Campus Master Chapter 185-186

Chapter 185

“Little …… Mr. Ji, it’s really because I was too concerned about Xuan Xuan before, that’s why I said those offensive words, I hope you don’t take it to heart ah.”

“Yes, Mr. Ji, Su Hong this person is like this, usually at home I often say her, however, she just speaks too directly, but no bad intentions, you must not mind!”


When Ji Feng cleaned up Sun Gang and drove Tang Haiwei away with a few faint words, the unquestionable majesty that he showed immediately made Liu Suhong and Xu Changyuan couple feel even more apprehensive. After seeing Ji Feng’s tactics and ruthlessness, the two of them almost regretted to death in their hearts, how could they not see before that this kid Ji Feng did not like to talk, that was not honest and timid, but a calm and steady temperament.

It was because of such thoughts that as soon as Ji Feng sat down, Liu Suhong and Xu Changyuan hastily apologized, only that, due to face, they could not apologize too directly and could only find excuses to cover up their actions, their faces were still hot and embarra*sed.

Ji Feng just smiled lightly and did not say anything.

Now that he knows to say these words, how come he didn’t think about his current situation when he was sneering at himself before?

When Xu Changyuan and Liu Suhong took a look at Ji Feng’s reaction, they became even more embarra*sed. They apologized, but Ji Feng simply ignored it, which really left them speechless. Ji Feng’s status was there, if it was in normal times, not to mention apologizing, they would not even have the chance to offend Ji Feng, so they simply did not know what to do now.

It was Liu Suhong who had a quick turn of mind, and with a twinkle in her eye, she instantly came up with an idea and gave Xiao’s mother a panicked wink.

In the past, Xu Changyuan and his wife had never been so honest in front of them. The couple had never been so honest in front of them before, because Xu Changyuan was a small employee in the bank and usually had a feeling of superiority, and Xiao Changhe and his wife felt that they were relatives and were afraid of losing face, so they could not say anything, but they were definitely not happy.

And now, Xu Changyuan and his wife are so lowly and subservient, this kind of scene is not often seen!

Of course Liu Suhong knew that her cousin and her cousin’s husband did not treat her family well at all. She had originally introduced Xiao Yuxuan to Tang Haiwei because she wanted to take this opportunity to befriend Tang Haiwei and thus Tang Haiwei’s father, because Liu Suhong’s small company was within the jurisdiction of Tang Haiwei’s father.

However, not only did Tang Haiwei fail to befriend him, but they also offended someone they shouldn’t have offended, and this person is also Xiao Yuxuan’s current boyfriend.

If we talk about it more seriously, between Liu Suhong and Ji Feng, there is a hatred of wife snatching. Although the snatching was not successful, but after all, this matter is not something that ordinary people can tolerate.

In this situation, Liu Suhong knew that she had to put down her stance and obtain Ji Feng’s forgiveness, otherwise, her company, her husband Xu Changyuan’s future, and even her daughter Xu Ting’s future work would all be very problematic.

Even, with just one word from Ji Feng, Xu Changyuan might even end up in jail. After all, no one in the banking system is clean, and Xu Changyuan is not clean at all.

Because of this, Liu Suhong knew very well that today, no matter what, she had to let Ji Feng drop these things, or at least, she had to leave them alone, and as to whether or not she could get involved with Ji Feng, that was something to be discussed later.

And their apology was useless, Liu Suhong then immediately reacted, wanting Ji Feng to let go, the best way is still to take the lady route ah.

However, as elders and with the Xiao Changhe couple here at this time, they naturally could not put down their faces and plead with Xiao Yuxuan, and could only go through the Xiao Changhe couple, to excuse themselves.

Ji Feng and Xiao Changhe couple only met for the first time, no matter from which aspect, he will give Xiao Changhe couple a face, what Liu Suhong wants, is this face!

This was something that Liu Suhong understood, Ji Feng understood, and Xiao Changhe and his wife understood as well.

Therefore, although in his heart he was very unimpressed with Liu Suhong and his wife, but seeing their current pitiful appearance, the old couple’s kind-heartedness returned. Xiao Changhe coughed lightly and deliberated for a moment before saying, “Little Feng, since we are out to eat today, all those unhappy things, forget about them, your cousin aunt and cousin husband are actually knife-tongue and tofu-hearted, they don’t have bad intentions.”

Xiao Yuxuan could not help but sigh softly at once, her own parents, ah, were just too kind, no wonder her father’s company had not been able to grow and develop, how could it work in the shopping mall when you were just soft-hearted and kind?

Ji Feng, however, smiled faintly and was quite satisfied with the reaction of Xiao Changhe and his wife. In his opinion, this kind-heartedness of the Xiao Changhe couple is really a rare and valuable quality, and Xiao Yuxuan is so filial, obviously because of her good family education.

In fact, what Ji Feng feared the most was that after Xiao Changhe and his wife knew their identities, they would rely on their identities to do something inappropriate. If he should help them, Ji Feng would definitely not be stingy, after all, they were Xiao Yuxuan’s parents. However, if they used this as a reason to act in a reckless manner, that would be beyond Ji Feng’s bottom line.

But now, it seemed that Ji Feng’s worry was obviously superfluous.

Therefore, a smile appeared on Ji Feng’s face: “Uncle father, auntie mother, you are right, let’s not mention the unhappy thing, today I came to visit the two elders because I want to implore uncle and auntie mother to let me go out with Yu Xuan, I promise you that I will treat Yu Xuan well, as for my family, because it is a bit complicated, I can’t say it clearly for a while, when I have time later on I will let my parents come and visit my aunts and uncles.”

As soon as his words fell, Liu Suhong and Xu Changyuan couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief, Ji Feng had finally let go of his words.

As long as he didn’t pursue it further, it was fine! The two of them were thankful in their hearts, fortunately, their cousin and cousin’s husband had a better temper, otherwise, they would have been out of luck today.

Xiao Yuxuan, on the other hand, heard these words, but her body stiffened abruptly, and a strong feeling of emotion rose in her heart.

The relationship between her and Ji Feng was not that of a normal man and woman friend, as there was still a Tong Lei between them.

Ji Feng now promised to let his parents visit her parents, without a doubt, this was another way to acknowledge her identity, even, to let his family acknowledge her identity, so how could Xiao Yuxuan not be touched?

Perhaps Xiao Changhe and his wife didn’t know what status Ji Feng’s parents had, they only knew that Ji Feng was the nephew of the secretary of the municipal party committee, but Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t have been clearer, Ji Feng’s father, how big he was!

“Where, if your parents are busy, it’s fine for us to visit them!” Xiao Changhe smiled and politely said.

Xiao Yuxuan pursed her small mouth and almost didn’t laugh out loud, she held back and held back again before she didn’t immediately reveal the identity of Ji Feng’s father, otherwise, I’m afraid how Xiao Changhe wouldn’t have allowed Ji Feng’s father to visit him.

“Dad, you guys shouldn’t be so polite, it’s almost eight o’clock now and my stomach is hungry.” Xiao Yuxuan interrupted the topic, she felt that she would tell her father everything when she got home in the evening.

Of course, Xiao Yuxuan would definitely not say anything about her real relationship with Ji Feng, otherwise, even if Ji Feng’s father’s status was more important and high, Xiao Changhe was afraid that he would not allow his daughter to follow a man together with another woman.

Knock, knock, knock!

A knock on the door suddenly sounded, followed by the door of the compartment being pushed open, and Manager Xiao walked in with a respectful face.

Seeing that a few people were suddenly missing from the compartment, leaving only Ji Feng and the others, Manager Xiao was stunned in his heart, those two young men that the general manager had attached great importance to were not there?

However, his face did not show half a difference, because he remembered very clearly that this young man who was sitting in the box now, but personally called Ji Shao Lei second brother, which means what, naturally, is self-evident.

“It’s just as well to serve this young man to your satisfaction!” Manager Xiao was still very discerning, and he muttered darkly while smiling, “Everyone, I hope you won’t be offended by my previous negligence. To show our apologies, here are some special dishes specially made by the hotel’s chef, as well as some of the hotel’s heartfelt wishes, I hope you will all be satisfied!”

His gaze kept looking at Ji Feng, while Ji Feng smiled at Xiao Changhe and said, “Uncle, since it’s a token of the hotel’s appreciation, shall we accept it?”

Dare I say, this elegant middle-aged man was the most important person here? Manager Xiao was secretly shocked, these people today, they were not small.

He hurriedly said, “This gentleman, you see ……”

Xiao Changhe was not pretentious, nodded slightly and smiled, “In that case, then I will trouble Manager Xiao, thank you for your hotel’s kindness.”

Manager Xiao was immediately overjoyed and said in a panic, “Where where, as long as the few of you are satisfied with the use, this is what we are after.”

As he said that, he waved his hand at the door, “Bring it all in!”

Immediately afterwards, a team of beautiful waiters dressed in cheongsams and tall figures walked in carrying one by one plates, each one carrying a dish in their hands, and in the hands of a few waiters behind them, were a few bottles of wine.


Xiao Changhe’s eyes suddenly stared, he recognized at a glance that what these waiters were carrying in their hands was not ordinary wine, but Mao Tai aged wine, which was not easy to buy.

He couldn’t help but secretly sigh in his heart that the identity of a person was really a signboard that worked better than anything else. Previously, a few of them almost couldn’t even ask for a box, but now, they were able to drink such expensive wine for free, the difference in between, only those who had experienced it could feel it.

Xiao Changhe couldn’t help but be satisfied in his heart that his daughter had finally found a reliable and not low status boyfriend. Although he never tended to follow the crowd, as a father, he still hoped that his daughter could live a happy life, and now it seemed that by following Ji Feng, his daughter would not be at a disadvantage.

Xiao’s mother, however, was a little worried in her heart. Although her daughter was not bad in terms of looks or heart and temper, Ji Feng’s status was obviously not low, and she did not know if Ji Feng’s parents would like it.

However, when Xiao’s mother saw that Ji Feng had deliberately explained to Manager Xiao to bring a few bottles of drinks and specially poured them for the several ladies present, the love in his eyes when he looked at his daughter immediately made Xiao’s mother put her heart down, people’s eyes do not lie, Ji Feng, is really fond of Xuan Xuan.

Xiao mother was immediately filled with joy and rea*sured.

Likewise, Xiao Changhe was also very relieved, compared to He Dong, Ji Feng was just too much better.


Chapter 186

“Giggle ……”

Xiao Yuxuan’s silver bell-like laughter spilled into the car, making people feel relaxed and happy.

“Ji Feng, did you see the expression on Liu Su Hong’s family’s face? Giggle …… I’ve long been uncomfortable with their condescending looks before, so today I can say that I’ve taken a breath of anger.” Xiao Yuxuan was so full of laughter that if she wasn’t driving a car, I’m afraid she would have started dancing with her hands.


From the time she first met Liu Suhong in front of Xiao Yuxuan’s house, both Xu Changyuan and his wife, and that director’s son, Tang Haiwei, had a high and mighty way of doing things from their bones, the kind of self-important look that made Xiao Yuxuan really hold her breath.

However, since she knew Ji Feng’s identity, looking at that Liu Suhong and Xu Changyuan’s trembling appearance, Xiao Yuxuan was really secretly pleased.

Especially when it came to pouring wine, Ji Feng, as a junior, poured wine for Xiao Changhe and Xu Changyuan, and Xiao Changhe accepted it as a matter of course, but Xu Changyuan, however, was so frightened that he stood up in a panic, said straight out of his mouth that he didn’t dare to, and at once snatched the bottle away from Ji Feng’s hand, and actually poured wine for Ji Feng in turn.

Liu Suhong’s mouth was full of flattering and fleshy compliments, as if Ji Feng had really become the best young man in the world, causing goose bumps all over Xiao Yuxuan’s body, and she even wondered if she had really landed a golden tortoise son-in-law.

Xu Ting, however, looked at Ji Feng with secret affection from time to time, and she knew without thinking that she could not wait to replace Xiao Yuxuan in her heart and succeed in entering Ji Feng’s sight, which made Xiao Yuxuan laugh in shame.

This family’s doings were really a great pleasure, making Xiao Yuxuan still in a state of excitement until now.

“You child, what are you talking about!” Xiao mother rebuked her daughter, “No matter how excessive they are, they are still your elders, how can you call them by their names? There are no rules at all!”

Xiao Yuxuan spat out her tongue, cute as can be.

Ji Feng sat on the pa*senger seat with a faint smile on his face and secretly nodded in his heart. Although Xiao Changhe and his wife were businessmen, they did not have the mercenary kind of treacherous businessmen in them, instead they attached great importance to the education of their children, and in this, they did very little, which could be seen from Xiao Yuxuan.

“Xiao Feng ah, although your aunt and I have agreed to you and Xuan Xuan dating, but, you can not bully her, otherwise, no matter what your status is, I am not finished with you, remember?” What Xiao Changhe was more concerned about was still his daughter’s happiness.

Ji Feng nodded solemnly, “Uncle father, don’t worry, I definitely won’t let Yu Xuan suffer half an inch of aggravation!”

“Mm, I’m relieved about that.” Xiao Changhe nodded his head slightly in satisfaction.

Twenty minutes or so later, they returned to Xiao Yuxuan’s home. Perhaps because he was too happy, Xiao Changhe drank a few more gla*ses, and after returning home, he and Ji Feng didn’t say a few words before the alcoholic feelings came up.

Amidst Xiao’s mother’s complaints, Xiao Changhe smilingly took a shower and went to his bedroom to rest.

And at this time, Ji Shaolei also called again: “San’er, it’s finished over there, right? …… I’m at a clubhouse not far from the hotel where you ate, call me when you arrive.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel a little strange, Ji Shaolei really seemed to have something for him today, and didn’t just want to introduce Duan Peng to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have called twice in just half a day.

“What, going out?” Xiao Yuxuan looked at Ji Feng frothing with his phone and couldn’t help but ask in a soft voice.

Ji Feng nodded and took a look around and found that both Xiao Changhe and his wife had already gone upstairs to rest, so he instantly got hot in his heart and wrapped Xiao Yuxuan in his arms, rubbing his big hands on those soft and elastic buttocks.

“Oooh!” Xiao Yuxuan suddenly subconsciously moaned`, then she reacted, this is still at home, she suddenly blushed red with shame and whispered, “Little rascal, my mother is still awake!”

Ji Feng also reacted, fondly letting go of his hand and couldn’t help but sniff under his nose, again causing Xiao Yuxuan to roll her eyes.

“Yu Xuan, come with me, it’s my second brother calling, seems to be something.” Ji Feng gave a heated smile and explained, then whispered, “I’ve been drinking, I’m not good at driving, only you can drive me!”

Xiao Yuxuan gave him a white look and said in a delicate voice, “Little rascal, don’t think I don’t know what you have in mind, take a taxi yourself, I want to stay home with my mother today.”

Ji Feng had come to pay a visit to his parents for the first time, and Xiao Yuxuan knew that her mother would definitely have something to say to her, so it was naturally not suitable to go out at this time. Moreover, the kind of strange look that came out of Ji Feng’s eyes, she naturally saw it, and although she also had some impulses in her heart, she eventually calmed down.

Ji Feng heatedly smiled and said, “It’s okay if you don’t go, but ……”

Xiao Yuxuan gave him a flirtatious look and could only jerk forward and kissed Ji Feng on the face with her red lips, charmingly saying, “That’s okay, right? Little rascal, all day long you don’t want anything good!”

Ji Feng laughed heatedly, “That’s not because you’re too charming?”

“Hurry up and go, don’t make them wait!” Xiao Yuxuan tenderly tidied up Ji Feng’s clothes and gave him another kiss on the cheek.

Ji Feng was greatly satisfied, and his heart was even hotter. If he wasn’t in Xiao Yuxuan’s house right now, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t be able to resist.

When Xiao Yuxuan was dropped off at the door, Ji Feng let her go back. There weren’t many taxis in the villa area, but Ji Feng was still lucky enough to get a car just after he left the villa gate and went straight to the location Ji Shaolei said.

The Four Seas Club, this was the location that Ji Shaolei had agreed upon.

When Ji Feng arrived, there was already a man in a suit waiting at the entrance of the clubhouse, and when he saw Ji Feng, this man immediately went up and asked, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Ji?”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, “It’s me.”

“Please follow me!” The man led Ji Feng straight up to the first floor and came to the door of a private room, “Mr. Ji and his friend are waiting for you.”

“Many thanks.” Ji Feng smiled faintly.

When he entered the box, Ji Shaolei immediately smiled and said, “Third son, here you are.”

Duan Peng was also there and he smiled faintly towards Ji Feng as a greeting.

Ji Feng wasn’t polite, he sat down directly next to Ji Shaolei and asked straight to the point: “Second brother, what is the matter with calling me here in such a hurry? If it’s just a casual conversation, I’ll leave, there’s a wife waiting at home!”

“You brat!” Ji Shaolei laughed and said, “Drink first, we’ll talk while we drink.”

Ji Feng gave him a puzzled look and finally nodded, no matter what Ji Shaolei was going to say, he believed that things should not be bad for him, otherwise, Ji Shaolei would never bring himself into this.

Besides, Duan Peng had given Xiao Yuxuan a sports car right out of the gate, so just because of this face, Ji Feng had to stay and listen to what exactly they were looking for from him.

The table was already full of dishes, only that Ji Feng had already eaten before, and now he simply ate a few bites of the next dishes before lifting his gla*s and having a few drinks with Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng.

“San’er, actually, I called you here because there’s something I need your help with.” After a few gla*ses of wine, Ji Shaolei finally started to talk about the main topic.

Ji Feng put down his gla*s of wine and listened quietly. He was puzzled in his mind, with Ji Shaolei’s energy in Jiangzhou, how should he be the one to seek his business, what could he have to do now that he was looking for him?

Ji Shaolei said, “Before we talk about things, I still have a question that I want to ask you to confirm.”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, “Second brother, when did you become such a mother-in-law too? This is not like you!”

“Brat, how are you talking to me!” Ji Shaolei cursed with a laugh and then asked, “Third son, I heard from Little Uncle earlier that you seem to have good kung fu skills?”

“Sort of know a bit of kung fu!” Ji Feng was slightly stunned and then nodded, “Second brother, just say what you have to say.”

“It’s like this.” Ji Shaolei lifted his gla*s of wine and took a sip before saying, “This is Duan Peng, you guys already know each other. However, the introduction was not too clear before because there were outsiders around.”

He paused and continued, “Duan Peng and I are hairy kids, we used to live in the same compound when we were in Yanjing, and we have a very iron relationship.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and did not interrupt.

“But then, something happened to Duan Peng’s family, so he later left the compound and made his way down over the years, before he created a career.” Ji Shaolei said, “He came to Jiangzhou this time, actually to attend a party.”

“A party?” Ji Feng was even more puzzled, what did this have to do with himself?

“Let me tell you this, this party was actually also initiated by a guy in the compound at the beginning, saying that those people who grew up together in the past, get together together, a sort of gathering in this small circle.” Ji Shaolei said, “On the surface it looks like this is nothing, however, this initiator, and Duan Peng a little bit of trouble, well …… not only with him, with our family also a little bit of trouble. Moreover, he should be upset to initiate this party.”

“You want to make trouble at the party?” Ji Feng asked.

“Brat, is your second brother that unpleasant?” Ji Shaolei cried and laughed, he couldn’t help but wonder, is this the image he has in San’er’s mind?

“Then are you planning to ……?” Ji Feng asked suspiciously.

“Whatever that promoter intends to do, we are not afraid of him, but there is one thing, he is from the army, and he is from the special forces!” Ji Shaolei said.

“He can use martial arts? It can’t be? Aren’t all gatherings svelte?” Ji Feng asked in amazement.

“Hey, what do people in this circle compare when they gather? Power is naturally not compared, that’s something for the older generation, apart from power, it’s wealth and force, in fact, to say the least, it’s also called face!” Ji Shaolei brushed aside his mouth, looking disdainful, obviously uncomfortable with those gentry’s parties.