Campus Master Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

For the next few days, Ji Feng was immersed in the training system. As Ji Feng’s learning deepened, the communication and network technology described by the intelligent brain became even more profound, making it seem very difficult for Ji Feng, who had never been exposed to this knowledge before, to learn.

After all, this technology was brand new and completely different from those on Earth.

If he were to learn the most advanced technology on Earth, Ji Feng estimated that he wouldn’t even have such a struggle. The reason was simple, but any technology that had matured on Earth would have a physical presence. For example, in the case of computers and the internet, although Ji Feng had never learned about computers, he had always seen them, so he would always have a visual impression in his mind when learning them, so it would naturally be much easier.

However, Ji Feng had never seen any of the knowledge taught by the intelligent brain. The only thing he had seen was the light screen used by the intelligent brain to show him how powerful the super agents were when he first started learning the second set of moves.

Other than that, Ji Feng had never seen anything physical again.

He had also commented on this point, but had not agreed to show Ji Feng the physical object.

“Without physical objects, I still have some difficulty in understanding and my learning progress is greatly reduced!” Ji Feng was puzzled, although he had mastered the ability to never forget, however, this did not mean that he learned everything at once, if such a person really existed, he would undoubtedly be an absolute super genius.

But it was obvious that Ji Feng was definitely not such a genius.

In response to Ji Feng’s doubts, the intelligent brain had its own words: “Master, if you learn by referring to the physical objects, the speed will indeed be fast, but then, the master’s mastery of this knowledge will definitely not be too profound. What the Wisdom Brain is doing now is to let the master remember this knowledge first, and then refer to the physical object when learning it a second time.”

“Why is that?” Ji Feng asked suspiciously, as long as it was mastered, why did it need to be divided into profound and not profound?

The round intelligent brain wiggled a few times, seemingly displeased with Ji Feng for asking this question, “Master, communication and network technology, as one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the Gamma Galaxy, absolutely cannot just be mastered, as a super agent, in addition to mastering these technologies, one must also learn to innovate.”

“Innovation?” Ji Feng laughed bitterly, “Seems like …… that’s something scientists should do, right? What does that have to do with me?”

“Of course it’s relevant!”

The intelligent brain said, “Because the entire Gamma Galaxy’s air network is controlled by the Goddess. Moreover, each country has its own local network, and within this local network, they have complete autonomy. In other words, the use of technology is completely different within each local network, and this is the difference in technology between the various countries.”

After a pause, the intelligent brain added: “If the master is an agent of one of the countries and wants to go to another country to steal intelligence or carry out a certain mission, if the local network that the target country belongs to, the use of technology exceeds the master’s understanding, in that case, the master will definitely be unable to complete the mission.”

When Ji Feng heard that, he suddenly realized.

It turned out that although all the countries in the Gamma Galaxy shared a common empty network, not all countries had the same level of technological development.

Wouldn’t this pattern be similar to the current pattern on Earth?

The network, which can connect the vast majority of countries in the world, makes this planet, all of a sudden, a global village. However, the development of each country is different, and the development about the network is completely different.

What’s more, there is no common network on earth, let alone a central computer goddess to control all the networks.

For example, if Ji Feng was really an agent himself and wanted to go to another country to carry out a mission, but the other country’s network technology was really too advanced, I am afraid that even if he got hold of the other country’s pa*sword, he would not be able to get the information he needed.

The only way is to surpa*s the other side’s technology.

Innovation, therefore, became an essential skill.

The reason why the intelligent brain did not allow Ji Feng to see the physical existence right at the beginning was actually to allow Ji Feng to understand this technology at a deeper level, so that he could learn to innovate by example. In this way, even if the other party’s technology was more advanced, it would definitely not be able to stop Ji Feng.

“Isn’t this making me a hacker?” Ji Feng muttered in bewilderment, according to his understanding, this is undoubtedly to make himself a hacker, like in that movie and in, don’t hackers rely on surpa*sing the other party’s technology and stealing intelligence and other information?

“It’s against the law to do so!” Ji Feng bristled.


Suddenly, a sound of electricity rang out, and in the next moment, only a snap was heard, and Ji Feng felt his body stiffen violently, and an unbearable feeling instantly spread throughout his body!

“Intelligent brain, what are you doing?!” Ji Feng let out a low roar, “Why are you using bio-currents against me?”

“Previously, the master had agreed to be taught by the wise brain to learn this technique as well as the second set of movements. According to the tutorial formulated by the Wise Brain, the master will be punished if he becomes bored with the learning!” The intelligent brain explained.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes, the tutorial formulated by this intelligent brain was too perverted, right? He had only complained casually, but he had to be punished?

In his heart, he swore, but Ji Feng didn’t dare to say it out loud, who knew if the intelligent brain would give him another blow.

He could only smile bitterly, “Alright, let’s continue studying then!”

“I don’t know how long this perverted tutorial will take to end!” Ji Feng grumbled in his heart.

However, he was very adaptable and soon concentrated, continued to listen to the wise brain and tried hard to remember every word it had said, Ji Feng suspected that if he was slow in learning, he didn’t know what other punishment he would receive!

What’s more, he also wanted to learn it sooner, to try to create that magical light curtain as soon as possible, when the time comes, it will certainly set off a frenzy!


When Ji Feng’s consciousness withdrew from his mind, his body was already drenched in sweat and his spirit was somewhat aggravated. Practicing the second set of moves once and struggling to learn new techniques once, this was undoubtedly a huge drain on the spirit.

However, while Ji Feng was mentally exhausted, he felt so full of strength that he even felt that he could now kill a cow with one punch!

Moreover, he, who had not eaten for a day, was surprisingly not hungry at all.

“It seems that this second set of movements is really a set of cultivation methods!” Ji Feng lay on the bed, closed his eyes to recover his spirit, and secretly pondered in his heart that based on the effect of this set of moves, this definitely couldn’t be called a body-building exercise anymore.

Who had ever seen a gymnastic exercise that could generate powerful bio-currents in a person’s body? If there was, I’m afraid it would have already taken the world by storm!

The world’s most popular gymnastics?

If this gymnastic exercise was taught to Zhang Lei and Tong Lei, it must be of great benefit to them as well, right?

Thinking of this, Ji Feng once again concentrated his mind and his consciousness entered his mind.

“Master, what are your orders?” The intelligent brain saw Ji Feng enter again and asked at once.

Ji Feng was so intent on asking about bodybuilding exercises that he didn’t even notice that Wise Brain was more human than before, in the past when Ji Feng entered his mind, Wise Brain never took the initiative to ask Ji Feng what he wanted!

“Wise Brain, this bodybuilding gymnastics that I practice, if I teach it to others, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?” Ji Feng asked directly.

“This system is now owned by the master, it’s the master’s right to teach it to whomever he wants!” The intelligent brain said.

Ji Feng was instantly pleased and nodded, saying, “Then, if it’s practiced by other ordinary people, approximately how long will it take to see the results?”

“Master, it depends on the practitioner’s body, the master was able to completely master the first set of movements in just a year’s time because of the stimulation of the bio-current.” The wise brain said, “If there was no bio-current stimulation, according to the information the wise brain has collected on the Earth’s human physique, it would take at least three years.”

“Three years ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head, “That’s too long, is there any way to shorten the time?”

“Back master, there is indeed a way, but master can’t do it right now.” The intelligent brain said.

“What way?” Ji Feng instantly came to life, just because he couldn’t do it now, didn’t mean he couldn’t do it later.

“The second set of movements that master is practicing now will cause bio-current to be generated in master’s body, when the bio-current in master’s body accumulates to a certain level, he can manipulate the current and channel it into other people’s bodies, in this way, he will be able to achieve the desired effect.” The intelligent brain explained.

Ji Feng instantly understood, dare I say, it was because his own ability was not enough.

He couldn’t help but ask anxiously, “Then how long do I have to accumulate before I am able to channel bio-currents into other people’s bodies?”

The intelligent brain said, “The master must at least be able to run the bio-current to every corner of his body before he can transmit it to others’ bodies.”

“Every corner?” Ji Feng was a bit dumbfounded, his current level was only able to flow bio-current along his limbs and small abdomen, there was still a long way to go before he could transmit to every corner.

“According to your estimation, how long do you think I have before I can reach this standard?” Ji Feng was a little anxious, because he knew very well that the sets of movements he practiced were definitely not simple. And if an ordinary person wanted to practice, naturally the earlier the better, it was like practicing martial arts, naturally it was best to lay the foundation from a young age, starting out halfway would definitely not lead to much success.

“Master, with your current level, if you want to transmit bioelectricity at will, it will take at least two months, moreover, you will have to practice every day without interruption within these two months.” The intelligent brain said.

“Two months? Great!” Ji Feng was immediately overjoyed, and he nodded vigorously, “Intelligent Brain, what do I need to pay attention to when pa*sing bio-currents to ordinary people?”

“The first time you pa*s it on, it can’t be too violent, because the ordinary person’s body, can’t bear it.” The intelligent brain said.

Next, Ji Feng asked for some more precautions before he exited his mind with a satisfied heart.

His face couldn’t help but show a hint of joy, “Great, in two months’ time, Lei Zi and Lei Lei can both practice this set of moves, as well as Yu Xuan. If possible, teach these sets of moves to your parents again.”

Through this year-long practice, Ji Feng had thoroughly understood that the sets of movements he practiced could not only make his body healthier, but more importantly, they also seemed to have great benefits for the mental aspect. At least, Ji Feng had never said that he was mentally exhausted, which was obviously due to those sets of movements.

Not only that, practising these few sets of movements could also make an ordinary person, in the shortest possible time, become a master.

Ji Feng did not ask the people around him to become experts too, but, at least, he wanted them to be healthy and not have any problems.

You know, the medical technology nowadays, Ji Feng could not believe it, especially some of the hospitals in the country, which made a lot of people talk about it.

Of course, as to whether there were other effects of these sets of moves, Ji Feng did not know yet, but the known benefits alone were enough to make many people’s eyes water.

With an idea in his mind, Ji Feng couldn’t help but wave his fist in excitement.

Returning to his senses, Ji Feng looked at the time and couldn’t help but be astonished that it was already past eight in the evening!

“In that case, hasn’t he been practicing all day?” Ji Feng touched his stomach, how come he didn’t feel hungry?

He was amazed and thought, “Could it be that practicing the second set of movements can still manage to get full? Wouldn’t that be the same as the legendary Gods’ Purging?”

Ji Feng did not know how precious the bio-current was to the human body. Under the stimulation of the bio-current, the body’s ability to absorb the energy in food, which it could not fully absorb, now became substantially higher.

With energy, it naturally did not feel hungry.

“Bad!” Ji Feng suddenly remembered something and slapped his forehead, “I almost forgot, I have to have dinner with Yu Xuan today.”

He hurriedly picked up his phone and instantly found that there were four missed calls on it, all from Xiao Yuxuan.

He immediately called back, “Yu Xuan, where are you, I’m coming over now!”

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but be angry, “You still know to call me? Little guy, you’re too unpunctual!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, and couldn’t explain, so he could only apologize.

“Hmph, forget it, I’m waiting for you in front of the school, hurry up and come over!” Xiao Yuxuan also knew that Ji Feng was a very punctual person, and there must be a reason why he almost stood himself up today.

What’s more, Xiao Yuxuan wasn’t a person who liked to make a scene, the flirtatious her actually preferred to talk to Ji Feng in a gentle and watery manner. It was just that this little guy was so bad that he made her shy and uncomfortable every time.

In a restaurant next to the school, Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan sat opposite each other.

“Say, why did you come so late today?” Xiao Yuxuan asked.

Ji Feng let out a sarcastic smile, “I was careless and ended up oversleeping.”

Xiao Yuxuan was instantly angry and amused, “You slept in broad daylight? After going to university, you relax yourself like this, huh?”

Ji Feng glared at her, “How can you talk? Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m your boyfriend, I’m not your student anymore!”

“Giggle ……” Xiao Yuxuan suddenly laughed delicately, “Fine! You’re my boyfriend.”

Xiao Yuxuan was not offended by this macho performance of Ji Feng, in fact, Ji Feng’s calm demeanor, as well as his maturity, almost made Xiao Yuxuan forget about his age.

The two of them ordered a few dishes casually. Xiao Yuxuan was not a person who was greedy for enjoyment, and Ji Feng was even more used to living a hard life, so it was never his habit to waste.

“The food in this restaurant is okay, but it depends on who you’re eating with.” Ji Feng chuckled as he gave Xiao Yuxuan a piece of meat, “If it’s with someone you hate, it’s hard to say whether you can sit down or not, let alone eat.”


Xiao Yuxuan smiled and nodded, then suddenly remembered something and said, “Right, I seem to have seen an acquaintance in front of the school today.”

“Who?” Ji Feng asked without thinking.

“Hu Xuehui!” Xiao Yuxuan hesitated for a moment before she said.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows instantly furrowed, “She’s also at United University? That can’t be right?”

United University was not an ordinary university, and Ji Feng vaguely remembered that it seemed like there were only three or four people who had been admitted to United University in the entire second middle school of Mang Shi County, and there didn’t seem to be Hu Xuethui among them.

Although Ji Feng had already met Hu Xuethui twice in Jiangzhou, he really didn’t know which school Hu Xuethui was at. He carefully recalled those two meetings, and it seemed that the other party never mentioned anything about which school she was at.

“I’m not too sure about this, I was driving out, so she didn’t see me and we didn’t talk.” Xiao Yuxuan faintly shook her head and said.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but hum, “Don’t deal with her in the future, just treat her as a stranger.”

For Hu Xuehui, Ji Feng really remembered it in his bones, the thing that made Ji Feng feel the most humiliated during the entire three years of high school, or even say, in the ten years before he went to university, was what Hu Xuehui did.

Although he had decided a long time ago that he would not have a half-hearted relationship with Hu Xuehui, Ji Feng still would not forget the humiliation of the past so easily, only that he never mentioned it, but buried it deep in his heart.

“I know what to do!” Xiao Yuxuan faintly nodded her head. Although she was also once Hu Xuehui’s teacher, but, now she was Ji Feng’s girlfriend, and she still had a clear distinction between the two.

“By the way, Hu Xuehui’s brother-in-law, the one called Wu Changqun, you should be able to inquire what he does, right?” Ji Feng suddenly asked, “As I recall, he should be in business related to jade, so you can keep an eye on him for me.”

Xiao Yuxuan glared at him, “What, want to deal with him secretly? You mustn’t become so bad.”

Ji Feng smiled, “As long as he doesn’t cross me anymore, how would I have the time to deal with him? However, if he acts like he did the other day again, then we can only blame him for seeking his own death!”

Xiao Yuxuan hesitated for a moment before nodding slightly, “Alright, I’ll keep an eye out for you, but promise me that you won’t take the initiative to deal with others, I don’t want you to turn into someone like Li Weidong!”

She knew very well that even if she didn’t keep an eye on it, with Ji Feng’s status, if he wanted to deal with Wu Changqun, it would only be a matter of words, it would be better for her to supervise Ji Feng.

Ji Feng smiled and nodded his head, “Don’t worry, it won’t happen. I’m not like those people.”

Xiao Yuxuan gave a hmmm and opened her mouth, wanting to say something but then stopped.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask, “If you have something to say, just say it, what else can’t you say to me?”

Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face reddened a little: “It’s like this, I came home today and my mum saw the text message in my phone, she said …… wants you to come to my house!”

“Ah?!” Ji Feng froze.


Chapter 174

“Go, to your house?” Ji Feng’s mouth opened wide and looked at Xiao Yuxuan in a dumbfounded manner before he reacted after a long time, “You mean to say that your mum wants to see me?”

“Yes, whoever let you send me those ambiguous language text messages was seen by my mother. Under her questioning, I could only confess.” Xiao Yuxuan giggled, “What, are you scared?”


Ji Feng’s face changed and he said forcefully, “Are you kidding, I would be afraid?”

“Then why don’t you say anything, or are you saying that you don’t want to go to my house?” Xiao Yuxuan hummed, her tone had become somewhat unkind, “Little guy, you can’t drop the chain at a crucial moment, otherwise, I will definitely not care about you anymore in the future.”

The family had already been quite critical of her choice of boyfriend, especially after Li Weidong’s affair came up, Xiao Yuxuan’s ex-boyfriend, He Dong, was even more scorned by Xiao Yuxuan’s entire family. Now that Xiao Yuxuan has easily decided on Ji Feng, her father is still a bit disapproving, so if Ji Feng backs out again at this time, I’m afraid there’s really no hope for the two of them.

Seeing Xiao Yuxuan’s anxious expression, Ji Feng pondered slightly, and only after a long time did he ask in a low voice: “Yuxuan, is it that your family doesn’t agree with us? Or is …… there some other difficulty?”

“No, no!” Xiao Yuxuan forced a smile, “There really isn’t, don’t think too much about it.”

Ji Feng’s brow furrowed and he didn’t say anything.

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly laughed, “Well, I was going to tell you after a while, it’s like this, because of what He Dong once did …… that’s why it made my parents look at my search for a boyfriend with a lot of disdain.”

“And then what?” Ji Feng asked.

Xiao Yuxuan laughed bitterly, “Then …… they wanted to introduce me to a boyfriend!”

Ji Feng’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he frowned and asked, “So, your parents asked me to go to your house to actually try to convince me not to get involved with you? Is that right?”

“Of course not!” Xiao Yuxuan laughed bitterly, “Although my mother is a bit sarcastic in her words, my father is still very open-minded, he won’t ask too much about me, this time, in fact, my mother seems to have invited someone else.”

“Other people?” Ji Feng suddenly realized, “The person your mother invited, is that the person she wanted to introduce to you?”

Xiao Yuxuan faintly nodded her head.

Ji Feng instantly laughed, “Such a dogged bridge again.”

Xiao Yuxuan instantly glared and snapped, “You’re not allowed to say that, in fact, my mum is also doing it for my own good, you shouldn’t blame her. In fact, what really made my mother have a problem with you was what He Dong did. Also, my cousin aunt has been trying to introduce me to someone and has been agitating my mum to keep me from going out with other men privately.”

Ji Feng rubbed his chin and mused, “Hmm… in that case, this time when I visit your house, it might as well be a divine feast.”

“F**k you! What Hongmen Banquet!” Xiao Yuxuan snapped.

“You didn’t tell your parents about my true identity?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

“If I had told them, would my cousin aunt still dare to introduce me to a boyfriend?” Xiao Yuxuan glared at him, “When we get to my house, you can’t make a bad move, I won’t be done with you if you scare my parents then.”

Ji Feng instantly laughed, “Don’t worry, I know how to handle it.”

What Xiao Yuxuan said didn’t really have much effect on Ji Feng, whether Xiao Yuxuan’s parents agreed or not, it didn’t have much effect on him. As for Xiao Yuxuan’s cousin’s aunt, that was even less of a threat.

“If I can’t, I’ll just beat him up, whatever his status is!” Ji Feng muttered darkly, when it came to his girlfriend, Ji Feng would not be a modest gentleman, not to mention engaging in any fair competition, the other party had better not even think about it, otherwise, Ji Feng would rather be a violent maniac and bully people once.

“Ji Feng, let’s just set the time for tomorrow night, the day after tomorrow is the last day of the holiday, Lei Lei should be back by then, don’t affect the relationship between you!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but tease at the end of her sentence.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but blush, what he was most afraid of, was Xiao Yuxuan flirting with him and Tong Lei’s affairs.

Seemingly knowing Ji Feng’s thoughts, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but giggle, “Okay, no more jokes, I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

Back at the dormitory, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile, he couldn’t imagine that he would have to meet his parents so soon.

He suddenly had a thought in his heart, and wondered if his parents would be satisfied with Xiao Yuxuan?

“It’s really ……” Ji Feng laughed dumbly, “Even if they are not satisfied with Yuxuan, what can they do? I’m not the kind of good boy who listens, and besides, mother will certainly not easily deny her choice,”

No one knew his mother’s character better than he did, the woman who loved him the most would not be able to bear to see herself disappointed.

Ji Feng clearly remembered that when he was in primary school, he once wanted a new school bag, not wanting to carry the ragged cloth school bag his mother had made by hand anymore.

As a result, Xiao Soumei did not rest for three consecutive nights and insisted on picking up rags, especially some drink bottles near the rubbish heap, to get the money for a new schoolbag.

This incident was forever remembered by Ji Feng. From that time onwards, Ji Feng would never ask his mother for anything again. Even if he used the most ragged school bags, the worst stationery and wore the cheapest clothes, Ji Feng’s heart was still warm. Because he knew that these were all his mother’s heart and soul.

It was also because of this that Ji Feng understood how much his mother really loved him.

What’s more, Xiao Yuxuan was already incredibly gentle and ice-cold smart, so his mother would definitely not hate her.

Thinking of his mother, Ji Feng’s heart immediately became anxious again. He must make the bio-current accumulated in his body reach a certain level as soon as possible, and only then would he be able to get everyone around him to start practicing these sets of moves sooner as well.

“If these sets of movements have the effect of prolonging life, then it would be even better!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, and after washing up, he lay down on the bed again, his consciousness entering his mind.

If there were outsiders around, they would have noticed that at this moment, there was a faint layer of flowing light faintly flowing on Ji Feng’s body, and on his face, there was also a kind of faint light flowing.

This situation is simply like the legendary scene of an immortal cultivating immortality, if a person with little guts saw it, I’m afraid they would be scared out of their wits.

Fortunately, at this time, it was during the eleventh month holiday and there was no one in the dormitory, so no one noticed the abnormal situation on Ji Feng’s body.

When he woke up early in the morning, Ji Feng felt a hundred times more energetic, as if his body had inexhaustible strength, and he even felt as if his body was much lighter.

“Could it be that this night’s practice has made some changes to his body again?” Ji Feng was a little puzzled as he got off the bed and jumped gently in place.


Ji Feng was frozen in his tracks.

He looked dumbly at his feet and couldn’t help but be stunned. With that slight jump just now, he had actually jumped onto the table in the middle of the dormitory just like that!

“It can’t be that exaggerated, can it?” Ji Feng thought dumbly.

He jumped down from the table and couldn’t help but be excited in his heart, “It seems that those sets of moves he practiced are not just body-building exercises, they are clearly secret martial arts techniques!”

“It seems that it is time to speed up the practice, this effect, too, is really shocking.” Ji Feng couldn’t help but think.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng looked at the time, it was already six in the morning, so he quickly washed up and ran towards the canteen.

The meal card had been issued long before the eleventh holiday, and Ji Feng didn’t want Yu Xuan to get up early in the morning to get breakfast, so it was better to make do with eating in the canteen.

However, Ji Feng had just run out of the dormitory when he heard his mobile phone ringing.

It was Xiao Yuxuan calling.

Ji Feng immediately smiled and picked up the phone, “Yu Xuan, you missed me early in the morning!”

“I’ve already made breakfast, come over. After breakfast, I’ll take you to buy clothes!” Xiao Yuxuan ignored Ji Feng’s teasing and forked off the topic.

“Buy, buy clothes?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Buy what kind of clothes?”

Xiao Yuxuan laughed, “The first time you go to my house, you always need to dress decently, right? Sometimes, a piece of clothing may change other people’s opinion of you!”

Ji Feng secretly said in his heart, “I don’t need to care about other people’s opinions.

However, he didn’t dare to say this, otherwise, God knows if Xiao Yuxuan would storm out.

“Alright, I’ll go over there now!” Ji Feng finished speaking and hung up the phone, muttering in his heart, “If I had known this, why not just let me live in your flat? It would also save me from having to run there every day.

“Well, I must suggest it to Yu Xuan later, you can’t always let your boyfriend sleep in the dormitory, right?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but say.

The breakfast Xiao Yuxuan made was always something to look forward to, and today’s was equally no exception. A simple bowl of soy milk and a few noodle skins made Ji Feng eat with gusto.

“Eat a bit more, there are a few challenges today!” Xiao Yuxuan tenderly picked up a noodle skin, rolled it with squash and fried egg, and handed it to Ji Feng, “We’re going shopping in the morning to buy clothes for you, and we’re going to my house in the evening, maybe we’ll have to deal with that snobbish cousin of mine, and maybe that equally snobbish cousin will come over too! I’m afraid it will be even more lively if cousin’s aunt’s husband comes along as well.”

Ji Feng was stunned and asked in amazement, “You said your cousin aunt is snobbish, so is she looking down on your family, or is she trying to flatter your family?”

If Ji Feng remembered correctly, Xiao Yuxuan’s family was running a company, so it should be that Xiao Yuxuan wanted her cousin aunt to want to flatter Xiao Yuxuan’s family.

But listening to Xiao Yuxuan’s tone, it seems to be very headache that cousin aunt, does it mean that the strength of her cousin aunt’s family is even stronger than Xiao Yuxuan’s family?

Xiao Yuxuan shook her head and said, “It’s not like anyone is flattering anyone, it’s just that my father is a kind person and my cousin aunt thinks she has some money, so she is arrogant.”