Campus Master Chapter 145-146

Chapter 145

Ji Feng sat inside the Audi and looked at Xiao Yuxuan from afar. Go to see the net . There, Xiao Yuxuan seemed to have gotten into an argument with He Dong and the others, and her face was hard to read, while He Dong and those four men were smiling and smiling, with a flowing look.

Soon, Xiao Yuxuan and He Dong were arguing about something, and that He Dong said a few words and went to pull Xiao Yuxuan’s hand, only to be shaken off by Xiao Yuxuan.

Ji Feng’s eyebrows instantly wrinkled, this He Dong couldn’t be trying to use force in front of the school, right?

This speculation may not be correct, but no one can guarantee that it will not happen. Ji Feng does not think that a villain like He Dong will care about any rules, let alone expect him to care about any occasion.

The fact that he is a member of the team is not a problem.

Ji Feng gave a dark hum, opened the car door and stepped down, quickly walking towards Xiao Yuxuan’s location.

“He Dong, thanks to you being a man, you even did such a thing, you don’t have to say much, the two of us will never have half a relationship from now on.”

Ji Feng walked closer, just in time to hear Xiao Yuxuan’s disappointed and angry voice, “You don’t have to come to me in the future either, there’s nothing to say between us.”

He Dong, however, said with a smile, “Yu Xuan, this is your fault. Uncle has asked me to take good care of you, so you are making it very difficult for me, and for uncle.”

Xiao Yuxuan’s eyebrows knitted together, “He Dong, you don’t need to threaten me with my father, ever since you started hitting my father, there is no longer any half relationship between us, if you still care about your status, please leave, I have to go and teach my students, I won’t be accompanying you.”

After saying that, Xiao Yuxuan was about to leave, but she was blocked by He Dong and those four men, unable to leave at all.

Xiao Yuxuan’s face sank down, “He Dong, what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing!” He Dong smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, this is the entrance of the school, I won’t do anything to you in front of the public. I just want to remind you that you can ignore me, but uncle’s company still needs my help, if you keep being so capricious, I am afraid that uncle’s company may go bankrupt and collapse at any time oh. At that time, the bank will call for payment, and so will uncle’s partners. I’m afraid uncle will not be able to repay even if he sells his house.

“He Dong, you don’t need to threaten me with my father!” Xiao Yuxuan said angrily, “Even if we all go to beg for food, I will never agree to your terms!”

“Yuxuan, you are too stubborn, Mr. Li is a good-looking man, and gentle and elegant, it’s your good fortune to follow him, why don’t you know what’s good for you? I am doing this for your own good.” He Dong said with a sincere face, “Yu Xuan, I know that it was wrong of me to give you up to Mr. Li, but you should also think about me, the department manager of Li’s group, how rare an opportunity is that for me? Being a manager for a year would earn me money that I wouldn’t make in half a lifetime, and if you follow Prince Li, we’d both get something out of each other, wouldn’t that be good?”

“Get lost!”

Xiao Yuxuan was furious, “You shameless villain, I was really blind before, I didn’t even see your villainous face clearly!”

“Hmph!” He Dong’s face turned pale as he was scolded, and he became furious with shame, “Xiao Yuxuan, don’t be insensitive. If your father hadn’t always looked down on me and kept me on guard, would I have needed to go to such great lengths to climb up the ladder? Now you’re blaming me? Xiao Yuxuan, I won’t talk nonsense to you, think it over, Mr. Li only gives you three days to think about it. If you’re still this stubborn after three days, you can wait to jump off the building with your father then!”

After saying that, He Dong gave a triumphant harrumph and turned to leave with a big stride.

“Oh, right!” He Dong had just taken two steps out when he suddenly remembered something again, turning to look at the furious Zuo Yuxuan and said, “Yuxuan, Mr. Li has said that three days later happens to be his birthday, he will hold a birthday party then, he hopes to see you at the birthday party, moreover, you still appear as the leading lady, think it over!”

“Shameless!” Xiao Yuxuan was trembling with anger, tears were welling up in her eyes, and in a fit of anger, she snapped forward and slapped He Dong’s face fiercely from behind.

“Slap!” Xiao Yuxuan used all her strength, and He Dong stumbled and almost didn’t fall down.

He turned back with a sudden jerk and gritted his teeth, “B*tch, you dare to hit me?”

“I’ll hit you, you shameless B*****d!” Xiao Yuxuan denounced angrily.

“Good! Good!” He Dong laughed in anger and said coldly, “I was originally speaking kindly to you for the sake of Duke Li, but you didn’t appreciate it. Since that’s the case, I’ll let you know that it’s better for women to be more gentle and submissive!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he raised his hand violently and slapped it fiercely.

After all, He Dong was a man, and neither his speed nor strength could be compared to Xiao Yuxuan’s. Seeing that He Dong’s slap was about to land on Xiao Yuxuan’s face, she couldn’t help but close her eyes in some despair.


Xiao Yuxuan heard a crunching sound and only felt a wind blowing in front of her eyes, but there was not the slightest feeling of pain on her face. She couldn’t help but open her eyes, only to find that a stout youth was standing in front of her at some point, and the hand that He Dong had struck was caught in this youth’s hand.

“He Dong, hitting a woman, that’s not a good habit!” The youth smiled faintly, but the strength in his hand was increasing.

“Ah! You, you, Ji Feng, let go!” The grip on his wrist was raw and painful, almost as if it was about to break, He Dong immediately screamed out miserably, while speaking incoherently.

This sturdy youth was naturally Ji Feng.

He smirked as he looked at He Dong, whose face was distorted, his face still had a smiling expression, “He Dong, when you hit Sister Yu Xuan, why didn’t you think of letting go?”

“Ji, Ji Feng, if you don’t let go, you’ll definitely regret it!” He Dong’s face turned pale with pain as he roared towards the four men beside him, “What are you still standing there for, give me a good beating on this brat!”

“Kid, let go!” When those four men saw that Ji Feng had grabbed He Dong, they couldn’t help but throw in the towel and could only shout angrily.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “If you want me to let go, it depends on whether you have the ability to do so.”

“Kid looking for death!” Those four men were not good people in the first place, and now when they saw that Ji Feng did not put them in his eyes at all, they became furious and the four of them pounced together.

“Ji Feng, be careful!” Xiao Yuxuan exclaimed in worry when she saw those four men fiercely pouncing on Ji Feng.

“Humph!” Ji Feng sneered, one hand still grabbed He Dong’s wrist, while the other hand was like a sledgehammer as it viciously slammed down on one of the men’s body.


That man shouted miserably and without even half the strength to resist, he flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Ji Feng’s two legs were like two iron pillars, sweeping across like lightning, and the remaining three men hadn’t even reacted to what was going on before they fell heavily to the ground like this, screaming in agony.

It was a long story, but in reality it was over in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, both He Dong and Xiao Yuxuan stared in awe at the majestic Ji Feng, who had instantly beaten four men without the ability to fight back.

Xiao Yuxuan looked at the four men being knocked to the ground and felt a surge of pleasure in her heart. Just now, He Dong and these four men together did not stop talking about the wind, if she had Ji Feng’s skills, she would have beaten He Dong and the others to the ground.

Now that Ji Feng had done what she had always wanted to do but could not, Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange colour as she gave Ji Feng a deep look.

“He Dong, it seems that a few of your friends weren’t able to save you from oh!” Ji Feng laughed, “If you want me to let you go, you need to think of another way.”

He Dong was shaking with pain, he didn’t even know if his arm was broken.

“Ji Feng, you, you dare to treat me like this, this is malicious wounding, you’ll be waiting for jail!” He Dong roared in a stern voice, “You let go of me now immediately and give me an apology, I can consider not pursuing this matter.”

“Huh ……” Ji Feng shook his head and snorted, “He Dong, it seems that you still don’t understand the situation, if I was afraid of you pursuing the matter, I wouldn’t have moved you. So, this threat of yours is useless to me!”

“Hmph!” He Dong was in pain and sweating profusely as he gritted his teeth and said, “You are not afraid, but Xiao Yuxuan has been dragged into this by you. Don’t worry, I won’t let her family’s company off the hook, go ahead and fight, the harder you fight, the faster her family’s downfall will be.”

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll just have to get you killed now!” Ji Feng was not moved in the slightest and said coldly.

“Ji Feng, don’t be reckless!” Xiao Yuxuan was shocked when she heard this, if Ji Feng really killed He Dong at this door, it would be a felony, he would have to be killed, “Ji Feng, let him go, this shameless villain is not worthy of your hands, if you hit him, it would be degrading yourself and would dirty your hands.”

“Xiao Yuxuan, Yuxuan, you quickly tell him to let go!” As soon as He Dong heard this, he didn’t care about any manners and etiquette and hurriedly opened his mouth to plead, “Ji Feng, Yu Xuan is right, how can you be normal with me, let me go!”

“Get lost!” Ji Feng kicked He Dong in the chest, instantly causing him to roll backwards like a rolling gourd, in a wretched state.

The four men who had already struggled to get up hurried over and helped He Dong up, “Manager He, are you alright?”

He Dong shook his head, the severe pain in his wrist and chest made it almost impossible for him to stand up. With the support of a few people, he could barely stand and looked at Ji Feng with resentment, as if he wanted to remember him to death.

“Ji Feng, I remember you, you will pay for what you have done today!” He Dong said resentfully, and his gaze fell back on Xiao Yuxuan: “Xiao Yuxuan, remember, it’s three days. After three days, I hope you can show up on time for Mr. Li’s birthday party, otherwise, your father’s company will go bankrupt and your whole family will have to go jump off a building!”

“Get lost! Get lost!” Xiao Yuxuan looked at He Dong with extreme disappointment, “Get lost as far as you can!”

“Hmph, let’s see how long you can still be arrogant!” He Dong once again looked at Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan with resentment and quickly turned around to leave.

“Be careful and walk slowly, beware of slippery roads!” Ji Feng said in a loud voice behind him. At the same time, he took out a Kleenex from his pocket, quickly balled it up into a ball and struck it out like lightning.

He Dong, who was leaving at a fast pace, only felt a violent numbness in the bend of his leg, and his whole body suddenly flung itself on its knees and rolled on the ground.

Because of the fight between Ji Feng and those four men just now, a circle of people had long gathered around, and at this moment, when they saw He Dong fall to the ground in such a mess, they all burst into laughter.

“Mara next door!” He wanted to stand up, however, he couldn’t use any strength in his legs, so he could only fall limply to the ground.

“Why don’t you pull me up!” He Dong looked at the few stunned-looking men and roared in anger.

“Oh!” Only then did the few men react and scrambled to pull He Dong up, into a car on the side of the road, and quickly drove away.

“Sister Yu Xuan, let’s go too!” Regardless of Xiao Yuxuan’s attitude, Ji Feng just took her silky smooth little hand and headed straight out the door, the others saw that there was nothing more to see, so they coaxed and laughed and departed.

“You, you let go!” Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand was pulled by Ji Feng, which immediately made her shy and embarra*sed, it was as if she was back to a year ago when she first met Ji Feng, that night, Ji Feng rubbed her feet, that ambiguous atmosphere made her shy even now when she thought about it.

Ji Feng, however, turned a deaf ear and pulled him straight towards his Audi car.

“Ji Feng, you, where are you pulling me to? Hurry up and let go, there are many people watching around!” Xiao Yuxuan was so ashamed and anxious that she couldn’t help but struggle.

However, how could her strength compare with Ji Feng’s? She was unable to break free and could only let Ji Feng pull her forward.

When she arrived at the Audi, Ji Feng directly opened the door, “Get in.”

Before Xiao Yuxuan could regain her senses, she was pushed into the pa*senger seat by Ji Feng. Immediately afterwards, with a flick of his legs, Ji Feng flipped backwards over the roof of the car and arrived at the other side of the car, opening the door and sitting on the driver’s seat.

“This, this is your car?” Looking at the luxurious Audi inside, Xiao Yuxuan was surprised, and she looked at Ji Feng in amazement. She was aware that just a year ago, Ji Feng was still a poor boy, how could he afford an Audi? What had happened in the past few months when she was away?

Looking at Ji Feng from the side, Xiao Yuxuan realized that after not seeing him for a few months, Ji Feng had become more mature. The hint of childishness that was still there had disappeared without a trace on his face, and was replaced by a steady and mature look. He had also grown a little taller, and that magnificent figure looked handsome, which was simply a model’s figure.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but blush, what was she thinking!

“Ji Feng, what the hell is going on here?” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but ask.

“I should be the one to ask you that, right?” Ji Feng turned his head and looked at her, staring straight into her beautiful eyes as if he wanted to see into her heart, causing Xiao Yuxuan’s heart to tremble.

“You, what do you want to ask?” Subconsciously, Xiao Yuxuan dodged a little.

“What I want to ask, you should know!” Ji Feng said, “Why did you leave without a word in the first place?”

Hearing Ji Feng’s questioning tone, Xiao Yuxuan’s heart trembled again, this is a tone that only lovers should have, she glanced at Ji Feng, a blush crept onto her tender cheeks.

“At that time …… when something suddenly happened to my father’s company, it was urgent, I couldn’t talk to you guys in time …..” When she said this, she couldn’t go on, and a gloomy look appeared in her beautiful eyes, obviously, this topic had reminded her of something unhappy again.

Ji Feng frowned and asked, “What happened to your father’s company? Between you and He Dong ……”

Asking here, he hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should continue. After all, this was Xiao Yuxuan’s personal matter, and it was not good for him to ask more.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about that, it will also add to your worries in vain!” Xiao Yuxuan did not intend to talk to Ji Feng about her troubles, but just looked around at the car’s arrangement and could not help but ask in amazement, “Ji Feng, this is a luxury version of your Audi A6, it must be at least around seven hundred thousand dollars, right? Is this your car?”

“It must be my car, otherwise who would lend it to me?” Seeing that Xiao Yuxuan was unwilling to continue the conversation he had just had, he asked no more questions.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but ask in amazement, “Is this really your car? My goodness, the speed at which you make money is truly terrifying! It’s only been a few months, and you actually own a luxury version of Audi, if a few more years pa*s, won’t you become a tycoon?”

Xiao Yuxuan knew that although an Audi A6 was not too rare, on the streets and roads of Jiangzhou, Mercedes Benz BMW Cadillacs and the like were all very common. However, it depended on who it was placed on.

Just a few months ago, Ji Feng didn’t have much money and was just an ordinary person, but a few months later, he was able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an Audi, which meant that his own a*sets were definitely in the millions.

You know, Xiao Yuxuan had never seen anyone who would spend all of his money to buy a car, in that case, even if the car was bought, he wouldn’t be able to afford to keep it.

Since Ji Feng was able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a car, it proves that these hundreds of thousands of dollars are actually only a very small part of his a*sets, so his a*sets must be at least a few million, right?

In just a few months, several million …… Xiao Yuxuan could not a*sociate these two words with Ji Feng.

By the way, there is also his super strong body hand, just now when he dealt with those four men, one hand could still grab He Dong, that kind of body hand, even the bodyguards around those big bosses, are far inferior.

After not seeing him for a few months, how come this little guy’s body is becoming more and more imperceptible to people?

“Sister Yu Xuan, why are you looking at me like that?” Seeing Xiao Yuxuan’s strange look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s better to talk about the things in your father’s company, I seem to have heard He Dong say just now, what with the three days’ time, Li Gongzi, and your father’s company going bankrupt or something like that, what exactly is going on?”


Chapter 146

Hearing Ji Feng ask again, a sad look flashed across Xiao Yuxuan’s beautiful eyes as she shook her head, “Ji Feng, you shouldn’t ask about this matter. Go see the net .”

“As a friend, care a little!” Ji Feng smiled.

Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but give him an angry white glance, “I’m your teacher.”

“Teachers can also be friends, besides, you are not older than me by a few years, and don’t forget, it was you who took the initiative to be my sister, do you want to deny it now?” Ji Feng said with a smile. I don’t know what happened, but with Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng became very cheerful and spoke casually.

Ji Feng’s words reminded Xiao Yuxuan once again of the first time they met, that awkward scene that night, and her pretty face couldn’t help but burn a little.

“You, you weren’t like this in the past, why have you become oily and slippery now?” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh lightly.

Ji Feng was tempted to say, “You haven’t tasted it, how do you know that I’m oily and slippery?”

Only, he didn’t dare to say that out loud.

With a smile, Ji Feng said, “People change, aren’t you the same? You used to be cheerful, but now, I see you with a sad face. Sister Yu Xuan, if you have anything to say, you can say it, maybe I can even help!”

“Forget it, you can’t help with this ……” Xiao Yuxuan’s cicada head shook slightly and sighed lightly, “But it’s nothing to say to you.”

After a pause, Xiao Yuxuan continued, “You should know that He Dong and I used to be university cla*smates.”

Ji Feng nodded and said, “Well, this I do know.”

Xiao Yuxuan shook her head slightly and said, “You must be wondering why I would still fall in love with He Dong when he has that kind of personality, you must think I am a person without vision, right? Or rather, you think I’m a nymphomaniac who is just a man?”

Ji Feng dumbly laughed: “If you were a nymphomaniac, then I’m afraid there would be no cold women in this world, Sister Yu Xuan, you don’t need to say this, I believe you must have some bitterness!”


Xiao Yuxuan shook her head with a bitter smile and said, “If I tell you that I actually have no bitterness at all when I fall in love with He Dong, or even, it’s all willingly done by me, do you believe me?”

“Believe!” Ji Feng blurted out without hesitation.

“Why?” This time it was Xiao Yuxuan’s turn to be surprised, she looked at Ji Feng in confusion, “Why do you believe me so much? Couldn’t I be a nymphomaniac for once? Or rather, can’t I be silly for once?”

Ji Feng nodded and said, “Of course you can be silly once, in fact, anyone can be silly at times, moreover, in matters of emotions, it is impossible for anyone to remain completely calm and rational, if there is really that kind of person, that kind of person is definitely without love. That’s why it’s strange to say that, when it comes to relationships, it’s only natural to be silly if you’re not!”

“You’re really a special person!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but shake her head and smile, “Your thoughts, and the vast majority of people are different, it can even be said that your thoughts are more sober than most people.”

“Overrated, hehehe!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly, “I just like to think, well, or rather, I for one like to study people’s psychology and thoughts, that’s something very interesting.”

Xiao Yuxuan also laughed and said, “Yeah, it’s impossible for people not to be silly, in fact, I did make a silly mistake back then.”

A look of reminiscence appeared in her eyes as she said softly, “When I was in school, there were quite a few people who usually pursued me because my family was still in a good condition. But those who came were too utilitarian and purposeful, either, they came for my family, or, they came for my looks ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the company, and then you’ll be able to get a good look at the company, and then you’ll be able to get a good look at the company.

“However, there was really one person who didn’t treat me with any pretense, at that time I was in the student union, everyone else was flattering and pleasing to me, but only him, if I did something wrong, he would criticize me harshly ……” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “I was really stupid at that time!”

Needless to say, Ji Feng also understood what was going on.

Xiao Yuxuan was considered a proud daughter of the sky at that time, and did not have much experience in dealing with people in the world, when everyone around her was trying to please her, she would always get bored. And at this time, there was a man who did not take her seriously, which naturally aroused her curiosity, or rather, impressed her.

And because of this, this man was able to hold the beauty!

And there was no need to say much at all, Ji Feng knew that this person Xiao Yuxuan was talking about who dared to criticize her harshly was He Dong.

“Ugh ……”

With a soft sigh, Xiao Yuxuan said, “Originally, I thought that he was really so straightforward and dared to stick to his opinions, so I was fine with him. However, as I grew older, I gradually discovered that He Dong was not as upright as he appeared to be, and he approached me with a strong sense of utilitarianism and purpose, only, his means were different!”

Ji Feng listened quietly and did not interrupt Xiao Yuxuan’s words.

“Moreover, at that time, my father also saw that He Dong approached me with an agenda, so he disliked him a lot.” Xiao Yuxuan said, “However, I had not spent much time with him, and although I could also see that he was approaching me with an agenda, he did not do anything over the top, making it impossible for me to say anything at all. I also proposed to break up with him, but couldn’t resist his bitter pleading, and when I was soft-hearted, the matter kept dragging on.”

Only then did it dawn on Ji Feng, with Xiao Yuxuan’s eyesight, how could he not see He Dong’s character? Originally, Ji Feng was still wondering why Xiao Yuxuan would find such a boyfriend.

“Then, you go to Mang Shi County Second Middle School as a teacher ……” Ji Feng wanted to say something, but wanted to say something but stopped.

Xiao Yuxuan, however, understood what he meant and nodded, “That’s right, I went to Mang Shi County Second Middle School to become a teacher, in fact, I wanted to avoid He Dong, I thought, at least we all know each other, it’s better to get together and not turn into enemies because of this matter. Therefore, I planned to drag it out for a few years and let each other chill out so that it would be over and not so much that I would tear my face off.”

“But, He Dong still chased after Mang Shi County.” Ji Feng laughed, “And, it’s only been just under half a year.”

“Yeah, it’s only been half a year since I went to Mang Shi County, and He Dong chased after me, the same time you ruthlessly humiliated him in the billiard room.” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a smirking look.

Ji Feng chuckled a little and touched his nose, not saying anything. In fact, at that time, he had humiliated He Dong because, on the one hand, He Dong had gone too far and made Zhang Lei lose face. And on the other hand, it was because He Dong was Xiao Yuxuan’s boyfriend, and just because of his status, Ji Feng couldn’t help but humiliate him.

Thinking about it, Ji Feng also felt that he was actually not very open-minded, however, he considered himself to be a true villain, not a hypocrite, as he had never presented himself as a gentleman.

“Today you saw He Dong come to me, and in fact, things started precisely because I hid in Mang Shi County.” Xiao Yuxuan said.

“Oh? How does that sound?” Ji Feng was a bit taken aback.

“Do you still remember, I told you just now that the reason why I suddenly left Mang Shi County without even having the time to say hello to you guys was actually because things were more urgent?” Xiao Yuxuan asked.

Ji Feng nodded and said, “That’s right, you did say that just now, could it be that the urgent matter you were talking about had something to do with He Dong?”


Xiao Yuxuan nodded and said, “Half a year ago, I suddenly received a call from my father, he said that the company at home was suddenly attacked by others already, whether it was the source of goods or sales channels, someone was competing maliciously, and even, there was a traitor inside the company, allowing other companies to steal many projects, my father asked me to go back and help him keep the company running together. ”

“Because the situation was too urgent and my father was too anxious, so I rushed back before I could say hello to you guys, and have been helping my father in keeping the company running.”

When Xiao Yuxuan said this, her eyebrows knitted together and she shook her head and sighed, “Originally, my father and I didn’t know what was going on because my father had a very gentle personality and did business with the attitude of peace and prosperity, and although it was inevitable to offend people in business, my father had very few enemies.”

“It was not until one day three months ago that Li Weidong suddenly came to my home and paid a visit to my father, and only then did we realise that all of this was, in fact, his doing.” Xiao Yuxuan’s words were filled with hatred, “He directed other companies, as well as other partners of my father’s company and various forces such as banks, to attack us together, leaving us exhausted and frazzled.”

“Interrupt.” Ji Feng opened his mouth, “That Li Weidong you’re talking about, who is he?”

Ji Feng was very good at seizing the focus, and obviously, this Li Weidong was the focus. Just kidding, to be able to direct other companies, as well as Xiao family’s partners and banks and so many other forces, if this person didn’t have any origins, if this wasn’t the point, then what else was the point?

Xiao Yuxuan said, “Li Weidong, the youngest son of the mayor of Jiangzhou City.”

“So it’s Tai Z!” Ji Feng suddenly dawned on him, no wonder he had such huge energy and could command and move so many forces, “But why would Li Weidong want to deal with your family? Has your family offended him?”

“Of course not!” Xiao Yuxuan said, “I have just said, my father has always practiced peace and prosperity in business, how could he possibly offend the mayor’s son?”

“Then why did Li Weidong want to deal with you guys?” Ji Feng asked in a puzzled manner.

“It’s not because of me!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a huff, “Back then, Li Weidong was also among the group of people who pursued me.”

“Understood!” Ji Feng suddenly dawned on him, “So this is what it means to be a redhead, huh!”

“You’re still laughing!” Xiao Yuxuan was instantly angry, glaring at Ji Feng fiercely, “I’m annoyed to death, and you’re still laughing so happily, it’s really infuriating!”

Her little daughter-like appearance made Ji Feng stare.

Xiao Yuxuan also noticed that her tone was a bit off, and suddenly her pretty face reddened as she said, “What are you looking at!”

Ji Feng immediately laughed out loud.

“You’re still laughing, you’re still laughing!” Xiao Yuxuan was so angry that she punched him a few times with her small fist until Ji Feng begged for forgiveness, and then she stopped.

“Alright, alright!” Ji Feng laughed, “I’m not laughing anymore, you go on.”

Xiao Yuxuan glared at him again before she continued, “Not to mention how clear Li Weidong’s purpose in pursuing me was, just his playboy appearance and all the unpleasant rumours in school alone, there was no way I would agree to his pursuit, since rejecting him, he has never pestered me, but I don’t know what happened, but this time he suddenly struck out and attacked our family.”

“He wouldn’t be regretting it, would he?” Ji Feng smiled and said, “I don’t think so, it’s probably because he never died, and in the past, when he was at school, he couldn’t control such a huge amount of power, so he couldn’t force you. But now it’s different, he must have a certain status and position, that’s why he started to force your father, or rather force you, to follow him, is that right?”

“That’s right!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a surprised look, this little guy’s guess was really accurate, “He came to my house that day and bluntly said that he was responsible for all of this, and if I was good with him, he could let go of these things, and if I continued to reject him, our Xiao family wouldn’t be able to stay in Jiangzhou.”

“Oh, how arrogant!” Ji Feng shook his head and laughed, but in his heart, he knew that Li Weidong should have this arrogant capital. With his status, if he wanted to suppress the Xiao family, the Xiao family would have absolutely no ability to resist, and there would definitely be no place for them in Jiangzhou at that time.

“It is indeed arrogant, but he has that arrogant capital.” Xiao Yuxuan said with a bitter smile.

At this time, Ji Feng suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but ask: “By the way, you said so much but didn’t mention anything about He Dong, I remember when He Dong and the five of them surrounded you before, they seemed to be saying something about giving you away or something like that, what about that?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Xiao Yuxuan’s face sank and she said in a hateful voice, “That’s a brute!”

Ji Feng was stunned, to be able to make Xiao Yuxuan say such words, how much should she hate He Dong?

“The reason why Li Weidong was able to deal with our family so smoothly, He Dong deserves a lot of credit.” Xiao Yuxuan said in a hateful voice, “Because after all, I was in a relationship with He Dong, so my father, no matter how much he disliked him, let him take charge of a small department in the company, and because of this, he was able to bribe one of our company’s executives through Li Weidong’s support to get hold of the company’s secrets.

Later, after I went to Mang Shi County, my father fired him when he knew I wanted to break up with He Dong. However, the secrets in his hands were always in his possession. It was through these secrets that Li Weidong also learned exactly which partners our company had, as well as having business dealings with those companies, and bank debts and such, all of which they knew about.”

“Highly skilled people!” Ji Feng really couldn’t help but admire, this kind of person, really a high man, helping outsiders against his own girlfriend, Ji Feng asked himself that he absolutely couldn’t do such a thing.

“More than that?!” Xiao Yuxuan sneered, “Later after I came back, Li Weidong also came to say what he wanted, but was driven out by me and my father. At that time, I didn’t know that He Dong was also involved, he asked me out and actually drugged my wine ……”

Even though several months had pa*sed, Xiao Yuxuan was still shaking with anger at the mention of the incident, “That brute even tried to give me as a gift to Li Weidong in order to please him! Luckily I found out in time and escaped, otherwise ……”

Xiao Yuxuan’s eyes shot out with a thick hatred, obviously He Dong had really broken her heart completely. No, I should say that she had completely died to He Dong, and her original love had turned into a strong hatred, moreover, this hatred was not born out of love, but after the love had dissipated, because of He Dong’s actions, and the hatred had arisen again.

“What good does it do for He Dong to do this?” Ji Feng frowned and asked, angry at what He Dong had done, betraying the Xiao family’s company, Ji Feng was not angry, because profit, well, always makes people crazy. However, Xiao Yuxuan was originally in a relationship with He Dong but they were lovers, how dare he want to give Xiao Yuxuan to Li Weidong, he should be D*mned!

“Of course he has an advantage, Li Weidong promised him a branch manager position, that is a rich position, many people are eager to see it!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a sneer.

“F**k!” Ji Feng cursed angrily, “What a stupid C*nt!”

“Why say dirty words!” Xiao Yuxuan gave him a white look, “The same hateful as He Dong is Li Weidong, he wants to use this method to force me, but he wants me to be his lover!”

“F*ck!” Ji Feng once again cursed angrily, “Sister Yu Xuan, what are you going to do then?”

“Alas …… what else can I do? I’ve discussed with my father, first I’ll declare the company bankrupt and then I’ll leave Jiangzhou.” Xiao Yuxuan sighed lightly, “I had just gotten a job in the United University, but now it seems that I have to resign as well.”

“Why do you want to resign?” Ji Feng sneered, “Didn’t He Dong say that Li Weidong wanted to see you show up at his birthday party in three days? Well then, let’s go to his birthday party, I’d like to see who dares to force you, I’ll kill him!”

Ji Feng gritted his teeth and roared, at this moment, he finally knew what status Xiao Yuxuan had in his heart.

“What? Going to his birthday party? Ji Feng, don’t be reckless, Li Weidong is the mayor’s son, his energy in Jiangzhou is not something you can imagine.” Xiao Yuxuan suddenly tensed up, “It’s not a big deal for my sister to leave Jiangzhou, but, you still have to go to school in Jiangzhou, if he wants to deal with you, how will you resist?”

Looking at Xiao Yuxuan’s nervous look, Ji Feng suddenly asked, “Sister Yuxuan, are you nervous about me?”