Campus Master Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

“What are you afraid of!” Xu Mo frowned and coldly snorted, “We were about to call the police, but we didn’t expect the police to come, even God is helping us!”

“What does young Xu mean ……?” Bald Chao asked suspiciously. Go to see the net .

“I’ll leave here first, you stay here and call the police, these cops are probably pa*sing by, if you call the police now, they’ll be close by! When the time comes, you’ll pretend to be pa*sing by by chance and find out what’s going on here, remember to describe Ji Feng’s appearance!” With that, Xu Mo hurriedly turned around and left, not forgetting to admonish, “Chao, I’ll remember this matter if it’s done well!”

After saying that, he went into the small alleyway and soon lost sight of him.

After leaving, Xu Mo then let out a sigh of relief. When he heard the siren, he remembered what his father Xu Fu had told him, that no matter what he did, he must not give anyone any leverage.

Xu Mo knew that his father’s life was not easy nowadays, the county party secretary Tong Kai De was doing his best to collect evidence and prepare to deal with Xu Fu and a group of other problematic cadres, if Xu Mo was involved in this matter at this time, I am afraid it would be unmanageable.

Therefore, after explaining to Bald Chao, Xu Mo hurriedly left.

“****, dude!” Bald Chao looked at the direction Xu Mo disappeared and couldn’t help but curse angrily, “You caused the trouble yourself, but you want me to stay and wipe your a*s!”

Bald Chao spat at the ground in annoyance, but there was nothing he could do. Although Xu Mo was a playboy, his father Xu Fu was an old fox. If he offended him, I was afraid that he would not be able to run his own club in the future.

Thinking of this, Bald Chao hated the six men lying on the ground and said, “D*mn it, leave one lying, the others go to the car immediately, when the police arrive later, you know what to say, right?”

The few men on the ground immediately said, “Yes, big brother. .com”

Being beaten up by a hairy boy, this made them ashamed and annoyed.

“Alright then, Second Son stays behind, the others go to the car immediately!” Bald Chao said to one of the scrawny guys, “Erzi, big brother won’t treat you badly!”

After saying that, without waiting for Erzi to react, a stick unexpectedly appeared in Bald Chao’s hand at some point and violently struck Erzi’s leg.

“Ka-chow!” A sound.

The duo screamed violently and fell to the ground, rolling uncontrollably.

Only then was Bald Chao satisfied and took out his mobile phone and called the police, giving a detailed and quick account of where it had happened.



Captain Yan hung up the phone in his hand and looked at Ji Feng coldly, “Your name is Ji Feng is it, repeat what happened again!”

Ji Feng was stunned, then he followed the request and told what had happened once again. He possessed the ability of not forgetting, and remembered every word he had said before, except that he still deliberately misspoke a few places in order not to arouse suspicion, but it had no effect on the whole matter.

After finishing the matter, Ji Feng looked at Captain Yan strangely and wondered in his heart, “Why did he treat himself differently after taking a phone call? Could it be that …… Xu Mo’s father has put pressure on him and wants to fix himself?”

In fact, Captain Yan had only received a call from the duty officer at the police station that someone had called the police and said that they had seen a serious brawl and that one of the parties was seriously injured.

The place where it happened was the same place as what Ji Feng had said.

Only, the person who called the police was completely different from what Ji Feng said, one said it was a robbery while the other said it was a brawl, which could be of a completely different nature.

That was why Captain Yan had to ask again.

At this time, seeing that Ji Feng’s answer was basically the same as the previous one, Captain Yan’s heart was puzzled. Perhaps, the person who pa*sed by had misread it?


When Bald Chao saw that it was Captain Yan who was leading the group, and that Ji Feng was following beside him, his face changed.

“Bald Chao, it’s you?!” As soon as that Captain Yan saw Bald Chao, he immediately looked alert, and those policemen behind him also seemed to know Bald Chao, and surrounded him without a trace.

“****, how come I’m so unlucky, how come I met this guy!” Bald Chao cursed in his heart, but he still had to wear a smile on his face and said, “So it’s Captain Yan, what a coincidence!”

“Coincidence?” Captain Yan laughed coldly, “Bald Chao, did you call the police just now? Would you be so kind too?”

Upon hearing this, Bald Chao’s face suddenly changed, and immediately, he said with a smile, “Captain Yan is joking, I was just pa*sing by by chance, besides, I’ve always been a serious businessman, Captain Yan has some misunderstanding about me!”

“A proper businessman?” Captain Yan laughed coldly and looked at the man lying on the ground screaming, his brow furrowed as he sneered, “Bald Chao, you were pa*sing by by chance? This man is clearly your field’s hitman, how dare you say you don’t know this man?”

When these words came out, Bald Chao and Ji Feng’s expressions changed at the same time.

“Captain Yan, this ……” Bald Chao’s face became ugly, lowered his voice, took two quick steps and said in Captain Yan’s ear, “Captain Yan, this is just a misunderstanding, look ……”

Saying that, he immediately looked at Ji Feng and said, “This little brother, you and my friend accidentally bumped into each other while walking, this is a misunderstanding, what do you think?”

“Misunderstanding?!” Captain Yan sneered, “Ji Feng, what do you say?”

Looking at Bald Chao’s threatening eyes, Ji Feng’s brows furrowed and his mind turned rapidly.

Only after a long time did he say, “That’s right, this is a misunderstanding, it’s just that I don’t want to have such misunderstandings in the future!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Bald Chao laughed grimly twice and turned his head to Captain Yan and said, “Captain Yan, today is considered that we have disturbed our official duties, and it is my junior brother’s fault. Some other day, I will specially host a banquet to apologize to Captain Yan, and of course, all the police brothers who have made a hard trip!”

“Such a thing, I hope there won’t be a next time!” Captain Yan said coldly, “As for hosting a banquet to apologise, that won’t be necessary!”

“Yes, yes!” Bald Chao said with a smile, “Thank you Captain Yan for being merciful!”

With that, he picked up the henchman on the ground and hurriedly left.

“So, the person who attacked himself was actually a henchman of this man named Bald Chao, it seems that this matter is definitely not unrelated to him either!”

Looking at all this, Ji Feng instantly understood all of it, it must be Xu Mo and Bald Chao both preparing to bite back at himself, and as a result, Captain Yan seemed to happen to have a problem with this Bald Chao!

Ji Feng’s heart couldn’t help but be a little glad that if it wasn’t Captain Yan who was on duty today, but a police officer who leaned towards the Xu family, then the black and white right and wrong of today would not be so easy to tell.

The fact that he and his mother are dependent on each other and have no one to rely on in Mang Shi County, even if he is wrongly accused, he will not even have anyone to help him reason with.

In this instant, an incomparably strong desire surged in Ji Feng’s heart – he wanted to become stronger!

The only way to be truly strong is to not let people bully you at will, and to be able to protect yourself and your mother!


Chapter 16

After the matter was over, Captain Yan came to Ji Feng and said with a smirk, “Ji Feng, it seems that things aren’t what you said!”

Ji Feng instantly smiled awkwardly and scratched his head, saying, “Captain Yan, I’m not going to hide it from you, the one who tried to deal with me today is the son of Xu Mo, the deputy governor, and we had some conflicts at school, so ……”

The following words were understood by Captain Yan even if Ji Feng did not say them. Go to see the net . He had still heard of Xu Mo’s big name, the famous dude of Mang Shi County!

This would explain why it was Bald Chao who called the police and Bald Chao’s men who were injured.

Captain Yan knew that Bald Chao was one of Deputy County Governor Xu Fu’s lapdogs, almost like Xu Fu’s thugs, to be precise, the two were in cahoots, colluding with the government and business. If it was Xu Mo who wanted to deal with others, sending Bald Chao, then there was nothing strange about it.

Captain Yan glanced at Ji Feng in surprise and frowned, “You’ve developed a conflict with Xu Mo?”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “That’s right, but it’s nothing big, just a little conflict between students!”

Captain Yan hummed and said, “You say it’s a small conflict, but Xu Mo wouldn’t see it that way, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been what happened tonight. How about this, I’ll give you my number, if you encounter any more emergency situations, call me immediately!”

Ji Feng was instantly overjoyed and said, “Thanks a lot Captain Yan!”

He was worried about not having any help, but to his surprise, this Captain Yan could not only administer justice, but was also very warm.

Captain Yan waved his hand and smiled, “Don’t be polite, next time you have something, just call me in time!”

“Okay!” Ji Feng said gratefully, “Thanks a lot Captain Yan!”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home, it’s getting late now, your family should be anxious, right?” Captain Yan laughed heartily, looking cheerful. .com

Ji Feng shook his head in a panic and said, “No need, Captain Yan, my home is not far from here, it will take me at most ten minutes or so to get there if I walk!”

Just kidding, if he was sent home by these police cars, he would still scare his mother to death!

“That’s fine, you must be careful alone!” Captain Yan didn’t insist and patted Ji Feng’s shoulder.

After saying goodbye to Captain Yan, Ji Feng immediately ran towards home.

Looking at Ji Feng’s back, Captain Yan couldn’t help but nod slightly. A policeman next to him sighed in admiration, “This kid is extraordinary, knowing that it was Xu Mo who wanted to harm him, he could still be so calm, neither afraid nor angry, obviously, he had it all figured out!”

Captain Yan nodded his head approvingly and said, “That’s right, this quick reaction to improvise in the face of danger alone is not something that ordinary students can match.”

The police officer next to him said, “But this kid’s luck is really good, he actually ran into our Interpol detachment, and luckily he met the captain, if he met someone from Xu Fu’s side, this kid would have been miserable ……”

“Xu Fu that A**holes, Secretary Tong will clean him up sooner or later!” Captain Yan grunted and waved his hand violently, “Let’s go back!”


When Ji Feng returned home, it was almost eleven o’clock and his mother, Xiao Su Mei, was sitting on the sofa waiting to fall asleep.

Ji Feng’s heart immediately surged with guilt, he quietly put down his school bag and was about to help his mother back to her room to sleep, but accidentally woke up Xiao Su Mei.

“Feng’er, you’re back!” Xiao Sumei jerked awake and asked, “Why are you back so late today?”

Ji Feng hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s senior year, the curriculum is rather tight, I read some more at school after school!”

Xiao Su Mei didn’t suspect anything, she just nodded her head and said, “You should come back earlier after school, it’s not safe on the road too late!”

Ji Feng immediately replied, “Mom, I know, you can rest first!”

After Xiao Sumei entered the room inside to rest, Ji Feng’s face turned gloomy.

What had happened today had given Ji Feng a deep sense of crisis, and he knew that if he hadn’t been lucky enough to meet Captain Yan, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to return today!

However, Ji Feng could also see that Captain Yan did not seem to want to directly offend Xu Fu, the man behind Bald Chao. Therefore, when Bald Chao said that it was a misunderstanding, Ji Feng nodded his head and agreed.

Knowing full well that the other party was trying to harm him, yet still letting him go, was not fear of weakness, but a form of self-protection!

This move by Xu Mo could not be considered unscrupulous.

Ji Feng had neither a strong family background nor any helpers, so if Xu Mo wanted to deal with himself, even if he just found a random excuse, he could send himself to the police station. Even if he could not be sentenced, it would still be easy to say hello to the school and expel him.

This would be the end of the road for him.

For someone who has no power and no help, school is almost the only way to change one’s life. If even the chance to go to school was denied, Ji Feng really didn’t know how sad his mother would become.

All these years, how great the suffering that his mother had endured was so that he could be successful in his studies and be able to make a name for himself.

Once he thought of this, a bitter cold aura flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, and his face was gloomy and terrifying.

It was also because of this that Ji Feng had to compromise.

Because within this not-so-short period of time, he was definitely not a match for Xu Mo, so he could only back down.

However, the tentative concession was not a fear, but a sign of weakness, a wise choice.

“For the time being, I can’t fight you, but yet, I’m not afraid, I will wait, for the day when I have the ability to fight you ……” These words, almost burst out from Ji Feng’s teeth, his fists, clenched to death.

The moment Xu Mo found someone to deal with Ji Feng, he was already regarded as an enemy by Ji Feng, and a very threatening one at that.

There was only one way to deal with such an enemy, and that was to deal a thunderous blow to the other party at the most appropriate time, so that he would never be able to turn back!

“I will wait for this opportunity!” Ji Feng said firmly.

Afterwards, Ji Feng didn’t even eat dinner, washed up, and went to bed.

In bed, his consciousness once again came into that virtual space constructed by the wise brain, the events of today had given him a strong sense of crisis, and in order to become stronger as soon as possible, he had to constantly accept the crazy training of the wise brain!

“Master!” Seeing Ji Feng’s consciousness enter, the intelligent brain immediately greeted him respectfully.

Ji Feng, however, didn’t have any nonsense, but said straight to the point: “Wisdom Brain, follow the strictest standards and train me to become a super agent in the future interstellar era in the shortest possible time, or at least, meet that standard!”

After experiencing Xu Mo’s revenge, Ji Feng was too eager to become stronger.

“Yes! Master!” The intelligent brain immediately replied respectfully, “First of all, for physical improvement, please start doing body-building exercises, master ……”