Alright, I have to go to bed, I have a business deal to talk about tomorrow, you two hurry up and leave, don’t affect me here!” Duan Peng harrumphed and waved his hand, shooing Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei out.

The clubhouse also had suites in addition to private rooms, so Duan Peng stayed here directly.

When they were kicked out by Duan Peng, Ji Feng did not feel a bit angry, especially Ji Feng, although he had only spent a couple of hours with Duan Peng, he understood some of Duan Peng’s temper.

This person is very brash and not hypocritical, which can be seen from the drinking. Although he didn’t know what Duan Peng was like when facing outsiders, at least, in front of Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei, he didn’t make any pretence.

Such a person could easily win the goodwill of others.

When he walked out of the clubhouse, the cool breeze blew, and Ji Shaolei was instantly quite sober. Ji Feng, however, remained his usual self, he had already broken down the alcohol long ago and naturally did not feel anything.

“After drinking today, I won’t go home, I’ll take you back first!” Sitting in the car, Ji Shaolei said.

Ji Feng nodded, although both of them were not much drunk now, they were more drunk, if they went to Second Uncle’s house at this time, they might have to be scolded.

“Second brother, that party you mentioned, what is it all about?” Without Duan Peng around anymore, Ji Feng asked directly.

“Humph! It’s not just that some people are dishonest, not only do they want to deal with our Ji family, they also have their eyes on Duan Peng’s property …… really insatiable!” Ji Shaolei coldly snorted in disdain.

Seeing Ji Feng’s puzzled gaze, Ji Shaolei explained, “Actually, this matter involves Eldest Uncle, so I can’t say much about it.”

“Involving my father?” Ji Feng was stunned, “What exactly is going on?”

Ji Shaolei deliberated for a moment and said, “The person who started the party is named Qiao Gakai …… Let’s put it this way, the other party in the marriage that the old man set up for the eldest uncle was Qiao Gakai’s mother! Last time, it was also their mother and son who stirred things up, and this time is the same!”

“So that’s how it is!” Ji Feng instantly understood, his younger uncle Ji Zhenping had once told him that the marriage that grandfather had set up for his father in the first place was the culprit that caused his mother and father to be separated for more than ten years.

“Duan Peng’s family, like us, originally lived in the compound, only that, later on, his family’s path fell and there was no one to succeed him in the system, so Duan Peng chose to go into business.” Ji Shaolei said, “Because his elders used to have a good relationship with many old people, so everyone took care of their family, and Duan Peng grew up quickly.”

“However, as the elders in Duan Peng’s family gradually aged and he gradually lost his backers, the Qiao family took a fancy to the wealth and resources he held in his hands, and this gathering was actually an attempt to put pressure on Duan Peng.”

Ji Shaolei said, “The Qiao family is getting more and more outrageous, last time they knew that Eldest Aunt had returned to the family, and I don’t know if they had eaten the wrong medicine, but they even made a move against our family, Little Uncle wanted to give them a severe treatment, but he was stopped by Grandpa. Alas, grandfather was looking at the face of that old comrade of the Qiao family who had died and couldn’t bear to lay a hand on the Qiao family.”

Ji Feng’s face was completely gloomy, and after a long time, he asked gloomily, “Second brother, do you mean to say that Qiao Gakai’s mother, to this day, is still very hostile towards my mother?”

“That should be the case, but I don’t really know the exact inside story, if you want to know, you still need to ask Eldest Uncle.” Ji Shaolei nodded slightly.

“Oh ……” Ji Feng laughed, he smiled brightly, “Good, how nice! Back then, it was because of Qiao Gakai’s mother that my parents were separated for more than ten years, now, they want to rise again, new hatred and old hatred ah …… some people, if you don’t hit them hard, he won’t know the pain!”

“San’er, you don’t want to be reckless!” Ji Shaolei heard the icy coldness in Ji Feng’s words and couldn’t help but jump in fright.

“Oh, don’t worry, I know the score.” Ji Feng smiled faintly and suddenly asked, “By the way, you didn’t ask me about my body skills before, you didn’t have an intention, did you?”

“Of course not! That Qiao Gakai comes from the army and is very strong, when the time comes, if he wants to fall on our face in this regard, then there is not the slightest thing we can do. Besides, if children fight with each other, they can’t sue the elders, right?” Ji Shaolei grunted, “Back then, my elder brother and I, both had suffered from him.”

“Fighting ah ……,” Ji Feng rubbed his chin and smiled heatedly, a cold glint in his eyes, “I like it the most!”


Chapter 188

The fourth time, the fox is completely bursting at the seams.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this.


“Wise Brain, besides these sets of body building exercises I’m practicing, is there any kung fu for combat?” Having just returned to school, called Xiao Yuxuan to report her safety and had a phone call with Tong Lei, he went straight into his head.

“Kung fu for combat? What is the master referring to?” Seeing Ji Feng’s gnashing of teeth, the wise brain was a little confused.

“Simply put, it means that I might have to fight someone, but I’ve hardly learned any kung fu for fighting apart from these two sets of body-building exercises.” Ji Feng said, “That’s why I’m asking you if there’s any kung fu for fighting?”

“Master, didn’t you already learn fighting before?” The intelligent brain asked in confusion.

“That’s not fighting, it’s obviously just kung fu for killing!” Ji Feng laughed bitterly. He had indeed learnt fighting, and had been beaten up by the black-faced instructor in the Super Agent Training System. Although he had eventually learnt fighting, he couldn’t use it in the upcoming party at the end of the month.

This was because according to Ji Shaolei’s intention, most of the people attending this party were some gentry, or some powerful and noble sons and daughters. There weren’t many experts among such people, so if someone P*ssed himself off at that time and accidentally got someone killed, it would be a big trouble.

The fighting kung fu taught by that instructor was really too ruthless, and Ji Feng had a deep understanding of this. For example, he was from the special forces. At that time, he misunderstood that he was bullying his mother, so he struck out with hatred, and if his mother hadn’t called him back in time, I’m afraid he would have crushed his throat.

Now Ji Feng is practicing his second set of body-building exercises, both in terms of strength and speed, and he is really afraid that he might accidentally kill someone!

Understanding Ji Feng’s meaning, the round body of the intelligent brain shook up and down a few times: “Master, according to the database, there is no such kung fu as master mentioned. It’s because the Wise Brain exists to turn the master into a super agent.”

“Then what should we do?” Ji Feng asked.

“According to the test of the intelligent brain, the reason why the master doesn’t dare to use fighting kung fu is simply because the master is not yet able to control his own power, skillfully, so what the master needs to do now is to learn to control his own power, especially for the control of bio-currents, and practice it.”

The intelligent brain carefully explained without the slightest impatience, of course, as an artificial intelligence system, it would not produce impatience, “For the way to control one’s own power, the system provides three options.”

“Oh?” Ji Feng’s eyes lit up, “Which three options?”

For the control of his own power, Ji Feng was indeed much worse, as he hadn’t really practiced power control carefully during this period of time when he was buried in practicing his second set of movements.

“First, the master can use the most fragile item and try to control it with various parts of his whole body. Secondly, by the system firing bio-currents, the master can also achieve the purpose of improving control proficiency under the stimulation of pain ……” Before the intelligent brain could finish its words, it was instantly interrupted by Ji Feng.

“The second method pa*s away!” Ji Feng jumped up and shouted as if his tail had been stepped on. Are you kidding me, stimulating the body with bio-current?

During the practice of the first set of body building exercises, Ji Feng had tasted that kind of taste countless times, it was simply not something humans could bear, he didn’t want to try it again.

The intelligent brain was interrupted without the slightest displeasure, but continued, “The third method, self-controlled bio-current, stimulates the muscles of the whole body.”

“These three methods, which one is better?” Ji Feng asked.

“Because the second method was denied by the master, so the intelligent brain suggested that the master carry out the first and third methods at the same time, in this way, the master will not only be able to skillfully control his own strength, but also his own bio-current, which will be of great benefit to the master’s future practice.” The intelligent brain narrated.

“Self-controlling bio-current, the pain should be much less than the system to control it, right?” Ji Feng asked.

“Yes, master.” The intelligent brain said.

Having received an affirmative answer, Ji Feng immediately gritted his teeth, “Okay, just do as you say! In order to teach the one surnamed Qiao a lesson, and to take a breath for my mother and retrieve some interest for the time being, isn’t it just bio-current stimulation of the body? F**k it!”

Next, the intelligent brain explained the operation essentials of the first and third methods, and Ji Feng listened incomparably attentively. This time, he was more engaged than ever.

Because he knew very well that this wasn’t just for himself, but also for his mother.

Just because of Qiao Gakai’s mother, he had separated his own parents for more than ten years, causing his mother to suffer from blank stares and the ridicule of others, and even made himself bear the insulting name of ‘feral’, now that he had the opportunity to teach his enemy a hard lesson, how could Ji Feng not be attentive?

“Fragile things ……” When he withdrew from his mind, Ji Feng began to think about it, according to the intelligent brain, using fragile and cautious things to practice with would work best.

This is indeed a good idea, just …… what is the most fragile thing?

Suddenly, Ji Feng’s eyes lit up and he thought of one thing – eggs!

Although eggs have a very solid structure, they are very fragile. If you use your whole body muscles to control the eggs, it must be difficult and the effect must be the best.

What’s more, eggs were cheap and most common!

Thinking about it, Ji Feng immediately ran to the supermarket in the school and bought a packet of eggs and carefully carried it back under the strange gazes of others.

Ji Feng never cared about other people’s gaze, not to mention, this was to take a breath for himself and his mother.

Finding a cardboard box in the dormitory, Ji Feng put all the eggs inside and casually picked one up.

“Use your muscles to control ……” Ji Feng held his chin and deliberated, “Just start practicing with your hands first.”

He gently tossed the egg up and then reached out to catch it.


The egg was caught accurately …… and shattered.

Looking at the broken egg in his hand, as well as the egg white and yolk that covered his hand, Ji Feng laughed bitterly. He really could not skillfully control his strength, and, because he was worried about catching the egg and not being able to hold on to it, Ji Feng subconsciously made his hand harder and the egg just shattered.

Summing up, Ji Feng threw up an egg again, this time with less force.


It still shattered.

Undaunted, Ji Feng continued to practice.


All the way to the tenth egg, he could finally catch it successfully, and even if he threw it higher, it wouldn’t be breaking.

Encouraged, Ji Feng started practicing with both hands at the same time.


Time flew by, and in a flash, half a day pa*sed leisurely.

Pop! Snap! Snap!

In the dormitory, Ji Feng kept throwing eggs overhead with both hands, while catching them in turn with both hands. Five eggs were constantly being thrown and caught.

With the power in his two hands, which he could already control skilfully, Ji Feng began to try to control them with his two arms, and then his two feet.

The strength of his feet was more difficult to control than his two hands, but Ji Feng practised with great dedication.

In the blink of an eye, another day had pa*sed and Ji Feng stopped practicing because Tong Lei and Zhang Lei were about to arrive in Jiangzhou. Likewise, the three people in the dormitory, Du Shaofeng, were coming back.

And at this time, Ji Feng smiled bitterly.

The whole dormitory was filled with the characteristic fishy smell of eggs, which was so pungent. Earlier, Ji Feng had been practicing too much, and now that he had returned to his senses, he finally noticed the problem.

He hurriedly cleaned up and rinsed the floor with water, and then Ji Feng ran to the supermarket to buy disinfectant, which barely removed the strange smell.

After doing this, Tong Lei’s phone call also came: “Ji Feng, we are downstairs now.”

“I’ll come down immediately!” Dropping these words, Ji Feng immediately ran out of the dormitory.

After not seeing her for a few days, Tong Lei was even more beautiful. A long black hair draped over her shoulders, pink casual shirt, blue jeans, called on wearing white trainers, with a crystal bracelet on her wrist, at this time, Tong Lei, can really be said to be a pavilion, simply a fairy from the nine heavens down to the earth as clear and beautiful, let people almost can not move away from the gaze.

When she saw Ji Feng, Tong Lei’s beautiful eyes were filled with a sweet smile.

“I say, can you two look at me for a moment with nothing but each other in your eyes?” Zhang Lei stood beside the Audi, carrying two large bags in his hands and complained with a bitter look on his face, “I say, crazy, can you still have me as a brother in your eyes? Come and help me carry my stuff!”

“Brother, what are you talking about?” Tong Lei’s pretty face reddened slightly and she glared at Zhang Lei.

Ji Feng was surprised and asked, “Lei Zi, what are the things you’re carrying here?”

“It’s all some local specialties, Lei Lei knows you like to eat them and had to bring them back.” Zhang Lei hummed, “You’re a good boy, you’ve been on vacation for a few days, you just know how to call your girlfriend, and you haven’t called me one!”

“Two big men talking on the phone with nothing to do, is it meaty?” Ji Feng smiled, took the bag from Zhang Lei’s hand and easily sent it upstairs.

Zhang Lei couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when he looked at his relaxed appearance, “Those two bags can be a full fifty`60 pounds, where did he get that much strength?!”

The arrival of Tong Lei brought an almost unbroken smile to Ji Feng’s face, and as long as they had time, the two of them got tired of being together, and their relationship was like glue and honey.

As for the three guys in the dormitory, they each had their own things to do. With them around, Ji Feng found it a bit inconvenient to practice gymnastics and control his strength, so he thought that he must find a house outside the school.

And when he was with Tong Lei, Ji Feng wanted to tell her several times about himself and Xiao Yuxuan, but when the words came to his mouth, he didn’t know how to say it again. Because he didn’t know how big a blow it would be to Tong Lei if he told her about it!

However, the heavens seemed to be particularly fond of playing with people, and without any mental preparation on Ji Feng’s part, this day, he and Tong Lei were eating in the canteen when a delicate figure suddenly sat down next to them.

Surprisingly, it was Xiao Yuxuan!