Campus Master Chapter 183-184

Chapter 183

“Little Tang, your friend is here?”

Hearing the sound of Tang Haiwei calling, Xiao Changhe couldn’t help but ask with a smile. In fact, he did this to take care of Tang Haiwei’s face. Because everyone knew that nowadays, Tang Haiwei was already redundant sitting here, and now he couldn’t leave yet, because no one could guarantee that Ji Feng would not retaliate afterwards.

For this kind of mentality, Xiao Changhe, who has seen a lot of things, is naturally very clear. Now Tang Haiwei seemed to have friends over again, and if he didn’t relieve him, I was afraid that his friends wouldn’t even be able to enter the door of the box. One must know that the current owner of this box was not him, Tang Haiwei, but Ji Feng’s second brother, Ji Shaolei. With Ji Shaolei gone, naturally, Ji Feng was the owner of the box.

If Ji Feng did not give the word, Tang Haiwei would not dare to take the initiative to invite his friend in.

Imagine inviting a friend over, only to have him not even enter the door of the box, how would Tang Haiwei be able to step down?

In any case, Tang Haiwei had come here today for Xiao Yuxuan, so naturally, Xiao Changhe would not look at him so badly, so he took the initiative to ask.

Tang Haiwei also understood that Xiao Changhe was giving him a step, and he couldn’t help but glance at the latter gratefully, now he didn’t have any arrogance, if the matter between Xiao Yuxuan and Ji Feng really came to fruition, then Xiao Changhe’s status would suddenly rise, and then maybe he would even ask for Xiao Changhe’s head if something happened to him!

“Since they are your friends, let’s invite them in together.” Xiao Changhe said smilingly, “Anyway, our box is very big, so adding one more person doesn’t seem crowded, Little Feng, don’t you think so.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Yes, since they are friends of Mr. Tang, let’s come together.”

Unknowingly, Ji Feng had become the dominant person in this compartment, and he was obviously aware of this problem, so he couldn’t help but smile, “Uncle, I’ll go and see if the food is ready, you guys chat first.”

Saying that, he gave a wink to Xiao Yuxuan and walked out.

“Go and return quickly, don’t delay too long.” Xiao Yuxuan said softly, she naturally knew what Ji Feng meant, he was going out to let everyone in the compartment calm down again, after all, the shock that his identity and Ji Shaolei’s duo had brought just now seemed a little too big.

Sure enough, as soon as Ji Feng left the compartment, there were a few sounds of deep breathing, and obviously, these people all let out a long sigh of relief.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh in her heart, Liu Suhong and his wife were really behaving badly too, just before this they were still flaunting their power and sneering at Ji Feng, now that they knew his identity, they were scared like this, it was really funny.

“Cousin, brother-in-law, your family’s Xuan Xuan is really lucky and has a very good eye, this young man, Xiao Feng, who doesn’t show his face, is surprisingly a big deal, but there is a preference not to show off.” Liu Suhong’s thin face, piled with smiles, wrinkles are squeezed together, very hard to smile: “Xuan Xuan ah, before cousin aunt because not quite understand the situation, said some not very good words, although that is all concerned about you, but also do not know if Xiao Feng will take it to heart, turn around you help cousin aunt to intercede, let Xiao Feng do not take it into account, OK? ”

Xiao Yuxuan held back the nausea in her heart and nodded slightly, saying, “Don’t worry, cousin aunt, Ji Feng is not that petty, besides, since those words you said were all about caring for me, he definitely won’t take it to heart.”

That was too choking, since you were caring for me, how would Ji Feng take it personally? The meaning of those words was naturally saying, if your words were not caring for me, how would Ji Feng not take it personally?

Liu Suhong’s face instantly turned red, and she secretly regretted in her heart, how come she didn’t ask about Ji Feng’s identity before speaking, now, not only did she offend Ji Feng, even Xiao Yuxuan was offended, who could still intercede for her?

“Xuan Xuan, just speak up for your cousin aunt, do you hear me!” Seeing that her cousin was embarra*sed and didn’t know what to do, Xiao’s mother couldn’t help but feel intolerant and could only speak up to help.

“Don’t worry, mum, I’ve said it all, Ji Feng won’t be that petty!” Xiao Yuxuan said, but in her heart she was laughing bitterly, it was because her mother was so kind that she was often bullied, but she was still soft-hearted. If it wasn’t for this character of hers, how could Liu Su Hong not dare to go so far and sneer at Ji Feng in front of the real them?

Knock knock knock!

A knock sounded at the door and Xu Ting immediately got up, “I’ll go open the door.”

A man of about forty years old walked in, this man was very skinny and looked like a skin and bones man, a pair of small eyes dripping from time to time, not an honest man at first glance.

“This box is not something that ordinary people can book, and only you, the son of the director, can have this kind of face. As soon as he entered the door, the thin man laughed.


Tang Haiwei’s face was red with embarra*sment as he laughed sarcastically, “Old Sun, I didn’t book this box, I’m just along for the ride, huh?”

The man surnamed Sun froze, and immediately saw the other people in the box, and when his gaze fell on Xiao Yuxuan, a look filled with lust` flashed by, which quickly disappeared.

“Elder brother Tang, no introduction for me?” The man surnamed Sun sat down as if no one else was around, his gaze sweeping over Xiao Yuxuan and Xiao’s mother’s body, his heart pounding with evil thoughts.

Tang Haiwei secretly cried out in distress, he knew this man surnamed Sun well. This man was called Sun Gang, the deputy director of the procurement department of the Third Hospital, who was usually extremely lustful.

What Tang Haiwei was most worried about was that Sun Gang must not talk nonsense here, it didn’t matter if he angered these people, but if he angered Ji Feng, I was afraid that when the time came, he wouldn’t even be able to find a place to bury his bones.

“Director Sun, let me introduce …… to you,” Tang Haiwei hurriedly changed the subject and introduced Xiao Changhe and the others to Sun Gang one by one.

“The owner of the drug company?” Sun Gang looked at Xiao Changhe and said indifferently, “Elder brother Tang, you didn’t invite me here today because you want to introduce me to business, did you? Haha!”

As he spoke, his gaze flicked over Xiao’s mother and Xiao Yuxuan’s body.

Xiao Changhe’s face instantly turned gloomy, and Tang Haiwei hurriedly said, “Where, I just thought we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so we came out together to get together.”

Sun Gang said with a big grin, “I say, old brother Tang, that’s a bit unbecoming of you, isn’t it? Given our relationship, is there any need to hide anything? Since you have invited this drug company’s boss Xiao to be here today, it must be about drug procurement, right?”

“It was, but now …… cough, it’s no longer necessary.” Tang Haiwei said with some sweat. Originally, with the son of the municipal party secretary personally asking for the business of three hospitals, he naturally did not dare to make a fool of himself in front of others, he was until this Sun Gang’s person.

Although Tang Haiwei’s father is the director of a certain district in Jiangzhou, but because the third hospital belongs to the municipal hospital, the doctors and directors inside are not low in rank, especially the director, which is on the same level as the director of the Health Bureau, and even some experts and professors inside are even higher than the director’s level.

If they give face, they may still take Tang Haiwei into consideration, but if they don’t, Tang Haiwei’s father is really nothing in the eyes of others.

If Tang Haiwei hadn’t fed him before, I’m afraid it would have been a different matter if he hadn’t been invited here today.

Under such circumstances, Tang Haiwei was not sure that he could get Sun Gang to purchase Xiao Changhe’s medicines, and with Ji Feng as a pearl in front of him, how could Tang Haiwei dare to say anything?

“Why don’t you use it?” Sun Gang once again swept a greedy glance at Mother Xiao and Xiao Yuxuan and said meaningfully, “Do you think there is no hope? Actually, it’s not quite true, the key is that things are in the hands of the people, if you work hard enough, maybe things still have some possibility ah!”

I am afraid that anyone who is not a fool will understand what he said.

The faces of Tang Haiwei, Xiao Changhe and his wife, as well as Xiao Yuxuan, changed at the same time.

“Old Sun, let’s call it a day, we’ll talk another day, and I’ll make amends to you then, okay?” Tang Haiwei was sweating coldly and said in a panic.

Xiao Yuxuan, however, couldn’t help herself, she sneered, “Director Sun is it? Sorry, you are not welcome here, please leave!”

Sun Gang’s face instantly changed and he became furious with shame, “Want to drive me away? Fine, very good! Xiao Changhe is it? Seeing the popularity of your drug company, if I’m not wrong, your business must be targeting those clinics or street community hospitals, right? Very well, I forgot to tell you, many of the community hospitals and clinics, rely on our a*sistance, I suspect that your drugs are faulty and your company’s service is not good, within two days at most, many hospitals will cancel their contracts with you, just wait for the notice!”

Xiao Changhe’s face was incomparably gloomy, no matter how good his temper was, he absolutely could not tolerate Sun Gang looking at his wife and daughter with that kind of eyes. He snorted coldly, “This is not for you to worry about, please leave immediately!”

“You!” When Sun Gang saw that he couldn’t even threaten Xiao Changhe like that, he snorted angrily, “Fine, I’ll wait to see how your drug company collapses!”

He stood up in a flash, “Elder brother Tang, it’s not that I don’t give you face, it’s that some people don’t know how to lift a finger, so don’t blame me.”

After saying that, he was about to get up and leave.

Tang Haiwei was already stunned, and all that remained in his mind was one sentence: It’s over, it’s over, the man surnamed Sun doesn’t know whether to live or die, but he’s going to get himself involved!

Just at this time, the compartment door was suddenly opened and a figure suddenly collided with Sun Gang.

“****, don’t you have eyes when you walk?” Sun Gang was knocked back a few steps in succession before he stopped, and immediately cursed in anger.

“If you dare to curse one more time, I guarantee that you will regret it!” An ice-cold voice, devoid of emotion, reached Sun Gang’s ears, and a coldness inexorably rose from his bones and instantly spread throughout his body, causing him to subconsciously shiver.


Chapter 184

Sun Gang subconsciously looked up and saw a pair of cold eyes, and he scrambled to avert his gaze, not daring to meet them.

“What’s your name?” Ji Feng coldly looked at this B*****d who was spouting wild words and asked indifferently. If anyone who was familiar with Ji Feng knew that the calmer he spoke, the more exuberant the anger in his heart was.

Sun Gang felt that he had actually been intimidated by a look from the other party, and he instantly became furious with shame and anger and grunted, “What’s my name, none of your business! Kid, get out of the way, not in front of Laozi’s road …… ah!”

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly felt a tightening of his neck. Sun Gang’s skinny body was actually lifted up by Ji Feng by directly grabbing his neck.

“Uh …… uh ……” Sun Gang hit Ji Feng’s arm with both hands as hard as he could, his legs kept stirring, his face turned red and he rolled his eyes. However, with his body emptied of alcohol and S*x, how could he do any damage to Ji Feng? In just the blink of an eye, Sun Gang was completely out of breath, and his body drooped limply as his whole body began to twitch.

Seeing this scene, Tang Haiwei was terrified and shouted in a panic, “Mr. Ji, don’t be angry, Mr. Ji, don’t be angry, this B*****d Sun Gang deserves to die, but, after all, this is a hotel …….”

It is not possible for Tang Haiwei not to be nervous, what is the status of Ji Feng? It is the nephew of the secretary of the municipal party committee. What was especially important was that Tang Haiwei’s father was also from within the system, so he had heard a lot, if not a lot, about these things between sons and daughters. He knew very well that if Ji Feng killed someone here, I’m afraid it would be him, Tang Haiwei, who would eventually be found in trouble!

The official had countless reasons to say that Ji Feng had killed in self-defence, or in self-defence, and who would be the scapegoat when the time came, without a doubt, it would be him, Tang Haiwei.

“Ji Feng, forget it!” Xiao Yuxuan spoke out to console her, she knew Ji Feng’s character, if she didn’t speak up, he would really dare to kill this B*****d here.


Ji Feng coldly snorted and slammed Sun Gang to the ground as he said disdainfully, “Just an A**hole like you, you dare to speak up here?”

“Cough ……” Sun Gang’s face was red from being pinched, he couldn’t breathe at all, at this moment, when he was easily released, where did he have the strength to speak, he just covered his neck and kept coughing.

His eyes were filled with a look of horror, this young man was too terrifying.

The others were filled with shock, but they knew that even if Sun Gang was skinny, he was still more than a hundred pounds, right? However, Ji Feng just grabbed his neck and lifted him up with one hand, how strong should Ji Feng be?

What’s more, when Ji Feng was choking Sun Gang, that cold look in his eyes made Liu Suhong’s family cold. Remembering the sneering words she had said to Ji Feng earlier, Liu Suhong was almost so scared that her body was trembling slightly, if she wasn’t sitting at this moment, Liu Suhong’s body must have gone weak and she couldn’t even stand.

As soon as Tang Haiwei saw that Ji Feng had let go of Sun Gang, he hurriedly walked over, helped Sun Gang up and said in a panic, “Mr. Ji, you sit first, I’ll throw this B*****d out.”

With that, he half-dragged and half-dragged Sun Gang out.

When he came to the corridor, Sun Gang finally regained some strength and he cursed angrily, “What the hell is that little beast, how dare he do this to me? I must get rid of him, otherwise, my surname will not be Sun!”

Tang Haiwei gave him a contemptuous look, thinking that if you want to get him killed, you won’t even be able to die when the time comes.

“Old Sun, you’ve been too reckless today!” Tang Haiwei had a reproachful look on his face, “I had a hard time inviting Mr. Ji and wanted to introduce him to you, but you did something like this, I hinted at you several times, but you pretended not to see it, you just knew to lust after beauty, now you’ve done it!”

Sun Gang was stunned, rubbed his neck and asked, “What’s going on, old brother Tang, did you really not want to get business for that pharmaceutical company’s representative?”

Tang Haiwei laughed bitterly, “Of course I was trying to get business for him.”

“Then you’re still saying that?” When Sun Gang heard this, he became angry, “D, I gave them face before I looked at those two women a few times, if it wasn’t for your sake, I wouldn’t even have come!”

Tang Haiwei immediately said angrily, “Old Sun, do you know what you are saying? Think about it with your head, if it was that Boss Xiao who was an ordinary person, would I have invited you over?!”

Sun Gang was stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Old Brother Tang, what the hell is going on here?”

Seeing Tang Haiwei’s serious expression, Sun Gang also seemed to have sensed that this might not be an ordinary matter.

“Do you know who the young man who just made a move against you really is?” Tang Haiwei asked in a deep voice.

Sun Gang shook his head, then gritted his teeth and said, “Hmph, I don’t care who he is, if he dares to do this to me, I will definitely not let him go!”

“Fine, then you won’t let him go, humph, what a big mouth, daring to say that you won’t let the nephew of the municipal party secretary go, Old Sun, don’t say you know me when you go outside in the future, I don’t want to be dragged to death by you!” Tang Haiwei laughed coldly.


Sun Gang’s head seemed to have been struck by lightning, his whole body stiffened there, and he didn’t come back to his senses for half a day.

“Elder brother Tang, you, who did you say that young man was?!” Only after a long time did Sun Gang stammered and asked.

“His name is Ji Feng and he is the nephew of the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Committee!” Tang Haiwei sneered, “Old Sun, you can do it. Do you know who that Xiao Changhe is? That’s Ji Feng’s future father-in-law! I have a bit of friendship with both of them, so I just thought of introducing you to them and doing my best to create opportunities for you, but what about you? After you came, not only did you not seize the opportunity, but you even hit on Ji Feng’s future mother-in-law and his girlfriend’s head, you’re really something!”


Sun Gang’s face went pale, and his entire body was suddenly at a loss.

“Elder brother Tang, what you said, is it true?!” Sun Gang asked in a trembling voice, his entire body shivering with cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

“When have I ever lied to you?” Tang Haiwei grunted, he was not half embarra*sed about pulling up a tiger’s skin as a big banner, how could a person in the business world not have a thick skin?

This Sun Gang, relying on the fact that he was the deputy director of the hospital’s procurement department, had never put Tang Haiwei in his eyes.

In fact, Tang Haiwei was not sure if Ji Feng would deal with Sun Gang, that’s why he made such a serious statement and didn’t forget to link himself to Ji Feng, anyway, Sun Gang didn’t know the truth of the matter, after this incident, he would definitely go to find someone to plead for mercy, then incidentally, once Tang Haiwei and Ji Feng’s relationship was mentioned, Tang Haiwei’s status in Jiangzhou would definitely rise again.

Tang Haiwei’s wishful thinking was very loud, but Sun Gang was terrified, his whole body was shaking, and he could barely stand up as he was weak.

“Elder brother Tang, you have to save me!” Sun Gang almost cried out as he grabbed Tang Haiwei’s hand, “I’ve always been good to you before, you can’t just ignore death now!”

“Hmph, is there something good I haven’t thought of you?” Tang Haiwei snorted coldly, “Why did I call you here today, it was because I wanted you to climb into this relationship too, and what did you do as a result?”

Sun Gang raised his hand and slapped himself twice, crying, “I’m the one who’s blind, Old Brother Tang, you must think of something for me, otherwise, your old brother may be thrown into the river tomorrow to feed the fish.”

Looking at Sun Gang’s spineless look, Tang Haiwei felt a burst of contempt in his heart, but he hadn’t thought about the fact that he had flaunted his strength to Ji Feng before, and then became honest when he found out Ji Feng’s identity, and now he was pulling Ji Feng’s strings to make a show for himself, these actions were even more shameless than Sun Gang’s.

However, shameless people, after all, would not admit that they were shameless, and Tang Haiwei was naturally no exception.

He let out a long sigh and had a difficult look on his face, “Old Sun, I’ve done you a disservice today, I really shouldn’t have asked you to come.”

“No, no, no! Old Brother Tang you are doing this for my own good, I can still distinguish this clearly.” Sun Gang said in a panic, “Hurry up and help me think of a way, I will definitely thank you heavily, Old Brother Tang, I still have two villas in the Bund, they have just been renovated, if you are interested, take them.”

Tang Haiwei was overjoyed, the property prices on the Bund were sky high, those two villas would cost at least ten million dollars, right? I didn’t expect this guy Sun to be so rich!

However, Tang Haiwei said, “Old Sun, you also know that although I have a relationship with Ji Feng, this matter involves someone’s family after all. Therefore, you have to go back immediately and find connections and ask people to intercede, otherwise, in case my words don’t work, it will be a big trouble.”

As soon as Sun Gang heard this, he nodded his head in a panic: “You are right, Old Brother Tang, I will go back and ask someone for help.” “Right, the title agreements for the two villas will be delivered to your home this evening.”

“Then I’ll respectfully comply!” Tang Haiwei harrumphed, his heart incomparably smug.

However, his complacency did not last for a moment before it completely dissipated.

When Tang Haiwei returned to the box with trepidation in his heart, he saw everyone looking at him coldly.

“That …… Mr. Ji, today is all my fault, I wanted to introduce a business partner to Mr. Xiao, but I didn’t expect this to happen ……,” Tang Haiwei’s words were interrupted by Ji Feng before he could finish them.

“Tang Haiwei, I heard that your father is the director?” Ji Feng asked coldly.

“Yes……” Tang Haiwei had just nodded when he suddenly reacted, he looked at Ji Feng’s icy expression and suddenly panicked: “Mr. Ji, I, I really didn’t know this would happen! ”

“You go away, there’s nothing more for you here.” Ji Feng said indifferently, but his tone was unquestionable.

Tang Haiwei choked, but didn’t dare to have the slightest retort, he could only leave with trepidation, but in his heart he was repentant to death. How could he have gone to blackmail Sun Gang first? If he had gone to explain the situation to Ji Feng immediately, maybe today’s bad thing could have turned into a good thing and he could have climbed into a relationship with Ji Feng, but now ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in a position to be able to get a good deal of money.

When he thought of this, for a moment, Tang Haiwei’s face was pale, without a trace of blood!

Looking at Tang Haiwei’s back, Xiao Changhe grunted unhappily, “Smarta*s!”