Campus Master Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143

On the light screen, the young man and the middle-aged man were in the middle of a fierce battle. The strength of the two men, which seemed like superhuman strength in a movie, made Ji Feng look dumbfounded, even to the point that, when the stones from the two men’s fist strikes flew, Ji Feng subconsciously dodged, and that kind of fierce battle made him swallow his mouth. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.


The light screen disappeared, Ji Feng did not see the result of the young man’s engagement with the middle-aged man, he was immediately anxious: “Intelligent brain, what are you doing, keep playing it, this is simply better than a Hollywood blockbuster!”

“Hollywood blockbuster is what the teaching of network technology ……”


When Ji Feng opened his eyes, it was already the morning of the next day, and it was the first time he woke up later than six since he met the wise brain. Even during the summer holidays, Ji Feng got up at five o’clock every morning, on the one hand because of the food break, and on the other hand because of the habits he developed throughout his senior year down.

Today, on the other hand, he got up late.

The reason for this was that the cool feeling was so soothing that he almost forgot about the time. And the teaching of the wise brain, which was also so rich, was even more so that he could only concentrate on memorising that knowledge, because it was all new knowledge that he had never come across before, and if he didn’t pay attention, even if he had the ability to never forget, he wouldn’t be able to learn it.

However, through the teaching of the intelligent brain, Ji Feng did understand what exactly communication and network technology was. In the words of the intelligent brain, it was one sentence: mastering the principles of all communication tools, and being able to use the fastest speed to create the best performance communication tools under the limited conditions, this was communication technology.

And network technology, is the network domain covering the entire human race. In the Gamma system, network technology refers to the skynet covering the entire galaxy, this network, is mastered by an extremely powerful artificial intelligence computer, all the countries in the entire galaxy, each has one of the pa*swords to open this artificial intelligence computer, only if all the countries agree, put all the pa*swords together, can we get a complete set of pa*swords to modify the program or do other work, otherwise, no one has the right to change this mainframe computer.

However, what the intelligent brain just started to teach Ji Feng was obviously not such a profound technology, but started from the very basics, which was the network language, which, according to Ji Feng’s understanding, was equivalent to the computer language on Earth.

Ji Feng’s receptive ability was fast and his memory was extremely strong, but it was not that easy to really understand these things, he could only digest them slowly as his insight gradually increased.

Shaking his head, Ji Feng stopped thinking about it. The weather was already very hot at this time, and even though Ji Feng was only wearing a pair of underwear, he was already starting to sweat. He hurried to the bathroom to finish washing up and turned on the electric fan.

After a few moments, Ji Feng put on his clothes and prepared to go to lunch.

When he walked down to the dormitory building and looked at the stone table at the entrance of that dormitory building, his heart suddenly stirred.

He secretly thought, the two people in that light curtain could shatter mountains with one punch, and he had started learning the second set of moves, so he wondered what kind of power he had?

He looked around, there was no one in this new student dormitory building, almost all had gone to military training, so he walked over.

“Phew~~~!” Ji Feng took a deep breath and slammed a fist towards the edge of the stone table.


The dull sound startled Ji Feng, and immediately afterwards, he felt a pain in his fist and couldn’t help but shake it off hurriedly. However, when his gaze landed on the stone table, his face instantly changed.

The stone table, which was originally intact, had a half fist sized gash on the edge, where Ji Feng had just smashed it with his fist!


Ji Feng couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air and secretly said, “Boy!

Is this the power of the second set of moves? This is really amazing, Ji Feng was wildly happy in his heart, this special skill is so much stronger than the skills he learned before, like playing chess.


Chapter 144

The secret of martial arts, definitely the secret of martial arts! Looking at the corner of the stone table that had been chipped away raw, Ji Feng was wildly happy in his heart. Joking aside, unless it was some legendary genetic transformation like that in the movies, some super warrior, or taking some immortal elixir, apart from these, Ji Feng had never really heard of anyone who could become so powerful overnight. Go to see the net .

Admittedly, before yesterday, Ji Feng could sweep off a brick with one hand, which was no problem at all. If the bricks were placed on the ground and three or four were stacked on top of each other, Ji Feng could sweep them off just as easily. That was because, bricks were loose and soft, and compared to stones, bricks were simply the same as tofu.

Now, Ji Feng could be smashing through the stones in a single round!

This kind of power was far from what could be compared to sweeping off a few bricks, there was an essential difference between the two.

This also meant that if Ji Feng’s fist smashed into a human body now, coupled with his familiarity with human body structure, unless the other party’s body was really harder than a stone, they would all end up the same as this stone table.

Ji Feng looked at the two fists and thought dumbly: this is simply a human-shaped murder weapon, these two fists, they are simply more powerful than two hammers!

This second set of moves given by this intelligent brain, what the hell is it? How could it have such a magical effect, was it really a legendary secret manual of martial arts?

Regarding this question, Ji Feng was very puzzled, he wanted to go back to his mind right now and ask for an explanation. But now that he had already gone downstairs, it was a bit inconvenient, so Ji Feng put off this note for the time being. He decided that when he came back after lunch later, he would definitely ask for clarification, it was simply too scary, making himself so powerful overnight, if he continued to learn, it wouldn’t turn him into a monster or something like that, right?

At this time Ji Feng seemed to have forgotten that the two people he saw dueling in the light screen, those two people were hundreds of times more powerful than him, they hadn’t even turned into monsters, and he, a young guy who had just started, wanted to turn into a monster? Don’t even think about it!

Only, it was just that this sudden change was hard for Ji Feng to accept for a while, after all, it was too contrary to his previous view of learning.

“Ugh, it’s better to eat lunch first!” Ji Feng felt a little hungry, and he couldn’t help but say with delight. Fortunately, he could still feel hungry and seemed to be a normal person after all.

If anyone knew this thought of his, they could probably be thunderstruck. It wasn’t good to become an expert, but to have so many worries?

In fact, Ji Feng had to worry about it. If it was in some cave on Earth or somewhere else that was relatively hidden, and Ji Feng found a secret book of martial arts, then he would definitely not hesitate and would definitely start cultivating it immediately. However, the intelligent brain is after all an alien visitor, and no one knows if the humans in that gamma galaxy are the same as the humans on Earth or not.

Especially since every time Ji Feng thought of that ugly alien image in the movie, his scalp tingled, now that he had that alien AI living inside him, if he continued to practice, would he turn into an alien?

The thought that he might turn into that kind of ugly alien made Ji Feng’s breath catch.

However, when Ji Feng remembered the incomparably advanced technology, especially the light screen that played images that were really incomparable, his heart pounded.

Gritting his teeth, Ji Feng secretly said, “MD, so what if it turns out to be an alien system, it’s not certain yet, what is he worrying blindly here? Keep studying and learn how to make that light curtain first!”

Having made this decision, Ji Feng suddenly felt a lot lighter all over. He walked quickly towards the canteen, and at the same time secretly decided that when he came back, he must find the intelligent brain and ask it clearly how he had suddenly become so powerful, what were the advantages and disadvantages of this, if he didn’t ask it clearly, Ji Feng always felt that he still had no bottom in his heart.

The distance between the dormitory and the canteen was not too far, the dormitory, the canteen and the teaching building, these three areas were arranged in a ‘zigzag’ pattern, while the dormitory and the canteen were closer together, this was probably designed for the convenience of the students to eat.

However, when he arrived at the canteen, Ji Feng realised that, as it turned out, he didn’t have a meal card …… He really wanted to cry and asked, “Can’t I just buy it with money?”

“You can only swipe your card in the canteen, no money is charged.” The amah in charge of canteen discipline glanced at Ji Feng, as if she was laughing at this bumpkin.

Ji Feng left hurt, it was so strange that he couldn’t even spend the money here.

He didn’t want to run outside to eat alone, and after thinking about it, he went to the kiosk next to the canteen to buy a few bags of instant noodles and two bottles of mineral water, intending to go back to the dormitory to dry nibble and get rid of it first.

After buying the stuff, Ji Feng thought about it and turned around and went back to the canteen and asked the big lady, “I want to get a meal card, what do I need to do?”

That big lady took a look at Ji Feng and said without good grace, “Take your ID card, student ID, and just come directly here to apply for it!”

Ji Feng nodded, knowing that this would not be possible for the time being, because he did not have a student card until now, and it was said that it would not be issued until after the military training. No wonder college students had to undergo a month of military training, it wasn’t just about military training, but also about freeing up time for various documents and perhaps a lot of work to be arranged.

Ji Feng had only participated in military training for a week, so now that he had returned to school, he could be said to have basically no documents whatsoever apart from an ID card and a dormitory key, other than that, there was no proof.

Wanting to get a meal card was now impossible.

Forget it!

Ji Feng shook his head, turned around and left in stride.

Back in the dormitory, Ji Feng wolfed down the instant noodles, took two more sips of mineral water, and then casually put it on the table. I have to say, this mineral water is really …… just taken out of the refrigerator, drinking it is still nothing, only feel penetratingly cold, very comfortable.

However, once the temperature came up, the kind of water that seems to be filtered out of the stinky gutter, let people are really unbearable, Ji Feng is really difficult to imagine, this is after what a dozen layers of filtration, and what is the direct use of spring water as a source of mineral water, this is simply not yet filtered to complete the tap water well!

The food and beverage industry …… Ji Feng shook his head slightly and smiled sarcastically, then he threw the rest of the bottle of mineral water, directly into the bin.

These things were probably worse than rubbish.

Ji Feng still misses the food from his hometown, that is the real authentic green food. When he is free in the future, he will go back to his hometown and make a big manor, eating the food he grows, that is really at ease.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these things. Ji Feng shook his head slightly, it is better to ask what the second set of movements he learns is in the end, and then talk about other things!

After briefly padding his stomach, Ji Feng laid down on the bed again, concentrated his mind and entered his mind.

“Intelligent brain, come out for me!” Ji Feng shouted in his mind.

“Master, may I ask what’s the matter?” Wisdom Brain’s voice rang out, and immediately afterwards, a ball of light appeared in front of Ji Feng, none other than Wisdom Brain’s round body.

“That second set of movements you asked me to learn, what the hell is that thing? Why did my strength suddenly increase so much after only one night of studying, and even the stone table was crumbled off a piece by my fist?”

The intelligent brain said, “This is normal, because the gravity on the Earth where the master is located is lower, so the density of the stones is less than the stones in the Gamma system, and naturally the hardness is far less, plus the master absorbed the energy from the outside world, that’s why the master felt a surge in power.”

“What? What did you just say?”

Ji Feng suddenly froze and then became angry, “Did you just say that the gravity on Earth is lower than the gravity in the Gamma Galaxy and the stones are less dense?”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain replied.

“And what about humans? Is the density of human body cells the same?” Ji Feng asked again.

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain said.

“Are you sure?” Ji Feng still couldn’t believe it, since the living environment was different, it would be strange if the humans in the Gamma Galaxy and the Earth people could be the same! Ji Feng couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, master, the intelligent brain can be sure.” The intelligent brain said, “Only, because the external environment is different, it makes the effect of the humans in the Gamma Galaxy and the humans on Earth a little different when they practice the second and the later sets of movements.”

“What’s the difference?” Ji Feng hurriedly asked.

The intelligent brain said, “When the humans of the Gamma system practice these moves, the master has already seen the effect, the kind of effect shown in the light screen. As for what effect the humans of Earth will achieve by practicing these sets of moves, it will depend on the development of the master.”


Ji Feng was speechless, dare I say it, this B*****d had said something before about humans in the Gamma Galaxy being the same as Earthlings and everything, but he just didn’t count the outside environment. However, the external environment was one of the most important factors.

After a long time of anger, Ji Feng could only bring in the intelligent brain: “Tell me, according to your investigation, what is the difference between the external environment on Earth and the Gamma Galaxy, and what will be the consequences if I practice those sets of movements rashly?”

The intelligent brain immediately shook its head and said, “Master, please forgive the intelligent brain, except for the fact that the gravity on Earth is a bit lower than the Gamma Galaxy, everything else exceeds the Gamma Galaxy, such as the energy in the outside environment, which is much more dense. Master doesn’t really need to have the slightest worry, just imagine, after practicing the first set of moves, master not only improved his skills, but also didn’t notice any side effects, didn’t he?”

Ji Feng was stunned, and when he thought about it carefully, it was really just like what the intelligent brain had said. After practicing the first set of moves himself, he really didn’t have any effects, and his stance became so powerful that, at least, an ordinary expert among ordinary people was definitely not his opponent.

“What did you mean when you said just now that the energy in the outside world was thicker?” Ji Feng asked again.

The intelligent brain said, “Master, according to the intelligent brain’s detection, the energy contained in the air on Earth far exceeds that of any planet in the Gamma Galaxy, the layer of mist that the master’s body absorbed when he was practicing the second set of movements was actually the energy from the outside world!”

Ji Feng instantly understood, and he immediately asked, “You mean that the energy on Earth is very dense, so when I practice those moves, the effect will definitely be much better than those on the Gamma Galaxy, and my ultimate achievement should surpa*s those two people on the light screen, right?”

“That’s theoretically true. Master!” The intelligent brain replied.

Ji Feng finally sort of put his heart down, it seemed that the different environment should not have too much of an effect on these movements, what had an effect should actually just be the final practice effect.

However, as long as the human bodies and whatnot of the humans in the Gamma Galaxy and the humans on Earth were the same, Ji Feng was relieved, whatever the effect was, as long as he wouldn’t practice to become a pervert, the rest didn’t matter.

“Wait a minute!” Ji Feng suddenly reacted, “When doing the second set of movements, my body is actually absorbing energy?”

“Yes, master!” The intelligent brain said, “The start of this second set of movements is to draw heaven and earth energy for your own use, because your own bio-current is no longer enough to continue changing your physique.”

Ji Feng was a little dumbfounded, with this kind of statement, wouldn’t that be the same as …… cultivation?

“Could it be that these sets of movements that the intelligent brain imparted to itself are actually the so-called cultivation method?” Ji Feng secretly thought, but after thinking about it for half a day, he still couldn’t come up with any clue and could only shake his head in disbelief.

“Wise Brain, let’s continue practicing!” Ji Feng shook his head and said, since there were no too serious consequences, Ji Feng was relieved, and didn’t care whether the sets of moves were martial arts secrets or that nebulous cultivation technique, as long as they could improve strength without too much impact anyway, that would be enough.

Ji Feng was once again immersed in the second set of movements, and that cool and soothing feeling once again flowed throughout his body ……

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, a week has pa*sed without a sound.

During this week, Ji Feng was immersed in learning the second set of movements every day, and at the same time, he did not forget to study communication and network technology, and kept making rapid progress, not even feeling the pa*sage of time.

Finally, on the morning of the seventh day, there was a knock on his dormitory door.

Ji Feng opened his eyes from his deep sleep, immediately dressed quickly and opened the dormitory door.

“Are you ……?” Ji Feng looked at the person outside the door in confusion, it was an old man who was about sixty years old.

The old man said, “This student, that Audi downstairs is your car, right?”

Ji Feng nodded, “Yes, may I ask if there is any problem?”

The old man said, “This student, according to the school’s rules, your car has to be parked in the parking shed downstairs, moreover, you have to pay a parking fee of three hundred and fifty yuan every month.”

Ji Feng’s brow frowned, when he was wandering around the campus before, he had seen many cars, some even parked directly on the roadside, and he hadn’t seen anyone paying the fee, let alone saying that they had to park in the parking shed.

When Ji Feng brought up this query, the old man laughed, “Those cars, most of them are the cars of the school leaders, this student, can you compare yourself to the leaders?”

Ji Feng was stunned, then shook his head and smiled, indeed, he couldn’t compare himself to the leaders.

“Alright, I’ll pay!” Ji Feng laughed.

“Come with me!” The old man also laughed, obviously, for comparing Ji Feng to a leader, the old man was also just joking.

In fact, the old man was also dissatisfied with this privilege of leadership, but there was no way to change this status quo, he could only joke and tease a few things once in a while.

When he came to the dormitory management office downstairs, Ji Feng realized that the old man was a clerk in the management office, which was actually equivalent to a dormitory manager.

After paying the fee and getting the receipt, Ji Feng got into the Audi car and prepared to drive it to the carport.

But on second thought, Ji Feng dismissed the idea. Since he came to Jiangzhou, he hadn’t had a good stroll around Jiangzhou and was unfamiliar with many places, so he might as well take this opportunity to look around and get familiar with it in advance.

At this time of the year, most of the students were attending cla*ses, and there were also many students wandering around the campus. Honestly speaking, the greenery of the United University was still very well done, and the scenery was very beautiful. Compared to this heavily polluted city, this was considered a clean land.

Therefore, in this hot early autumn, many students were sitting on the benches under the shade of the trees, either chatting in the cool or talking about love, very leisurely.

Watching Ji Feng drive by, those students pointed out from time to time, seemingly talking about something.

For these comments, Ji Feng never cared much, and he never cared too much in the past when he was being looked at in disdain, otherwise, I’m afraid he would have been annoyed to death just by being annoyed.

Ji Feng drove slowly to the entrance and was just about to turn the corner when he saw several people standing there in front of the school, not knowing what to say.

When Ji Feng glanced at a familiar figure, his body stiffened violently and a look of wild joy appeared in his eyes.

Xiao Yuxuan!

It was really Xiao Yuxuan!

Ji Feng looked at the delicate figure surrounded by several men and couldn’t help but be overjoyed. It was really her, it turned out that the figure he had inadvertently seen when he first started school was not wrong, it was really Xiao Yuxuan!

Ji Feng took a few deep breaths, and only then did he sort of calm down, and then, his brows furrowed.

Those few men surrounding Xiao Yuxuan, one of them was Xiao Yuxuan’s boyfriend, He Dong.

Beside He Dong, there were four other young men dressed somewhat in a sleazy manner, all four of them had unkind smiles on their faces, and He Dong, with an even more smug face.

“What do these people want?” Ji Feng secretly wondered, but he saw that Xiao Yuxuan’s face seemed to show a look of extreme impatience, but the few men from He Dong surrounded her in the middle, making it impossible for her to leave even if she wanted to.

Ji Feng did not expect that his meeting with Xiao Yuxuan again would be under such circumstances, it was obvious that He Dong seemed to be in conflict with Xiao Yuxuan, just what were those four men beside He Dong?

Ji Feng stopped the car, but did not get out immediately, but quietly looked at Xiao Yuxuan.

Because Ji Feng could not be sure if Xiao Yuxuan wanted to see herself, what’s more, it was not good for Ji Feng to interfere in the matter between her and He Dong, after all, he had no name in the division.