Campus Master Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

Put it in gear, step on the gas, accelerate ……

Amidst the roar of the engine, Ji Feng skillfully and incomparably maneuvered the blue sports car, as if it was a cheetah running at a fast pace, and disappeared on the highway with unparalleled speed.

“Ji Feng, you’re going to race with them?” Xiao Yuxuan asked incomparably stunned, “Why don’t we just go back to the hill and wait for Xiao Ling to finish racing with that Sun Zi Xiong and then we’ll take her back.”

Xiao Yuxuan did indeed want to bring Little Spirit back, but if she were to put Ji Feng in danger along with her, she would definitely not agree.

Between Little Spirit and Ji Feng, although Xiao Yuxuan was extremely worried about Little Spirit, she decisively chose Ji Feng.

“Oh, it’s not necessary, since we’ve come here, we naturally have to ‘play’ properly.” The corner of Ji Feng’s mouth pulled up a slight curve, but a cold glint shone in his eyes.

She had already warned Little Spirit, but the other party had turned a blind eye to it. What made Ji Feng even more intolerable was that Little Spirit had left a note for Yu Xuan before the race.

Naturally, Ji Feng could see that the reason why Little Spirit would do this was actually to attract Xiao Yuxuan’s attention and deliberately make Xiao Yuxuan come looking for her. In this way, if Xiao Yuxuan wanted to come to her, she would definitely notify herself and put a request for her to accompany her.

This is simply deliberate. Ji Feng coldly snorted in his heart, to put it more seriously, this is using Xiao Yuxuan’s relationship with herself to force herself to help her race.

When he thought of this, Ji Feng’s heart moved again. If this was the case, why did Xiao Ling have to race with Sun Zixiong herself? She just needs to wait here for herself and Xiao Yuxuan, and when she arrives, she will then ask Xiao Yuxuan to help intercede, and it is still possible for her to let herself help her race.

Since this is the case …… then there are only two possibilities, firstly, Xiao Ling is indeed trying to use herself, so her current race with Sun Zixiong is not the final, or, it is just one part of the race, so it doesn’t matter much if she comes later.

Secondly, Little Spirit was not trying to use Xiao Yuxuan and herself, so although she had left a note, she was really just trying to inform Xiao Yuxuan of her whereabouts. It was also because of this that Little Spirit personally raced Sun Zi Xiong.

Ji Feng guessed that both possibilities existed, except that it was still the first one that was more likely. Because from the fact that Xiao Ling was willing to put down her face to beg herself to help with the race, she valued this race, so how could she easily race herself in a race that was so important to her?

“Humph! It’s really a deep-hearted woman, Yu Xuan with this kind of person ……” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and said, “Yu Xuan, after stopping Xiao Ling and the others later, you should not say anything, understand?”

Seeing Ji Feng’s gloomy face, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but nod her head.

“Alright then, we’ll go after them now!” Ji Feng said in a low voice, and then, he slammed the accelerator to the bottom, and the car roared away, cutting a perfect straight line in the air.

“Wu Ling’er, who is that kid you just spoke to? You’re my intended wife, when I win you, you’ll be my woman, you can’t hook up with another man.”

On the mountain road, two sports cars were driving rapidly one behind the other, and Sun Zixiong, who was one step ahead, was full of lustful smiles as he said through the intercom, “If I find out you’re having an affair with another man, I’ll kill that man.”

Wu Ling’er, who was also driving at a brisk pace, grimaced as she snorted coldly, “Sun Zixiong, where did you get all that bullSh*t? Trying to disturb me? There’s no way!”

Sun Zixiong laughed loudly, “I’m Sun Zixiong, do I need to disrupt you to win? I could easily beat you even if I drove with my eyes closed. Tell me, who is that kid?”

“He’s someone you can’t afford to mess with.” Wu Ling’er hummed and said.

Sun Zixiong laughed loudly, “There are many people I can’t afford to mess with, but I’m afraid there aren’t many people in the whole of Jiangzhou who dare to say I can’t afford to mess with them, right? Little Ling Ling, you should stop covering up for your man, for your sake, I won’t be ordinary with him. Of course, this is only if he stops asking for trouble.”

When Wu Ling’er saw that he didn’t believe her, she snorted coldly and stopped talking, just concentrating on driving. In her heart, she was laughing coldly, according to Xiao Yuxuan, even her parents’ power in Jiangzhou could not withstand a single phone call from Ji Feng, in Wu Ling’er’s mind, there was only one possibility, and that was, Ji Feng’s parents were definitely people of great power, and were probably even in the officialdom.

Although Sun Zixiong was a big name on the road in Jiangzhou, the more he was, the more he was afraid of offending people in the official circles. Perhaps Sun Zixiong was still a figurehead in Jiangzhou, but if he met a real big shot, I was afraid he wouldn’t even know how to die.

Wu Ling’er believes that Xiao Yuxuan will definitely come looking for herself, and by then, whether or not it is possible to bring Ji Feng, it will undoubtedly involve Ji Feng in this matter, and by then, Sun Zixiong will have indirectly offended Ji Feng.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

And more than that, Ji Feng will definitely resent himself for involving Xiao Yuxuan, and he might really take action against his own parents, which is exactly what Wu Ling’er wants to see.

She was very parental and hated her parents for their indifference to her, and if she could use Ji Feng’s hand to destroy all their careers, Wu Ling’er would be incredibly happy. She would love to see if they would still be so indifferent to themselves after losing their careers!

In fact, this was Wu Ling’er’s real purpose for involving Xiao Yuxuan in this.

It was just that she also knew that after experiencing this matter today, from then on, I was afraid that there was going to be a huge rift in the friendship between her and Xiao Yuxuan, no one would tolerate being used by their friends, and although Xiao Yuxuan had a soft personality, she would definitely not allow such a thing to happen.

“I hope she can understand me, if she wants to blame me, it’s only natural, after all, it was me who used her!” Wu Ling’er let out a soft sigh.

However, Wu Ling’er did not expect that at this time, Ji Feng had already moved with shocking anger, and the consequences, were not that easy to bear.

“Let’s see how far we are from them!” Ji Feng casually opened the navigator and asked softly, “Since there is a tracking display in that computer on the top of the hill, then this car should have a tracker installed just like the other two cars.”

Ji Feng found that the car had been refuelled and was performing quite well, obviously having been carefully tuned. Therefore, Ji Feng guessed that the car he was driving now should also be a vehicle prepared for the competition, so it must have been fitted with a tracker as well.

Sure enough, Xiao Yuxuan tapped the navigator a few times and instantly found that there were indeed two bright spots on it that were constantly moving.

“There are four turns away from us, about …… forty kilometres or so.” Xiao Yuxuan looked at the conversions and displays on the navigator and said softly.

Ji Feng nodded: “Four turns is it …… Well, that’s quick, sit tight!”

The words just fell, Ji Feng jerked up the throttle and continued to pick up speed.

And at this time, in the eyes of the group of people on the top of the hill, there was a completely incredible scene.

“Oh my god, what is this?” A man looked at the computer screen and exclaimed, “How could that kid be driving the car that fast?”

“What?” A group of people all gathered around and looked at the computer screen, their eyes suddenly widened, “That fast?”

On the computer screen, in addition to the two bright spots, one red and one blue, there was an additional purple bright spot. On the map displayed on the screen, that purple bright spot was still far away from the red and blue bright spot in front of it, however, the purple bright spot was moving at a surprisingly fast speed, far exceeding the speed of the two bright spots in front of it!

“Convert it to the real speed of the car immediately!” A man hurriedly warned.

“Right, right!”

Only then did the crowd wake up, and one man hurriedly converted the speed at which the purple bright spot was moving into the actual speed at which the car was moving, only to come up with a dizzying figure – two hundred and thirty!

“Hiss!” Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, two hundred and thirty per hour, it was unbelievable!

It wasn’t difficult for a sports car with excellent performance to reach two hundred and thirty per hour, as long as it had a good track and an excellent driver, it could actually reach this speed easily.

But what shocked the crowd was the condition of the road, it was a mountain road!

And it was the first time that kid had driven that blue sports car!

The external environment, the state of the car, the performance and the familiarity of the car are all factors that are essential for a good driver to be able to bring his skills to the limit.

And that kid, not only was it his first time driving that blue sports car, but it was also on a mountainous road, so both the driver’s skills and the car’s performance would be greatly affected in such a situation.

Under such circumstances, that kid could actually reach a speed of two hundred and thirty per hour, which was simply impossible, yet it happened right in front of everyone’s eyes, how could this not make people shocked?

“Two hundred and thirty?” Cold sweat broke out on everyone’s forehead, and one man turned around and asked his companion, “What is Brother Xiong’s highest speed record on this highway on a plate?”

“Two, two hundred and two!” The companion stammered somewhat in reply.

“So, that kid’s speed right now is already exceeding Brother Bear’s highest record?”

“…… Who says otherwise!”

“What exactly is that kid’s origin?” A man asked.

The crowd shook their heads slightly as one said, “It seems like …… that kid is here to find Wu Ling’er, but I never thought that he would be an absolute expert!”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other, and the words popped into their heads, tonight, Brother Xiong might be in danger!


Chapter 164


Sun Zixiong, who was driving, suddenly heard a beeping sound, which was the sound of an intercom requesting a call, he couldn’t help but frown and picked up the intercom, “What’s going on, don’t you know I’m driving?”

On the top of the hill, a yellow-haired man stammered, “Brother Xiong, the situation is not, not too good.”

“What do you mean?” Sun Zixiong froze, “It’s Huang Gang, isn’t it? Since when did you become a stutterer? If you have something to say, say it quickly, if you have a fart, say it quickly!”

Huang Gang was instantly aggrieved and couldn’t help but rub his small stomach. Before this, the first person who had been kicked away by Ji Feng was him. Until now, his stomach still hurt badly.

After seeing the terrifying speed of Ji Feng’s driving, Huang Gang wanted to immediately inform Sun Zi Xiong, but he didn’t expect to be scolded.

“Brother Xiong, that kid who came to look for Wu Ling’er, he, he ……” Huang Gang couldn’t help but stutter once he saw the speed of the purple bright spot moving displayed on the computer screen, it was just a little too fast.

“What’s wrong with him? If you kid don’t say anything, I’ll turn around and scrap you!” Sun Zixiong said angrily.

Huang Gang immediately winced and said in a panic, “Brother Xiong, that kid drove off to chase you guys, he, he’s so fast!”

“Fast?” Sun Zixiong froze, then laughed out loud, “Hahahaha …… Huang Gang, you’ve got water in your head, haven’t you? How dare you say someone’s speed is fast in front of me? This is a big joke, get lost immediately and don’t disturb me from driving again!”

Huang Gang wanted to say something else, but found that the intercom had been switched to another channel and could not be connected.

He immediately put down the walkie-talkie with a bitter smile on his face and said to his companion, “Brother Xiong doesn’t believe that kid is faster than him.”

His companions also all showed bitter smiles, “That’s right, saying that someone else was driving faster in front of Brother Xiong, he definitely wouldn’t be happy.”

At this moment, several people belonging to Wu Ling’er’s faction burst into giggles, in their opinion, since Ji Feng had come to look for Wu Ling’er, that meant that Ji Feng and them were on their side.

“Right, remember that Audi car we saw on the Panshan Highway a few days ago?” A man suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but ask, “At that time, Sister Xiao Ling said that she would find this person and help us race with Sun Zi Xiong. But there was no more news after that.”

“That’s right, the speed of that Audi car was just too terrifying, now that I think about it, I still find it incredible, and even now, I still think that’s still impossible.” Another person said with an incredulous face, “Moreover, when Sister Xiao Ling came today, she seemed to have said that someone might come for her today ……”

“Are you saying that the owner of the Audi we saw the other day is the kid from earlier?” The man from before asked in unbelievable shock, and then a look of wild joy appeared on his face, “If that’s the case, then the terrifying speed of the purple bright spot is not hard to understand. That kind of speed, I’m afraid, can only be achieved by him.”

“That’s right, this time, Sun Zixiong is in big trouble!” The people next to him were overjoyed, “What we bet with Sun Zixiong, but the land, if Sun Zixiong loses, he has to give up all his land, hey, Sun Zixiong has been entrenched on the coastal highway to the east of Jiangzhou, if it goes to us, then we can pan the mountain highway and the coastal highway, if other people want to come here to race, just the fees charged, that’s a big figures!”

All at once, the crowd was overjoyed.

At that moment, Sun Zixiong was staring at the rear view mirror with a shocked face and a look of disbelief in his eyes!

“This, how is this possible!” Sun Zixiong muttered incomparably shocked, a cold sweat couldn’t help but emerge from his forehead, “How could someone be so fast?!”

It wasn’t just him, Wu Ling’er’s pretty face likewise revealed an incomparable look of shock, “So fast, even faster than that day!”

In the rear view mirror of the two, a blue sports car was chasing after them with lightning speed. Both Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er immediately knew who was in that blue sports car.

However, what shocked the two was Ji Feng’s terrifying speed.

It was no wonder that the two were so shocked, they had already set off for more than twenty minutes, with their speed, they would have to run at least a distance of tens of kilometres, yet, Ji Feng could catch up in a very short time, this was simply unbelievable.

One must know that the two of them were only on the first lap, and, from the top of the mountain to here, there was no other fork in the road at all, which meant that there was no possibility for Ji Feng to take a shortcut, so it would have to be a direct chase from the top of the mountain.

It was unbelievable that he had caught up in just ten minutes, and that too on a mountain road. However, the fact was right in front of their eyes, and it was impossible for Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er to disbelieve.

Xiao Yuxuan also widened her big beautiful eyes and looked at Ji Feng from the side, “Little fellow, you, you really caught up with them!”

Ji Feng hemmed and hawed, “Small meaning.”

“Virtue!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a blank look and pursed her lips as she laughed lightly.

Ji Feng hummed, “Since they like racing so much, today I’m going to let them know that racing isn’t that fun, and that their racing skills are really far from good!”

“Tick-!” Just at this moment, the intercom in the car suddenly rang, Xiao Yuxuan looked at the screen, “Little guy, Xiao Ling and Sun Zi Xiong request a call.”

Ji Feng frowned and nodded slightly.

Xiao Yuxuan immediately picked up the intercom, “Little Spirit, is that you, stop the car immediately and come back with us, don’t continue such a dangerous game.”

Xiao Ling hummed, “Yu Xuan, you don’t need to persuade me, this mountain road is our territory, there is no way we will just give it up to Sun Zi Xiong. Humph! Didn’t that little boyfriend of yours, Ji Feng, put out a bold statement that if I race again, he would have to deal with my reliance? I’ll see how he’ll deal with my dependents, anyone can brag!”

Xiao Yuxuan’s face instantly changed, she hurriedly glanced at Ji Feng and found that he had no expression on his face, as if he hadn’t heard Xiao Ling’s words, she was then slightly relieved and hurriedly said, “Xiao Ling, don’t say silly things, hurry up and stop the car, don’t fool around anymore.”

“Yu Xuan, just leave me alone, I will definitely not give up this road to Sun Zi Xiong.” Wu Ling’er’s voice was resolute, “Yu Xuan, I’m going to turn off the intercom …… snap!”

Wu Ling’er’s voice disappeared.

Xiao Yuxuan’s face turned red with anger, “This little spirit, it’s so unlike her!”

Ji Feng smiled, “There’s no need to be angry, it’s really not worth it to be angry with this kind of uneducated person. Yu Xuan, sit tight, since they dare to be so angry at my girlfriend, I will definitely teach them a lesson!”

Xiao Yuxuan was stunned: “What lesson?”

Ji Feng laughed, “Just sit tight.”


Ji Feng’s face fiercely gripped as he pushed the accelerator to the bottom, accelerating, accelerating, accelerating!

The three cars, with Sun Zixiong at the front, were in the lead, followed by Wu Ling’er, who was slightly behind, but without reaching the finish line, the little advantage Sun Zixiong had in the lead was nothing.

Ji Feng’s car was at the end, pressed by Sun Zixiong’s and Wu Ling’er’s cars and unable to overtake them. The three cars were charging forward at an extremely fast speed, but the two cars in front of them seemed to have a heart to heart, constantly moving back and forth to the edge of the road, suppressing Ji Feng to death.

“Humph, kid, don’t you want to overtake me? If you have the guts, just come straight up!” Over the intercom, Sun Zixiong’s voice suddenly came out, “You must be very nervous about your woman, right? I’m not afraid to tell you, I’ve got my eye on Wu Ling’er too, she’ll be my woman! Haha ……”

Ji Feng chuckled, “Don’t laugh this happily now, there will be time for you to cry later!”

After saying that, the blue sports car suddenly accelerated, just at the moment when Wu Ling’er pressed the car to the left side of the highway, Ji Feng drove over violently.

When Wu Ling’er reacted, Ji Feng’s car was already close to her car and rushed ahead.

“D*mn it!” Wu Ling’er couldn’t help but curse under her breath, although she hadn’t wanted to fight with Ji Feng to win, but it was still uncomfortable in her heart to be overtaken so easily.

At this time, Sun Zixiong’s heart was shocked, although Wu Ling’er’s driving skills were not as good as his, they were not weak either, but she was so easily overtaken by Ji Feng?

But Ji Feng’s face was expressionless as he continued to accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!

If you look at it from the outside, Ji Feng’s car had almost reached the limit speed, the whole car was flying across the highway, surprisingly pulling out a phantom shadow, no doubt, this was left by the extremely high speed of the car.

“I won’t let you overtake me, for sure!” Sun Zixiong’s forehead was sweating a little as he moved the car back and forth, squeezing Ji Feng to death so that he could not easily overtake him.

However, Ji Feng kept accelerating, not caring at all about Sun Zixiong’s suppression.

“I just don’t believe it, you dare to crash into it, at this high speed, everyone will die if you crash into it!” Sun Zixiong laughed coldly, he thought that Ji Feng was scaring him, “Your trick is okay to scare newcomers, but it’s too inadequate for me.”

“Scaring you?” Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Do I need to scare you?”

After saying that, the car accelerated violently, and in the next moment, Ji Feng’s car, surprisingly, hit the corner of Sun Zixiong’s car trunk at once.


The sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground was incomparable, and Sun Zixiong’s car, surprisingly, was rammed open.


Ji Feng’s car overtook.

“How can this be!” Sun Zixiong’s shriek came over the intercom, “How could you possibly run me over?”

“It’s just a simple matter of the angle of mechanics!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, then started to slow down, making Sun Zixiong only forced to slow down as well.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll ram through you too!” Sun Zixiong roared reluctantly.

However, no matter how he moved the car, it was as if Ji Feng was able to judge his direction and would be right in front of him every time, making it impossible for Sun Zixiong to ram through.

Slow down, slow down!

Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er, who were behind him, were also forced to slow down, until finally the car came to an almost complete stop and neither of them could overtake Ji Feng’s car.

“The real limit is not just speed, but treating the whole car as a part of Chen’s body and making it like an arm, that, is the limit of car skills, not what you foolishly think is speed.” Ji Feng sneered and stopped the car, looking at Sun Zixiong and Wu Ling’er who looked dumbfounded in the car behind.