Campus Master Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

At the Linjiang Club, Li Weidong was sitting in a luxurious box on the third floor, holding a gla*s of red wine in his hand and slowly tasting it.

He had a wicked smile on his face, while on either side of him were two handsome looking girls dressed in cheongsams. However, the two girls’ faces were a little nervous because the manager of the club had told them earlier that they had to serve this young man well today because, in fact, he was the real boss of the place.

To be able to climb up to the boss is a big dream for all the girls who work in the Linjiang Club. Because they knew very well how powerful this Lin Jiang Club was, some dignitaries were regulars here, and even treated the manager here with courtesy.

Such strength was enough to show just how big this young man’s origins were.

Therefore, the two girls in cheongsam looked at Li Weidong with a strong look of hope. They knew that as long as Li Weidong took a fancy to them, they would not have to worry about food and clothing in this life, and it would be even better if they could then be kept outside and be a lover.

The two girls’ two pairs of slender little hands gently kneaded on Li Weidong’s shoulders, hoping to please Li Weidong.

If it was in normal times, Li Weidong would definitely not be able to hold back, and he might even have put the two girls on the spot right here in the box, something he had done many times before.

But today, he was not in the mood, although these two women were quite good looking, however, he had a better target today, Xiao Yuxuan!

If Xiao Yuxuan was a beautiful pearl, then these two women could only be considered as untouched stones on the beach.

Especially Xiao Yuxuan’s flirtatious and mature style, really let Li Weidong is very heartwarming. Back then in college, he wanted to get Xiao Yuxuan, but he didn’t have the chance. Now with the help of that villain He Dong, he could get Xiao Yuxuan today, which made him very excited.

Li Weidong was not afraid that Xiao Yuxuan would run away because he knew that Xiao Yuxuan was a very filial woman, so he did not need to spy on Xiao Yuxuan at all because he only needed to pay attention to the whereabouts of Xiao Yuxuan’s family, and that was enough.

Li Weidong believed that Xiao Yuxuan would never leave her family to flee alone.

What’s more, even if they were to flee, where could they flee to?

Li Weidong smiled heatedly, as long as they didn’t leave China, they wouldn’t be able to escape from his palm!

“Knock knock knock!” Just at this moment, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” Li Weidong said indifferently.

The door was pushed open and a woman dressed in sultry clothes walked in, this woman was wearing high heels and stepping on the soft carpet, swaying her body in a seductive way.

When the woman saw Li Weidong, a hint of joy appeared in her eyes and she walked over and snuggled into Li Weidong’s arms, “Brother Dong, today is your birthday, guess what gift I have prepared for you?”

“Oh? What kind of present is it?” Li Weidong asked with a smile, while a hint of lust in his heart was tickled by this woman, one of his hands was placed on the woman’s soft waist and he kept rubbing it up and down.

“Brother Dong, the best gift for Yanzi can be Yanzi herself oh!” The woman named Yanzi said in a soft voice beside Li Weidong, while licking on Li Weidong’s ear, the implication of seduction could not be more obvious.

Li Weidong’s heart was instantly on fire and he laughed as he slapped his big hand twice on Yanzi’s plump buttocks, “You little demon, just wait for me in the room upstairs today, I’ll come and find you!”

“But, Brother Dong, how come I heard that you are going to look for another woman today?” Yan Zi asked seemingly unintentionally, but in her heart, she was extremely annoyed. She had heard that Li Weidong had always wanted that woman very much and favoured her, so if she really let that woman come to Li Weidong’s side, she would be out of favour. She knew that before this, Yanzi was the most favoured woman by Li Weidong’s side.

Li Weidong’s face sank as he said, “Don’t ask more questions than you should, don’t worry, no matter how many women I have, they will definitely have your position.”

“Brother Dong, you know that people really like you, it’s inevitable that they will be a little jealous!” Yan Zi straddled Li Weidong’s lap and said in a petulant manner. China .

“Oh, I know you are good.” Li Weidong picked up Yanzi’s round chin, “Yanzi, I remember your car has been driven for half a year, right? Pick another one you like from the 4S shop yourself, I’ll send someone to pay your bill later!”

Yanzi was immediately overjoyed, “Brother Dong, you are so kind to others!”

Li Weidong burst into laughter, but the two women in cheongsam next to her cursed, “Shame on you!

They knew that this Yanzi was originally a waitress in this club, just like them, but because she had been spotted by Li Weidong, the sparrow flew up to become a phoenix, and even vaguely regarded herself as the mistress of this club, calling out to them, the waitresses, all day long.

However, they did not dare to resist in the slightest, because the Linjiang clubhouse does not simply throw out girls who do not listen to them, those wolf-like tigers are enough to become the nightmare of any girl.

Besides, since these girls had come here, they were the ones who wanted to be rich and famous, so naturally they would not leave so easily, and they would just do their own thing honestly, hoping that one day they would be seen by Li Weidong or other dignitaries who had come here, and then they would really be able to soar to the sky.

At this moment, there was another knock on the door of the compartment.

Li Weidong’s brow furrowed slightly: “Come in!”

Soon, a probing man came in with a flattering smile on his face, but it was He Dong.

“Young Li, as per your instructions, I have called and informed Xiao Yuxuan, she said she would come!” He Dong said with a flattering smile.

“Hmm, very good, you did a good job, I’ll remember!” Li Weidong nodded his head and smiled.

He Dong instantly felt as if he had eaten an immortal peach, his body was soothed. He said in a panic, “Thanks to Li Shao for giving me this opportunity, I will definitely make good use of it, just ……”

“Just what?” Before Li Weidong could say anything, the sultry woman next to him opened her mouth and said.

Yanzi was impatient, she was talking to Li Weidong when this dog-like man walked in, which really disgusted her to the core.

“Yanzi is right, just what, if you have something to say, say it all at once, don’t stammer!” Li Weidong gave Yanzi’s fat a*s a fierce scratch.

“Nasty~!” Yanzi rode on Li Weidong’s leg and twisted her waist, but her face was filled with a flirtatious smile.

What a demonic spirit!

As He Dong watched, he couldn’t help but swallow secretly, but didn’t dare to show it in the slightest, he just said respectfully, “Young Li, when Xiao Yuxuan was answering the phone just now, I heard a man’s voice, and that man seemed to be Ji Feng who had pursued Xiao Yuxuan in Mang Shi County before.”

“Ji Feng?!” Li Weidong frowned, “He’s from the Ji family?”

“How is that possible!” He Dong immediately shook his head and said in a panic: “Young Li, according to my understanding, that Ji Feng is just a poor boy from Mang Shi County, his family sells vegetables, but Xiao Yuxuan has been a teacher in Mang Shi County Second Middle School for a few months, and there seems to be some good feelings between the two of them, so I’m afraid that he will also follow along this time, it’s better for Young Li to be prepared!”

“Prepare for what?!” Li Weidong’s face instantly sank, “Since he’s not from the Ji family, when he arrives, give me a ruthless humiliation and throw him out.”

“Yes, yes!” He Dong nodded at once and hurriedly retreated.

“This man, how annoying!” After He Dong went out, Yan Zi couldn’t help but complain.

Li Weidong laughed harshly, “Even a nasty man has his uses, just like this time, if he hadn’t provided accurate information, I wouldn’t have been able to crush Xiao Yuxuan’s family’s company so quickly, and how would she have obediently come to my birthday party?”

It was Xiao Yuxuan again! A look of jealousy flashed across Yanzi’s eyes before returning to normal in the blink of an eye. But in her heart, she secretly decided that she must not let that Xiao Yuxuan become Li Weidong’s woman, or else she would no longer have any status in the future.

Right now, she was very much in favour.

Although Li Weidong was engaged to be married and had an extremely beautiful fiancée who was like a flower, that fiancée did not like Li Weidong. The fiancée is not small, so Li Weidong does not dare to use force, so he can only wait quietly. For him, as long as he waits until marriage, the woman will not be able to escape, it is only a matter of time.

Therefore, Li Weidong usually pampers Yanzi, who knows how to pamper and charm.

If Xiao Yuxuan came, Yan Zi believed that with Li Weidong’s preference for Xiao Yuxuan, she would definitely not have any status anymore. At least, it would definitely not be as scenic as it was now.

“When Xiao Yuxuan arrives later, I’ll definitely give her some colour!” Yan Zi secretly decided.


Ji Feng drove his car and finally arrived at the Linjiang Club under Xiao Yuxuan’s direction.

At this time it was already after 7pm, the sky was already dim, the street lights on both sides of the street were all lit up, and the lights of various buildings were also all lit up.

The Linjiang Clubhouse is located in the suburbs of Jiangzhou, and although it is somewhat remote, it looks magnificent under the lights of the night.

In fact, Ji Feng also knows that the so-called clubhouse is not the same as those restaurants and other consumption places, those who can afford to open a clubhouse are at least well-connected, and whether the business of the clubhouse is good or not is not determined by ordinary people. It also depends on the contacts of the club owner.

The business of the Linjiang Club is very good, which can be seen from the number of cars in the car park.

There were hundreds of cars parked in the large car park, which was a good indication of the number of customers who came here.

Under the directions of the car boy, Ji Feng parked his car and came down with Xiao Yuxuan.

“The business of this Linjiang Club is quite good!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

Xiao Yuxuan brushed aside her mouth, “It’s not that many people want to befriend Li Weidong’s old man, otherwise, where would his clubhouse have so many people coming!”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, in fact, almost all the clubhouses were in the same situation. Of course, those places that were nominally called clubhouses but were actually not upscale in terms of both facilities and scale could not be generalized.

The first time I saw a club in Mangsi County, it was called a club in name, but in reality, it was just a restaurant.

It’s like, many big stalls dare to call themselves big hotels, but in fact, they are only there to put on a facade.

“Ji Feng, how about, how about you go back now, I can’t let Li Weidong hurt you even if I have to fight for my life.” Xiao Yuxuan was still worried that Li Weidong would retaliate against Ji Feng and couldn’t help but whisper.

Ji Feng smiled, “Sister Yu Xuan, don’t worry, I will be fine, and so will you!”

Xiao Yuxuan was still not completely at ease in her heart, but when she saw that he was confident, she couldn’t say anything else, but she secretly decided that if Li Weidong really wanted to hurt Ji Feng, she would fight him to the death, and there was no way back anyway, so the big deal was to die together.

Although they came to attend the birthday party, both Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan were casually dressed, not wearing dresses or formal attire at all, because Ji Feng did not come here to attend the party in good faith, but to cause trouble.

Just after leaving the car park, Ji Feng’s phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was a text message.

Ji Feng instantly smiled, “Sister Yu Xuan, our bodyguard for today is here.”

“What bodyguard?” Xiao Yuxuan asked in confusion.

Ji Feng smiled heatedly, “You’ll know when the time comes.”

When the two arrived at the clubhouse, there were two young men standing at the entrance, seemingly greeting the very guests who had arrived. When they saw Xiao Yuxuan, the two young men immediately lit up, however, when they saw Ji Feng who was with Xiao Yuxuan, they couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“What should we do, Xiao Yuxuan is really following a kid around!” One of them asked.

“What else can we do? Young Li said that if Xiao Yuxuan is accompanied by someone, ask for the identity first, and if it’s called Ji Feng, humiliate him and throw him out.” Another one said.

“Okay, let’s do that!”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows frowned slightly as a word of the conversation between these two people at the door fell on Ji Feng’s ears, and he couldn’t help but sneer in his heart, “Want to throw me out? How arrogant!”

On the surface, Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan walked forward together, he thought about it and suddenly took Xiao Yuxuan’s hand and held it on his arm, laughing, “Sister Yuxuan, since we are here to pick a fight today, let’s just do it thoroughly, let’s just walk in in such a big way, I’ll see what that Li Weidong can really do!”

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh lightly, “You’re really bad!”

“Men aren’t bad, women don’t love them!” Ji Feng secretly picked up a sentence in his heart, but on the surface he just heckled and didn’t say anything.

When the two walked to the door, the two young men who greeted the guests came up at once, and just when they wanted to speak, they suddenly felt the two knees go numb, and the two of them flopped together and actually knelt down in front of Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan!

Xiao Yuxuan was stunned when she heard Ji Feng chuckle, “I say, the Li family really has rules, even welcoming guests with big salutes, but I wouldn’t dare to do that, the birthday boy today is not me, haha!”

Ji Feng spoke loudly, and those people around who had come to celebrate Li Weidong’s birthday instantly heard it and looked over.

For a while, there was a lot of chatter, especially when they saw Ji Feng and the two of them, they were even more astonished.

Ji Feng was imposing, sturdy and looked extremely handsome, while Xiao Yuxuan was gorgeous and her whole being was filled with a flirtatious style. Standing together, the two were simply a pair of talented men and women.

I wonder which family’s grandson this young man is, to be able to make two greeters kneel down to welcome him! The people around them secretly thought, and at the same time decided that if they had the chance, they would make good friends with this young man.

The two of them knelt down to welcome the young man.

And at this time, those two young men who suddenly knelt down were so ashamed, they could not imagine how they had knelt down!

They wanted to get up, but they couldn’t use a single ounce of strength in their legs, so they could only kneel like that, their faces flushed red and humiliated.

Ji Feng laughed and took Xiao Yuxuan’s little hand and walked into the clubhouse without even giving the two young men a second look.

Just like that, a bright sight appeared in front of the Linjiang Clubhouse, where two young men who were welcoming customers knelt down, seemingly thanking those who had come to congratulate them.

“What happened to those two people?” Xiao Yuxuan looked at Ji Feng thoughtfully, she was already ice-smart and would not easily think that those two people were welcoming themselves and Ji Feng, it was obvious that there was something wrong in the middle.

Ji Feng smiled faintly: “Just a little tactic. Didn’t I just say, since we’re here to pick a fight today, let’s be thorough and let Li Weidong know that his overbearing style won’t work with us!”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly covered her mouth and laughed lightly, “You, they are just two people who welcome guests, why bother with them!”

Ji Feng sneered in his heart, the two of them were not ordinary welcoming porter boys, just now they were discussing to insult me and throw me out.

Only, there was no need to say this to Xiao Yuxuan, as Ji Feng dragged Xiao Yuxuan inside the clubhouse.

The birthday party was held in the lobby on the first floor, so Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan didn’t take the lift either, so they went straight up the stairs.

At this time, Li Weidong, who was in the luxury box on the third floor, put down the phone with a blue face.

“Brother Dong, what’s wrong with you?” Yan Zi nestled in Li Weidong’s arms, and when she saw that his face looked bad, she asked in a delicate voice.


Li Weidong snorted angrily, “Those two useless things, I asked them to deal with Ji Feng, but instead of doing their job, they ended up kneeling down for someone else, D*mn it!”

“Brother Dong, take it easy, they definitely won’t disobey your words, did something else happen in the middle of this?” Yan Zi blinked her big eyes and asked. She knew that when a woman wanted to capture a man’s heart, she could be cute and charming when she was young, but not when she was older, so she tried hard to be helpful to Li Weidong, so that he would not abandon her.


Chapter 150

“Those two aren’t up yet!” Inside the banquet hall of Linjiang Club, Xiao Yuxuan held Ji Feng’s arm, and the two walked together intimately like a sweet couple. Xiao Yuxuan’s red lips were close to Ji Feng’s and she said softly, “Honestly, what tactics did you use, how come those two people haven’t gotten up by now? It couldn’t be a demonic spell, could it?”

“How could it be a demonic method, it was tangent kung fu ……,” Ji Feng said with a faint smile, turning his head. However, the moment he turned his head, his mouth brushed right across Xiao Yuxuan’s soft red lips, and a fragrant and sweet scent came over.

The two of them immediately froze there, Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face was red with shame, and there was an unconcealable shyness in her beautiful eyes, moreover, Ji Feng didn’t notice that in her eyes, there was only shyness but not the slightest anger.

“Ahem~~!” The sound of conversation around them finally woke up the two people who were stunned there and hurriedly separated, and both of them couldn’t help but have some rapid beats in their hearts.

Ji Feng looked towards Xiao Yuxuan and found that she had turned around, her back to herself.

Perhaps it was because she was so shy that Xiao Yuxuan’s crystal round earlobes were blushing.

Luckily, no one was paying attention to this side because the light wasn’t too strong. Ji Feng thought about it, but still felt that what happened just now was just an accident, and that as a man, he naturally had to take some initiative.

So Ji Feng still walked over, took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and held it on his arm, and said smilingly, “Sister Yuxuan, just now you took advantage of me!”

“Go to hell!” The originally shy Xiao Yuxuan heard this, suddenly puffed out a laugh, this brat’s speech is really too damaging, that was her first kiss, even if it was He Dong, at most, just pulling hands and so on, as for going further, Xiao Yuxuan never let him have his way, but now was unintentionally taken away by Ji Feng’s first kiss, how could she not be shy?

But she also knew that the reason why Ji Feng said this was not to get a cheap advantage and sell a good deal, but to defuse her embarra*sment and shyness.

When she thought of this, she gave Ji Feng a white glance, but in her eyes, which were like two wands of autumn water, there was no trace of anger, just a touch of shyness and sweetness.

When Ji Feng saw Xiao Yuxuan finally smiling, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, he knew that the embarra*sing thing just now was considered to be over, only, whether the matter was really over in both of their hearts, that only the two of them would know.

Fortunately, it was not long before the birthday party began. The two door boys who were kneeling at the entrance were also carried away, but even if they were taken to the hospital, they would definitely not be able to stand up, and it would take at least two or three days before their knees could move. This was already considered as Ji Feng being merciful, if he were to strike hard, with Ji Feng’s current strength, he could definitely silently make these two people lie in bed for half a year.

The lights in the hall dimmed, and Ji Feng finally met today’s birthday boy – Li Weidong.

Surrounded by people, the slender Li Weidong had a smug smile on his face as he kept thanking the guests around him, while his eyes were looking for something in the crowd from time to time.

When Ji Feng looked at him, he gave a cold smile, it was obvious that Li Weidong was looking for Xiao Yuxuan.

However, because there were too many guests today, there were also many people that Li Weidong had to personally greet, so he couldn’t get away for a while and couldn’t come over to look for Xiao Yuxuan.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng smiled and said, “Sister Yu Xuan, let’s not stand here silly, let’s go and have something to eat first.”

Li Weidong’s birthday banquet took the form of a buffet style banquet, a long flowing banquet filled with all kinds of food, and many waitresses in cheongsams in the crowd walked back and forth carrying plates to serve those guests who needed drinks.

Only now, everyone was busy pulling strings with each other and climbing up the social ladder, so many people were just holding their gla*ses of wine and hadn’t even touched the food on the table.

But Ji Feng didn’t care about that, he had to fill up his stomach first.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but purse her lips and laugh, “Dare I say that you’re coming to this banquet to actually eat and drink for nothing?”

When the crowd was congratulating Li Weidong on his birthday just now, Ji Feng didn’t send half a gift, so he was clearly here to dine.

Ji Feng laughed heatedly, “Since it’s not costly, why not eat? Besides, look at these people, on the surface they look svelte, the men look gentle and elegant, the women are reserved and graceful, but in reality which of these people are not full of male thieves and female prostitutes? We can’t compare with them, the sky is big, eating is the biggest!”

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but give him a blank look and laughed lightly. China .

“Come on!” Ji Feng took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and took a few steps to the table, picked up a plate and selected a few food items, then handed them to Xiao Yuxuan.

Seeing the food on the plate, a strange colour flashed in Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes, and she asked in surprise, “How do you know that I like these few things?”

Ji Feng smiled, “We’ve eaten together before.”

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly had a warm feeling flowing through her heart, she knew what Ji Feng was talking about when he said dinner. That time was exactly when He Dong had gone to Mang Shi County and had clashed with Ji Feng and Zhang Lei. On that occasion, several people sat down to eat together, but the atmosphere was actually not very pleasant, and Xiao Yuxuan simply ate some and then did not eat any more.

But he had never thought that Ji Feng would be so attentive, just having eaten that time, he knew what he liked to eat.

When Xiao Yuxuan looked at Ji Feng again, her gaze became even more tender.

With a faint smile, Ji Feng picked up another plate and selected something he liked to eat, then he chowed down as if no one else was around, not caring what others thought of him.

In fact, Ji Feng had never thought about keeping up any image. If you hadn’t experienced the days when you couldn’t even eat, you wouldn’t know how to cherish food.

Ji Feng had always ignored the gazes of others. You should know that back when Ji Feng was a child, his mother, Xiao Su Mei, relied on scavenging rags to make a living to feed Ji Feng. At that time, it was not bad for mother and son to have enough to eat, so how could Ji Feng care about any image?

Xiao Yuxuan ate gracefully next to her, and from time to time she looked at Ji Feng, who was wolfing down his food, and a smile flashed in her eyes, but not in mockery, but as if she was happy to see her lover eating. Although Ji Feng was not her boyfriend, somehow she had this feeling in her heart.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel a little shy and hurriedly lowered her head to eat, not daring to think about it any more. But she knew that Ji Feng already had Tong Lei, so how could Xiao Yuxuan steal her boyfriend from her own student?

Thinking of this, Xiao Yuxuan was suddenly shocked, how could she think about this? Could it be that she really liked Ji Feng?

She hurriedly shook her head, not daring to think any further.

And at this time, a woman’s voice full of disdain came from the side: “Humph, what two dirt bags, dare I say they haven’t eaten for a few days and have come here to dawdle with food and drinks!”

Ji Feng was still eating with a big mouthful, not even raising his head, only saying in a slurred voice, “Whose B*tch didn’t keep an eye on her and came here to bite people indiscriminately?”

“B*****d, what did you say?!” Yan Zi was furious and screamed, “You dirtbag, how dare you scold me?”

“Please speak more politely!” Seeing that this bewitching woman was already insulting Ji Feng with her words, Xiao Yuxuan was instantly furious and her pretty face sank, “What kind of good thing do you think you are? Dressing up so demurely, we two bumpkins are much better than you!”

“Little B*tch, say that again? See if I don’t rip your mouth off!” Yanzi screamed.

The people around were immediately attracted by the noise over here and came over, and two of the security guards quickly came over and respectfully asked the sultry woman, “Sister Yan, what’s wrong?”

“Throw these two dirt bags out, how did you watch the door, to let two beggars in for nothing, this is Young Li’s birthday party, not a refugee shelter!” The demure woman, once she saw her helpers, suddenly had a lot more energy and said in an imposing manner.

Ji Feng frowned slightly and put the plate in his hand on the table, “I hope, you can apologize for your words, and also, if I hear one more ‘little B*tch’ from your mouth, Li Weidong can’t even protect you!”

That cold gaze instantly made Yan Zi choke, and then she became furious with shame, “You little B*****d dare to threaten me?”

“Get lost!” Ji Feng said coldly.

Yan Zi was instantly infuriated and screamed, “Throw him out with that B*tch …… snap!”

Before she could finish her words, she felt a black shadow flash before her eyes, and then, she was slapped hard on the face, and her whole body immediately flew backwards and fell heavily on the ground, screaming in agony.

“Catch him!” Several security guards were furious when they saw that Yan Zi had been sent flying by Ji Feng, and they pounced on him.

Ji Feng sneered and his two legs lashed out, so fast that the few security guards couldn’t even see his shadow, and several of them only felt a sharp pain coming from them, and were kicked out alive.

There was a panic in the hall, and when the guests saw that a fight had broken out, they backed away in a panic, afraid that it would affect them.

Ji Feng didn’t even look at those who were sent flying by him, he just sneered, “So, this is how Li Weidong entertains his guests?”

And in the middle of the hall, Li Weidong, who was talking with, also noticed the commotion over here, and when he heard these words, his face sank.

“Young Li, this kid is the Ji Feng I mentioned to you!” He Dong immediately said in a low voice next to him.

“So he’s Ji Feng, what a nerve!” Li Weidong’s face was gloomy as he quickly walked over and looked at the bemused Ji Feng and said in a cold voice, “This friend, who are you and why have you come to my place to cause trouble?

“Some people owe discipline, and since you don’t know how to discipline your men, I’ll do it for you!” Ji Feng said indifferently.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Yuxuan beside her couldn’t help but clutch Ji Feng’s arm a little nervously. Ji Feng smiled faintly and patted her small hand to rea*sure her.

Seeing this scene, Li Weidong’s face became even more ugly as he sneered, “You have a big mouth, no one in Jiangzhou has ever dared to talk to me like this!”

“Not now!” Ji Feng smiled indifferently.

“I’m giving you two ways now, first, kowtow and apologise, then get out yourself. Second, I’ll call the police here and send you to jail for a few days, your choice!” Li Weidong said angrily.

Ji Feng smiled, “I’ll give you two ways too, first, you apologise to me, and I don’t need you to kowtow, just apologise sincerely. Second way, I’ll beat you to death as a dog. These two paths, you choose yourself!”

“Fine! Good!” Li Weidong recoiled in anger, in the whole of Jiangzhou, there was really no one who dared to talk to him like this, this Ji Feng really didn’t know whether to live or die.

“Kid, who are you that you dare to come here and cause trouble?” A fat man next to him walked over with big steps, stinking of alcohol, and questioned.

Ji Feng glanced at him, “Can you represent Li Weidong?”

“Humph! I’m the chief of the Linjiang District Police Branch, you’re here to cause trouble for no reason to Lord Li, shouldn’t I be in charge?” That fatty sneered and immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, “Xiao Zhao? There are criminals committing murder in the Linjiang Club, bring someone here immediately!”

“Ji Feng, what should we do?” Xiao Yuxuan took a look at the other party who had already started to raise a crowd, and was immediately worried about Ji Feng’s safety.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine, these are just a bunch of jumping clowns.” Ji Feng patted her little hand and said with a smile.

Once they heard this, that fatty and Li Weidong’s faces turned blue with anger, if they didn’t see that Ji Feng’s body was too powerful, they almost wanted to go up and tear this brat who was full of wild words alive.

“Haha ……” Just at the tense moment when the two sides were in a crossfire, a cheerful laugh suddenly came from the back of the crowd, “Older brother, which one are you singing? Why have you come here to cause trouble for young Li?”

The crowd immediately followed the sound and made way, only to see a young man with starry eyebrows and a dignified look striding over, smilingly looking at Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan in the middle of the scene, “Older brother, this lady wouldn’t be younger sister, right?”

“One of them!” Ji Feng smiled faintly.

Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face instantly turned red with shame, almost dripping blood, and she gave Ji Feng a fierce white glance, but did not say anything. Because she knew that although Ji Feng was full of nonsense, he had his reasons in comparison.

“Young Ji, you know this kid?” Li Weidong asked with a frown.

Needless to say, this youth who suddenly appeared was none other than Ji Feng’s second brother, Ji Shaolei.

Once he saw him come out, Li Weidong had a bad feeling in his heart, if we talk about a domineering dude, this Ji Shaolei was far more than him, Li Weidong, to know that this was the real magistrate of Jiangzhou, the number one dude.

Ji Shaolei laughed, “Young Li, I forgot to introduce, this kid is my eldest uncle’s son.”

“Hiss~~!” Li Weidong’s face changed drastically and he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, Ji Shaolei’s eldest uncle’s son …… the future crown prince?

Not only Li Weidong, but all those present who knew Ji Shaolei’s details could not help but change their faces, this young man who looked handsome, but was dressed in a more ordinary way, was actually Ji Zhenhua’s son?

In that case, wasn’t he the first grandson of the Ji family?

Li Weidong’s face turned a little green, that murderous He Dong, didn’t he say that Ji Feng’s family was just a vegetable seller? How did he turn into the future crown prince?

If resentment could kill, Li Weidong was afraid that he would have killed He Dong hundreds of times. However, there was no use in hating anymore, what was now in front of Li Weidong was Ji Feng’s indifferent face and the cold aura that kept flickering in his eyes.

It must be resolved. As a dude, Li Weidong would rather offend Ji Shaolei because the difference in status between the two sides was not too great, and they were familiar with each other’s personalities and knew how to act without touching each other’s bottom line.

You know, although Li Weidong’s father and Ji Shaolei’s father fought with each other, it was all based on development, and if you can’t make a city a better place, this kind of frivolous fighting is meaningless.

Because of this, if there was a conflict between Li Weidong and Ji Shaolei, as long as they did not touch each other’s bottom line, they could sit down and discuss it slowly.

The top bra*s won’t interfere, after all, it’s just a matter between kids.

But facing this future Z who suddenly appeared, Li Weidong was a bit uncertain.

He didn’t know what kind of temperament Ji Feng had, and he didn’t know where this kid’s bottom line was. What’s more, it seems that just before this, he was still hitting on Xiao Yuxuan’s idea, but now that he saw the scene of Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan intimately snuggling together, he was like a clear mirror in his heart.

This Ji Feng had come here today just to pick a fight.

It was not easy to pa*s this hurdle!

If this was not handled properly, no one knew how much influence Ji Feng had in the Ji family, and once he was sure to ask for an explanation, he would not even hesitate to unleash the power of the whole family against himself.

Li Weidong’s face changed for a while, quickly thinking of a solution.

He Dong and that fat chief, on the other hand, were black in front of their eyes at this moment, as if the sky had collapsed.

“It’s over! It’s over! How could I have gotten into trouble with such a monster? I’m so blind!” The fat chief looked at the young man whose eyebrows resembled Ji Shaolei by seven`eight percent, and his heart turned cold and kept sinking down.

Just now he was flaunting his authority in front of him to arrest him, what international joke, arresting a prince?

Originally, the air conditioner was on in this office and the temperature was moderate, but because of the shock and fear in his heart, this fat chief’s forehead was actually covered with sweat, and his clothes were even soaked with sweat.

He Dong next to him was even more frightened, he did not know the identity of this Ji Shaolei’s eldest uncle, but he knew that Ji Shaolei’s father was the secretary of the Jiangzhou Municipal Committee. If we look at it from this aspect alone, Ji Feng is also a very powerful person.

How had he offended him?

He Dong regretted his intestines, he really had the heart to die, to know that Xiao Yuxuan must hate himself to death, and now it seems that Li Weidong seems to be very afraid of Ji Feng, which means that he will definitely be unlucky!