Campus Master Chapter 165-166

Chapter 165

Looking at the two pale faces of Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er, Ji Feng stood side by side with Xiao Yuxuan in front of the car and said in a cold voice, “Get down immediately!”

Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er froze at the same time, looking at Ji Feng’s face that was devoid of the slightest emotion, the two of them couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive. After hesitating for a moment, Wu Ling’er still took the lead in opening the car door and stepped down.

“You get down too!” Ji Feng’s gaze fell on Sun Zixiong and said in a cold voice, “Otherwise, I will personally ask you to come down!”

Sun Zixiong’s eyes were flickering, he wasn’t willing to walk down like this, if word got out, there was no way he would be able to mix in this circle in the future. His hand quietly moved to the car keys, his mind recalling the move he had done countless times long ago, starting the car and making a quick getaway!

Because he knew very well that there was only one chance, there was Ji Feng’s car blocking in front of him, unable to move forward, and behind him was Wu Ling’er’s car, also blocking the way, and if he wanted to leave, there was only one way, that was to back up and reverse directly, ramming Wu Ling’er’s car raw, in which case, he could escape directly backwards.

As long as he was not caught outright, what could illegal racing be considered a big deal? What’s more, with his Sun Zixiong’s connections in Jiangzhou, he was still afraid of a small charge of illegal racing?

However, Ji Feng’s face was expressionless and he only stared coldly at Sun Zixiong. For his every move, Ji Feng saw it all in his eyes, but did not say anything.

“Xuan Xuan!” After Wu Ling’er got off the car, she came to Xiao Yuxuan’s side with some guilt and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry ah Xuan Xuan, this matter has implicated you as well.”

Xiao Yuxuan sank her face and did not say anything, this time she was really angry. With her intelligence, it was not difficult to imagine that by leaving the note, Wu Ling’er was actually deliberately luring herself over, and I’m afraid that the ultimate goal, was to lure Ji Feng over.

No matter what kind of purpose Wu Ling’er had, but the fact that she had done so already made Wu Ling’er extremely angry.

Xiao Yuxuan was in a great dilemma, she was worried that Wu Ling’er would be in danger and that Ji Feng would deal with Wu Ling’er, at the same time, she was almost in danger because Ji Feng was involved in this matter. What Wu Ling’er did made Xiao Yuxuan very unhappy.

Therefore, when she saw Wu Ling’er greeting her, Xiao Yuxuan didn’t even respond with half a word.

“Xuan Xuan, I know I’m wrong!” Wu Ling’er took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and shook it slightly.

“Shut up!” Before Xiao Yuxuan had the chance to speak, Ji Feng said coldly.

Wu Ling’er choked and her face turned red, but she couldn’t say anything.

Ji Feng pointed at Sun Zixiong in the car and said coldly, “Sun Zixiong, I only give you ten seconds, if you still don’t get out of the car, don’t blame me for personally going to invite you!”

Although Sun Zixiong’s car windows were all closed, Ji Feng’s voice was unmistakably transmitted into his ears, and his face instantly changed again.

Subconsciously, Sun Zixiong started the car in a panic, put it in gear, and then backed up violently.


Sun Zixiong drove his car raw and crashed through Wu Ling’er’s sports car, squeaking!

The next moment, Sun Zixiong drove away.

“Ah!” Both Wu Ling’er and Xiao Yuxuan let out a shriek at the same time, panicking and pulling Ji Feng to dodge.

Ji Feng’s face however wore a faint smile, “Don’t worry, let him run, I’ll see where he can run to!”

Saying that, Ji Feng pulled Xiao Yuxuan and headed for the blue sports car he was driving, just two steps away, he looked back at Wu Ling’er, “I forgot to say one thing, you will pay for today’s period, first of all, your parents’ company will go out of business, then …… you will go to jail for illegal racing, as for how long you will be in how long you will stay in jail, it will depend on the judge’s verdict.”

Wu Ling’er’s body suddenly shook and looked at Ji Feng in disbelief. How could she have ever imagined that Ji Feng’s methods would be so ruthless, not only against her parents, but also to send her to jail as well!

She wanted to argue something, but after opening her mouth, she couldn’t say anything. Because, this result, she had asked for it and could not blame anyone at all.

Xiao Yuxuan wanted to plead for Wu Ling’er, but, remembering what Wu Ling’er had done, she wanted to say something but stopped: “It’s just that Ji Feng is still angry right now, so it’s better to wait for him to calm down and then plead for Xiao Ling, we can’t just watch her go to jail like this.”


The engine of the blue sports car immediately roared up, Ji Feng skillfully started the car, put it in gear and stepped on the accelerator ……

Watching the blue sports car seemingly rocketing out, Wu Ling’er thought about it and immediately gritted her teeth and also got into her car and followed.

“Ji Feng, be careful, don’t chase too closely, these people who play racing are all after the thrill of extreme speed, they are all a bunch of lunatics, if they push too hard, I’m worried they will jump to the wall!” Xiao Yuxuan sat in the pa*senger seat and warned in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, if they don’t want their lives, they don’t want their own lives, if they want my life, he doesn’t have the ability to do that yet!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and continued to accelerate.

The two sports cars, under the dark night sky, began a frantic chase along the Panshan Highway.

Not long after, the car driven by Sun Zixiong, had appeared in Ji Feng’s line of sight, he sneered, “On this Pan Shang Highway, I’ll see how much you can do!”

Xiao Yuxuan tightly gripped the handrail above her head, but her heart was beating fiercely, this kind of high-speed movement was really disturbing to the heart.


The blue sports car continued to accelerate.

And at this time, the group of people on the top of the hill, all of them were tense is looking at the computer screen that showed the trace of the three cars, one by one, their mouths were wide open handle, full of disbelief.

“How is this possible, that’s a curve, how dare you accelerate?!” One man exclaimed in disbelief.

On the computer screen, the purple bright spot was moving fast, and just now, this purple bright spot had pa*sed a curve, but instead of slowing down, he continued to accelerate, and accelerated dramatically!

This defied the most basic common sense!

Everyone had a look of disbelief in their eyes, this was unbelievable!

Whether it was those on Sun Zixiong’s side or Wu Ling’er’s side, they were all filled with shock. Even because of the shock, no one had actually noticed that the direction of Ji Feng and Sun Zixiong was actually the opposite of what they were doing before.

“Look! It’s accelerating again, the bend is ahead, and he’s actually accelerating again!” A man pointed at the computer screen and exclaimed.

“Yeah, what a pervert, how can he still be accelerating under these road conditions? Is this a desperate attempt?” Another man also exclaimed, “You know, that bend ahead is going into the big mountain, where the road condition is not too good!”

“This kind of driving skills …… is enough to dominate Jiangzhou!”

Everyone was silent, just looking at the computer screen nervously, but their hearts were like cat’s claws, they could not wait to be the one sitting in the pa*senger seat of Ji Feng’s car, only then could they see Ji Feng’s operation while driving, this kind of car skill, is simply divine!

Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!

The speed of Ji Feng’s car was constantly increasing.

“Oh my god, drifting!”

A person exclaimed loudly, under such road conditions, he actually played drift, did he not want to die?

However, when everyone saw that purple bright spot drifting almost directly through the curve, and in the middle of it, it was still accelerating, and in the end, it was not affected by anything at all, everyone’s heart couldn’t help but float two words – pervert!

What a joke, how could someone with such driving skills not be a pervert?

At this time, Sun Zixiong was also already in a cold sweat and in a state of shock.

Thought you he had seen that Ji Feng was actually driving fast from behind and was about to overtake him!

“How can he be so fast?!” Sun Zixiong was full of shock, although he had likewise been caught up and intercepted by Ji Feng before, in Sun Zixiong’s opinion, it was because he was under the influence of Wu Ling’er and had been intercepted by Ji Feng driving behind him.

But now, he had already raised his car to the maximum speed, and that kid still caught up so easily, which was simply unbelievable.


Just a moment after Sun Zixiong had just been dazed, Ji Feng’s car once again crashed into the trunk of Sun Zixiong’s car.


The tyres created a violent friction with the ground, causing Sun Zixiong to instantly lose control of his car, and the next moment, he saw Sun Zixiong’s car violently lose control and instantly crash into a large rock on the road.


Ji Feng stopped the car and Xiao Yuxuan asked with a pale face, “Ji Feng, is he alright?”

“It’ll be fine.” Ji Feng smiled faintly and walked out of the car with Xiao Yuxuan, saying, “A sports car of this cla*s is equipped with advanced airbags inside, even if it crashes, it will save his life, it won’t be a big deal!”

Sure enough, when the two of them arrived at Sun Zixiong’s car, they instantly found that all four airbags inside the sports car had burst open, keeping Sun Zixiong dead in the middle, and he was struggling violently.


Ji Feng opened the car door and yanked Sun Zixiong out with one hand, “Kid, it seems that you really are toasting the wine, since that’s the case, then I’ll give you a good bit of punishment!”


Ji Feng threw Sun Zixiong to the ground in one go.

“Little, kid, who the hell are you?” Sun Zixiong’s face was full of cold sweat from the pain, although the crash just now was not life-threatening, however, his leg was stuck in the car, and just now he was cut by this violent tug from Ji Feng.

“What I am, you don’t need to care, what you should care about now is what happens to you!” Ji Feng sneered, “Congratulations, you’ll probably spend time in jail in the future.”

“Kid, let me go to jail? Haha ……” Sun Zixiong laughed out loud, “You don’t have that ability yet, do you?”

“It’s not up to you to say whether you have that ability or not!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and gently nodded at Sun Zixiong’s neck, the latter then immediately blacked out and pa*sed out.

When Wu Ling’er arrived, Ji Feng had already thrown Sun Zixiong into the car and drove the car to the top of the mountain.

“His driving skills …… I’ll never be able to catch up!” Looking at the crashed sports car, Wu Ling’er sighed softly, “I hope this time, Ji Feng will really deal with my parents!”


Chapter 166

When Ji Feng returned to the top of the mountain with Sun Zixiong, who looked like a dead dog, everyone looked at Ji Feng with an extremely complicated look, there was adoration, respect and a hint of resentment in the middle of it, to name a few.

Ji Feng didn’t care about these people’s gazes, he just casually lifted Sun Zixiong out of the car and threw him on the ground with a ‘bang’.

The still unconscious Sun Zixiong didn’t even have the time to scream as he was thrown to the ground like this.

“Ji Feng, what now?” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel nervous in her heart when she saw so many people at the top of the hill, although she wasn’t afraid of these punk-like guys, because she knew very well that these people looked mostly strange and weird, but in reality, they were definitely not ordinary punks, and should all be from wealthy backgrounds.

Otherwise, they would definitely not have the time, let alone the spare spare money, to play racing.

What Xiao Yuxuan was really afraid of was whether these people would all get angry and besiege Ji Feng because he had arrested Sun Zi Xiong. If that was the case, it would be a big trouble. These people, because of their wealthy backgrounds and their love of seeking excitement, were afraid that once they became angry, they would do anything.

However, Ji Feng only shook his head slightly and smiled, “No what to do, just wait here for the police to come.”

On the way back, Ji Feng had already called Ji Shaolei and told him what had happened here. At the same time, he got the number of the chief of the nearby Economic Development Zone Branch from him.

Ji Feng looked down at the time, it was just before 9:30 pm, almost ten minutes had pa*sed now since he had called. If nothing unexpected happened, the police would arrive within twenty minutes at most.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but want to say something.

Ji Feng pretended not to see it as he pulled the keys out of the blue sports car and threw them to the yellow-haired kid from before, “Here you go, well, this car of yours is quite good.”

The yellow-haired kid hastily took the keys, and a hint of joy appeared on his face. Everyone had just seen Ji Feng’s fabulous car skills, enough to be called a superb expert.

To be praised by such an expert was obviously a very dignified thing.

However, when the yellow-haired boy saw Sun Zixiong lying on the ground, he couldn’t help but turn pale again. After all, he was also from Sun Zixiong’s faction, and seeing Sun Zixiong being thrown to the ground like this by Ji Feng, if word got out in the future, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have any face to continue mixing.

Although the Yellow Hair Boys were all from wealthy backgrounds and not the same as Sun Zixiong’s. However, they were all pa*sionate about underground racing. However, they are all lovers of underground racing and enjoy the pursuit of excitement. If Sun Tzu Xiong had not taught them to race, I am afraid that up to now they would not have found such fun.

Therefore, although they came from different backgrounds, they were able to play together and were considered to have the same interests.

Now that Sun Zixiong had been caught by Ji Feng, they would have a lot less fun in this area in the future.

Huang Mao could guarantee that if the person who caught Sun Zi Xiong today was not Ji Feng, but a person from two outside, I’m afraid that by now he would have been rounded up and beaten up by these people, where would it be Ji Feng’s turn to flaunt his power here?

However, this person was Ji Feng.

His amazing driving skills were simply mesmerising, and even more so, they made people worship him.

In such a situation, the crowd would have to think twice if they wanted to make a move, especially for these people who were into underground racing.

Ji Feng didn’t care what these people had in mind, he took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and sat right on the bonnet of Xiao Yuxuan’s red Volvo, quietly waiting for the police to arrive.


Not long after, a roar of the engine gradually came, followed by Wu Ling’er driving the sports car to the top of the hill. Only, compared to before, the current Wu Ling’er’s pretty face was somewhat pale and looked far from the big grin she had before.

When Wu Ling’er got out of the car, she saw Xiao Yuxuan and Ji Feng sitting on the bonnet. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end, she wanted to say something, and could only gloomily look away and shift her gaze elsewhere.

“Ji Feng ……” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel a little softer, and her small hand grabbed Ji Feng’s arm and shook it slightly, “Otherwise, today’s matter… . let’s forget it!”

“Today’s what?” Ji Feng asked with a smile as if he pretended not to understand.

“It’s the matter of Wu Ling’er sneaking out to race with Sun Zixiong today, since you’ve already caught Sun Zixiong, let’s forget about it.” Xiao Yuxuan said softly, “Anyway, when the police come later, they will take Sun Zixiong away, and by then, they won’t be able to race even if they want to.”

“Mm!” Ji Feng nodded, “This matter can indeed end here, and all these remaining people can be left alone, as long as we let the police inform their families of today’s events.”

“Really? That’s great.” Xiao Yuxuan said in surprise, “In that case, Xiao Ling is also fine, right?”

“How is that possible!” Ji Feng laughed, “Yu Xuan, what makes you think so?”

Xiao Yuxuan asked strangely, “Ji Feng, didn’t you just say that this matter had come to an end? Little Spirit is naturally fine too!”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, “When I said so far just now, I was referring to the matter of the racing today, just like you said, we have already arrested Sun Zixiong, so this matter is naturally so far. But that’s just the racing thing.”

“Hardly, is there something else?” Xiao Yuxuan stammered and asked.

Ji Feng looked at her with a wry smile, “Of course. I have already said before that if Wu Ling’er dares to race plan again, she will be responsible for the consequences, but her matter is not over. Also, she deliberately left a note for you to pester me to come along, this kind of thing that has taken advantage of a friend, how could it end so easily?”

Xiao Yuxuan was instantly silent, in the end, Ji Feng really still had no intention of letting Wu Ling’er go. She couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh and wanted to plead for Wu Ling’er, but after thinking about it, the words still didn’t come out at the end of her mouth.

She knew that if she repeatedly pleaded for Ji Feng, she was afraid that it would provoke Ji Feng’s anger, because even a blind man could see that Ji Feng was now angry and had not yet subsided at all. It would be better to wait until the police took Sun Zixiong away, so that Ji Feng’s anger could be lessened, and then it might be much better if he pleaded for mercy.

“What do you want to say?” Ji Feng naturally noticed Xiao Yuxuan’s expression, and he couldn’t help but ask lightly, “Is it that you want to plead for Wu Ling’er?”

Xiao Yuxuan was stunned and was just about to speak when she heard Ji Feng say, “Now she can use your relationship with me to get you to pester me to come out, while this time, however, it is just a matter of racing with someone else, it is simply a trivial matter of no importance. If something big comes up again in the future, what will she do?”

Xiao Yuxuan opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but unable to do so.

“You might think I’m a bit one-sided, but that’s the truth.” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and sighed lightly, “What Wu Ling’er is doing now might only make you a little angry, but if you don’t pay attention to it, she might do something that will make you feel shocked in the future!”

“But, I can’t just watch her go to jail like this, can I?” Xiao Yuxuan said helplessly.

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed: “Jail would not be necessary, a girl going to jail …… huh, how to say it is a bit too much. However, a deadly crime can be spared, but a living crime is hard to escape! She will definitely pay the price for her capriciousness today.”

“What price?” Xiao Yuxuan asked in a hurry.

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Since she likes racing so much, let’s hope she can stick to it to the end!”

After saying that, no matter how much Xiao Yuxuan pursued the question, Ji Feng just shook his head and smiled.

A few moments later, a sound of police sirens gradually approached, and soon, a dozen police cars quickly arrived at the top of the hill.

This time, those fops couldn’t help but panic, being arrested by the police was a small matter, however, if the police told their parents about these things they had done, it would be a big trouble. They might be grounded for it, or they might be sent abroad in a fit of anger by their parents, or, perhaps, there would be an even harsher punishment.

“May I ask which one is Mr Ji?” A policeman asked loudly.

Ji Feng waved his hand, “I am.”

The man immediately walked over and saluted, “Mr. Ji, I’m the captain leading the operation this time, my name is Wang Qiang. According to the chief’s orders, we will be completely under Mr. Ji’s command!”

Because Xiao Yuxuan already knew Ji Feng’s true identity, it was not a surprise for her to see this scene in front of her.

However, when Wu Ling’er saw this scene, she was shocked beyond belief. Ji Feng was just a student, yet, these police officers were actually listening to his command, this was simply incredible.

Come to think of it, were there still fewer such unbelievable things? From the fabulous car skills Ji Feng had shown in the previous race to the huge origin he had shown now, it was enough to show that this man’s background was simply unfathomable!

“Take all these people to the police station, they all have something to do with illegal racing, as for this man on the ground, and that woman, they are direct participants in illegal racing, the nature of these two people is extremely bad, it is recommended that they be severely punished!” Ji Feng said indifferently.

“Yes, Mr. Ji!” Wang Qiang said loudly, and then with a wave of his hand, those police officers instantly brought everyone under control.

“May I ask if Mr. Ji has any more orders?” Wang Qiang asked.

“No more, you guys go back.” Ji Feng waved his hand and his gaze fell on Wu Ling’er again, “It doesn’t matter if you play smart, but, Yu Xuan is your friend, you even counted her together, I will make you remember this day well!”

Wu Ling’er couldn’t help but blush as a look of shame appeared in her eyes.

On the top of the mountain, all the dozens of rich kids were taken away, and Ji Feng and the two of them got back into the red Volvo and drove towards the bottom of the mountain.

“Ji Feng, didn’t you say before that you wouldn’t let Xiao Ling go to jail?” Xiao Yuxuan asked in an urgent voice.