Campus Master Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

How did a poor boy who sold vegetables suddenly become a young master that even Li Weidong had to scorn? This is a question that He Dong could not understand, and he even wondered why Li Weidong would be afraid of Ji Feng.

The first and foremost of these is the fact that they are not the only ones in the world. How come there was someone he was afraid of? Moreover, it seemed that the young man who suddenly appeared seemed to be even younger than him, yet he appeared to be even more arrogant than him.

He Dong couldn’t help but shake his head vigorously, all this, making him unable to think about it at all. But one thing was clear to him, as long as Li Weidong could not withstand the pressure from the other side, he was sure to follow the bad luck.

As expected, he only heard Ji Feng say indifferently, “Is that right, Li Shao? I’m here today just to tell you that Yu Xuan is my woman, you’d better not hit on her, otherwise, you know very well the consequences!”

Li Weidong’s face instantly turned blue, no one had ever dared to threaten him directly like this when he was growing up, and he was almost about to have a fit on the spot. However, remembering the other party’s identity, Li Weidong could only take a deep breath and suppress the anger in his heart, but did not take a stand easily. Because he knew that in this Linjiang Club, in front of so many people if he bowed his head to Ji Feng, he would never be able to hold his head up again in the future.

If it was in private, it didn’t matter how he bowed his head and apologized, but not now.

What a dude wants is a face.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Otherwise, his prestige in Jiangzhou will definitely drop sharply in the future, because by that time everyone will know that a more powerful eunuch has come to Jiangzhou.

Thinking of this, Li Weidong hesitated, how to find this suitable stepping stone, this is a problem.

There is also the question of whether this step found will be acceptable to Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan, which is likewise another question.

Li Weidong was caught in a dilemma for a while, but the more he was at this time, the more calm he was. After all, he was a playboy and had seen a lot of such scenes, so he knew that he just had to find that step as soon as possible.

Just then, Li Weidong saw He Dong who was pale and shivering on the side, Li Weidong’s eyes suddenly lit up, “That’s him!”

He coughed lightly and took two steps forward to look at Ji Feng, “Young Ji, I’m very happy that you can come to my birthday party today, but now it seems that there seems to be some misunderstanding between the two of us, and it’s all because that dog He Dong who is moving right and wrong is stirring things up in the middle …… bring him up! ”

He snapped, and the few security guards behind him instantly grabbed He Dong, who was shaking like chaff underneath, and brought him to the centre of the field.

“No, it’s not my business ah, this is all Li Weidong …… ah!” Before He Dong could finish his words, he was kicked in the mouth by Li Weidong, and the rest of his words were swallowed back, “Dog, dare to move between me and Ji Shao, I think you are impatient to live!”

Saying that, he lifted his head and looked at the bemused Ji Feng, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Young Ji, look, it’s because of this dog thing between us that we have caused today’s misunderstanding. How about this, today is my birthday party, I have to be busy, wait for another day, come out together and have a seat, let’s have a drink and talk, what do you think?”

He Dong was kicked in the mouth by Li Weidong, his teeth didn’t know how many had fallen out, his mouth was full of blood flowing outwards, his mouth was ‘umming and ahhing’ not knowing what he was saying, his body was trembling with fear, and his pleading eyes looked at Xiao Yuxuan.

That pitiful look made Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but turn her head away, but in her heart she finally let out a long breath and secretly said: Self-inflicted!

Ji Feng said indifferently: “Drinking is not necessary, as long as you, Grand Duke Li, listen less to other people’s slanderous words and do less things that harm others, that will be enough. That’s all I have to say, goodbye!”

After saying that, Ji Feng pulled Xiao Yuxuan and walked out of the clubhouse, leaving only an embarra*sed Li Weidong looking at their backs, although his heart was extremely annoyed, but his face didn’t dare to show it too obviously, knowing that there was a Ji Shaolei next to him, which was also not an oil lamp.

“Someone, throw this dog out for me.” Li Weidong looked at He Dong, whose mouth was full of blood, in disgust and shouted coldly. China .

Several security guards immediately rushed over like wolves and tigers, grabbed He Dong and dragged him out.

The lively atmosphere in the hall immediately returned, as if what had just happened had never happened at all. However, all the people present knew clearly in their hearts that, apart from those few powerful gentry, there was another gentry in Jiangzhou who needed special attention, the son of Ji Shaolei’s eldest uncle, but everyone who knew Ji Shaolei’s real identity could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when they thought of that family whose power was so huge that it almost made people suffocate.

Li Weidong’s father had support from above, however, when compared to the Ji family, he was far from adequate.

The real people who have a heart are starting to pay attention, and when they go back, they must quietly investigate the woman beside the young man, and if they can’t get close from the normal way, then they should take the lady’s route!

At the same time, a number of people began to approach Ji Shaolei with gla*ses of wine, side stepping any news about Ji Feng. The first time I saw him, I was able to get to him.

Walking out of the Linjiang Clubhouse, Xiao Yuxuan’s whole body was still a bit dumbfounded.

She had not yet recovered from that shocking atmosphere and was still immersed in it.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Feng looked at Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face and couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “Was she shocked?”

Xiao Yuxuan nodded blankly, and only after a long time did her eyes take on a glow as she looked deeply at Ji Feng, “You, you’re really from the Ji family?”

“Not only are you a member of the Ji family, but your status in the Ji family is not low at all!” Ji Feng said with a smile, looking at her cute look, he couldn’t help but scrape a little on her small look of yaoi nose.

At once, both of them were like being electrocuted and their bodies shook at the same time.


Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face turned red and she couldn’t help but shyly lower her head, but she didn’t say anything, let alone raise any objection or dissatisfaction with Ji Feng’s action.

After making this move, Ji Feng also felt that he was too reckless, or rather, that he was too frivolous, after all, Xiao Yuxuan was not an ordinary girl. However, after he saw how Xiao Yuxuan behaved, he was immediately overjoyed in his heart, it was obvious that Xiao Yuxuan was not angry, let alone displeased in any way, which meant that she accepted this action.

However, on second thought, Ji Feng just felt a bucket of cold water suddenly pouring down on him, making him snap awake. If Xiao Yuxuan accepted herself so quickly, could it be that she had thoughts of repaying her kindness in it?

Sure enough, he only heard Xiao Yuxuan ask softly, “Ji Feng, why are you so nice to sister, are you trying to chase her?”

Ji Feng let out a soft sigh in his heart, he did not want the relationship with Xiao Yuxuan to be involved with things like revenge. He couldn’t help but shake his head and said, “Sister Yuxuan, didn’t I say that we are friends, of course I will help you and treat you well as I should. You don’t have to think so much, otherwise, it’s easy to get old with a sad face all day long!”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly pursed her lips and smiled lightly, “Ji Feng, thank you.”

Ji Feng smiled and asked, “Thank me for what? If it is to thank me for helping you set things right with Li Weidong, that’s not necessary, for reasons, I’ve already mentioned earlier.”

Xiao Yuxuan laughed, “You know that’s not what I’m talking about!”

Ji Feng then couldn’t help but laugh, “Forget it, let’s not talk about that.”

Saying that, he took a few quick steps, “I’ll go to the car park to get the car, you wait for me here!”

Looking at his back, Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes could not help but flash a sweet smile. With her icy intelligence, she naturally understood what Ji Feng meant, he didn’t want his relationship with him to involve the matter of repayment of gratitude. In other words, he wanted the relationship between the two to be pure.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but whisper softly to herself, “Little fellow, you think sister wants to get involved with other things, only, sister can’t pull her face off for a while, moreover, there’s still Tong Lei around, how can I compete with her?”


On the way back, both Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan did not speak again. Both of them seemed to think of Tong Lei, and their hearts couldn’t help but feel a little heavy. If there was no Tong Lei between the two of them, they both knew each other’s feelings and had even vaguely picked them out, and when the time came, the result must have been very good.

However, the presence of Tong Lei made both of them not dare to cross the thunderbolt by half a step, and that would undoubtedly be sorry for Tong Lei.

Once he thought of this, Ji Feng forced himself to put away all the thoughts in his mind that he shouldn’t have. Although Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei have the same status in his heart, but, after all, there must be a first come first served, what’s more, Ji Feng is not that kind of negative hearted person, and he will not like the new even more than the old.

“Sister Yu Xuan, after we go back, you don’t have to worry about it, Li Weidong definitely won’t dare to hit on you again.” Ji Feng smiled as he drove, “Not only that, if he knows how to behave, he will even invite us to dinner. Of course, whether we go or not will have to be said separately.”

Xiao Yuxuan nodded slightly, knowing clearly in her heart that all these changes had been brought about by Ji Feng. If it wasn’t for Ji Feng, she and her family would have fled Jiangzhou by now.

In reality, Xiao Yuxuan did not know that even if she chose to escape, she would definitely not be able to succeed. Because before that, Li Weidong had already sent people to watch her parents and family, making it impossible for her to escape.

“Ji Feng, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t even know what would have become of me now!” Xiao Yuxuan said gently as she turned her face sideways and looked at Ji Feng as he drove seriously. In her heart, she was glad that perhaps it was really fate, in order to escape from He Dong, she went to Mang Shi County and met Ji Feng on her first day there, and now, it was Ji Feng who helped her solve a big trouble, it seemed that in the underworld, there was a destiny.

Ji Feng smiled faintly: “You don’t need to thank me, if you want to thank me, it’s better to thank He Dong. It was his actions that made you recognize his true nature early on so that you wouldn’t be fooled, don’t you think so?”

At the mention of He Dong, Xiao Yuxuan could not help but frown a little. In the Linjiang Club, He Dong’s fawning posture as if he was a dog made Xiao Yuxuan feel disgusted.

“I was really blind in the past to look at him!” Xiao Yuxuan shook her head and laughed bitterly.

Ji Feng laughed: “Everyone has times when they are young and don’t know what to do, it’s nothing. The key is, after knowing that you are wrong, knowing how to repent in time.”

When he said this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but think of the stupid things he had done. Wasn’t he similarly blinded and fell for Hu Xuehui in the beginning? What was the result?

Xiao Yuxuan laughed lightly, “Listen to your tone, why do you sound like a seventy or eighty year old man!”

Ji Feng was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

“Right, you help me apologize to that roommate of yours, I won’t be able to come out in person!” Ji Feng suddenly remembered Xiao Yuxuan’s roommate called Xiao Ling, he had inadvertently molested someone with his eyes in the first place, so he had to apologize after all.

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly covered her mouth and laughed lightly, giving him a white look, “Why don’t you go and apologize in person?”

“How dare I!” Ji Feng immediately laughed bitterly, “That roommate of yours is so spirited, just by looking at her personality, I can tell that she is windy and fiery, if I appear in front of her now, he will definitely kill me!”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly laughed delicately, “What, you are so afraid of death even though you are a young master of the Ji family?”

Ji Feng was speechless and said, “How come the young master of the Ji family can’t be afraid of death?

“Alright, not teasing you anymore.” Seeing that Ji Feng was silent, Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh, “Although Xiao Ling has a strong character, she is not petty, you were indeed heartless that day, she shouldn’t blame you. I’ll just bring the words of apology for you.”

“That Little Spirit is also a teacher in the United University?” Ji Feng asked, with a teacher with such a personality, then her students would still be speechless?

“Not really, Xiao Ling is a junior in the foreign language department, but because she is also the coach of the school’s martial arts club and is also one of the vice presidents of the student council, therefore, she is also staying at my place.” Xiao Yuxuan shook her head and said, “Ji Feng, don’t underestimate Xiao Ling oh, although she has a big personality, her family background is very good and she is also very kind. If you try to get along with her in the future, you definitely won’t hate her!”

“Let’s talk about it!” Ji Feng smiled and said.

“Phew! It’s finally settled!” Xiao Yuxuan let out a long breath and couldn’t help but lean back against the backrest, slightly closing her eyes. She didn’t know what was wrong, as long as she had Ji Feng by her side, she felt very relieved.


After returning to United University, Ji Feng separated from Xiao Yuxuan.

The two of them already had each other’s phone numbers and it was easy to get in touch, so they didn’t show that kind of hard-to-part scene. What’s more, with Tong Lei around, Xiao Yuxuan didn’t think she had the qualifications to be attached to her.

If she had to compete with Tong Lei, she couldn’t do that kind of treacherous thing. Although she was a woman, she had her own principles and insistence.

However, if she and Tong Lei were to share the same man, she would not be able to do the same. Because, her heart was not willing.

Therefore, Xiao Yuxuan could only act indifferent.

Ji Feng likewise had a bit of a headache, not knowing how to face Tong Lei. Although he did not have a substantial relationship with Xiao Yuxuan, both of them understood in their hearts that if we go by the current popular saying, Ji Feng was already considered to have cheated on his wife mentally.

“Alas, let’s take one step at a time and find a suitable opportunity to confess to Tong Lei.” Ji Feng shook his head and sighed, of course, when was the right time, it was still too early to say, in Ji Feng’s opinion, maybe this opportunity would never come.

When he returned to the dormitory, Ji Feng simply did not think about these things. He went straight to the depths of his mind and shouted, “Wisdom Brain, come out for me!”

“Wisdom Brain is here, master!” Wisdom Brain obediently appeared in front of Ji Feng.

“Let’s start training immediately.” Ji Feng shouted.

“Yes, master!” Wisdom Brain replied meticulously.

Ji Feng was trying to get rid of the worries in his mind through this kind of dedicated training. And the second set of movements taught by the wise brain happened to require the trainer to be fully focused and not have other thoughts in his mind, which was exactly what Ji Feng intended to do.

Moreover, since practising this second set of movements, Ji Feng could feel the most obvious change, he now even vaguely felt that he was moving towards being a martial arts master, although he didn’t know how long it would take before he could become a real martial arts master, but that feeling of being full of great power was tangible.

It was because he had discovered this that Ji Feng had trained even harder. Although the wise brain was hidden in his mind, but, as he made products that surpa*sed Earth’s technology in the future, God knows how many people would come to beat him up?

To prepare for a rainy day, to have the ability to protect himself before the crisis comes, and even, to have the ability to protect his loved ones around him. Obviously, Ji Feng didn’t even have the ability to protect himself now, because even the best kung fu was no match for a bullet from someone else. Therefore, he had to use the fastest speed to reach the strength of the two people who appeared in the light screen at the beginning, the kind of strength that could shatter a mountain with one punch and fly hundreds of meters with two stomps of his feet.

Ji Feng once again began to practice his second set of moves, while the intelligent brain began to instill the course of communication and network technology in him on the side, making Ji Feng’s days full once again.

For the next week or so, Ji Feng was immersed in this crazy training, and his strength, too, had grown significantly. Even more so, he faintly felt that a warm energy ma*s seemed to have appeared in the small of his stomach!


Based on the movies or that he had seen in the past, Ji Feng instantly understood that this location, which was the legendary Dantian of human beings on Earth, had never thought that it really existed!

“So, I have internal energy?” Ji Feng was a little surprised, “It can’t be? Inner strength shouldn’t be so easy to practice, otherwise, wouldn’t there be a lot of experts on Earth?”

If there were really experts in this world, those people could probably die of anger when they heard him say that. In fact, it was indeed difficult to cultivate internal strength, and although Ji Feng felt relaxed, however, his cultivation process was not easy at all.

Because this Super Agent Training System, starting from the first set of moves, all the way to the last set of moves, was actually a whole set of cultivation methods, and Ji Feng seemed to have forgotten what he had been tortured by the bio-current when he was practicing the first set of moves.


Chapter 152

Time flew by, and before we knew it, half a month had pa*sed.

Early this morning, Ji Feng drove directly to the military camp, because today was the end of military training, at the same time, it was also the last day of the military training exercise, the morning exercise collection is completed, basically there is nothing more, all the students who participated in military training can return to school.

A month after not seeing Tong Lei, Ji Feng missed her, especially since he had an ambiguous and hazy relationship with Xiao Yuxuan half a month ago, which made Ji Feng feel guilty about Tong Lei and wanted to see the delicate girl who looked like a porcelain doll as soon as possible.

It was just after five in the morning when Ji Feng was travelling, and there was still some time before the rush hour, plus he was taking the more remote roads, so basically he didn’t encounter any traffic congestion.

In Jiangzhou, whenever you go out, you have to think about one thing first, and that is the traffic!

Unless you’re flying, you have to think about what time you should leave, which road you should take and how you should go before you go out, and if you don’t think about this, there is only one outcome, a big traffic jam, and there is absolutely no second possibility.

This, too, is a feature of Jiangzhou, right?

When he thought about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly. It was with these considerations in mind that he got up early and casually bought a few buns and some pot stickers at a breakfast shop in a small hutong not too far from the school, and bought a cup of soy milk, which he put in the car and ate while driving.

Because he didn’t have a Union University meal card, not only could he not buy food in the canteen, he couldn’t even buy it in the shops. Because this meal card seemed to be some kind of ‘one card’, as long as one held this card, it was said that it could be used as cash anywhere in the school, which was very convenient.

However, Ji Feng didn’t have it now, and what would have been very convenient became inconvenient. Therefore, when he ate every day, he either got together with Xiao Yuxuan and asked her to treat himself to a meal in the canteen, or, he had to run to a big stall or a small restaurant outside the school to scrape together some food on his own.

He could not buy this breakfast in the canteen, so he had to go outside the school to buy it.

When he thought about eating with Xiao Yuxuan these days, a warm feeling welled up in Ji Feng’s heart.

The two of them are two very different styles, the youthful and beautiful, cute, clear and beautiful, just like a fairy from heaven, people can’t help but love and pity.

Xiao Yuxuan’s youthfulness is much lighter, but she has a charming and mature charm, especially her eyes that look like autumn water, which makes people’s hearts flutter and can tug at men’s heartstrings without even thinking about it.

It would be a great blessing to have either of these two girls, let alone having both at the same time, which, I reckon, would be a thunderbolt!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but scratch his head a little, dealing with Tong Lei and Xiao Yuxuan, it was really troublesome!

What’s even more troublesome is that Xiao Yuxuan is actually a teacher in the foreign language department!

In fact, Ji Feng had already guessed that if Xiao Yuxuan was a teacher in the United University and she was studying English, then where else could she go but the Foreign Language Department?

But the problem was that Tong Lei was also in the foreign language department!

I hope the two of them wouldn’t bump into each other, otherwise, it would be hilarious. On Ji Feng’s face, he couldn’t help a bitter smile appearing.

Regarding the matter of Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng still decided to hide it from Tong Lei for the time being, and as for the future, then he could only take one step and see what happens. What’s more, there was no substantial relationship between him and Xiao Yuxuan at the moment.

As the Audi sped down the road, the sun gradually came out and it got hot inside the car. Ji Feng did not turn on the air conditioning, but directly lowered the window, put his left hand on the car door, took out a cigarette and lit it.

He didn’t smoke in the past, but now he had a headache for Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, so he couldn’t help but light one up.

Just at that moment, the low roar of the engine came faintly from the distance, that low and powerful sound that made Ji Feng’s mind immediately outline the appearance of the vehicle. If he wasn’t wrong, this should be the sound from a sports car. Moreover, the engine of this sports car was quite good, although it was much worse than the kind of engine simulated in the super agent training system, but I’m afraid that none of the vehicles that Ji Feng usually saw on the road could compare to this car. China .

Ji Feng listened to the sound coming from the vehicle and couldn’t help but frown slightly. He could hear that the car was still accelerating now and was approaching this way.

“There’s someone else racing wildly at this hour?” Ji Feng looked at the sun overhead and couldn’t help but shake his head slightly as he pulled the Audi to the side of the road and drove along the safest route, “I don’t know which dude it is, in this hot weather, the tyres and motor have to endure severe tests, and if the speed is too fast, the car can easily go wrong… …simply don’t want to die!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh bitterly, thinking to himself that he couldn’t be dragged down by this kind of dude, so he should just make an effort to lean to the side.

The roar behind him was getting closer and closer, but Ji Feng’s brow suddenly furrowed, “Holy Sh*t, how did this happen?”

As far as his eyesight could see, about four or five kilometres away, it looked as if it was a bend in the road. Ji Feng was startled and immediately looked down at the car’s navigation system, and sure enough, there was a big bend ahead.

What made Ji Feng frown most was that the roar of the motor behind him was getting closer and …… more and more intense!

There was definitely more than one car!

Ji Feng immediately looked into the rearview mirror and frowned tightly. Sure enough, about two or three kilometres behind, a line of vehicles, all seemingly sports cars, seemed to have appeared and were roaring towards this side. Ji Feng roughly counted almost twenty to thirty sports cars, all of them looking insane.

“A bunch of B*****ds!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but curse, further down this road, there was a small mountainous area, and this road became a mountainous road, and it was rather narrow, on this kind of road, to have 20 to 30 cars roaring together? What was that if not a death wish?

“These B*****ds don’t bring others with them even if they are looking for death!” Ji Feng shook his head slightly, these 20 to 30 cars were racing together, given the road condition of this road right now, unless he could overtake them and find a fork in the road before they arrived and dodge through first, otherwise, he would definitely be hit by them.

Just because these guys were so desperate to get to the end of the road, they wouldn’t stop just because they had their own car driving.

“! These B*****ds wouldn’t have come to race again this morning after having a hangover somewhere last night, would they?” A few black lines appeared on Ji Feng’s forehead, this group of B*****ds were too crazy.

Especially the racing skills, Ji Feng was in a cold sweat.

In the Super Agent Training System, driving various vehicles was one of the skills that Ji Feng learned, so he just took a glance at the speed and road conditions of those sports cars behind him, and immediately saw that this group of people were afraid that there were no experts.

But the more this happened, the more Ji Feng laughed bitterly. No expert meant that when the car was speeding at high speed, the driver would not be able to control it flexibly and might just crash into his own car when the time came.

A bunch of reckless guys who didn’t know how to live or die!

Ji Feng cursed in his heart, then hurriedly clicked on the map of the navigation system and took a closer look at the route and road conditions ahead, when he saw a fork in the road ahead about fifty miles from here, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“That’s good!” Ji Feng breathed a sigh of relief and a smile resurfaced on his face, “Since you B*****ds dare to race so recklessly, then I’ll let you know today to know what it is to really race. Just within these fifty miles, I’ll make you all dare not to drag race again in the future!”


Ji Feng applied a sharp brake and stopped the car at the side of the road, waiting for the group behind him.

A hot blood gradually began to boil within his body, a feeling that only appeared when he was trained in the Super Agent Training System. It was the thrill of pursuing extreme speed, with all the blood in his body constantly boiling and throbbing, bringing out the pa*sion to its limits.


Those sports cars behind them were getting closer and closer, and Ji Feng could even already see the faint shadows of the people in the cars through the rear view mirror.

Those people in the sports cars also seemed to have seen Ji Feng’s Audi parked by the roadside, and there was still a long distance to go before the horn was already sounding, obviously urging Ji Feng to hurry up.

However, Ji Feng did not have any intention of leaving in a hurry, he still stopped there and waited for those people behind him to catch up.


As those twenty or so sports cars drove closer and closer, Ji Feng jerked on the Audi.

His hands slowly turned the steering wheel as he sped towards the front. His speed was not very fast, and as those sports cars behind him approached, the difference between the two sides was at most a few hundred meters away.

“Sh*t, what’s that car in front of us doing?” At the back, a yellow-haired man in one of the sports cars couldn’t help but curse, the Audi wasn’t fast or slow, yet it was swaying back and forth at the front of the convoy, as if it was demonstrating to the crowd.

The others heard the voices coming from the intercom equipment and cursed, “That’s right, what the hell is this? Not afraid to die?”

“Overtake him!” A man shouted lowly, and then continued to add fuel to the accelerator, and with a huge roar of the engine, he quickly crashed towards the Audi.

Ji Feng looked at the rear view mirror and couldn’t help but smile slightly as he increased the throttle slightly.

Ji Feng drove very easily, even if the sports car behind him roared even louder, it could not make overtake Ji Feng’s car, let alone crash into it, how would Ji Feng give them this opportunity?


Ji Feng’s car just swayed back and forth in front of those sports cars, just pressed them dead on and just wouldn’t leave. This time, the owners of those sports cars were enraged.

“Angry? Not bad!” Ji Feng smiled faintly, his foot continued to press down on the accelerator, and the car gradually picked up speed.

Speed up, speed up, speed up!

Whether it was Ji Feng or the 20 to 30 sports cars behind him, they were all constantly speeding up. However, after a few dozen miles had pa*sed, those sports cars were surprisingly getting further and further away from the Audi.

“MD, the person in that car in front of us has hit the chicken blood, right? A broken Audi, but it’s even faster than my Lamborghini?”

“Is that still an Audi? How can it be so fast?”

These cars had already reached over two hundred miles per hour, but, surprisingly, they were still unable to catch up with the Audi, and were even getting further and further away, which really made the owners of these sports cars very unhappy.

“Everyone pay attention, a dozen miles ahead is a big bend, be careful!” A crisp, pleasant voice came out of everyone’s intercom device, causing the crowd to take note with a sudden lift in their spirits.

In a red Ferrari in the middle, a delicate beauty was driving at full attention, looking at the Audi in front of her with some confusion in her eyes.

That Audi, she seemed to have seen there before, and she brought the car up to speed some more, almost to the limit, before she looked at the license plate clearly and made a secret note of it.

If Ji Feng had seen this delicate girl, he would have been astonished. This beautiful girl was no other than Xiao Yuxuan’s roommate who he had looked at her body, Xiao Ling!

However, Ji Feng couldn’t see it now, he was continuing to step on the accelerator and continued to frantically increase the speed of the car.

“What does that car in front want? The bend is coming up, how dare he accelerate?” A car shouted in alarm. It’s not that you can’t accelerate on a bend, but that kind of bend is a regular track, like this ordinary road, you can’t accelerate at all, otherwise it’s very dangerous.

And the man in the Audi in front of him would definitely not have been unaware of this, otherwise he would not have been able to drive the car at such a fast speed. Who has ever seen an ordinary car outrun a sports car at full speed? And that too, with a group of amateur racers driving a sports car?

Therefore, the owners of these sports cars can only conclude that the guy driving the Audi in front of them is crazy, even if a world-cla*s racing driver comes here, he wouldn’t dare to do this, right? He didn’t even slow down when he came around this big bend, he even continued to speed up, he simply didn’t take the bend seriously!

“What should we do?” A man asked.

“Let’s follow him and see if that guy is really capable or if he’s just bluffing!” Little Spirit said after a little thought.

“Good, follow him!” Everyone shouted, excitedly pushing the accelerator right to the floor and speeding off towards the front.

Soon, the men were dumbfounded to see that the black Audi was accelerating all the way above this big bend, no matter if there was a sharp turn or a small bend ahead, without any pause! Acceleration! Acceleration!


The men didn’t even react until the Audi disappeared at the end of the road.

“What, how is this possible?!”

“Yeah, it’s still accelerating all the way around this bend, is this a human being?”

“The one sitting in that Audi, it can’t be any international racing master, right?”

Xiao Ling, however, stopped the car and stood at the corner, looking at the Audi that had disappeared at the end of the road, her eyebrows knitted slightly, “That Audi, I seem to have seen it somewhere, where is it?”

After thinking for half a day and not coming up with an answer, she couldn’t help but shake her head slightly, “Anyway, I made a note to take a picture, I’ll have to check back and see who he really is! This guy’s racing skills are really scary!”

“Sister Little Spirit, this man is just too good!” A young man in his early twenties also came down and said with a shocked face, “Sister Little Spirit, if we can hire this man when we fight Mourning Dog next month, we’ll definitely win!”

“Let’s talk about it!” Little Spirit shook her head slightly, “Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

The crowd got into their cars, the loud roar sounded again, and soon the sports cars disappeared at the end of the road.


Ji Feng’s Audi car stopped a few hundred meters from the barracks gate, he touched his hair and couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile, “Luckily I kept my hair short, otherwise, I’m afraid it would have turned into a crazy person’s general head shape by now.”

He had forgotten to raise the window when he was racing earlier, so the wind was blowing hard on the way, if he had long hair, he would have been blown into something.

Looking at the time, it was only eight o’clock and the big military training exercise had not yet started, he stepped out of the car, took out the access permit he had once obtained and walked in with great strides.

Because he had already trained here for a week before, Ji Feng was no stranger to the place and after asking a few people, he saw the squad where Tong Lei was.

He had known before he left the barracks that Tong Lei and Zhang Lei’s brother and sister were in the same squad, so when Ji Feng saw all those students sitting on the gra*s in camouflage uniforms talking and laughing, he dialled Zhang Lei’s number.

The phone went unanswered, and only then did Ji Feng remember that it was forbidden to bring a mobile phone during military training.

Having no choice, he had to go straight to the square where Tong Lei was, and looked for her next to him.

“Tong Lei, military training will be over today, and everyone has a rare break, how about I invite you downtown for a stroll? I heard that a new special pastry shop has opened on Jinling Road, why don’t we go and try it together?”

Ji Feng had just driven to Tong Lei’s back and was about to walk over to call her when he saw a tall and rather handsome looking boy was extending an invitation to Tong Lei.

Hearing this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but stop, he believed that Tong Lei could handle this matter well.

In fact, Ji Feng could understand what these boys were thinking, after all, Tong Lei was just too pretty. Wearing camouflage clothes, she had a mesmerizing beauty.

It was as if all of heaven’s favors were given to her, and her tall figure was even more evocative under the camouflage uniform, and with that military cap on, her pretty face was even more beautiful, especially the clear eyes, which made people unable to move away from looking.

The fact that she was in the same squad meant that she was close to the water, so if other guys weren’t tempted, Ji Feng wouldn’t believe it.

However, if he was tempted, whether he could get it or not, that was a different story.

Sure enough, only to see Tong Wei slightly to head, softly said: “Sorry now, my boyfriend will come to pick me up today, I can’t promise you!”

Although the words spoken were raw, Tong Lei’s voice was brittle and pleasant to the heart, and the corner of Ji Feng’s mouth could not help but pull up a slight arc.