Campus Master Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

Xiao Yuxuan really didn’t know what to say to her friend, she could only shake her head and laugh bitterly, “You, I really don’t know what to say about you, a girl, you have to follow others to go racing, and it’s not a regular race, you have to engage in some underground racing, the danger is so great, if you really can’t, just admit defeat, isn’t it?”

“Xuan Xuan, that’s easy for you to say.” Xiao Ling immediately shouted, “Do you know that if we admit defeat, it means that we will never be able to play cars over the Panshan Highway again, moreover, we have to lose the lottery to Sun Zi Xiong, I am not going to admit defeat!”

“So you’re just praying that you can find the owner of that Audi?” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but say in a good-natured manner, “You don’t even know who he is or what his name is, and you still want him to help you race?”

“That’s for sure!”

Xiao Ling immediately said, “Although I don’t know who he is and I have never met him, I have seen his car skills. With his skills, I’m afraid that no one in the whole of Jiangzhou can surpa*s him, no, it should be in the whole of China, there are not many people who can surpa*s him, Xuan Xuan, you have not seen his terrifying skills ah ……”

Once talking about technology, Xiao Ling’s eyes immediately glowed, but was immediately interrupted by Xiao Yuxuan: “Stop! About the racing thing, you’d better take your time to think about it yourself, even if you tell me, I don’t understand it. Anyway, I do know that Jiangzhou is so big, a big city of tens of millions of people, it’s not that easy to find someone you’ve never seen or even heard of.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find him for sure!” Little Spirit said with certainty.

“You’re that sure, huh?”

Xiao Yuxuan seemed to think of something and said at once, “Xiao Ling, you can’t be reckless, although your family is very powerful, but if you rely on your family to force people to help you race, this is ultimately bad.”

“Where are you thinking, how would I do that!” Little Spirit immediately said, “I definitely won’t rely on my family, and I’m afraid that if my family know that I’m still racing, they’ll confiscate my car again.”

“Good that you know that!”

Xiao Yuxuan laughed, she remembered those things that her friend used to do, she couldn’t help but giggle, “Then take your time to find me, I have to go prepare for cla*s, so I won’t play with you.”

“Alas, who exactly is the owner of this car, Jiang Axxx……? It’s indeed not easy to find him out without using the power of the family.” Xiao Ling shook her head and said to herself, “But I won’t give up, I’ll definitely find him out.”

At this time, Xiao Yuxuan, who had just gotten up to prepare for her cla*s, heard this but stiffened violently, she immediately turned back, “Xiao Ling, what was the license plate you just said?”

“Jiang Axxx ah.” Xiao Ling looked at Xiao Yuxuan’s strange reaction and couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Xuanxuan, what’s wrong with this license plate?”


Xiao Yuxuan’s eyebrows knitted slightly as she said hesitantly, “I can’t say right now, but it seems like I’ve seen this license plate somewhere, it feels familiar …… Well, I must have seen it before, otherwise, I wouldn’t have such a deep impression… …Gosh, it can’t be him, can it?”

Xiao Ling was stunned and asked in a panic of surprise, “Xuan Xuan, you know that car owner? Do you know who he is right? Tell me quickly.”

Xiao Yuxuan hesitated for a moment before she slowly said, “I can’t be sure yet, I’ll have to make a phone call and ask to find out.”

In her mind, she couldn’t help but think of the new Audi A6 that Ji Feng had bought, and her heart thumped, Xiao Ling said the same thing about an Audi, and the license plate she said, some time ago Xiao Yuxuan had driven with Ji Feng to Li Weidong’s birthday party, and she remembered that it seemed to be the same license plate.

Could it be that …… was really Ji Feng?

“Hit it, hit it!” Xiao Ling shouted happily at once, “Xuan Xuan, I really love you to death. If I can find that car owner, how about I treat you to a month’s worth of great meals?”

“It’s better to wait until I find it!” Xiao Yuxuan said, but a bitter smile flooded her heart, if that car was really Ji Feng, I’m afraid that with his character, he wouldn’t help Little Spirit in the race. What’s more, even if he had agreed to do so, it would be for his own sake.

Xiao Yuxuan herself, on the other hand, did not want Ji Feng to participate in such a dangerous game, which was really not fun.

However, looking at Xiao Ling’s expectant eyes, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile, this was good, she was caught in the middle of a difficult situation.

With a light sigh, Xiao Yuxuan took out the phone and said to Xiao Ling before dialing the number, “Xiao Ling, let’s make a deal first, if the owner of that Audi is really the one I know, when you go to invite him to the race, you can’t use my name, let alone have anything to do with me, do you promise?”

“Promise promise!” Little Spirit said in a hurry, “As long as we can find the owner of that car, the rest, I’ll take care of it.”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to manage it!” Xiao Yuxuan secretly said in her heart, before Xiao Ling and Ji Feng could still have a misunderstanding, if she didn’t step in, Ji Feng didn’t know what kind of attitude he would have.

Xiao Yuxuan still dialed the phone.

“Ji Feng, or …… let me try my hand too?”

The Audi car was flying on the road, this section was a mountain road, a road that led directly to the military camp outside Jiangzhou and other cities, secluded and almost few vehicles pa*sed here, Zhang Lei saw Ji Feng driving steadily, he couldn’t help but have some itchy hands and asked with a smile.

“Brother, do you know how to drive? Don’t follow and mess up!” Tong Lei glared at him.

“That’s right, Lei Zi, this can be all mountain roads, although it’s not exactly rugged and dangerous, it’s still dangerous if you don’t know how to drive.” Ji Feng was also a bit uneasy.

“Sh*t!” Seeing the pair’s unbelieving eyes, Zhang Lei was instantly anxious: “I say, old sister, did I often steal and drive dad’s special car in the past? Moreover, I’ve specially learnt to drive from dad’s driver, it’s very simple, you have to testify to me.”

“You know how to drive?” Ji Feng asked in amazement. If what Zhang Lei said was true, then it was a possibility, as Tong Kai De, as the secretary of the county party committee, naturally had a special car. Zhang Lei took the opportunity to steal and learn, and it would be easy to learn. The actual fact is that it is easy to drive, as long as you are not too dumb, basically you can learn to drive a few times.

However, learning and being proficient are two different things. On this mountainous highway, if you don’t drive well in case you drive down the mountain, the three people’s lives will be in danger.

“Ji Feng, he’s right, he really used to steal and drive a lot in the past, and he was taught a few times by my dad for that.” Tong Lei also remembered and nodded, “However, he doesn’t have a driving licence, so it’s better not to let him drive.”

“A driving licence is something that is bought with money, it doesn’t really matter if you have one or not.” Zhang Lei disdainfully bristled, “Crazy, I’ve never seen you drive a car before, you dare to say that you got your license personally.”

Ji Feng instantly laughed bitterly, this guy knew his own bottom line, and he also knew that he definitely did not have the time to take the driving test, he obviously decided that this driving license was bought by himself through his own connections.

“Alright, you’ll drive then, but only for a little ways. When we’re almost in the city, we’ll switch over again, otherwise it’ll be a problem if the traffic police check it up.” Ji Feng said and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Zhang Lei immediately ran down from the back seat, hurriedly changed places with Ji Feng, skillfully ignited the car, started it, and stepped on the gas ……

“Not bad, your skills are not bad.” Ji Feng nodded his head and said.

“That’s!” Zhang Lei said smugly.

“Ding ……” Just then, Ji Feng’s mobile phone suddenly rang, he looked at the caller ID and couldn’t help but smile as he picked up the phone, “Hello.”

I don’t know if it was because of a weak heart or for some other reason, Ji Feng didn’t shout out Xiao Yuxuan’s name, he just subconsciously glanced at Tong Lei who was sitting on the pa*senger seat.

“Ji Feng, what’s your license plate number?” Xiao Yuxuan asked directly over the phone.

Ji Feng was stunned and asked, “Why are you asking this?”

“Oh, nothing, just a casual question.” Xiao Yuxuan said.

For this answer from her, Ji Feng naturally would not believe it, but since it was Xiao Yuxuan who asked, and there was nothing unseemly about it, he said, “It’s Jiang Axxx ……”

His words had not yet fallen, he was interrupted by Xiao Yuxuan’s surprised voice: “It’s really you?”

“What is it me?” Ji Feng asked strangely.

Xiao Yuxuan smiled bitterly and explained the cause of the matter before saying, “This is how it is, right now Xiao Ling is looking for you all over the world and wants you to help her with her racing, I occasionally heard her mention your license plate before calling to ask you about it.”

“You want me to help her too?” Ji Feng asked.

“Of course not, help her or not, it’s your freedom, no need to consider me at all, really, I’m actually very much against racing ……” Before Xiao Yuxuan finished her words, Ji Feng heard a girl’s grumbling voice coming from the phone, then Xiao Yuxuan spoke to the girl for a few moments, then giggled again.

“Ji Feng, I won’t talk to you first, I’ll contact you later!” After Xiao Yuxuan finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

“Inexplicable!” Ji Feng listened to the busy tone and couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. In his heart was strange, he could not have imagined that the gang of racing guys he met in the morning, among them was Xiao Yuxuan’s roommate Xiao Ling, and it seemed that Xiao Ling was also the head among those people.

However, remembering Xiao Ling’s fiery appearance, Ji Feng wasn’t surprised to hear that she was racing.

Just that, wanting him to help with the racing, that was still exempted, although he had mastered those skills, that didn’t mean he would use them freely, much less do those boring things.

“Crazy, I heard the voice, the one calling you is a girl?” Zhang Lei had sharp ears and said with a smile, “Crazy, I can warn you, you can’t do anything wrong to Lei Lei, or else I’ll be the first to not forgive you.”

“Brother, what are you talking about!” Tong Lei glared at him, “I trust Ji Feng.”

“Come on, I won’t say it, so early to start protecting.” Zhang Lei muttered, his attention shifted back to driving.

Ji Feng, however, was sweating a little, and he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty about Tong Lei’s trust in his heart.

After a moment of hesitation, he still said, “Lei Lei, the one who called me just now was Xiao Yuxuan.”


“Teacher Xiao?”

Zhang Lei and Tong Lei asked in surprise at the same time.

“Well, that’s right, it’s Teacher Xiao ……” Ji Feng told the story of his reunion with Xiao Yuxuan at the entrance of the university, and then went to Li Weidong’s birthday party together and what happened afterwards, listening to which the two of them, Tong Lei, immediately frowned.

“That He Dong is too much of a bad thing, isn’t he? Just for a small profit, he gave away his girlfriend?” Zhang Lei disdainfully brushed his mouth, “I’ve long said that that fellow He Dong doesn’t treat Teacher Xiao sincerely at all and is no good, and now it seems that it’s true.”

Tong Lei was even more furious, “That Li Weidong is likewise no good, he even bullied people with his power and forced people to be his lover, it’s really abominable.”

Ji Feng laughed: “It’s all in the past, you two should stop being angry.”

“Ji Feng, why don’t we ask Teacher Xiao out and have a meal together.” Tong Lei suddenly proposed, “When we were in high school, Teacher Xiao was not bad to us, and when we came to Jiangzhou, we should take care of each other!”

Ji Feng smiled and said, “No problem. However, Lei Lei, you will have more chances to meet with Xiao Yuxuan in the future, she is also a teacher of your foreign language department.”

“Really?!” Tong Lei and Zhang Lei asked happily at the same time.

“I say Lei Zi, why are you so very happy?” Ji Feng asked in amazement.

Zhang Lei laughed, “Think about it, since Miss Xiao is a teacher in our foreign language department, this means that she must know many single beautiful female teachers, if she introduces me to one …… tsk, teacher-student love, I like it the most, haha… …”

Several black lines sprang up on Ji Feng’s forehead, this guy’s idea, it was really ……

While Tong Lei was glaring at him, she said in no good mood, “Then why don’t you just go after Teacher Xiao!”

Zhang Lei immediately shook his head: “Older sister, don’t you see that? Even if I chase her, she won’t be attracted to me.”

“Why?” Tong Lei asked strangely. Ji Feng also paid attention and listened.

“Think about it, before she got into such big trouble, who helped her out? It was Ji Feng.” Zhang Lei spoke eloquently as if he was an expert in love, “It is said in the book that when a woman is in the most difficult time, it is the softest time in her heart, and at this time, even the slightest touch can trigger ripples in her heart, so I am 80 percent sure that Miss Xiao must like Ji Feng in her heart. Reilei, you should be careful, maybe you will have another love rival.”

“Where did you hear all this from?” Ji Feng asked with a tearful smile, but in his heart he secretly sighed that this was 80% right.

“Of course it’s from the book!” Zhang Lei bristled, “In the past, my buddy had been holding back in that small county of Mang Shi County, so I could only obtain this knowledge from books, moreover, even if I wanted to practice, I didn’t have that opportunity.”

“Lei Lei, you can’t listen to his nonsense, between Xiao Yuxuan and I really ……” Ji Feng instantly broke out in cold sweat and explained to Tong Lei in a panic.

“You don’t need to explain.” Tong Lei gave him a gentle glance with a sweet smile in her eyes, “I know that you definitely won’t mess around behind my back. Besides, if no one else likes you besides me, wouldn’t that mean I have a poor eye, huh?”


Zhang Lei and Ji Feng were dumbfounded at the same time, there was still this logic?

“Giggle ……” Looking at Ji Feng’s somewhat dazed appearance, Tong Lei suddenly laughed delicately as the vehicle drove by, spilling a series of silver bell-like laughter on the road.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Because of the hot weather, Xiao Ling was wearing a tiny halter top and shorts underneath, while Xiao Yuxuan was wearing a slightly loose halter skirt, and as the two of them frolicked, the spring light was suddenly exposed, a piece of snow-white skin was exposed, and any normal man who saw it would not be able to help but have his blood boil.

“Alright, alright, stop it!” When Xiao Yuxuan’s two hands probed into Xiao Ling’s armpits, the latter immediately laughed and raised her hands in surrender, “I’m most afraid of itching, Xuan Xuan, I’m wrong.”

Only then did Xiao Yuxuan stop her hands and couldn’t help but hum, “Who made you not count on your words.”

Before calling Ji Feng just now, the two of them had already agreed that Xiao Ling would ask Ji Feng for help, not in Xiao Yuxuan’s name. However, after Xiao Yuxuan called Ji Feng and confirmed that the owner of that Audi car was Ji Feng, Xiao Ling begged for Xiao Yuxuan’s help.

For this girl’s tricks, Xiao Yuxuan naturally understood and, moreover, she also had a weapon to restrain Little Spirit – tickling.

Thus, there was also that aromatic scene just now.

“Xuan Xuan, you also know, since you and that big pervert are friends, then your words must work, help me!” Xiao Ling saw that she couldn’t beg, so she changed her stance and pouted again.

Xiao Yuxuan gave her a good and funny look, “What do you mean I’m friends with the big pervert? Xiao Ling, we had agreed before that you would handle this matter on your own, I was just helping you to find out who that person really is, now my mission has been accomplished, as for whether or not I can invite him, that will depend on your ability.”

Saying that, Xiao Yuxuan stood up, “I’m going to go prepare for cla*s, you can figure it out yourself.”

Xiao Ling’s little face instantly turned bitter: “Xuan Xuan, if you don’t help me, I’ll be miserable, you won’t watch your good sister being cheated of her money and S*x like this, right?”

Xiao Yuxuan said with a tearful smile, “What cheating money and S*x, what are you talking about?”

“This is the bet we made with that Sun Zi Xiong, I’ll explain it to you in detail when the time comes. Xuanxuan, you just have to help me ask that big pervert out and I’ll ask for the rest, how’s that?” Little Spirit hurriedly said.

“Ugh, I’m really scared of you!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but shake her head slightly and glared at her best friend, “Just this once, it won’t happen again.” “Don’t worry don’t worry, there definitely won’t be a next time.” Little Spirit smiled cheekily.

“It’s weird that I can trust you!” Xiao Yuxuan shook her head helplessly and secretly decided that she would just ask Ji Feng out and let Little Spirit talk to him about the rest, she would just play the role of a thread.

However, she understood in her heart that she wanted to ask Ji Feng out, not just for Little Spirit, it seems, she also wanted to see him ……


Chapter 156

In a quiet and elegant grove at Union University, Ji Feng and Tong Lei were sitting on the lawn, leaning sweetly together.

Tong Lei’s pretty face, with a touch of shyness, was more sweet, her clear and incomparable pretty face looked delicate and incomparable, so that people could not help but thump their hearts.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the skin and the slim and soft waist of Tong Lei. Because the weather is still hot, Tong Lei is only wearing a simple pink T-shirt today and a pair of sky blue denim shorts underneath.

Ji Feng’s hand couldn’t help but move up a bit, stroking the tender skin, and his heart couldn’t help but stir.

“Mmm!” Tong Lei shyly let out a nasal sound, that soft voice, causing a fire to rise in Ji Feng’s heart.

In the next moment, his arm made a strong effort and wrapped Tong Lei completely in his arms, his other hand picked up Tong Lei’s round and tender chin and looked at her shy and shy pretty face.

Tong Lei’s pair of beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, a misty hazy look flashed in her eyes, that kind of moving beauty and charm, so that Ji Feng could no longer resist, and kissed down towards Tong Lei’s delicate and lustful red lips.


Tong Lei whimpered, her body suddenly tensed up, feeling Ji Feng’s large hands full of heat moving back and forth on her waist and back, Tong Lei was shy, but did not resist, just obediently leaned into Ji Feng’s arms, allowing Ji Feng to do what he wanted.

As if Ji Feng had received great encouragement, one hand continued to move down and touched the round and elastic arse ……


Tong Lei’s body stiffened violently, before she could react, she felt that her sensitive parts were being stroked by Ji Feng, her heart was shy, nervous and shy, all at the same time.

“Hey, over here!”

Just at this time, not far away suddenly came the voice of talking, Ji Feng and Tong Lei at the same time a shock, Tong Lei is like a frightened deer, hurriedly broke away from Ji Feng’s embrace, sitting aside, panic to organize their own clothes.

“Really ……” Ji Feng was tempted to curse, who was shouting nonsense at this critical time?

“Pfft ……” Seeing Ji Feng’s indignant look, Tong Lei, who was originally shy and uncomfortable, couldn’t help but puff out a smile, her pretty face flushed red as she gave him a flirtatious white glance.

Ji Feng licked his lips and gave Tong Lei a heated smile, this girl’s little mouth was so soft, it felt good.

“You’re bad.” Tong Lei was even more shy and pouted, wrinkling her cute little nose at Ji Feng, at this moment, she was completely like a young girl immersed in a sweet relationship, where was there any semblance of a clear and high-minded look? If those who are used to seeing her clear, beautiful and cold and arrogant see her appearance at this moment, they will definitely be surprised and drop their jaws to the ground.

Ji Feng heatedly smiled: “How can this be bad, my wife is so beautiful, am I not allowed to react a bit?”

“Who’s your wife, shameless!” Tong Lei scolded with a laugh, but her eyes carried an unconcealed shyness and joy, obviously very flattered.

Tong Lei quickly put her clothes back together, and Ji Feng wrapped her in his arms again as the two of them whispered.

Today was the first day of the eleventh month long vacation, after the month-long military training, just in time for the eleventh month long vacation, but Ji Feng did not choose to go to Yanjing to visit his mother, he had already talked to his mother Xiao Su Mei on the phone the night before, from her joyful voice she could hear that during this time, his mother was doing well, so he was relieved.

Only, Ji Feng did not want to go to that family for the time being, not because there was still a lump in his heart, but because, he decided that he would go back after he had made a career.

There is a saying that a mother is worthy of her son.

Although the father had an absolute position in the whole of China or in the family, it did not mean that others would see the mother in the same way.

Therefore, Ji Feng decided that he must fight for his mother’s glory.

Because of this, this November long vacation Ji Feng did not go anywhere, he was going to stay in school, it was also easier to enter the super agent training system every night, compared to the dormitory where his roommates had all gone out and there were not many people left in the school.

The first thing you need to do is to stay here with Ji Feng for one more day before returning to Mang Shi County tomorrow, and so there was that scene just now.

The most important thing is that there will be a breeze blowing here all day long, and in this hot summer, such an environment is definitely not easy to find.

Therefore, in the United University, this grove has the reputation of being a ‘holy place for love’.

Ji Feng had also heard about it occasionally from Han Zhong, which was why he brought Tong Lei here, and the environment was indeed very nice. If it wasn’t for that sudden speaking voice that disturbed the two of them just now, it was uncertain what would have happened.

Thinking about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but sweep around again, but he also didn’t find the person who had just made the sound. He couldn’t help but secretly speculate maliciously that the person who had just spoken must have been unable to find a girlfriend and couldn’t see himself and Tong Lei making out here.

“Ji Feng, what are you going to do with the remaining six days?” Tong Lei asked softly as she leaned into Ji Feng’s arms.

“Haven’t thought about it yet, well …… I’m going to look for a house around the school first, and if possible, rent one or just buy it.” Ji Feng deliberated for a moment before saying.

“You want to buy a house?” Tong Lei was a little surprised, “Houses in Jiangzhou are very expensive!”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Silly girl, did you forget what I said before, I’m now a rich man with tens of millions of dollars.”

“Virtuous!” Tong Lei gave him a blank look and couldn’t help but ask again, “What did you buy a house for? Can’t you live inside the school?”

Ji Feng laughed, “It’s not convenient to live inside the school, for example, now, if we are inside our own house, surely no one will bother us, right?”

“Screw you!” Tong Lei’s pretty face turned red with shame, but a look of anticipation flashed in her eyes. In fact, there was no girl who would not like to have her own love nest, and Tong Lei was naturally no exception.

The reason why she usually showed that kind of coldness and arrogance was, on the one hand, because she knew that those who approached her had some kind of purpose, and on the other hand, it was also because she hadn’t met anyone she liked.

Now that she was with Ji Feng, she was sweet in her heart and naturally wanted to have the space that belonged to the two of them.

Seeing the flash of heart in Tong Lei’s eyes, Ji Feng instantly smiled heatedly.

Thinking to himself, if it was in a house that belonged to him and Tong Lei ……

The first thing that came to his mind was the scene when he first mastered the perspective function, and with the help of his intelligent brain, he inadvertently saw Tong Lei**, and his breath couldn’t help but rush up a bit again.

The first time Tong Lei sensed Ji Feng’s change, she instantly turned red on her pretty face and hurriedly stood up, dropping a sentence in a panic: “Big bad egg, just thinking about bad things all day long.”

Then she fled, making Ji Feng laugh bitterly.

Early the next morning, Ji Feng drove his Audi car early to a place not far from Tong Lei’s dormitory building. Today, Zhang Lei would go back home to Mang Shi County with Tong Lei, and because of Zhang Lei’s strong request, Ji Feng could only let him drive the car back.

For Zhang Lei’s skills, Ji Feng no longer had the slightest worry, when he returned from the barracks a day ago, Zhang Lei had already demonstrated his skilled skills, apparently without any problems.

The only trouble is the driving licence. Although Zhang Lei can drive, he does not have a driving licence.

This matter Ji Feng can not help, jokingly, from the time Zhang Lei proposed to drive back, until now it is only less than two days, he has a great ability, but can not turn out a driving license for him ah.


Zhang Lei burst out from nowhere, threw his luggage directly into the back seat of the car, and hurriedly came outside the driver’s seat, knocking on the car window.

Ji Feng opened the car door and stepped down, smiling and asking, “What’s the hurry, you don’t have a driving licence, we made a deal, if you can’t get a driving licence, you can’t drive this car, I have to be responsible for my wife.”

“Sh*t!” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “Dare I say, Lei Lei is your girlfriend, but not my sister?”

He took out a small book from his pocket and waved it in front of Ji Feng, “See, the driving licence, buddy has got it in hand.”

Ji Feng asked with a wry smile, “How about it, for this driving licence, it’s not easy, right?”

It’s definitely not that easy to get a driving licence in less than two days, and even if you have strong connections it definitely won’t go that smoothly.

As soon as this was mentioned, Zhang Lei’s face instantly fell and he laughed bitterly, “Don’t mention it, I was almost scolded by my uncle for this matter, but fortunately, the license was finally issued.”

There is no man who doesn’t like cars, and Zhang Lei is no exception. For the sake of driving, being scolded a few times is nothing to him, not to mention, he has been scolded since he was a child, he has long been used to it.

“Lei Zi, be careful on the road, don’t drive fast, remember!” Ji Feng was still a bit uneasy.

“Why are you kid so nagging like a woman now, don’t worry, when the November long vacation is over, I will bring Lei Lei to you intact and unharmed, so is that okay?” Zhang Lei rolled his eyes.

“Do women have to be naggy?”

Before Ji Feng could say anything, he heard a brittle voice suddenly ring out next to him, Tong Lei came at some point and glared at Zhang Lei.

“Hey hey, our Lei Lei is naturally an exception.” Zhang Lei laughed heatedly.

“Ji Feng, we’re leaving.” Seeing that they were about to part, Tong Lei’s heart was a little upset, she hadn’t seen each other for a month before the military training, and now she had to leave again after just two days together, Tong Lei’s mood couldn’t help but be a little low.

Ji Feng pinched her tender face and smiled, “It’s only a few days, it will soon pa*s.”

“Mmm!” Tong Lei’s pretty face reddened slightly as she nodded slightly.

“I say, don’t you guys treat me like a transparent person, okay?” Zhang Lei grumbled at once, “It’s time to set off.”

Tong Lei couldn’t help but glare at him, and her small hand squeezed Ji Feng’s arm before she got in the car and gradually left.

“Ding ……”

Ji Feng hadn’t had time to be despondent when his phone suddenly rang.

“Sister Yu Xuan?” Ji Feng looked at the caller ID and an inexplicable feeling rose up in his heart.