Campus Master Chapter 181-182

Chapter 181

Hearing the sound, the crowd turned around and looked, only to see two young men, both about 27`8 years old, striding over, one of them looked a bit similar to Ji Feng, only with a slight frown.

The crowd guessed that this man, I think, was Ji Feng’s second brother.

“Second brother, I’m not the one who wanted to come here.” Ji Feng laughed, “Besides, even if I wanted to eat here now, I can’t, there are no more private rooms.”

Ji Shaolei asked at once, “The private room is gone? That’s impossible, right?”

Manager Xiao gave the man an unhappy look, what do you mean it’s impossible? Wasn’t that saying he was lying?

“This gentleman, there are indeed no more private rooms, there are more guests today, and all the private rooms have been booked out.” Manager Xiao said indifferently.


Ji Shaolei grunted, “Your little tricks to deceive ordinary people are fine, but you still want to deceive me? If I remember correctly, you should always leave one or two private boxes in this hotel, just in case, just open one for me at random.”

Xiao Changhe and Xu Changyuan couldn’t help but nod slightly next to each other, they had seen this kind of operation in other places, only that they couldn’t even think about that kind of private box, they didn’t have that status yet.

But I never thought that Ji Feng’s second brother would know so well, and he also seemed to be full of care, what was this young man’s origin?

Manager Xiao’s face instantly changed, how did this person know?

However, when he thought about it, he was relieved. Nowadays, many restaurants and clubs do this, fearing that if a big shot suddenly arrives and there are no more private rooms, it will be easy to offend people.

I guess this young man had heard of this way of operating elsewhere and had come to pretend, right?

“This gentleman, we really don’t have any more boxes here, and there are no special boxes left like you said, I’m really sorry.” Since the other party didn’t look like any big shot, Manager Xiao naturally wouldn’t admit it, otherwise it would be like offending Tang Haiwei. Although the boss might not be afraid of Tang Haiwei’s old man, however, Manager Xiao couldn’t be unafraid, if people couldn’t deal with his boss, they couldn’t deal with him?

“Cut the crap!”

Ji Shaolei was a little impatient, he turned his head to look at the young man beside him: “Old Duan, who is the owner of this shop in Jiangzhongyue …… again? Shi Xingbang, or Fan Satisfaction?”

As soon as he heard this, Manager Xiao’s face changed again, and he immediately realized that these two young people in front of him were definitely not ordinary people, or else they would never have spoken the owner’s name so casually, seemingly without looking at it.

He said in a panic, “Two gentlemen, our chairman is Shi Xingbang, I don’t know if you two gentlemen are ……?”

The young man known as Lao Duan said indifferently, “Looking at you, you should be the lobby manager, right? Give your chairman a call and tell him that Duan Peng is here, but there is no private room for dinner. How about …… I’ll make the call?”

Duan Peng?

Everyone was puzzled, no one in Jiangzhou had heard of this character, was it a dragon from somewhere?

But, no matter who this Duan Peng really is, manager Xiao did not dare to be slack, he nodded in a panic and said, “What, it’s my D*mn memory, I almost forgot, it seems that a customer has booked a private box today, said to arrive at six o’clock, now it’s seven o’clock and still not here, that private box will be given to a few people, in addition, all the consumption today is free, as an apology to you, everyone please Please follow me.”

“Dog’s eyes are low!” Ji Shaolei hummed.

That manager Xiao also acted as if he didn’t hear it and lowered his head to lead the way in front.

Xiao Changhe and his wife looked at each other in surprise, both seeing the look of shock in each other’s eyes, what kind of person was this young man that Ji Feng’s second brother had brought with him? Moreover, even Ji Feng’s second brother seemed to be very uncomplicated!

Tang Haiwei’s face was ugly, just now he had been talking to Manager Xiao for half a day, but he had not been told that there were still reserved boxes, and now once these two young men arrived, without saying a few words, Manager Xiao was immediately scared Sh*tless and rushed to show the way, this was simply a resounding slap in the face!

“Where did these two people appear from, D*mn it!” Tang Haiwei couldn’t help but grunt darkly, and in his heart, he hated both Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng as well.

“Uncle father, auntie mother, let’s go up!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

Xiao Changhe and his wife couldn’t help but nod and follow them.

“Several people, this is the place.” Manager Xiao led the crowd to a private box on the third floor, “Please sit down first, the waiter will come to serve you!”

Upon entering the private room, everyone couldn’t help but gasp in awe at how luxurious it was.

This box, which could not be considered a box at all, could simply be described as a presidential suite. There were tons of entertainment facilities inside, KTV, gym, billiard room, and so on.

What’s more, the decoration here was extremely opulent, if it was just in the lobby or in other private rooms, it would be hard to imagine that there were such luxurious private rooms in this hotel.

Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng, however, had an indifferent look on their faces, apparently they were already accustomed to such private rooms.

Tang Haiwei’s face changed, even though he was worth over ten million dollars, he had never eaten in such a box.

“Well, that manager still has good eyesight.” Ji Shaolei said lightly, with some appreciation.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at his words, he had opened such a luxurious box, and it was all free of charge, and this was only insightful? Then what is a good job?

“Uncle father, auntie mother, let me introduce to you, this is my second brother, Ji Shaolei.” As for the three members of Liu Suhong’s family and Tang Haiwei, Ji Feng only vaguely pa*sed by.

Immediately, Ji Shaolei smiled graciously and greeted several people, when his gaze fell on Xiao Yuxuan, he immediately laughed: “Sister-in-law, but it’s been a long time, the last time we met was too hasty, and I, as a brother, didn’t have time to prepare any gifts, so let’s make up for it today.”

Saying that, he turned his head to Duan Peng and smiled, “Old Duan, I remember that you kid just got a car, right?”

“You brat, I knew that whenever I came to Jiangzhou, I would definitely be extorted by you.” Duan Peng grunted, but there was no trace of displeasure on his face, instead, he said with a smile, “That’s fine, who told me to meet Brother Ji and Sister-in-law for the first time, so I’ll give it to Sister-in-law as a gift.”

“A Maserati?” Xu Ting, who hadn’t spoken, couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my God, a world-cla*s sports car?”

Tang Haiwei’s face couldn’t help but change, there are few men who don’t like cars, and it’s impossible for even the most ill-informed person not to have heard of the words Maserati, and a*sociated with it are undoubtedly words like world cla*s, expensive and so on.

This young man, Duan Peng, had even offered a Maserati at the first instance, which ……

“This, this is just too expensive, I can’t take it!” Xiao Yuxuan also reacted and said in a panic.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“This car is mine, okay? Why do you say it as if it’s a gift from you?” Duan Peng struck out unmercifully.

With the words spoken at this point, Xiao Yuxuan could only look at Ji Feng for help.

“It’s alright, take it, it’s not an outsider!” Ji Feng smiled and said, since Ji Shaolei had brought Duan Peng, no matter what Duan Peng’s status was, for Ji Shaolei’s sake, Ji Feng would not refuse.

“Haha, that’s right.” Ji Shaolei laughed, and then turned his head to ask Xiao Changhe, “Uncle runs a drug company?”

Xiao Changhe nodded slightly and smiled, “It’s just a small company, not worth mentioning.”

“Any big group is developed from a small company.” Ji Shaolei smiled faintly and said, “Does uncle have any plans to cooperate with large hospitals?”

“Hmm?” Xiao Changhe did not respond for a moment.

Ji Shaolei laughed, “Forget it, I’d rather not worry about it, with San’er helping you, there’s no need for me to worry about it.”

“I’m not familiar with Jiangzhou, second brother, I still have to trouble you with this.” Ji Feng naturally knew what Ji Shaolei’s words meant, and he instantly smiled faintly.

“Since this is the case ……,” Ji Shaolei pondered for a while and then said, “Uncle father, if you don’t mind, tomorrow I will have the director of the First People’s Hospital’s purchasing department visit you, and then you will be able to talk about the specific matters But uncle, don’t be too soft-hearted, those people in the hospital are too shady, don’t give them any benefits, if you have any problems, you should go directly to San’er, is that alright?”

“No. 1, the First People’s Hospital?” Xiao Changhe’s brain was a bit overwhelmed, this First People’s Hospital, it was the biggest hospital in Jiangzhou, if he could take the business of this hospital next, then his company could expand several times in almost no time.

“One is not enough?” Ji Shaolei thought that Xiao Changhe’s company might be bigger than he thought, he said at once: “Then how about this, tomorrow I will have people from the Second Hospital and the Third Hospital visit you together, three hospitals should be enough, right?”

“Enough, of course it’s enough!” Xiao Changhe said in a panic, the three largest hospitals in the entire Jiangzhou ah, his heart was shocked beyond words, this second brother of Ji Feng, what kind of person was he, how could he dare to make such a guarantee, was it a blank cheque?

Seeing this shocked look on her father’s face, Xiao Yuxuan finally couldn’t help herself and said, “Dad, since Shao Lei’s second brother said so, then you can rest a*sured, think about it, who in Jiangzhou is surnamed Ji?”

“Those surnamed Ji ……” In a flash, Xiao Changhe seemed to have thought of something and his eyes widened.

Not only him, Liu Suhong and the others, all had a shocked look in their eyes as well.


Chapter 182

“You, you are Secretary Ji’s ……” Xiao Changhe asked with some uncertainty of surprise.

Ji Shaolei waved his hand and said, “He is him, I am me, uncle need not be formal, I am here today, just a junior. Uncle father just call me Shao Lei directly.”

“Hehe ……” Xiao Changhe smiled slightly, but the word Shao Lei could not be called out. The son of the secretary of the municipal party committee, he could be modest, but having Xiao Changhe address himself as an elder was still somewhat uncomfortable.

However, the most shocked people present were none other than Liu Suhong’s family and Tang Haiwei, who thought he was the big boss.

How could several people not have thought that Ji Feng’s second brother, was the son of the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Committee, in this way, Ji Feng’s identity ……

Xu Changyuan and his wife Liu Suhong looked at each other, both could not help but see the shocked look in each other’s eyes, especially Liu Suhong, her heart was even more shocked, oh my god, what the hell did she do before!

“By the way, I forgot to introduce you guys, this is a friend of mine, Duan Peng.” Ji Shaolei patted Duan Peng’s shoulder and smiled at the crowd, seeing Ji Feng’s puzzled look, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Duan Peng and I grew up in the same compound, and are family friends with our family.”

Ji Feng suddenly dawned on him, this is another TZ with proper roots, the Duan family …… Ji Feng thought carefully about those characters that he often saw on the TV news, there seemed to be no one with the surname Duan.

Ji Shaolei seemed to know what Ji Feng was thinking, just a faint smile, and did not explain too much.

However, Xiao Changhe and others were secretly shocked, originally Duan Peng was able to give away a sports car, the crowd felt that he must not be a simple person, at this time, hearing Ji Shaolei say so, the crowd immediately understood, it is obvious that this Duan Peng is also a person of similar status as Ji Shaolei.

For a moment, everyone present could not help but be restrained.

Ji Shaolei also seemed to know that with himself and Duan Peng here, all these people definitely couldn’t let go, so he couldn’t help but smile, “Uncle father, auntie mother, younger sister, I still have some things to do, so I’ll excuse myself.”

Xiao Changhe nodded slightly, and knowing that he was not in a good position to keep them, he said, “Then, you guys go well, we won’t see you off!”

“Uncle, no need to be polite!” Ji Shaolei waved his hand slightly and said with a smile, “Right, does uncle have a business card? It’ll be easier for people from a few hospitals to contact you tomorrow.”

Xiao Changhe instantly reacted and hurriedly took out two business cards and handed them to Ji Shaolei and Duan Peng respectively.

After the two had left, the people in the box had not yet reacted.

It was only after a long time that Liu Suhong asked, “Little …… Mr. Ji, are you and that Mr. Ji Shaolei just now really cousins?”

Ji Feng gave a non-committal smile and did not say anything.

Liu Suhong turned red for a moment, not knowing what to say, Ji Feng clearly did not want to pay attention to her, which made her very embarra*sed, but did not dare to complain about anything, after all, if Ji Feng and Ji Shaolei are really cousins, and Ji Shaolei is really the son of Jiangzhou Municipal Party Secretary, then Ji Feng’s status can be much higher than she does not know.

“Su Hong, don’t ask.” Xu Changyuan seemed to remember something and hurriedly pulled his wife’s clothes.

After the shock he had just experienced, Xu Changyuan suddenly remembered something. During last year, he had once gone to the leader’s office to report on his work, and ended up running into a young man right in front of him.

The person who received that young man at that time was the branch chief of the bank, and that young man, it seemed, was the Ji Shaolei just now. Because at that time the branch chief was really too attentive and had a completely ingratiating attitude, Xu Changyuan still had more or less some impressions of him despite the lapse of a year.

When he saw Ji Shaolei again today, he suddenly remembered this matter. Now it seems that Ji Shaolei’s identity is no longer in doubt, and remembering his wife’s attitude towards Ji Feng before, he suddenly felt cold all over, now that Ji Feng already knows his identity, if he wants to deal with him, I’m afraid that with just one phone call, he may not be able to keep his position as director.

Under such circumstances, how could Xu Changyuan dare to act in a way that would offend Ji Feng?

The same is true for Tang Haiwei, whose face is also unpredictable. Although he is worth more than ten million dollars and his father is also a director, he is not even half as good as the son of the municipal party secretary. The fact that his father is also in the system makes it easier than ever for Ji Feng to deal with him.

Tang Haiwei knows where his ten million dollar fortune came from, it was almost entirely due to his father’s connections and the privileges in his hands. If he lost his privileges, not to mention the fact that he would have no way to make money in the future, just the things he had done before would be enough to put him in jail for the rest of his life.

Just thinking about this, Tang Haiwei felt his body dripping with cold sweat.

Just as a few people were having different thoughts, the hotel’s lobby manager, Xiao, was calling his top boss, the general manager of this hotel.

“What? You describe those two young men’s looks again!” Over the phone, the shocked voice of the general manager came through.

Manager Xiao was immediately shocked, it was obvious that the general manager seemed to attach great importance to these two people, he hurriedly described the appearance of those two young people over the phone, while secretly guessing in his heart, what the identities of these two young people were.

That general manager had just finished listening to Manager Xiao’s description and immediately asked in a deep voice, “Xiao Changgui, your attitude towards those two young people is not bad, right?”

“No, no.” Manager Xiao’s cold sweat immediately came down, he immediately realized the seriousness of the matter and said in a panic, “Because there were no more private rooms, so I gave them one of the reserved private rooms, moreover, all their spending today is free!”

“Hmph, that’s more like it!” The general manager’s tone on the phone softened a little, “Xiao Changgui, you still have some vision, knowing that the entire bill will be waived. I’m telling you, if you offend them, you can just wait for your bunk to be rolled up and get out, there won’t be any place in the whole of Jiangzhou that will take you in again!”

“Ah?!” Xiao Changgui’s body felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his mind went blank as he stammered and asked, “Chief. General manager, what exactly are their identities?”

“Ji Shaolei, the son of the secretary of the municipal party committee, what status do you think it is?!” The general manager grunted.

Manager Xiao immediately broke out in a cold sweat, that young man, was actually the son of the secretary of the municipal party committee?

“Xiao Changgui, listen, if you can’t serve them well today, you can just wait to get out!” The general manager said in an unkind tone.

“Yes, yes, I’ll make sure they’re satisfied!” Manager Xiao hurriedly said, with a secret fear in his heart, fortunately he had seen their extraordinary airs and attitudes, and had given them a luxury box and all for free, not expecting that he had bet right this time.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Changgui’s face changed, and after a moment, he clenched his teeth: “All of you waiters come over, inform the back kitchen, serve the best dishes and go get the best wine ……”

Not to mention that Xiao Changgui has already a phone call, scared all over with cold sweat. At this time, the third floor luxury box, is a different scene.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Even if Ji Feng’s father was a ragpicker, just because he was the nephew of the municipal party secretary, no one else could underestimate him.

“Little Feng ah, I’m Xuan Xuan’s cousin aunt, it’s not strange to call you that, right?” Liu Suhong said in a soft voice, the huge contrast with the previous sarcastic appearance, looking at Xiao Yuxuan all goosebumps, but not good enough to say anything.

Ji Feng nodded noncommittally and said, “This is as it should be.”

Liu Suhong was immediately as pleased as if she had received great encouragement.

On the other hand, Tang Haiwei was all uncomfortable, his purpose for coming here was clear, he had come to steal his girlfriend from Ji Feng, which he believed Ji Feng would be able to see as long as he was not a fool. So it was clear that from the very beginning he had placed himself on the opposite side of Ji Feng. Now that he knew Ji Feng’s true identity, he was terrified in his heart.

He knew that the best thing to do now was to gain Ji Feng’s understanding as quickly as possible, only then could he escape a calamity, or rather, both he and his father, could escape a calamity.

However, after all, he was once considered a young male, so he could not make him apologise to Ji Feng in front of so many people, and even flatter and flatter him.

In contrast to them, it was Xiao Changhe and his wife who felt the same way. Previously, they thought that Ji Feng was incomparably calm, and even in the face of Liu Suhong and Tang Haiwei’s constant provocations, Ji Feng did not care at all. Originally, they thought that Ji Feng was trying to counter Liu Suhong’s sarcasm with silence, but now it seems that, as it turns out, people really do not care.

Just imagine, would an eagle care about the provocations of a straw chicken?

A male eagle won’t argue with a straw chicken, but if it angers the eagle, it will use those sharp claws to tear the straw chicken apart!

The young Ji Feng in front of him was clearly that eagle, and probably in his eyes, Liu Suhong and the others were even worse than straw chickens.

At the thought of this eagle being their daughter’s boyfriend, Xiao Changhe and his elder two family members were very happy in their hearts, not because of how noble Ji Feng’s status was, but they knew that their daughter had found a boyfriend who both loved her and was capable this time, and that was enough for the parents.

Just as Ji Feng was talking with Xiao Yuxuan’s parents, Tang Haiwei’s phone suddenly rang, “Old Tang, where is it?”

“Third floor box!” Tang Haiwei subconsciously said, and just as the words were spoken, the other party hung up the phone.

His face suddenly changed and he said in his heart, “Not good!

This caller was the deputy director of the procurement department he had called from the three hospitals, that is, the one he wanted to introduce to Xiao Changhe, but thinking about what Ji Shaolei had said before, all three hospitals would start business with Xiao Changhe, who was higher and who was lower, it was impossible to compare!